Mama Diamond ameachwa? She puts haters to shame

Rumors that Diamond Platnumz’s mother Mama Dangote and her husband Uncle Shamte’s marriage is in trouble have been denied.

Fans assumed the two had broken up when they stopped following one another. When Shamte went to his wife’s birthday party lately, they resumed posting to one another. Later, he posted a picture of her and praised her profusely.

“Roho yangu, mkewangu wa kufa na kuzikana… Wewe ukiwa hai nami napata uzima ❤️ ????They say that a man is only as good as the woman he’s married to, which I guess is why I’m so spectacular! It’s all thanks to you, my love! My wife Happy birthday! Bi Sandra.” 

Shamte and Mama Dangote have been together for more than five years. This year’s middle, Shamte explained the cause.

Their marriage was rumored to be on the rocks in 2021 when they blocked one another before making up. This is not the first time they had unfollowed one another.

Drama as it turns out Hamisa Mobetto’s mother was also dating the same Ben 10 Diamond’s mother recently married

Diamond’s mother Sanura Sandra Kassim stole her Ben 10 from Hamisa Mobetto’s mother Shufaa Lutigunga. Apparently this is why the two women have been bashing each other of late.

Sanura and Shufaa Lutigunga used to be friends back then when there were claims that Sanura was supporting Hamisa Mobetto to get married to her son Diamond Platnumz.

Sanura and Shufaa started being enemies just after the latter announced that she had married Salum Shamte aka Rally Jones sometimes in December 2017.

Last week Shufaa Lutigunga took a swipe at Diamond’s mother. She bashed Sanura for marrying a man old enough be her son.

Diamond’s mother Sanura Sandra with her husband Salum Shamte aka Rally Jones

Same man

It turns out Sanura and Shufaa Lutigunga are fighting over the same man – Salum Shamte. Hamisa Mobetto’s mother opened up about her relationship with Salum Shamte in an interview with Ijumaa Wikienda.

Shufaa Lutigunga denies she was romantically involved with Salum Shamte. She explains that they were only good friends and nothing more.

Hamisa Mobetto with her mother Shufaa Lutigunga

“Huyo kaka (Shamte) ninamjua kama rafiki yangu tu na hatukuwahi kuwa na uhusiano wa kimapenzi hata mara moja. Ninashangaa mno kuona au kusikia watu wanakomalia kuwa mimi nilikuwa na uhusiano naye wa kimapenzi. Lakini siku zote mtu akiamua kusema, ninamwacha aseme au afanye awezavyo,” Shufaa Lutigunga told Ijumaa Wikienda.