Socialite Sasha Kassim leaves tongues wagging after getting brand new Ksh 4 million car from minister

Tanzanian socialite Sasha Kassim has come out to brag how she has bagged a rich influential man who is spoiling her with nothing but the best this world has to offer.

Kassim, who was in the news last year for claiming Ali Kiba has been pestering her with pleas for sex, shared that a minister is head over heels in love with her and he just bought her a brand new Toyota Harrier that goes for roughly 4 million(2015).

Settling down

Speaking to Tanzanian newspaper Wikienda, the controversial socialite claimed that the minister delivered the car to his doorstep.

She also said that the two might be getting married soon but all through the interview avoided naming the minister.

 ‘You know he is a minister and its not good to just expose him because he intends to marry me soon. I will reveal him soon because I hate this hiding stuff.” Sasha revealed. 

It’s no the first time the curve socialite has promised she’s settling down. She has shared in the past several times that she’s about to get married but the plans end failing miserably.