Enough is enough: Sandra Dacha on body shaming trolls about her weight

Actress Sandra Dacha actually doesn’t care what you think about her body, figure and weight. Okay, I know the title sounds like she came forth to fight off trolls shaming her for being too fat – but quite the contrary.

While most of y’all are bothered about her being big – Sandra on the other hand is wondering why you’re taking painkillers for her pain.

Actress Sandra

As seen on a new post shared by the lady, she goes on to share a sarcastic post aimed at haters always picking on her. This time around she however went on to leave with a simple question where she asked;

Ati nimenona sana…unataka nikonde unipeleke wapi…? ???????????????????????? (Apparently I’m too fat….but if I lose weight, where you going to take me?)

Netizens trying to figure Sandra And Akuku’s relationship

Well, truth is many have been trolling Sandra Dacha’s body weight for years but recently it seems to have escalated especially with many trying to picture how Akuku Danger handles her.

This is because they completely have different body sizes with Sandra Dacha weighing 2 to 3 times to what Akuku Danger weighs. But then again, mlisema dawa ya ballon ni sindino, right?