Karen Nyamu beaten black and blue by lover, singer Samidoh

Everyone is currently talking about the live session Ms Karen Nyamu held last night; after she allegedly got beaten by her baby daddy, Samidoh Muchoki.

From what Karen Nyamu says is that the singer walked into her house; accusing her of having an affair with another man and before she even realized it; Samidoh had already started throwing punches at her!

Singer Samidoh’s son with Karen Nyamu

Judging from the video shared all over social media; it’s evident that Karen received some serious beating that transformed her; and I’m guessing she actually looks worse this morning now that the black eyes have fully developed to that – scary purplish color!

Abusive baby daddy

Having dating for about a year if not two; Karen revealed that this is the first time the singer has hit her; but thanks to Edgar Obare’s students – were told this is a life first wife, Edday is used to.

Samidoh wildling with wife, Edday

However, unlike Edday – Ms Nyamu has promised to sue Samidoh over physical assault; but many believe that the guy might just end up walking free since he is a police officer.

Well…with everyone talking about this – let’s see how Karen will handle the situation because in the end; mambo ya watu wawili wanajuana ni ngumu!