Saumu’s ex husband Anwar Loitiptip allegedly beating up his new woman like a Burukenge

Word has it that we were right, Aeedah Bambi’s relationship with Senator Anwar is turning into a battle field; and unfortunately she is the one on the losing end considering her battle is with a man.

Well, after a source revealed that she has been receiving blows from Anwar, the lady has been making sure that there is no evidence to confirm the rumors; but again thanks to those who around her we have more details to the toxic relationship.

Aeedah Bambi
Aeedah Bambi

According to a source that recently reached out to Edgar, we understand that Bambi has been facing the wrath of her new man; simply because he cannot stand the fact that she has been coparenting with Steve Oduk. The father to her 4 year old daughter.

New details on broken relationship

Well, from the post shared by Edgar, we’ve been made to understand the so called couple have been having regular fights; and at some point things got so bad to a point where the senator pulled a gun on the mother of 1.

Anwar Loitiptip accused of assaulting Aeedah Bambi

The source goes on to paint Anwar as an insecure man; who had been hoping Aeedah would cut off her baby daddy since he (Senator) is handling the 4 year old as his own.


In yet another post, the source confirmed that the Zanzibar trip we all saw Aeedah flaunt on social media; was to mend their relationship’ after the beating she received during Bahati’s event in June.

When asked why Aeedah continues to put up with this life; the source responded by saying;

Maybe the public eye. I hope she gets the confidence to walk away from an abusive partner.

It’s however funny how things have turned upside down barely six months after she snatched him from Saumu Mbuvi; so could it be Karma or the God of Saumu playing his part?

Lanes: Inside Aeedah Bambi and Senator Anwar Loitiptip’s fancy home that will leave questioning your lifestyle (Photos)

By now I’m sure Saumu Mbuvi is slowly learning to accept that Senator Anwar is happy with Aeedah Bambi. It maybe a short term relationship but clearly, Aeedah Bambi is making the most out of her new found love.

Just recently the young mum of one unveiled a video flaunting her fancy home where she lives with daughter (from ex boyfriend Steve Oduk) and we also believe that Anwar also lives in the same house.

Aeedah Bambi

From the video it’s clear to see that these two live quite a lavish lifestyle and will not be toning it down anytime soon. However what many don’t know is that Aeedah Bambi is not with the senator for the money since she also comes from a rich family. The lady happens to be the first daughter of politician, Ahmed Ibrahim Papa who vied for the Langata seat in 2017.

Rich girl vibe

Also, we understand that Aeedah is also very close with her uncle, Governor Joho – which explains why she lives such a lavish lifestyle.

Although many would want to refer to her as a socialite due to her lifestyle- clearly this lady isn’t one as she hangs out with low key friends such as Betty Kyallo; to avoid the whole slay queen vibe! Anyway below are a few photos from Aeedah’s stunning home.

Aeedah Bambi showers Senator Loitiptip with praises weeks after snatching him from Saumu Mbuvi

Aeedah Bambi is living the good life courtesy of her latest catch, Senator Loitiptip who is currently dating her. The two allegedly got involved while the senator was still dating former Nairobi’s Governor Mike Sonko’s daughter – Saumu Mbuvi.

Saumu with Senator Loitiptip before breakup

Of course this led to drama between the three parties; but after Loitiptip came out to claim his new lady, Aeedah Bambi – then Saumu automatically lost her chance with baby daddy.

However this could not end without some drama coming from Saumu Mbuvi; who also has her share of relationship drama with her first baby daddy, Ben Gatu – who allegedly left her for unknown reasons a few years back.

Aeedah Bambi and Senator Loitiptip living the dream

Anyway now that it is no secret that Loitiptip will not be going back to his baby mama; the senator and his new lady this past weekend have fans a reason to talk after unveiling their Kitenge photoshoot.

Love birds

Showing them off on IG, the lovely Aeedah went on to write;

Happy birthday to my best friend,my greatest critic, my fiercest supporter ,my accomplice ,my workout partner, my love, my EVERYTHING! ❤️ ???? Hon. Senator 005 ???????? Sherehe ianze!!! ????????????????

Aeedah Bambi with Senator Loitiptip
Couple goals: Aeedah and Loitiptip

Saumu Mbuvi accuses ex husband’s new girlfriend of filming pornographic content to attract men

Saumu Mbuvi is bitter! And at this point someone needs to take her phone away before she embarrasses herself on social media; all in the name of a heartbreak – that may last for only 6 months, then what? Start regretting?

Yea Yea, Lamu Senetor dumped her and decided to move on with Aeedah Bambi; a former close friend to Saumu Mbuvi. Talk about Nairobi friends – but this move has however left Ms Saumu acting more like desperate low self esteem issues.

Saumu has proved this a number of times through her IG page where she had a QnA allowing fans to poke fan into her broken heart; knowing very well it would leave her bitter and ready to expose dirt that shouldn’t even see the light of day.

Saumu Mbuvi vs Aeedah Bambi

But, to be fair it feels that Aeedah Bambi has also been throwing shade at Saumu Mbuvi; as she takes pride in the fact that she ‘stole’ the Lamu Senator from Sonko’s daughter.

According to reports Aeedah claims that Saumu has struggling looks; adding that this is why she uses a thousand filters on her photos. But isn’t that better than bleaching?

Anyway having come across these posts, Ms Saumu has also decided to hit back; and boy was she a savage. According to Saumu Mbuvi, she is ready to use filters anywhere or however; as long as she doesn’t advertise her privates in videos just to impress a man. Ouch.

The 26 year old mum wrote this down on her IG saying;

Tell her as long as I don’t record videos fingering myself I’m good….let me use filters in peace.

Saumu vs Bambi

Like I said, somebody needs to take Saumu Mbuvi’s phone before she serves private tea online.