Saumu Mbuvi still bitter with baby daddy, Senator Anwar

Daughter to former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is still very bitter with her ex husband, Senator Anwar.

Well, truth is – it’s going to take Saumu sometime before she gets over the fact that this guy; chose to be in a romantic relationship with one of her close friends – and whether they like it or not the battle is not about child support.

Aeedah, Saumu and Senator Anwar

Just like most women who have gone through bitter breaks ups, separation or divorce; Saumu is clearly proving that parting ways with Anwar affected her as a person – but sadly she is yet to let go or rather forgive him.

Plays pretend

Just recently Saumu held a QnA session on her IG and just like we expected Anwar had to be mentioned somewhere in the convo; and as usual Saumu painted him as a deadbeat dad.

This was after one of her fans went on ask about his whereabouts in their daughter’s life to which Saumu said;

I have a big God that can do big miracles

Self imposed Amnesia

Although Saumu Mbuvi claims to have moved on from the Anwar/Bambi affair; it’s obvious that she hasn’t healed yet. Matters of the heart…but clearly there is more than she wants her fans to believe.

Anyway, responding to questions about her ex hubby; Saumu pulled the kipetero Kiyesu move as she responded by saying;

Sorry whose that?