Sarah Kabu Reveals Plans Of Getting A Butt Lift Surgery

The managing director of Bonfire Adventures, Sarah Kabu, has taken offense with those who think she should have Botox.

The 45-year-old businesswoman says that her husband, Simon Kabu, loves her for who she is and that she will soon appear better than all of her critics, who are thus enraged, therefore the taunts are worthless.

Sarah said that she was just getting started in response to the criticism on her TikTok account.

The mother of two reaffirmed that she intended to have a BBL in addition to liposuction, and that she was also considering lightening her skin tone.

All of a sudden, Sarah has decided to accept her destiny as a kidnapped infant! “Am I the first person from Kenya to get Botox? Let’s see how it goes,” Kabu stated

“Then I bleach. Next year liposuction and booty lift will be a must for the people who like to insult me. I will soon look better than you, just like how you always want.

I am tired of being insulted here, but my person is okay with having a Kienyeji original,” the last of her post read.

Kabu is among the numerous female Kenyan celebrities who have undergone surgery to enhance their looks.

Sarah Kabu celebrates Betty Bayo’s husband

Businesswoman Sarah Kabu commended Betty Bayo for “catching” her husband, referring to him as “Mali Safi.” Sarah may be seen greeting the pair at her office on camera.

“By the way mnapendeza, I think you are a good testimony to single mums and women struggling in marriages that there is still a God of second chances.

Na alikubariki na mali safi.”

What brought him to you? asked Kabu Sarah.

“Hebu tuambie ulitoa wapi, I’m sure kuna watu wengi wanuliza nitapata mtu wapi.”

Bayo clarified that she merely waited for her spouse to approach her and that she was alirudi soko, fearless. She adamantly denied having initiated the approach.

“Once you overcome the fear and say you are going out, you trust God.”

“Congrats, hapo Mungu alikukumbuka Ukiwa na mali safi kama hii na hizi streets za Kenya zimejaa tufisilet hauogopi?” Mrs Kabu asked.

“Hapana, mtu wa kuenda ni wa kuenda hata sura mbaya wanaendanga tu.”

Sarah Kabu gets Botox done

Entrepreneur Sarah Kabu received Botox injections at a well-known Nairobi beauty clinic. According to the self-described head lady of goat wives in Kenya, the shots didn’t hurt.
“It wasn’t painful, but I was afraid. It hurts around a two out of ten.” Botox injections are used to reduce facial wrinkles.

Botox can cause adverse effects such as headache, flu, edema, soreness, infections, dry eyes, and others, even though it helps to diminish facial muscles and wrinkles.
Sarah turned forty-five in July, and she was eager to give a speech at her celebration.

“I wasn’t too planning to do a party this year but as you know my friends, they said no way if we are not traveling somewhere, then definitely we can’t just sit and it’s your birthday. So I had no choice but to oblige.

First I would like to say thank you so much to the organizers of this party, they know themselves, these people from last month, they have not been sleeping they were saying that they need to know how are we celebrating your birthday this year.”

Sarah Kabu Apologizes To Betty Kyallo Over ‘Jealous Stare’

The Kabus have recently been trending after their attendance of Akothee’s star-studded wedding over the weekend.

Sarah Kabu was specifically on the spotlight after her ‘jealous’ look towards Betty Kyallo.

Sarah Kabu was spotted staring at Betty Kyallo in a suggestive manner after she was having a chit chat with Simon Kabu.

The stare has since been translated by netizens as jealousy & insecurity.

But Sarah Kabu has refuted the claims. She states that her mind wasn’t actually thinking about them.

She questioned why she’s trending over the latter, and went ahead to send a heartfelt apology to Betty Kyallo.

“Wueeh i don’t understand why I’m trending… my mind was far hata hio jicho mbaya sikumbuki…pole sana @bettymuteikyallo my mind ilikua mbali.”

Sarah Kabu also continued to clap back at fans who denigrated her outfit for Akothee’s wedding;

“Halafu wedding ya madam boss @akotheekenya mnataka tuvae maxi ama jeans? My husband was ok with the long slit so ndigithiai ngoma.”

Sarah Kabu praises Akothee for being an independent single mother

Sarah Kabu is proud to see Akothee living life to the fullest and unlike other single mums who are yet to get to the singer,s level….. Mrs Kabu thinks Akothee is an example every other woman out here should try to learn a thing or two from.

Mrs Sarah Kabu

The Bonfire CEO said this on a new post shared on her page where she praised Akothee for picknicing on her owned backyard lawn with bae; something she is sure many women cannot relate to or might never relate with.

Although this is the first time we’re seeing Sarah Kabu take interest in the life of Akothee…truth is we don’t know whether this is how a new friendship will be born or if Sarah Kabu is admiring life as a single mum…maybe? Anyway she wrote;

Akothee with lover

Single ladies does this picture speak volumes to you? Yaani Akothee is picnicking with new mzungu boyfriend on her backyard lawns.

Work for your own

This being a post directed at single ladies looking for an easy way out of poverty…Mrs Kabu discouraged them on depending on Sponyo’s yet they can earn their own

Ladies work hard sio lazima uenjoy such stuff via sponyo usiteseke kwa mapenzi

Awesome advise right? But again Akothee has been in this game for years……and I mean years…..which explains why she can picknic in her backyard….while the rest of the other single mums can only afford apartments with small balconies….which are specifically for storing mitungi ya maji.

Mother and daughter? Sarah Kabu introduces her grown niece, netizens question uncanny resemblance between the two

Sarah Kabu recently unveiled a photo with her niece posted on her social media pages to celebrate the 20 thing year old lady for graduating with a degree in Statics. Big win for the lady and her family which explains why Sarah Kabu couldn’t contain herself after the graduation.

As seen on the caption, Sarah Kabu described her niece Faith a jury as a hardworking and virtuous woman mentored by both her and Sarah Kabu’s mum. We also understand Sarah’s intentions for sharing the post is to help her niece land a scholarships for masters degree abroad in Data science and analytics – hence the reason she asked anyone with connections to come through for Faith.

Sarah Kabu introduces niece, Faith

Congratulations ???? ???? ???? to my niece @njiru_faithk for your hard work in school as an A material. We are so proud of you for graduating with a degree in statistics ???? ???? ❤️ they say that your network is your networth #teamsarahkabu i know most of you are bossladies somewhere please connect her with a job. Shes a virtuous girl mentored by me and my mum so she won’t disappoint.

Sarah Kabu’s resemblance with niece raising eyebrows

Okay, now that Sarah Kabu avoided mentioning anything about the girls parents – netizens started linking her to the young lady thanks to their striking resemblance.

Well, most mentioned that the girl looks like a mini Sarah Kabu…so could it be that…you know Simon Kabu has a 24 year old, so could Sarah also have an unknown child?

But again, do you really think she’d hide a child she had in her youth? Okay, Simon Kabu did (kinda) until Sarah spilled the tea…but would Sarah pull the same stunt? Maybe but then again – wouldn’t it be silly to introduce her as a niece?

Anyway sharing more information on Faith, Mrs Kabu went on to write;

shes starting oracle systems short course immediately to perfecther skills in the research and data management in the it world. In the meantime anyone with connections za scholarships for masters degree abroad in Data science and analytics please connect me. ???? she’s currently interning @bonfireadventures and performing well.

Saying they could be mother and daughter sounds a-bit far fetched but below are some of comments left by fans after realizing how much Sarah Kabu and her niece look alike.

Sarah Kabu demands apology from Simon Kabu’s 24 year old daughter

Bonfire Adventures CEO Sarah Kabu has come out to reveal that there are still some unresolved issues between her and hubby Simon Kabu. Well, this is after their online ‘breakup’ that saw Sarah Kabu spill unknown details about her family’s private life.

We learnt about Simon Kabu having kids with other baby mamas on the side and of course about his first born daughter – Maureen from his first relationship.

The same Maureen Kabu has however become a thorn in Sarah’s flesh – which brings us to Mrs Kabu’s latest statements about her step daughter. Speaking to Mpasho, Sarah revealed her reason for exposing hubby, Simon Kabu is because he took the kids without her consent; a move that left her feeling like a crazy woman. She said;

I was trending because I was defending my children I feel they are very precious and nobody should pull such a string just because you have some rights.


I had never imagined that someone can come pick my kids and go with them without my permission. When it happened I became like that chicken who defends her chicks.

Sarah Kabu still beefing with step daughter

On the same interview – the mother of 2 went on to add that the issue between her, Simon Kabu and his step daughter are yet to resolved.

Simon Kabu’s eldest daughter

This is because she still awaits for Simon Kabu’s daughter to issue an apology for taking part in ‘kidnapping’ of her kids back in March.

Everything has not been ironed out since I have not received an apology from the lady and there are still other dramas happening.

Well – I guess each family has a share of its own drama and the Kabu’s are still figuring there’s out.

Sarah Kabu entertains husband by shaking what her mama gave her & he loved it! (video)

Sarah Kabu doesn’t look like the type that clubs or rather – the type that knows how to have fun without limits. Judging from her appearance – let’s just say she looks like the perfect wife material and a good mum to her kids.

Don’t get me wrong – these qualities are perfect – perfect in that she has cards everyman (even those with slay queen wives) admire and secretly wish their wives had.

Sarah with Simon Kabu

However after her online ‘breakup’ with husband Simon Kabu – the mum of two seems to have changed in a way. Lately she’s been parading her ‘wild side’ on social media trying to prove home much she and husband, love each other.

Grinds on husbae

Well, if you think we’re just story telling – wait until you watch her latest video where she grinds and bumps on her husband, Simon Kabu while dancing.

Tbt: Simon Kabu with wife, Sarah Kabu

As seen on the video the mother of two goes on to entertain a few of their friends by dancing with husband, Simon who also seemed to  enjoy his wife’s new side.

Fans on the other hand could not keep calm as they praised the two for making their marriage work- even after the whole online breakup. Some fans however feel that they can no longer trust these two since they still have unresolved family issues – and sooner or later – blogs hell might just break loose.

Anyway watch the viral entertaining video below.

Sarah Kabu shares update on her marriage, flaunts special romantic surprise from hubby Simon Kabu (Video)

A few weeks back Bonfire adventures owner Sarah Kabu opened up about her marital woes leaving many on social media shocked. Well, this is mainly because many thought her marriage to Mr Kabu was perfect especially after she nicknamed herself, goat wife.

However after her expose, we can now say social media life will always be fake. Away from that…. luckily for the Kabus, they managed to work things out and have gone back to their happy life.

To prove that her marriage is currently at a good place, Sarah Kabu this past weekend shared a post describing her current marriage situation saying;

True love prevails for the Kabus, couple steps out together for the first time after reconciling (Photos)

Happiness is having a husband who is also your best friend.

Vacation in Seychelles

Well, whether you believe it or not – Sarah now feels that Kabu is her best friend and if I am not wrong – wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else but her man, Simon Kabu.

Sarah Kabu Has Some Great Advice On Marriage

The mother of two went on to share yet another post where she praised her husband for being the king of surprises. On the post Mrs Kabu is seen swimming in an infinity pool with a breakfast tray floating right in front of her.

To caption the post, she wrote;

Sarah Kabu vacationing in Seychelles with hubby, Simon Kabu

The king of surprises himself …. My dear, my partner, My love.. @kabusimon did this for me. I’m over the moon. It’s the small things that matters. I only see this on the Instagram and to my surprise he did this for me

With such treatment, of course Sarah Kabu had to go back to her first and only love, Mr Kabu.

True love prevails for the Kabus, couple steps out together for the first time after reconciling (Photos)

About a week ago Sarah Kabu happened to disclose unknown details about her marriage to Simon Kabu, saying their relationship was toxic and full of drama.

Of course this came as a big surprise considering how much they were admired by their fans – who for a minute assumed they’re perfect. But as the story goes – not all that glitters is gold.

Ms Sarah Kabu

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Anyway barely a month after their family drama emerged online – the Kabus are already fixing their relationship on social media to avoid long term effects. From what we have seen so far is that things are working for the two and of course – what’s meant to be will be!

First vacation after breakup

Although this is not the first time they’re having marital issues – it’s however the time they’ve gone public about it. Messy.

This is because in the heat of moment Sarah Kabu got to exposè her husband in ways we never imagined. Fans learnt about his cheating ways, his baby mamas and the fact that she owns the Bonfire adventures – which has the baby mamas thinking they have a right to.

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Anyway enough of that. Well, barely a week after breaking up and reconsiling, the Kabu’s  are already entertaining fans with stunning photos taken from recent vacation; and from where I stand, I believe it’s only fair to say Kabu finally has his house in order!

While a few feel reconciling wasn’t the best idea for Sarah Kabu (considering her melt down) there are those who believe a little time and space is exactly what their relationship needed – that is judging from how happy they now appear to be.

Sarah Kabu makes u turn on dumping Simon Kabu, instead begs him for forgiveness

Sarah Kabu isn’t sure of what she wants. Actually I feel that she still has so much going on in her head, that she’s ready to settle for any less dramatic solution- just to have a peaceful environment.

Barely 48 hours after her candid interview with Christina Lewis The Voice Of East Africa, Sarah Kabu now says she wants to work things between her and hubby, Simon Kabu. This however comes at a time when Sarah had already made it known, she’s done and dusted from her marriage which was full of issues.

Sarah Kabu

Also read: Ouch! Sarah Kabu responds to Ben 10’s offering Love&Affection in her DM

Judging from what she said, it’s obvious to see there is struggle of power in terms of property ownership. This is mainly because Simon Kabu already has two grown kids from previous relationships – and may be after their dad’s wealth – which Sarah says is her sweat.

You try to build your empire and then the money goes to support his blood. To me, they are not part of me. There is nothing we can do about it. I take it as a charity project.


It has not been a big deal since I have been on the journey by even guiding him to some of the good schools he can take them. But for me, he should carry his own cross.

Sarah Kabu begs for forgiveness

Just by reading what she said about Kabu’s other kids can tell you the kind of woman Sarah Kabu is; and no, no one is forcing them on her but come on…there’s enough to go around for the 4 kids, no?

Also read: Sarah Kabu admits slay queens gave her sleepless nights

Anyway being in Simon Kabu’s shoes, of course you don’t expect the guy to tarnish his wife’s image by telling his side of story; but again with age comes wisdom – which Simon portrayed well.

With the Kabu drama coming to an end, Sarah has issued apology to husband saying;

Sorry, my fam. When I was in distress I said things that I shouldn’t have said online and thus misleading. Life is a lesson and we learn every day. Forgive me, Simon. Let’s sort our issues off-line. All is well. Please keep us in prayers #MarriageWorks.

Sarah Kabu admits slay queens gave her sleepless nights

A lot has been said about the Kabu’s and their alleged failed marriage – but through it all Simon Kabu has tried maintains his cool, insisting all is well. His wife, Sarah Kabu on the other hand seems to have a different tale about her Union to Kabu and insists it’s time to part ways.

Actually, she’s been wanting out since January 2022 – but claims Simon wasn’t having it.

Sarah Kabu reveals she is done with her marriage

The Bonfire adventures owner opened up about this during recent interview with Tina Lewis of Voice of East Africa; revealing that their marital woes began in 2003 but after 10 years of giving the marriage her best years, the solution is to put it all to an end.

Judging from the interview and what was said – I really don’t think there was any new information offered, that hasn’t been reported by bloggers yet.

However, we also can’t forget this is a personal issue between man and wife – meaning there are things, the public still don’t know about two.

Sarah hints possibility of hubby involved with Slay Queens

Some of the things fans may not be aware of include Simon Kabu’s two baby mamas who Sarah says have tried interfering with her family.

The bonfire adventures CEO even mentioned how one of the dramatic baby mamas tried forcing her child to move into Sarah home; simply because she wanted him to benefit like the two younger kids.

Sarah&Simon Kabu

The other issue includes slay queens (which she didn’t really say much about) but judging from her statement;

I would like to love in a country without slay queens, they can give you sleepless nights.

Well – like I said Sarah Kabu didn’t say much about this young slay queens; but the fact that she knows that they can give you sleepless nights proves she’s speaking from experience. But what’s done is done, let’s move on!

Also, from the video – it’s evident to tell that Sarah Kabu isn’t okay. Her struggle with mental health is clearly shouting with the facial expressions.


Daddy Twin! Meet Simon Kabu’s beautiful 24 year old daughter (Photo)

The older you get, the more you learn that even your favorite celebrities also go through the same hardships you face in life. For instance – the Kabu family! I mean whoever thought they could be having marital issues when all they parade is glitz and glam on their pages?

But hey, it’s life and sh!t happens – like literally, to everyone but it all depends with your approach to the situation.

Anyway with the Kabu’s marital issue slowly fading off from social media, we can’t forget to address the alleged 24 year old daughter Mr Simon Kabu apparently has. Yes, he already confirmed about having a love child from his past and like some dads in his shoes; he opted to keep this part of his life private from fans – for reasons best known to himself.

Kabu introduces his cubs

However thanks to post shared about a week ago, I believe the Bonfire CEO introduced his 3 kids but most of his fans didnt realize this.

Probably because he captioned the photo Jambo Jamboo #theKabus cubs which would obviously leave a person thinking he was talking of the two younger kids – hence overshadowing his eldest daughter despite her standing right next to him.

Daddy’s girl

However after zooming in to the photo shared above – it’s only safe to say that Kabu’s eldest daughter is a female version of her daddy.

She clearly took after her dad in terms of facial features that is the forehead, the smile and also wears glasses. Anyway below is the close up – you be the judge!

“I am not mentally ill” Cries Sarah Kabu

The Kabu family is currently making headlines on social media since word has it that their marriage is facing issues. Maybe not just issues but chances of Sarah Kabu separating with hubby, Simon Kabu of the Bonfire adventures also seem high.

The Kabus

Also read: Simon Kabu on why he ‘forcefully’ took his kids from wife, Sarah Kabu amid breakup rumors

This is after the content she shared on her WhatsApp stories complaining of husband, Mr Kabu kidnapping their kids. Judging from what she wrote – it’s evident that the couple has been facing a number of issues for the past few months; and being media personalities or rather celebrities they somehow managed to hide their troubles – but only for a short while.

Anyway, with this already out to the public, there are those who feel that the Kabus may be creating hype for their Bonfire company now that Easter is just around the corner; however – would these two grown ups really taint their image just to keep their business running? It’s never that serious, right?

Sarah Kabu deep in depression?

The reason I say this breakup could be real is – because Sarah Kabu now claims there are rumors painting her as a mentally disturbed person; something she accuses her husband of doing – to help justify his latest actions.

Also read: Marriage In crisis! Sarah Kabu shares dirt on husband Simon Kabu, says their marriage is toxic

Mr and Mrs Kabu

My friends, I am not mentally ill… I am speaking out to protect my life and my children… Please pray for me.

However she refuses to stay in a toxic marriage – just because husband wants to feel in control.

When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you. The misinformation will feel unfair, but stay above it, trusting that other people will eventually see the truth just like you did.” she said. 

Sarah Kabu hints at possible breakup with husband Simon Kabu

Sarah Kabu and husband Simon Kabu are both known for their business; Bonfire Adventures – a well-established tour company that really picked thanks to their involvement with local celebrities.

Sarah & Simon Kabu

So far the Kabus have worked with the likes of the Bahati’s, before moving to the Wa Jesus family; and since the Bonfire CEOs love  drama, we believe they are now working with famous polygamous men Jimal and Samidoh hence the latest photos of Simon with his two new friends.

With these new photos of course the three parties will benefit at the end of the day; since controversy helps boost their businesses.

Anyway just moments after Jimal and Samidoh were spotted with Simon Kabu; wifey, Sarah went on to hint about husband leaving her for another woman as she wrote;

already rehearsing to be a single mum of two lovely little angles

Attention seeker?

Knowing how long she has been with Simon and how they continue to build together; Fans could smell the PR stunt – hence the sarcastic responses.

Most went on to warn Sarah Kabu about wishing such life upon herself; and kids as she knows nothing about the hard life.

With her speaking and acting like a teenager on social media; could it mean that she wants the socialite life too?

Bare knuckles! Amber Ray roasts Sarah Kabu for attacking slay queens

Amber Ray has definitely given fans a reason to laugh; or rather continues to serve tea through her IG page where she blasted Jabo Jabo’s wife; Sarah Kabu in a bitter exchange – and clearly no chills were given during this heated exchange.

Well, if all started with Amber (of course it had to be Amber) who shared a new post through her IG page; and to caption the post – the Kamba socialite indirectly called Sarah Kabu for hating on slay queens in a post where she wrote;

Amber Ray

Jabo jabo, If no one has ever labelled you a slayqueen … that means you have never dressed well or looked good ???? #Amberthebrand #tbt Outfit @_layiq ???? @muma_pix

With Jabo Jabo it’s obvious to see what Amber Ray was doing there…lol.. and as expected her target audience received her message loud and clear and decided to respond.

Amber vs Sarah Kabu

Well, it’s no secret that Sarah Kabu dislikes slay queens (she’s made that clear before) and responding to Amber’s post which was obviously directed to her; Mrs Kabu wrote;

Power couple, Sarah and Simon Kabu

Hahah Amber and Phoi when it comes to beauty hata hatuwezi bishana…nyinyi mko juu clapping ???????? ???????????????? I would vote for you as the most beautiful and glamour women in Kenya. Lakini niki attend mkutanoya First Ladies wa senators and governors, MP and top CEOs all over kenya najua siwezi kosa kustand out vile mimi hustand out kwa world travel awards ???? ???? ???? but much love from #thekabus enjoy your life many slayqueens are looking up to u…I respect lanes ❤️

To which Amber Ray responded;

Talking about out, indeed you are the most outstanding CEO wife on Instagram streets. Not minding your own business is your greatest strength. Out of all senators, governors, MPs and CEOs wives you are the organized that why you have enough time to hop for one page to other commenting nonsensical stuff. Cheers…..back to your lane madam CEO as president of second wives you are not welcome.

Balling! Sarah Kabu surprises husband Simon with multi-million mansion on his birthday (Video)

Simon and Sarah Kabu, the couple that owns popular travel company Bonfire Adventures, has made yet another milestone in their lives.

A video that was posted on their YouTube page shows them unveiling a posh mansion whose location is yet to be disclosed.

The Kabus enjoying life.

Apparently, Simon was turning a year older and his wife saw it fit to  gift him with the two-storey house that has an elegant and modern design.

As the clip begins, Sarah, Simon can be seen being ushered into the house by a violin player who was standing right outside the house. Meanwhile, their son is seen playing a guitar.

A group that was on the second floor of the house sing gladly as the Kabus are handed glasses of juice before they go to admire the rest of the house.


The couple has been doing well since they established the company a few years ago. Interestingly, Simon had even worked as a tout before starting Bonfire Adventures.

In 2017, the couple made headlines after Simon surprised his wife with a brand new Range Rover as she turned a year older. Life has definitely been kind to them.

Watch the video below.


Where Bonfire Adventures was born! The Kabus share throwback photo of old, dusty cybercafe where they started their multi-million company

Many have been told the story of how Bonfire Adventures started with just KSh 20,000 in hand but what many have not seen, is exactly where the couples dream was birthed.

As the world throws it back to the past, Simon and Sarah Kabu decided to inspire fans with a throwback photo of themselves in a dusty, old, crowded cybercafe somewhere back in 2008 when they officially started Bonfire Adventures.

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In the photo seen by Ghafla, that traces back to around October 20, 2008, Kabu is seen sitted working on a computer with his then young, excited wife, Sarah standing behind his seat in the cafe.

Bonfire Adventures couple, The Kabus TBT

The two at the time, were but young individuals who had a dream and a vision of the future, but could not afford an office so they had to rely on cybers.

Eventually, Kabu managed to share a desk with two other people in a small office at Koinange street, ditching the cybercafes.

Power couple, Sarah and Simon Kabu

Also read: “The birthday was not meant to be a publicity stunt” Simon Kabu after spending 30 million on his wife’s birthday

That was the 2000s, and today, Bonfire Adventures, roughly 12 years of age, stands as Kenya’s finest and Africa’s leading tour company. Having grown to over 13 local branches, employing more than 200 staff and standing at an annual turnover of well above KSh 1Billion.

The Kabus story

Simon and wife Sarah Kabu, launched the idea of Bonfire Adventures while around a bonfire at the Maasai Mara Game Reserve in 2008. According to Simon, it has been a lot of years of hard work, effort, prayers, challenges and most importantly the hand of God.

The Kabus

The inspiring yet disbelieving story of a matatu tout turned into the CEO of a now very well known multi-million tours and travel company within a decade. Just dare to dream!

His post was received with shock and awe from fans. Who could not help but wonder at how gracious and faithful God has been to the couple whose persistent hard work, sweat and patience has inspired many.

A look inside the spectacular retirement home Sarah Kabu gifted her husband on his birthday (Photos)

Kenya’s Bonfire adventures MD, Sarah Kabu did the unimaginable for her husband over the weekend, after making a multi-million purchase of a retirement home for her husband, a dream come true on his birthday.

The famous Jabo Jabo couple gave fans a look into their simple yet rich retirement home during the celebrations that went down in Olpajeta, Nanyuki.

Also read: “The birthday was not meant to be a publicity stunt” Simon Kabu after spending 30 million on his wife’s birthday

Inside Kabus retirement home

The pair gave us a look of the home’s exterior, fitted with large glass windows as walls of the different rooms upstairs, each well furnished with rare exotic African furniture.

The Kabus on baecation

Surrounded with bushes and trees at a distance, the couple did not think much of having a fence around their home, open to all who would pay a visit, with a sign board at the entrance with the words “Welcome to The Kabus retirement home.”

Also read: Bonfire Adventures couple proudly welcome newborn daughter (Photos)

The front yard graced the parking lot while the backyard would be where the couple hosted their social events. With long dining tables and outdoor canvas seats setting the mood for a communal feel, allowing us a view of the large projecting balcony the duo had to enjoy the priceless views of the wild.

Sarah gifts Simon Kabu dream retirement home

In the presence of close friends and family, Mr Kabu was treated to a magnificent birthday event by his wife, Sarah who made his dreams come true with the surprise of his dream retirement home in the wild.

For Simon, as they drove through bushes and thickets, he first thought they were having a bush lunch only to his surprise to discover that his wife had brought to reality, his plans to own a private getaway in the wild when he needed to unwind from the city’s hustling.

The Kabus

Every time the couple would visit the Olpajeta conservancy, Simon would always wishfully admire “ningetaka kuretire hii place” but after Corona happened, his plans stalled. Hardly did he know that his wife was busy taking huge bank loans to give him his dream retirement home. What a love!

Have a look at the Kabu’s rich retirement home.

The Kabus
Sarah &Simon Kabu
The Kabus getaway
Simon Kabu birthday
Mr Kabu birthday
Inside The Kabus retirement home
Kabus’ retirement home

From a matatu tout to CEO! Bonfire Adventures owner recounts seducing his wife in makanga sheng

For those who didn’t know, Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu used to do all sorts of menial jobs including working as a tout before his big break in the travel industry.

Simon Kabu while he was still loading and off-loading milk at Tuzo and Brookside companies.
Simon Kabu while he was still loading and off-loading milk at Tuzo and Brookside companies.

Simon meet his wife Sarah way back in 2007. He opened up about his first encounter with his wife during a team building event in Lukenya.

“Let me tell you about this Day. It was Dec 1st 2007. 1st Day I met Sarah Kabu. We are in a google group that used to discuss about anything and everything. We had not met before but this time people requested we meet for a team building. And coz of the way we used to contribute soberly online Sarah and I were chosen to be among the organizers of Teambuilding to Lukenya. I wanted so much to see her and when we boarded the bus I stretched my hand to greet her and songead for her to sit with me. Shock on me she lengad me and went to sit with another Jamaa hapo nyuma,” wrote Simon in part.

Simon Kabu (in a black cap) with Sarah during the team building event in Lukenya in 2007
Simon Kabu (in a black cap) with Sarah during the team building event in Lukenya in 2007

Simon reveals that he was intimidated by another man who Sarah chose to sit with while heading to Lukenya. He reveals that the guy was speaking in fluent British accent while he could only manage to speak in sheng.

“The guy was conversing in some British accent while I could only manage some makanga sheng. I could see them excitedly discussing and laughing. I over heard him say he’s just clearing his MBA. Sema kiwaru….But God was always on this Boy shaud side. When we arrived Lukenya and started teambuilding I put myself in the same group as Sarah and made sure my competitor was in another group. I started throwing some ‘ newly learned poetic words’ without any compe.”


“The birthday was not meant to be a publicity stunt” Simon Kabu after spending 30 million on his wife’s birthday

Sarah Kabu’s birthday was the talk of the nation in July 2017. Sarah’s husband Simon Kabu spent a whopping Kes 30 million to spoil his wife on her birthday.

Mr. Kabu is the CEO and founder of Bonfire Adventures – a tour company. He bought his wife a brand new Range Rover and spent Kes 120,000 on a cake which was transported on a pickup during his wife’s birthday.

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Simon Kabu (second on left) and his wife Sarah Kabu during her birthday in  July 2017
Simon Kabu (second on left) and his wife Sarah Kabu during her birthday in July 2017
Publicity stunt

Simon Kabu has come out to deny claims his wife birthday celebration was a publicity stunt meant to promote their company Bonfire Adventures.

Speaking during an interview with the Nairobian, Simon revealed that he always spoiled his wife and children without attracting media attention.

“The birthday was not meant to be a publicity stunt. I settled on the car because I wanted to surprise her. She was not at home at the time. She was at work and that was the best choice. If she was at home, I would definitely have taken the gifts there. We always do it big. In 2015, we went on a cruise in Europe. In 2016, we went to Seychelles and in 2017, we were to go to London, but our six-month-old daughter did not have a passport, hence I settled for the Range Rover,” said Simon.


“Evil money can be dangerous” Woman whose husband spent Kes 30 million on her birthday speaks out

Sarah Kabu’s birthday was the talk of the nation in July 2017. Sarah’s husband Simon Kabu spent a whopping Kes 30 million to spoil his wife on her birthday.

Mr. Kabu is the CEO and founder of Bonfire Adventures – a tour company. He bought his wife a brand new Range Rover and spent Kes 12o,ooo on a cake which was transported on a pickup during his wife’s birthday.

Sarah Kabu opened up about her relationship with her husband as they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. She reveals that she dropped all the requirements of her perfect Mr. Right to date her hubby.


“Wow, I cannot believe 10years are over since the day I met my husband, Kabu Simon, I was 29yrs, single, stable and searching. It had been 10years of dating, all I wanted was to settle down. I had dropped all the requirements of must haves in my Mr. right because he too couldn’t have qualified. We only had same dreams to realize together. Today when I look back I can only say NI GOD AMETUFIKISHA HAPA may his name be glorified,| wrote Sarah Kabu in part.

Forget about the high flying senior bachelors

Sarah Kabu with her husband Simon Kabu

Sarah Kabu’s advises married couple to invest in their marriages the same way they do in property and businesses. She warns slay queens to steer clear of senior bachelors.

“To fellow couples, you must invest in your marriage the same way you do in properties and businesses. Memories of Good times together swimming, fine dining, dancing holidays and weekend getaways contribute a lot to keep the fire burning. To my little sisters, who are in the late twenties and early thirties also known as slay queens… forget about the high flying SENIOR bachelors coz they are very few and proud… I had enough of them… they just wasted my time and broke my heart,” Sarah Kabu writes in part.

Evil money can be dangerous

Sarah Kabu further advises slay queens to avoid sponsors. She explains that sponsors will retire with their wives or die while slay queens are still young.

“Avoid the sponsors as their waters will make you look old… as they waste your time to date the right people and they will finally retire with their wives or die while you are still young. Evil money can be dangerous. Say yes to the kawaida guy your age mate and hustle pamoja as you have fun without shame,” wrote Sarah Kabu.

Bonfire Adventures CEO brings Nairobi to a standstill as he surprises wife with 30 million birthday package (Photos)

A brand new Ranger Rover wrapped as a gift and a giant Kes 120,000 cake transported on a pickup in the CBD… that’s how city tycoon Simon Kabu surprised his wife on her birthday yesterday.

Simon Kabu – the CEO and founder of Bonfire Adventures (tour company) spent 30 million to spoil his wife Sarah Kabu on her birthday.

The tycoon walked into his wife’s work place in the CBD escorted by cameramen to surprise her, he brought along the expensive gift he bought her.

Simon bought a brand new Range Rover which had a special message for his wife on its number plate, the message read “HBD Sarah”.

The expensive gift was accompanied with a giant Kes 120,000 cake which was transported on a pickup and guarded by bouncers and motorbike outriders.

After the surprise in the CBD, the couple went to a top city club for the real birthday party, Simon and Sarah are expected to leave for holiday in Seychelles.