Samidoh’s wife parades months old daughter & she’s a replica of her daddy! (Photos)

Edday Nderitu is back after taking a few months off social media to focus on her pregnancy and how new born daughter.

If you remember well, it was reported that both Edday and Karen Nyamu were both pregnant at the same time; something that may have contributed to Edday’s disappearance on social media –  since her co wife, Karen Nyamu was already making use of her popular status online.

Samidoh wildling with wife, Edday

Anyway now that she is back, Edday has lately been showing a happy face, always positive and mostly can’t seem to stop appreciating husband, Samidoh through her pages. On Father’s Day the mother of 3 showered praise on Samidoh describing him as the best daddy ever!

Samidoh’s strong genes

Well after almost 3 months since she gave birth, Edday Nderitu has unveiled new photos of their newest family member; and to our surprise the baby girl already looks like her daddy.

Singer Samidoh’s son with Karen Nyamu

The resemblance between the toddler and her daddy will leave some saying “Edday must have disliked her husband while pregnant…” I know you’ve heard of such theories; but truth Samidoh’s genes are just too strong.

I mean, look at his first born daughter and his sons…they’re all like him.

Karen Nyamu beaten black and blue by lover, singer Samidoh

Everyone is currently talking about the live session Ms Karen Nyamu held last night; after she allegedly got beaten by her baby daddy, Samidoh Muchoki.

From what Karen Nyamu says is that the singer walked into her house; accusing her of having an affair with another man and before she even realized it; Samidoh had already started throwing punches at her!

Singer Samidoh’s son with Karen Nyamu

Judging from the video shared all over social media; it’s evident that Karen received some serious beating that transformed her; and I’m guessing she actually looks worse this morning now that the black eyes have fully developed to that – scary purplish color!

Abusive baby daddy

Having dating for about a year if not two; Karen revealed that this is the first time the singer has hit her; but thanks to Edgar Obare’s students – were told this is a life first wife, Edday is used to.

Samidoh wildling with wife, Edday

However, unlike Edday – Ms Nyamu has promised to sue Samidoh over physical assault; but many believe that the guy might just end up walking free since he is a police officer.

Well…with everyone talking about this – let’s see how Karen will handle the situation because in the end; mambo ya watu wawili wanajuana ni ngumu!

Samidoh cannot stay away from Karen Nyamu even after heartfelt apology to wife (Photos)

Nairobi relationships are just complicated! One minute a spouse is caught cheating – they blame the devil and repent; only for them to fall back into the same temptation again. Asking how?

Well, even after Samidoh issued what appeared to be a heartfelt apology to his wife and fans where he wrote;

Samidoh with wife, Edday Nderitu

 I am sorry!!!
I have put my family and myself in a bad situation.It is true I had a friendship with ms. Karen Nyamu and its this involvement that led to the birth of an innocent child whom i have and will always support both emotionally and materially.I am a proud father to my children.
I am however perturbed by the motive and timing of these past videos which have led unnecessary trolling of the child and my wife, i have never left my wife of 11 years for another woman.I apologized to her and my family before.


I now apologize to you my fans for setting a bad example.I take full responsibility for my mistakes which I regret.We have had our own shares of ups and downs but we are stronger and happy together. #Godblessus #Godblessmymarriage

Low key love

Seems like Mugithii singer, Samidoh cannot keep off – Karen Nyamu’s cookie jar; as the ‘couple’ was spotted partying at the same club this past weekend.

Screenshot credits: Samidoh performing at popular club this past weekend

Although there is no photo of the two together; it’s obvious that this two are doing more than coparenting- hence the white cap Ms Nyamu wore to avoid paparazzi.

And if they claim they were not together…then I guess Samidoh has baby mama stalker. I mean, what are the chances that this was just a coincidence?

Ms Nyamu attends Samidoh’s performance at popular club

But come to think of it, Ms Nyamu has lately been keeping a low profile which is so unlike her; meaning she finally worked out things with her baby daddy and is now happy.

Samidoh with his bubbly and fun baby mama, Karen Nyamu

However, seems like getting second wives is becoming a trend in the entertainment world; and so far – the society is slowly accepting this lifestyle.

Wilding! Samidoh and wife caught on camera in compromising position (Photo)

Singer Samidoh is one naughty man and thanks to his ladies we already had an idea about his character. Just a few weeks ago, his baby mama Karen Nyamu unveiled a video of Samidoh borrowing her goodies; and from he put it – let’s just say akona Kiswahili!

Kikuyu Benga musician Samidoh

Well, if you thought Samidoh’s side woman brings out his wild side; then wait till you see a photo he recently took with wife, Eddah Nderitu.

The photo shared on Edgar Obare’s page shows Samidoh in the company of his lovely wife; and a friend seated on the passenger’s side while the couple is having fun next to the car.

From the position they photographed in, it’s obvious that the two were heavily grinding on each other get a room; and the fact that a friend was watching and another one taking the photo did not bother them.

Samidoh wildling with wife, Edday

Samidoh the fun husband

It’s obvious that his women find him quite fun and this is why both Karen and Edday could not see eye to eye till date.

With a man who knows how to serenade and spice up his relationships; we honestly blame Karen Nyamu for fighting for a position in Samidoh’s life.

Hapa ni till death do us part! Samidoh steps out with lovely wife days after cheating scandal (Photo)

Samidoh almost flashed down his career after being linked to one Karen Nyamu. From what we now know is that these two had been in a secret relationship for almost a year; and even have a son together as revealed by the side chick, Ms Nyamu.

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu

However we will not be referring to Ms Nyamu as the other woman; now that she has every right to be known as the mother of his second born son. Also, judging from their dating timeline it’s obvious to see that Samidoh may have fallen in love; but denied it after Nyamu went public without his consent. Nairobi.

Anyway as Karen Nyamu says – the open secret is now known to everyone; but seeing how it has affected Samidoh’s fan base means that he prefers remaining steady with his wife who is clearly being favored by his fans.

Samidoh with his wife and two kids

Together forever?

This past Sunday the Mugithii singer made his first public appearance since the cheating scandal; and to our surprise he was hand in hand with his wifey, Edday Nderitu.

From the photo it’s obvious to see that this could be some PR to control the damage caused by Ms Nyamu. But hey, now that they have both cheated on each other, then it makes them draw? Anyway check out the couple goals photo shared by the wife, Edday below.

Samidoh steps out with wife days after scandal