Samidoh Joins Karen Nyamu To Celebrate Their Daughter’s 1st Birthday

Renowned Mugithi  Samidoh is celebrating her daughter in tandem with his baby mama as she turns a year older. Through his Instagram stories, Samidoh shared a photo of his daughter Wairimu on her first birthday and wrote a sweet message to her.

“Happy birthday, my little one.”

On the flipside, his baby mama Karen Nyamu also celebrated their daughter as she wrote;

“My bottom-up baby has turned a year old! Well, little princess, your reign over the kingdom of our hearts has reached a full year, and you looked absolutely angelic today at your birthday celebrations. You’re smart, you’re cheeky, and you’re destined for greatness, baby,” she wrote.

Samidoh shares a photo of his daughter with Karen Nyamu for the first time

Karen Nyamu went ahead to also thank her friends and family for joining her in celebrating her daughter.

“To those who joined us at home to give thanks and celebrate this blessing, you’re our friends. Mubarikiwe,” she said.

Karen & Samidoh already have two kids together. But Nyamu has been left to raise the kids on her own after the tiff that occurred between her & Samidoh’s Wife Edday Nderitu.

Samidoh’s daughter is a chip off the old block- no DNA needed. It’s shrewd enough for him to join his baby mama in celebrating her.

Samidoh Is Still In Love With Karen Nyamu

By now, we’re used to the shenanigans of Karen Nyamu & popular Mugithi singer Samidoh. Even after their relationship was denigrated by Vice President Riggy G, the two don’t seem to give a damn on his sentiments.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua light-heartedly asked Samidoh to take charge of his family matters & avoid taking their predicaments out of the country.

Anything For Love

'Samidoh huniagusha lakini hajawai angusha watoto' - Karen Nyamu speaks on co-parenting

Recently, Samidoh released a song dubbed ‘bado nakupenda’ in tandem with Luo singer Prince Indah. The song has been termed as a dedication to Karen Nyamu.

Netizens admonished Karen Nyamu to give a response to the singer’s song for it was dedicated to her. But she’s not buying that.

Karen Nyamu stated that she was done & dusted with the Mugithi star after an altercation with his wife Edday Nderitu in Dubai in December 2022.

Nyamu was quick to point out that her decision to publicly announce the break was fueled by the manner in which the drama was witnessed.

She refuted the claims that she’s a drunkard and that her actions were fueled by alcohol. Karen Nyamu vowed not to be involved in another scandal involving Samidoh. But I bet the song will definitely impress Nyamu and make her think otherwise.

Samidoh bitter after baby mama dumps him

Honestly, we have been waiting for Samidoh to speak up after Karen Nyamu announced she had decided to end her relationship with Mugithii singer Samidoh; now that she has realized her love for him is making her come off dramatic and just a troubled lady.

Samidoh and baby mama, Karen Nyamu

Okay….we agree that this time around she is making sense but the unfortunate bit is that she had to be dragged in mud for her to learn; and although she says kitu hananga ni haya – trust me, Karen Nyamu must have felt sh!+y after learning that her own baby daddy asked bouncers to throw her off the stage.

Yaani, mtu wako. Your own pillar of strength asked security to kick you out…ata kama she was drunk, dramatic, wild? Thats the mother of your kids. But then again, if not that situation – probably miss Nyamu would have continued hanging on, hoping she too would get recognition from Samidoh….but machooos!

Karen Nyamu

Samidoh responding to fans

Anyway days after the incident, Samidoh’s fans continue to troll him now that he got dumped by Senator Karen Nyamu; and as seen online, one of his followers wrote:

Samidoh wacha kujifanya hujui uliachwa na Nyamu (stop pretending as if you don’t know Nyamu has left you.)

To which Samidoh hit back with;

Mtu akijua nalipwa aje? (so if one knows how will that pay me?

A response i feel was unnecessary especially since it came off abit ‘sensitive’ kidogo aumwe na roho kinda situation; and with this – i can bet he is not going to let this slide without a huge apology……but question is – Senator akona nguvu ya kusema no?

Samidoh confesses he is lonely, wants Karen Nyamu back (Video)

Samidoh is a man that believes in polygamy and if not for his hardheaded lover, Karen Nyamu; by now he would be a legal husband to both her and first wife, Edday.

Karen Nyamu

However, judging from how unpredictable Ms Nyamu is – Samidoh isn’t ready to wife a troublesome woman who will end up outing him on social media every time they fall out.

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I know it sounds mean – but think about it this way. There’s no doubt that Samidoh loves Karen Nyamu but again, she is the kind of woman who can love him back but at the same time doesn’t necessarily need him in her life or that of his kids.

I mean, Nyamu can handle herself financially – and this is something that makes most Alpha male’s insecure or proud – depending on how anajiamini.

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Njeri come back

Well, lately Samidoh has been using his Tiktok videos to express himself on social media; and the last time he posted a controversial video is when he hinted about not wanting to raise an illegitimate child. The post however made things worse between him and Karen Nyamu who was pregnant with their second baby at the time – hence the break up.

And just a few weeks after his stunt, Samidoh is back to pleading with Njeri to come back home since he misses her. Samidoh talked about wanting Njeri back while singing along to Mugithii singer Salim Junior’s song dubbed Papa.

From the video, Samidoh can be heard pleading with his lover to come back home. It’s obvious this song wasn’t dedicated to his wife Edday but Karen Nyamu whose middle name is Njeri – the same name given to their daughter.

Talk about toxic relationships….isn’t he the same person who recently suggester that Nyamu got pregnant after seducing him?

“Hajaambiwa ni yake” Karen Nyamu on Samidoh denying parental responsibilities for her unborn baby

Just a few days ago Samidoh shared a video on TikTok hinting that he was not planning on raising a bastard. At first we didn’t know who he was directing the clip to since both his wife and lover, Karen Nyamu are expectant.

However judging from his shaky relationship with Karen Nyamu, fans quickly concluded it must be her; and not his wife Edday – I mean have you ever seen him shade her in public? Never.

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Anyway with the video making headlines on top blogs, Karen Nyamu of course came across it and has now decided to respond. From what she says is that no one holds him responsible for the unborn baby and if anything – he should stop overthinking about it. Alaar.

The politician made this known while responding to a fan who told her;

Samidoh aliruka boll

To which she said;

  Awache kujishuku, hajaambiwa ni yake.

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On and off affair

This comes 5 months after Karen Nyamu revealed about her pregnancy shortly after a fight with Samidoh who at the time was accusing her of bedding other men.

Speaking on the emotional video, Nyamu accused Samidoh of clobbering her yet he knew she was 3 months pregnant for him. She said;

I have been beaten, my hair has been removed. And I am just three months pregnant. We women are so stupid, we have to teach these violent guys a lesson. I am shocked, my daughter has cried.


That man is fertile. Children are blessings. Love is stupid

Well, we can’t really say that this affair is over and done because their relationship has always been an on and off situation.

“I will not raise an illegitimate child” Says singer Samidoh

Lately I feel like I’ve been writing more about breakups, deadbeat dads and baby mama drama leaving me to wonder whether this is a sign.

Like… a sign to venture into counseling cause clearly there’s good money in therapy judging from the number of people breaking up and divorcing. But let me not lie, once I learn how to figure my own sh!t out – I might give this field a try.

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Anyway back to the usual break ups and drama from your favorite singer Samidoh and baby mama Karen Nyamu who have now given fans a reason to talk thanks to the videos on tiktok pages.

How it started

Well the latest drama was sparked by Karen Nyamu who shared a clip talking about what happens to a man and woman after a break up.

Karen Nyamu

Though it’s in kikuyu – Karen is heard saying that once the breakup happens the woman goes her way and for some reasons ends up gaining favor (maybe from the universe) while the guy ends up miserable and alone.

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Mmmh I know y’all are saying Ooliskia wapi at the back of your minds…but lol you can thank me later.

With this video, fans quickly linked the shade to Samidoh since he is the guy Karen has been seeing a while back.

Samidoh hitting back at Karen Nyamu?

Having come across the clip, Samidoh hit back a few hours later with a video and judging from the music he was singing along to -trust me this was directed to an ex….and yes, you guessed it right – Karen Nyamu.

Well the Kikuyu lyrics talked about a man putting up with a stubborn woman who he has been avoiding (drama issues) but then – she keeps pushing his buttons to see whether he can break. He however makes its known (still on the song) that there is nothing that can be done for him to allow her back to his life.

What made the video obvious that he was talking about Karen Nyamu is the caption where he wrote;

Ndi kurera shifta


Which I’m told means ‘i will not raise somebody else’s kid’ and now question is….which of the kids is he talking about? The year old baby boy or the one on the way?

Co-wife conflict: Karen Nyamu calls out Samidoh’s first wife for being jealous of her success

The last time we checked Samidoh wasn’t sleeping in either Karen Nyamu’s home or first wife Eddah’s place. In fact, word making rounds on social media is the the singer was out to enjoy life in Mombasa, since both his wives weren’t giving him peace back at home.

First wife, Eddy with hubby Samidoh

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With the breakup rumors making rounds on social media, Karen Nyamu fueled the situation by sharing a meme which reflected her ‘single love life’ and just like that – the lawyer cum politician confirmed there’s trouble back at home.

Eddah on the other shared a post showing support for Julie Kabogo in the Senatorial race for Nairobi County, knowing very well co wife – Karen Nyamu is also eyeing the same seat but on a UDA ticket.

Samidoh with second wife, Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu addresses Edday

Having heard that Karen Nyamu has been securing some government tenders for Edday  through Samidoh, one would have expected her to be grateful and show some support for the co wife friendship – but no!

Seems like Edday still despises Karen Nyamu for getting involved with Samidoh and no matter how much she keeps doing good – life for as bestfriend co wives will just never happen.

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Samidoh wildling with wife, Edday

Well, at least Edday made this obvious by supporting Julie Kabogo in the Senatorial race for Nairobi County hence leaving Karen Nyamu woke on the reality of things.

Anyway, addressing her co wife’s actions during a recent interview with popular blog Karen Nyamu said she is not in a competition with anyone. If anything, Julie Kabogo is vying for the seat on a Chama Cha Kazi ticket – while she is riding on UDA ticket. So who do you think will win?

And lastly Nyamu pointed out that Edday’s actions were that of a jealous person.

It is her right but I am not in competition with whoever she is supporting. Right now, you all know that chama ni mbili. UDA and Azimio in all the positions. Hizo zingine ziko chini. I can’t be in such a competition. She should also plan on starting something so that we also support her badala ya wivu.

At this rate, Samidoh may have to settle for one wife – if not starting a brand new life with his coast babe. No?

“Keyboard warriors cannot bring me down” Samidoh

Mugithii singer Samidoh has been making headlines for the past three months all thanks to baby mama, Karen Nyamu.

I mean, if not for her – we would have never found out about their affair that also now involves their months old baby boy.

Samidoh’s son

However just like any other bitter mum left by a man she loves; Ms Nyamu spilled details about her affair with singer Samidoh who is husband to one, Eddah Nderitu.

As expected this brought issues to his family and the worst part is that his two women somehow got to throw shade at each other on social media.

But unlike the Jimal, Amber and Amira’s situation – we can at least say Samidoh’s women chose to stay on the low after their family scandal starte d to get out of hand.

Samidoh with his wife and two kids

Samidoh addresses bloggers

Anyway just recently the popular singer had a candid interview with Nation. Africa; where he narrated his experience with the whole saga surrounding his family.

Speaking during the interview, Samidoh went on to reveal how the drama affected both his families; adding that the scandal actually hit him harder than Covid. He said;

“The pandemic has hit us hard. Chancing on a show is a near miracle nowadays…We are in real trouble. But this issue of my public prominence for all the bad reasons appeared destined to ransack my life and leave it completely bared,”

The young man who is now a father of 3 however went on to add that despite the drama; he was not about to let his life get affected by keyboard warriors looking to ruin his life. He went on to add;

Kikuyu Benga musician Samidoh

There is no way I could survive Al-Shabaab bullets while serving in some of the volatile parts of north-eastern counties only to come and be brought down by keyboard warriors who were armed with nothing more than mere toxic words,”

And in conclusion, Samidoh admitted that the Karen situation also affected him positively as he is now more than ever close to his God.

Today I can tell you for sure that my God liveth. The issue is now behind me and we are all coping alright…But I have a word of caution for the social media battalions…we are all human with our own flaws…let us not be quick to compete driving our fellow human beings over the emotional cliff

Samidoh cannot stay away from Karen Nyamu even after heartfelt apology to wife (Photos)

Nairobi relationships are just complicated! One minute a spouse is caught cheating – they blame the devil and repent; only for them to fall back into the same temptation again. Asking how?

Well, even after Samidoh issued what appeared to be a heartfelt apology to his wife and fans where he wrote;

Samidoh with wife, Edday Nderitu

 I am sorry!!!
I have put my family and myself in a bad situation.It is true I had a friendship with ms. Karen Nyamu and its this involvement that led to the birth of an innocent child whom i have and will always support both emotionally and materially.I am a proud father to my children.
I am however perturbed by the motive and timing of these past videos which have led unnecessary trolling of the child and my wife, i have never left my wife of 11 years for another woman.I apologized to her and my family before.


I now apologize to you my fans for setting a bad example.I take full responsibility for my mistakes which I regret.We have had our own shares of ups and downs but we are stronger and happy together. #Godblessus #Godblessmymarriage

Low key love

Seems like Mugithii singer, Samidoh cannot keep off – Karen Nyamu’s cookie jar; as the ‘couple’ was spotted partying at the same club this past weekend.

Screenshot credits: Samidoh performing at popular club this past weekend

Although there is no photo of the two together; it’s obvious that this two are doing more than coparenting- hence the white cap Ms Nyamu wore to avoid paparazzi.

And if they claim they were not together…then I guess Samidoh has baby mama stalker. I mean, what are the chances that this was just a coincidence?

Ms Nyamu attends Samidoh’s performance at popular club

But come to think of it, Ms Nyamu has lately been keeping a low profile which is so unlike her; meaning she finally worked out things with her baby daddy and is now happy.

Samidoh with his bubbly and fun baby mama, Karen Nyamu

However, seems like getting second wives is becoming a trend in the entertainment world; and so far – the society is slowly accepting this lifestyle.

“I was bleeding” Karen Nyamu shares unknown details about difficult pregnancy with Samidoh’s baby (Video)

Politician cum lawyer Karen Nyamu has had her share of drama on social media; especially after baby daddy Samidoh chose to stick to his first wife; leaving Ms Nyamu with title of a baby mama.

However, Samidoh’s decision to dump the politician – somehow cost him; and for some reason he was forced to issue an apology to his fans for cheating on his wife; but hey, it’s never that serious.

Since then Ms Nyamu seems to have earned the title of a socialite (too much drama) and we can’t help but keep up with her; especially since she  shares unknown details about her relationship with the Mugithii singer.

Details on low key pregnancy

Speaking recently during an interview with Picha clear, Ms Nyamu revealed that she got pregnant after 2 weeks of dating Samidoh.

However just like most pregnancies – she too had her own struggles i.e morning sickness, unnecessary cravings, loss of appetite; but the worst part is after she started spotting in the first trimester.

Nyamu with Samidoh’s son

Well, it’s known that bleeding is red flag to all pregnant women; and after seeing the blood, Ms Nyamu panicked as she knew that chances of losing the baby were really high. During the interview the mother of 2 said;

Apart from nausea…I didn’t have much

My first trimester was okay. I was nauseated, I didn’t have appetite and I didn’t know what to eat…chicken. But I didn’t want to eat a lot. I remember that time we’re on lockdown and this challenge – don’t rush wa going on too much. So I associate that song with nausea.

She went on to add

Apart from nausea… I remember I had an incident of bleeding and I had to call my doctor who put me on a hormone progesterone’ which I had to use till the end of 1st trimester to hold the baby.

Watch the video below courtesy of Picha Clear.

“Sionangi marriage ikiwa true” Karen Nyamu after affair with Samidoh (Video)

Karen Nyamu might just graduate from being Nairobi’s city lawyer; to socialite judging from how blogs have been talking about her for the past few weeks.

Her name comes up and all we can think of is Samidoh; a popular Mugithi singer who recently confirmed to have cheated on his wife with the city lawyer cum politician.

Samidoh with his first wife, Edday

From what we know is that the cheating got so serious to a point where the two had a child together. From 2019, they kept seeing each other on the low only for Karen Nyamu to spark drama in 2021; in the name of getting her son some identity.

Her trick did indeed work;  but sadly her actions left her looking like a desperate side chick hoping to get the 2nd wife position.

Nyamu talks about Marriage

Surprisingly during Ms Karen’s interview with Jalango a few days ago; the city lawyer denied ever wanting to get married due to her past experiences.

Kikuyu Benga musician Samidoh

According to Ms Nyamu – marriage to her is a scam since most people who approach and hit on her are married and probably miserable. For the years she has been dating all she gets is married hence her decision to stay away from settling down. Speaking to Jalang’o, the mother of two said;

Mambo ya marriage…it’s just that I have had this past where watu wengi wananikatia and Pursue seriously ni watu married so me I kinda shy off from marriage cause me najua hii ni tabia ya married people….so me sionangi marriage ikiwa true

Minute 28:00

Why Samidoh was reluctant on acknowledging his 4 month old son with Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu current situation has taught many side chicks an important lesson; of never expecting anything much from a married man.

Whether he claims he will take you in as a second wife in future or in a few weeks; my friend unless the dowry has been paid – just know you are playing the side chick position and Karen Nyamu can support me on this, right?

City lawyer Karen Nyamu

Anyway, just when Karen Nyamu almost convinced fans that Samidoh had taken her in as a second wife; the Mugithi singer brushed the rumors away in a statement where he refuted leaving his wife for another woman. Just like Peter from the Bible denied Christ; Samidoh from our generation issued a statement saying;

I have never left my wife of 11 years for another woman. I apologized to her and my family before.

Acknowledge your son – Karen to Samidoh

Samidoh with his wife and two kids

When asked why the whole family drama had to be aired on social media; Karen Nyamu who was speaking to Jalang’o opened up saying that her problem is Samidoh refusing to acknowledge his baby boy on social media.

According to Ms Nyamu, she hates the fact that Samidoh can post his other two kids; but refuses to acknowledge his new born – who remain innocent despite being a love child.

Speaking to Jalang’o Karen went on to open up saying that she was tired of the trolls surrounding her newborn; and this is why she decided to out the dad.

Singer Samidoh’s son with Karen Nyamu

How the drama started is we’ve been having conversations with him; kama tumekaa chini namwambia you’ll have to claim your child one way or another because there are trolls everywhere calling me a homewrecker. Don’t claim me because me and you may not be permanent ; but you and your is permanent.


And he is like, I am waiting for his birthday there is no event that has come to give me an opportunity to post him.

With all that drama, Karen Nyamu managed to have her son claimed in a post shared on IG; but for the first realized that Samidoh’s wife ‘Eddah’ was never even aware of the months old child.

And now Nyamu she understands why he was always afraid of claiming the baby; yet this was already an open secret.

I am sorry!!!
I have put my family and myself in a bad situation.It is true I had a friendship with ms. Karen Nyamu and its this involvement that led to the birth of an innocent child; whom i have and will always support both emotionally and materially.I am a proud father to my children.

But from the comments, fans feel that Ms Nyamu could have handled herself better by avoiding the drama.

“I didn’t know Samidoh was married” Karen Nyamu

After declining several interviews wishing to hear her side of the story following the drama involving her and  Samidoh; politician cum city lawyer Karen Nyamu opted to speak with Jalang’o instead.

In a candid interview held on Wednesday, 3 March we finally got to learn a thing or two about Karen Nyamu and her situationship. According to miss Nyamu, she met Samidoh last year at a political event where he was set to perform; and just like any other of how boy meets girl – the two fell for each other.

Politician Karen Nyamu

However Ms Nyamu claims that she was not aware that the Mugithi singer was married at the time; leaving many of the listening fans doubting her story. But come to think of it – his relationship status came to be known after his interview with Ms Betty Kyallo aka BK.

Speaking to Jalang’os; Ms Nyamu said;

We actually met at a political event he was performing sometime last year and we become friends…actually Jalang’o can you believe I did not know Samidoh was married because he was not even wearing a ring. I came to know after we were friends for 4 months

Come on!

Judgin from Jalang’os reaction after hearing what Karen said about not knowing Samidoh’s wife; it’s clear to see that he was also shocked but was doubting her story.

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu

When asked how she finally came to know the wife, Ms Nyamu went on to say that the popular MC Firifiri was the one who informed her; but at the time Ms Nyamu was already pregnant with the singers baby boy.

Not quite sure what to believe but below is the detailed interview that has left many talking on social media.

minute: 16:20

Amerukwa! “I never left my wife of 11 years for another woman” Samidoh denies relationship with Karen Nyamu

For a minute we all thought that Samidoh was now with Karen Nyamu after walking out on his first wife, Eddah as revealed on social media.

Many thought this thanks to the posts shared by Ms Nyamu who was definitely out to show off her new found love. However turns out that her relationship with Samidoh was only temporary as it appears the Mugithii singer has no plans of leaving his wife of 11 years for Ms Nyamu.

Kikuyu Benga musician Samidoh

Well if you don’t believe this, then the post shared below by Samidoh himself might just confirm this for you. Through his Instagram page, the Mugithii singer popularly known in entertainment industry went on to share a detailed post where he wrote;

Samidoh with his first wife, Edday

I am sorry!!!
I have put my family and myself in a bad situation.It is true I had a friendship with ms. Karen Nyamu and its this involvement that led to the birth of an innocent child; whom i have and will always support both emotionally and materially.I am a proud father to my children. I am however perturbed by the motive and timing of these past videos which have led unnecessary trolling of the child; and my wife, i have never left my wife of 11 years for another woman. I apologized to her and my family before.

To the fans

Well with the whole family scandal tarnishing his image; Samidoh also issued an apology as he regrets his actions. In the same post, the singer addressed his fans saying;

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu

I now apologize to you my fans for setting a bad example.I take full responsibility for my mistakes which I regret.We have had our own shares of ups and downs but we are stronger and happy together. #Godblessus #Godblessmymarriage