Samidoh and Karen Nyamu’s daughter starts school

Karen Nyamu and Samuel Muchoki, aka Samidoh, are the parents of Mimo Muchoki, who recently started school. The senator-nominee posted a video of herself and her kid, who was decked up in a yellow dress with blue and yellow stripes and yellow sandals.

“Today is Mimo’s first day of school,” Karen posted to Instagram stories. Nyamu had earlier sent out a note to parents whose children were returning to school.

“Hii sasa ndio ile week ya back to school. Parents my thoughts are with you, for those in Nairobi who have gotten our small cheques at Karen Nyamu foundation ka mzigo i hope kamepungua. We are working to do more in terms of amount and numbers in future Na kuna vile nawapenda saaana 🤗❤️,” 

Mugithi Singer Samidoh Offers Bath-Time Marriage Advice to Celeb Friends

Kenyan singer Samidoh Muchoki shared a lighthearted anecdote about his weekend get-together with fellow celebrities Pascal Tokodi and Nameless. In an Instagram post, Samidoh revealed some comical advice he gave his friends about the impact of post-work bathing on married life.

With his signature humor, he captioned the post: “Telling these guys, ‘If you want to know how bad showering can be for your marriage, just head straight to the bath after work!’ “.

The playful jab triggered a wave of laughter in the comments section, with even Pascal acknowledging it with a playful, ” Don’t expose us!”

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Mugithi Star Samidoh Gifts Cow to Deputy President Gachagua

In a display of mutual respect and generosity, popular Mugithi artist Samidoh recently presented Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua with a cow named Wanjiku. The gesture took place during Samidoh’s visit to Gachagua’s residence in Mathira, Nyeri County, where he entertained thousands of youths invited for a Christmas celebration.

Samidoh shared the news on his social media, expressing his honor in accepting the invitation from his “fan and mentor,” Deputy President Gachagua. He also noted the privilege of gifting Wanjiku, a dairy cow chosen by Gachagua’s wife, Pastor Dorcas Rigathi.

This exchange further strengthens the connection between the musician and the Deputy President. Notably, Gachagua was a guest at the launch of Samidoh Foundation, contributing a million shillings to the charitable organization.

The cow, traditionally regarded as a symbol of wealth and prosperity in Kikuyu culture, signifies a deepening relationship between the two figures. While the motivation behind the gift remains personal, it undoubtedly adds a unique dimension to their public connection.

Holiday Photos Reveal Samidoh Invited Karen Nyamu To His and Edday’s Matrimonial Home

A recent video posted by Kenyan nominated senator Karen Nyamu of her Christmas celebration with musician Samidoh at his Nyandarua home has ignited a heated online debate about their relationship and cultural implications.

Sharing the Holidays:

The video depicts a seemingly joyful scene of the couple enjoying a bonfire feast with their children and some of Samidoh’s family, surrounded by a festive atmosphere. The camera even captures Samidoh attending to his poultry while Karen films, adding a touch of domesticity.

Mixed Reactions:

However, the online response has been far from unified. Some viewers criticized Karen for visiting a house previously occupied by Samidoh’s first wife, Edday Nderitu, suggesting it showed disrespect. Others questioned the propriety of Karen living in Edday’s marital home, suggesting Samidoh should build a separate residence for his new partner.

Cultural Discussion:

Achieng’ Odinga’s comment highlights the cultural perspective, arguing that in Kikuyu tradition, polygamy demands separate houses for each wife. Others, like Ruth Anderson, question the nature of Samidoh’s previous marriage, potentially offering alternative viewpoints on cultural expectations.

Personal Opinions:

Flo Mutea and Martha Daniels represent individual perspectives, with the former stating another woman’s house would be unacceptable, while the latter considers a hypothetical scenario where Edday condones Samidoh moving on.

Edday’s Response:

Adding fuel to the fire, Edday herself commented, expressing her disappointment with Samidoh’s perceived disrespect towards their children. This personal response adds another layer of complexity to the online debate.

Samidoh’s Week of Highs and Lows: Presidential Honor, Ugandan Encounter, and Relationship Rumors Swirl

Mugithi star Samidoh Muchoki has been on a rollercoaster ride this week, experiencing both professional triumphs and personal speculations.

Presidential Recognition and Women Empowerment:

The week started on a high note with Samidoh performing at a Women in Business Kenya event. Overjoyed by the opportunity to celebrate accomplished female entrepreneurs, he expressed his gratitude on Instagram, calling it an “amazing” experience. This public engagement with strong female figures further adds to his established image as a supporter of women’s empowerment.

Singlehood Claims and Polygamy Past:

However, whispers of turmoil in his personal life surfaced when a video of Samidoh claiming to be “single” went viral. This follows previous rumors of trouble in his relationship with nominated Senator Karen Nyamu. The humorously phrased statement, “I was a polygamous man but now I am single,” leaves room for interpretation, especially considering his past openness about polygamy.

Disentangling Senatorial Influence:

Amidst speculations about the presidential award, Samidoh swiftly dismissed any involvement from Senator Nyamu. Responding to a comment attributing his success to her, he jokingly replied, “Do I even ask for her help?” This suggests a conscious effort to distance himself from potential political leverage in his professional achievements.

Social Media Shuffle and Enduring Bond:

Adding fuel to the rumor mill, both Samidoh and Nyamu unfollowed each other on social media shortly before his Foundation launch. However, Nyamu downplayed the issue, acknowledging previous arguments and reconciliations, stating, “We’ve been through the worst. I don’t think there is anything we can’t solve.” This hints at a resilient bond, despite temporary friction.

Samidoh Jokingly Claims He’s ‘Single’- I Was Polygamous But Now I’m Single’

Mugithi musician Samidoh, recently awarded the Head of State Commendation (HSC) by President William Ruto, addressed rumors about his personal life during a live conversation. He jokingly stated that he is currently single and clarified that his relationship status plays no role in his professional achievements.

Specifically, Samidoh addressed suggestions that Senator Karen Nyamu, with whom he shares a child, influenced his HSC award. He responded with lighthearted remarks, suggesting that anyone deserving of the honor should pursue it themselves.

This version focuses on the factual elements of the conversation: Samidoh’s single status, his HSC award, and his denial of external influence.

Samidoh has been the talk of town for several months; reason being his baby mamas. The singer has been hailed as more masculine and in control of his baby mamas by using his male wits. But his first wife Edday Nderitu decided to part ways with him after going to the US to seek greener pastures. Samidoh is currently spending most of his time with his baby mama, Karen Nyamu. The two have been lighting up the internet with lovely photos and videos. But will their relationship be a lasting one?

Samidoh Fires Back at Blogger Francis Gaitho’s Criticism

Kenyan Mugithi artist Samuel Muchoki, commonly known as Samidoh, has found himself at the center of a social media feud with blogger Francis Gaitho, who has repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of Samidoh’s musical talent and the sponsorships he has secured.

In a recent tweet, Gaitho expressed disbelief over the numerous sponsors that Samidoh’s foundation has attracted, suggesting that the artist’s popularity is undeserved. He criticized Samidoh’s lack of choreography, vocals, and stage presence, questioning the basis for his success.

Gaitho’s criticism is not new. In March, he had similarly questioned Samidoh’s musical prowess, claiming that the artist is more known for his relationship drama than his musical talent. He even went so far as to challenge Kikuyus to name a single song of Samidoh’s, asserting that his fame is unfounded.

Samidoh, however, has not taken these criticisms lying down. In a response to Gaitho’s latest tweet, he simply stated, “That overfeeding is harmful to one’s reasoning.” His concise remark hints at his belief that Gaitho’s excessive criticism stems from a lack of rational thinking.

Despite the ongoing feud, Samidoh’s foundation launch has been a success, garnering significant attention and support, including a substantial contribution from Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. The foundation aims to address various social issues, and with the support it has received, it is well-positioned to make a positive impact.

The clash between Samidoh and Gaitho highlights the power of social media and the potential for online criticism to overshadow one’s achievements. Samidoh’s ability to navigate this criticism and focus on his music and philanthropic endeavors is a testament to his resilience and commitment to his craft.

Samidoh says he’s left Karen Nyamu when accused of being her sugar baby

In response to his detractors, Mugithi musician Samidoh said that his baby mama Karen Nyamu keeps him.

After meeting in 2019, the two have been dating for a long time.

One admirer tried to humiliate the artist by pointing out on social media.

“Na wengine hapa tu wanasema umeekwa,”

In response, Samidoh said he was no longer needed and urged the fan to take his place.

 “Nilitoka sasa endeni muwekwe pia.”

Because Samidoh is dating a senator who has been nominated, it is assumed that he is kept.

It may not be true, but some Kenyans believe Karen earns more money than the singer.

Samidoh cites Edday and Karen Nyamu as his pillars of strength

Musician Samuel Muchoki, known to fans as Samidoh, celebrated a momentous occasion with the official launch of his foundation. The star-studded event, packed with political figures, influencers, and top celebrities, served as a powerful testament to the impact Samidoh has woven not only in the music industry but also in the hearts of many.

In a heartfelt speech, Samidoh’s emotions ran deep as he acknowledged the pillars of strength in his life – his children and their mothers, Edday Nderitu and Senator Karen Nyamu.

“My late mom’s wise words still echo in my ears,” he shared, his voice thick with emotion. Amidst cheers, he continued, “To my children, whom I love so dearly, you are the radiant light that illuminates my darkest nights. Your mothers, for bearing all of you, are my rocks.”

He then expressed his profound gratitude to Benga artist Kamande wa Kioi, referring to him as his “dad in music.” Samidoh highlighted the invaluable mentorship he received from Kioi, acknowledging its lasting impact on his musical journey.

Looking back, Samidoh revealed the heartwarming origin of his foundation. Three years ago, a realization dawned on him – music held the power to be a beacon of hope, a tool to uplift and give back to society. This revelation planted the seed for what has now blossomed into a promising foundation.

Samidoh’s launch was more than just a grand celebration; it was a poignant moment of reflection and appreciation. He stood tall, surrounded by his loved ones and supporters, a testament to the man behind the music – a man who not only inspires with his melodies but also touches lives with his genuine heart.

Senator Karen Nyamu gets Kenyans talking after thirst−trapping

Nominee senator Karen Nyamu has demonstrated her carefree nature by going on a weekend vacation in Naivasha.
She’s delighted her fans once more with a new video that she shared, in which she shakes her waist with infectious enthusiasm and grace.
Wearing a bright pink tracksuit, Karen is a happy person who dances merrily and shows off her amazing dancing abilities.
Karen was bopping along to “Pam Pam,” a hit song by Nigerian musician Ketchup.
Fans of Karen Nyamu have responded to the film with enthusiasm, excitedly sharing their thoughts.
Nyamu disclosed herself as a helpless victim of her circumstances during one of her live sessions, saying that she frequently feels misinterpreted and misquoted.

As a mother of three, she revealed that online users had erroneously branded her as a “infamous home wrecker” because they were unable to understand the nuances of her romantic life.
“In Kenya, I am the most misinterpreted lady. It’s not as though I want you to comprehend who I am. It’s alright. She remarked, “I really love that I’m so real—to God, to myself, and to everyone around me.
When it comes to online abuse, Karen Nyamu has grown resilient.

Deputy President Gachagua Lauds Samidoh’s Foundation, Hails Musician As An Inspiration To Youth

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has commended Mugithi musician Samuel Muchoki, alias Samidoh, for establishing the Samidoh Foundation, an initiative aimed at empowering vulnerable communities, particularly the boy child.

Speaking during the foundation’s launch on November 30, 2023, Gachagua praised Samidoh’s resilience and dedication, citing his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a renowned musician as an inspiration to the younger generation.

“Samidoh’s story is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and belief in one’s dreams,” Gachagua stated. “His rise to stardom serves as a beacon of hope for many, demonstrating that with perseverance, anything is achievable.”

The Deputy President further commended Samidoh for giving back to society, emphasizing the importance of philanthropy and community engagement.

“Samidoh’s decision to establish the Samidoh Foundation is a noble one, reflecting his genuine concern for the well-being of others,” Gachagua remarked. “His commitment to uplifting the boy child is particularly commendable, as it addresses a critical need in our society.”

Gachagua expressed his confidence that the Samidoh Foundation will make a significant impact on the lives of many, encouraging others to emulate Samidoh’s exemplary act of generosity.

“Samidoh’s initiative sets a positive example, inspiring others to extend a helping hand to those in need,” Gachagua concluded. “His dedication to uplifting his community is an act of true leadership.”

Karen Nyamu fires back at Samidoh’s wife for saying she’d be dead if she were still in Kenya

Senator Karen Nyamu is criticising her baby daddy’s divorced wife for suggesting that she was in danger while in his care.
Oddly enough, a TikTok video was the catalyst for the whole thing.
Edday Nderitu, the estranged wife of Samidoh, expressed her gratitude to her friend Bernice Saroni for helping her move to America, saying that if Saroni hadn’t assisted her, she would have died and her firstborn daughter would have been in rehab.

May God bless you gal, whatever you did to me and my kids it’s something I can’t even explain. My daughter angekua rehab mimi nikiwa 6ft under,

Bernice was defending herself in the video against those who were criticising her for encouraging Edday to dissolve their marriage.
After that, Karen refutes Edday’s assertions by pointing out how tidy she seemed when she was still in Kenya and residing with her three children’s father.
This comes after one of the netizens saw Edday’s tweet and questioned Karen Nyamu about if she felt any regret at all.
In response, Karen mentioned how Edday seemed well-groomed, intelligent, and well-fed while residing with her, along with a well-known Kenyan proverb that is used to expose dishonest people.

“Na vile alikua amejinonea akiwa kwake alikua kapum pum smart na tumakai akismile tu macho inafungika. Watu si wajinga buana.”

Samidoh Claims He’s Motivated By Haters To Work Harder

Renowned Mugithi singer Samidoh has revealed that he draws inspiration from his critics to push himself to greater heights. He explained that the knowledge that some people are eagerly waiting for his downfall fuels his determination to succeed.

Samidoh’s recent busy schedule exemplifies his relentless work ethic. Despite performing in Utawala, Nairobi, on Saturday night, November 25, 2023, he immediately embarked on a journey to attend the inaugural Lake Ol’Bolossat marathon in Nyandarua County on Sunday morning.

In a social media post, Samidoh explained that his back-to-back commitments were driven by a desire to prove his detractors wrong. He acknowledged that their criticism serves as a motivating force, propelling him to achieve more.

Samidoh’s remarkable success story is a testament to his unwavering determination and resilience. Born into poverty in Subukia, Nakuru County, in 1990, he faced immense challenges from a young age. The loss of his father and the subsequent eviction from their property by his extended family plunged the family into further hardship.

Despite these setbacks, Samidoh refused to let circumstances define his destiny. He channeled his pain and struggles into his music, using it as an outlet for his emotions and a means to uplift himself and his family.

The singer’s talent and perseverance eventually shone through, and he rose to prominence as a celebrated Mugithi artist. His music resonates with audiences across the country, and he has amassed a devoted fan base that appreciates his authenticity and heartfelt lyrics.

Samidoh’s story serves as an inspiration to many, demonstrating that success can be achieved even in the face of adversity. His unwavering determination and ability to turn his challenges into strengths are qualities that many admire. As he continues to thrive in the music industry, Samidoh’s journey remains a testament to the power of resilience and the unwavering pursuit of dreams.

Samidoh’s Late-Night Birthday Post For Karen Nyamu Raises Questions

Popular Mugithi singer Samuel Muchoki, better known as Samidoh, finally took to social media to acknowledge his partner, Senator Karen Nyamu’s birthday, but the timing of his post sparked doubts about its authenticity.

Many Kenyans had been eagerly anticipating Samidoh’s public recognition of Nyamu, who had been consistently showering him with affectionate messages on social media. However, the singer’s post did not arrive until an hour after Nyamu’s birthday had officially ended, fueling speculation about its genuineness.

Sharing an undated photo of himself embracing Nyamu on Instagram Stories, Samidoh simply wrote,

“Happy birthday, bae.”

However, the late-night timing and the lack of any personal touch in the message led many to question whether Samidoh had genuinely penned the post.

Some netizens suggested that the post might have been written under duress, while others speculated that it might have been crafted by Nyamu herself, given the level of English used.

Regardless of the doubts surrounding the post, it did serve as a belated acknowledgment of Nyamu’s birthday, albeit one that left more questions than answers among their fans and followers.

“Chunga bibi!” Nameless warned by Kenyans as Wahu spotted with Samidoh

Kenyans have warned singer Nameless to be wary of musician Samidoh, after he posted a photo of his wife, Wahu, casually chatting with Samidoh on social media.

Many Kenyans rushed to the comment section to warn Nameless to be careful, lest Samidoh’s charm win Wahu over. Samidoh’s love life has been a source of public interest in Kenya, with many Kenyans following his escapades with close interest.

DJ Simple Victor : Chungana na huyo kijana…ako na nyota

Sammy Ondimu Ngare :Usicheze na huyu musikali mbloo.. Usiseme sikukushow.

Nelly Nyawira: Wewe kwinished

Lovely Hope: Usijali, she is a smart woman

Virginia Njuguna: Weuh na vile Bluetooth ya huyu omusikali hushikisha haraka mahali kuna wifi

Betty Njeru :Be very careful bro… huyu mskari ni hatari Kwa usalama.Nimekuwarn

Gathuri Ngui: You are very lucky bibi amevaa curtain. Mûchoki hapendi kuona skirts.

Kairetu ka Wanjira : Huyu ni kiumbani mwenzangu chunga sana.

Karen Nyamu Celebrates Samidoh’s 33rd Birthday With Lavish Football-Themed Party

Renowned Kenyan Mugithi star Samuel Muchoki, better known as Samidoh, turned 33 years old on November 1st, and his lover, Karen Nyamu, went all out to make the day unforgettable.

Nyamu, the mother of Samidoh’s children, organized a lavish birthday party for the singer, keeping it an intimate affair with close friends and family. Photos of the glamorous event have since leaked online, giving fans a glimpse of the extravagant celebration.

The football-themed party, meticulously planned and executed by Nyamu, reflected Samidoh’s ardent support for his favorite football club, Chelsea. The cake, a masterpiece of culinary artistry, was designed to resemble a Chelsea jersey, adorned with Samidoh’s name and the number 33, representing his age.

Samidoh’s birthday celebration this year stands in contrast to his previous one, which he commemorated in the United States. Last year, he expressed his gratitude to the two exceptional women in his life – his mother, Miriam, and his father.

“Another year around the sun. Psalm 25:5: Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long,” Samidoh wrote in a heartfelt message.

“To the woman that bore me, Miriam, every day I see your prayers come to fruition, thank you for giving me life and nurturing my talent at a tender age. Daddy, thank you from the bottom of my heart,” Samidoh added.

Samidoh’s birthday celebration serves as a testament to the love and support he receives from his partner and family. The singer’s passion for music and his dedication to his craft continue to inspire many, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the Kenyan Mugithi scene.

Samidoh Sends Cheeky Response To Prince Indah’s Request Of Joining Police To Haiti

In a recent Facebook post, Luo Benga singer Prince Indah suggested that Samidoh, a Mugithi singer who is also a police officer, should be among the 1,000 police officers that the Kenyan government intends to deploy to Haiti.

Prince Indah posted a photo of Samidoh in full police clad on his social media page and engaged his followers on whether they agree that Samidoh should also go to Haiti.

“Ama Samidoh aende tu Haiti?🤔,” Prince Indah posed.

Indah’s suggestion comes amid growing criticism of the government’s decision to deploy police officers to Haiti.

In response to Prince Indah’s post, Samidoh asked an ambiguous question.

“Hawawezi leta Haiti?” Samidoh commented on Prince Indah’s post.

Critics have raised concerns about the safety of the officers, the cost of the deployment, and the lack of clarity about the mission’s objectives.

Kenyans have criticized the government’s decision to lead a Multinational Security Support (MSS) mission in Haiti.

On October 9, 2023, the High Court in Nairobi issued orders stopping the government’s plans to deploy the police officers to Haiti. The court is expected to hear the case on November 9, 2023.

Samidoh’s in-law reveals she could not stomach her cheating husband

Kenyan music promoter Bernice Saroni, who is residing in the US, recently shared information on what she did after learning of her ex-husband’s adultery.
In an open discussion about her views on adultery, Saroni spoke with media personality Oga Obinna. “After you treat me disrespectfully, what’s to lose? It’s impossible to miss someone who has harmed you. Cheating is not something I tolerate,” she said.
Saroni described the emotional upheaval she went through following the event and revealed that it led to her falling into depression. She went through an excruciating time, but her kids also suffered as a result.

After the betrayal, Saroni moved to the United States to recover her life. But at this period of adjustment, she decided to spend six months away from her kids in Kenya.

The shift was severe and difficult for them when she finally brought them to the US. “They were very shocked when they came,” she recalled. They were leaving a five-bedroom house, while I was living in a two-bedroom apartment. They did not enjoy living in the United States, and the adjustment was difficult.

 “I had so many things I had to work on, my kids, myself. I have worked so much on my healing so I get to decide this is the man whom I will do life with.  It took me three years to heal so much that when I thought about my ex I was not getting bitter.”

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu told they’ve started looking alike

Sen. Karen Nyamu, who has been nominated, has been uploading pictures and videos of herself and Samidoh, the father of her children, enjoying life to the fullest. She is no longer disguising her love for Samidoh.

On Wednesday night, Nyamu posted a video of them touring a wildlife sanctuary in Kenya on her Instagram Stories. Samidoh was singing a TBT song called Vuta Pumzi by the Longombaz group while she was beaming with joy.

“Guys, listen to me, listen to me, there are beautiful women with bre@sts and thighs and white and they are beautiful…”


#karennyamu #karennyamuandsamidoh #karennyamutrending #samidoh #samidoh_muchoki #eddaynderitu #eddaynderitusamidoh #love

♬ original sound – Moses Sagwe

“Ghai mpaka wameanza kufanana wallahi,”

Longombaz’s lyrics were partially sung by Samidoh, and Nyamu put on a timid expression. Some Kenyans, however, believed that the couple’s love had developed to the point where they were comparable.

A few days after admitting to having an affair with Samidoh despite being aware of the fact that he already had a first wife named Edday Nderitu and asserting that she had not breached the law, Nyamu and her lover were spotted together.

Samidoh’s family member refers to Karen Nyamu asa a demon!

MamakeBoyz, also known as Bernice Saroni, is the cousin of well-known Kenyan artist Samidoh. In a brave move, Bernice has addressed the complex topic of side chicks in partnerships.
Her ideas have sparked debates among female users of social media.
Saroni divided side chics into two groups in a message he delivered on September 7 in order to highlight their divergent motivations and conduct.

Many people who have experienced similar circumstances throughout their lives have found her open remarks on TikTok to be relatable.

“The first one likes to stay a secret. She doesn’t like the wife to know about her presence. She dates the married man and minds her own business.”

The first kind of side chick is portrayed in this description as being discreet and frequently keeping her involvement disguised from the spouse.
Bernice Saroni, on the other hand, responded most passionately to the second category. She referred to them as “pepo,” characterizing them as competitors and envious destroyers.

“That one will make her presence known. She will abuse the wife, and you are left wondering, why are you abusing the wife? The wife doesn’t look for you; you went looking for her. You are the homewrecker.”

Saroni’s message was a strong exhortation to women to value and emphasize their own worth and love.
She recommended women to avoid getting involved with married men, pointing out that these relationships ultimately result in a lack of tranquillity and contentment.

If you have decided to be a side chick, you are number 2. This man, at the beginning, told you he is married, he has children, he never said he would leave his wife for you. So why can’t you go there and just keep quiet and mind your business? Because if you believe in yourself that you are beautiful, you cannot date a married man.”

She concluded by making a sincere appeal to women to value themselves, put their health first, and look for partners who share their values.

“You will not be a second wife, and you will get your own man. Side chick type 2, stop jealousy and competition; at the end of the day, it will cost you your peace.”

Karen Nyamu bodly asserts, “I am righteous in Christ, not because of what I have done.”

Sen. Karen Nyamu, the nominee, stated categorically in an Instagram post on Sunday morning that she is justified in Christ as a result of what He achieved.

The legislator posted a picture of herself with the free Wi-Fi hotspots she helped install at the Lodwar police station, Lodwar referral hospital, and Lodwar cattle and fresh produce market during the Senate Committee on ICT.

“Father, I thank You that I am righteous in Christ, not because of what I have done, but because of what Christ has done. It’s a gift and I receive it with all my heart, Amen 🤗💃🏼,”

This statement is intriguing in light of the frequent inquiries regarding Nyamu’s Christian religion, particularly after she began dating the Mugithi artist while he was still married.

Nyamu and her baby daddy Samidoh have gained internet fame because the singer’s wife Edday Nderitu revealed she was not in a polygamous marriage.

The American citizen Edday further stated that she had left the singer for the politician.

“Lemmie clarify few things that were shared online and not accurate……-I am not in any polygamous marriage as stated I left the husband for whoever needed him more. I made a decision to remove myself and my kids from that toxic environment especially my teen daughter who unfortunately is direct recipient of unbelievable behavior displayed …

I have managed to sustain my kids needs so far with no help and I am not regretting any bit of it. About communication and video calls I will leave that one there since some people seems to be present when that is happening but I’m not aware. In this new season of my life I don’t need any drama, I need peace only ,I hope next episode of this series my name will be left out.”

Stivo Simple Boy’s Girlfriend Continues To Pursue Samidoh, Tattooes His Name

Wanja Kihii, an upcoming musician, has been warming up to Samidoh, a popular Mugithi singer, despite Stevo Simple Boy introducing her as his girlfriend in late August 2023.

On September 15, 2023, Kihii released a Mugithi song titled “Wenda wa Samido” (Samidoh’s love) to declare her undying love for Samidoh, who is also dating Karen Nyamu.

Days after dropping the song, Kihii posted a video on her TikTok account showing herself rubbing shoulders with Samidoh. In the same video, Kihii also showed off her tattoo of Samidoh’s name, which she got after their meeting.

“Finally, Samido alilipa ngoma, I got his tattoo,” Kihii wrote.

Stevo Simple Boy introduced Wanja Kihii as his new girlfriend after Ngesh, the hit maker of “Kaveve Kazoze,” declined his romantic advances.

Kihii’s pursuit of Samidoh has sparked a debate online, with some people criticizing her for chasing a man who is already dating someone else. Others have defended Kihii’s right to express her love for Samidoh, even if he is not interested in her.

It remains to be seen whether Samidoh will reciprocate Kihii’s feelings. However, her bold move to declare her love for him has certainly gotten people talking.

Samidoh Still Enjoying Quality Time With Karen Nyamu Despite Wife’s Departure

Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki has been enjoying his time with his baby mama Karen Nyamu while touring the world with her. This comes despite the fact that his wife confirmed in June that they had parted ways and insinuated that he was a deadbeat.

Samidoh and Nyamu have been spotted together in various countries, including Australia, Dubai, and the United Kingdom. They have also shared photos and videos of their travels on social media, looking very much in love.

Some fans have expressed their support for Samidoh and Nyamu’s relationship, while others have criticized them for their public display of affection, especially given Samidoh’s marital status.

However, Samidoh and Nyamu seem unfazed by the criticism. They continue to enjoy their time together and post photos and videos of their travels on social media.

It is unclear what the future holds for Samidoh and Nyamu’s relationship. However, it is clear that they are enjoying their time together in the present.

Samidoh’s cousin betrays him, attacks Karen Nyamu and dramatic baby mamas

Bernice Saroni, a US-based Kenyan music promoter, has advised mothers to maintain a drama-free relationship with their children’s fathers.

In a TikTok video, Saroni stressed the importance of mothers fulfilling their responsibilities and allowing fathers to play an active role in their children’s lives. She also urged mothers to focus on their own path and avoid insulting the other woman or the child’s father.

“There are so many women who wish their baby daddies were responsible and involved in their children’s lives,

Saroni pointed out that using derogatory language or pressing the child for information about their father only brings more pain to oneself. She added that even if the father is not a good husband or partner, he may still be a great dad.

“Since your ex-partner wants to meet his child(ren), you start drama-fighting him for moving on and dating someone else. There is a difference between being together and splitting. If it is the latter, stop wanting to know what he is doing or whom he is dating.

You do not have to insult the other woman. You call him, and he does not pick up. It does not have to be a case. It is not a must he picks up your call. He could be busy or in with his lover.”

In recent years, male celebrities have suggested that their baby mamas are stumbling blocks in their relationship with their children. These situations often become embroiled in legal disputes, and the celebrities vent their frustrations on social media.

“He is your ex but still the father of your child. He may not love you anymore, but he loves his child. May not be a good husband or partner, but is a great dad. Learn to differentiate between the two things. Fighting the child not to be with the father will not make you two reunite,”

Overall, Saroni’s advice is to put the needs of the child first and avoid creating unnecessary drama.

Samidoh Reveals He Was A Top Student In Primary School, Aspired To Be A Lawyer

Kenyan Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki recently surprised his fans by revealing that he was a top student in primary school. He shared a glimpse of his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam results on his Instagram page.

Samidoh revealed that his childhood dream was to pursue a career in law. However, life had other plans for him, and he ended up becoming a musician and a police officer.

“What is the former top student of your class doing now?” he quipped in Swahili. “I aspired to be a lawyer. But now I’m a one-man guitarist and singing policeman.”

Samidoh’s fans were impressed by his academic achievements, and they praised him for his hard work and dedication. Many people also commented on how he is a role model for young people who are struggling to balance their education and their dreams.

Samidoh’s story is a reminder that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. He is a talented singer and a successful police officer, and he has achieved his goals despite coming from a humble background. He is an inspiration to us all.

Samidoh Responds To Question About Whether Karen Nyamu Would Have Loved Him If He Was Broke

Mugithi singer Samuel Muchoki, also known as Samidoh, was recently asked by a fan whether his baby mama Karen Nyamu would have loved him if he was broke.

Samidoh laughed off the question and wondered out loud how he could be broke.

“Sasa me nitakuaje aki?” he asked.

Samidoh’s response suggests that he is confident in his relationship with Nyamu and that he believes she loves him for who he is, not for his money.

This is not the first time that Samidoh has been asked about his relationship with Nyamu. In the past, he has been accused of only loving Nyamu because of her money. However, Samidoh has always defended his relationship, saying that he loves Nyamu for who she is.

Samidoh’s response to the recent question about whether Nyamu would have loved him if he was broke is a reminder that love is not about money. It is about finding someone who loves you for who you are, regardless of your financial status.