“I’m done dating” Saumu Mbuvi quits trying to find love

By now I’m sure you know that Saumu Mbuvi is a mother of two beautiful daughters however remains a single mum in her late 20’s.

This is because her relationships with her baby daddies didn’t turn out as expected and being a governors daughter; trust me all the Brayos, Vokes and Jonnies have refused to try their luck for obvious reasons and of course we can’t blame them.

Saumu with Senator Loitiptip before breakup

With the dating pool looking not so pleasant for her, looks like Saumu Mbuvi has now given up on finding true love, simply because she can’t seem to find it anywhere. Although it’s not the first time she’s saying this, we can’t help but wonder what the problem is….I mean can you be rich and this beautiful – yet still so unlucky that your own money can’t buy you a man?

Im not dating again until God himself come sit on my bed & say “my homeboy tryna talk to you”

Beautiful but unlucky?

Okay….I’m thinking…imagine if Mike Sonko was your dad. All that money, wealth and everything money can buy, would you ever look so desperate for relationships? Why? How now? For what?

But then again, we’re all wired differently and to some relationships are basically what they were created for. To them marriage is a rite of passage…lazima apate mutu probably to keep off the nosy aunties asking ukona watoto wawili na hauna bwana? Like come on.

Anyway…we’re all hoping Saumu Mbuvi finds love soon because damn that’s all she talks about.

Saumu Mbuvi finds love months ex husband, Senator Anwar betrayed her with close friend (Photo)

Looks like Saumu Mbuvi has taken close to 5 months before rushing into another new relationship; something she admitted to be good at – while on an interview with Massawe Jappani a while back.

Saumu Mbuvi on Radio Jambo

At 26 years Saumu Mbuvi already has 2 baby daddies but only coparents with one; that is judging from her stories that paint out Anwar as a deadbeat dad.

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Anyway unlike her break up with Ben Gatu, parting ways with Senator Anwar changed something about Saumu Mbuvi; but I’m guessing only because she got betrayed by a close friend – Aeedah Bambi; who is the current girlfriend to Anwar.

Aeedah, Saumu and Senator Anwar

Hints about new boyfriend

Having learnt her lesson the hard way, Saumu Mbuvi now prefers to keep her private life off social media; but just like most celebrities she can’t help but hint about her new found love.

Addressing her current relationship during a QnA session on her page; Saumu went on to claim that she has a new man who might just end up being her future hubby.

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This is after a fan asked;

Do you look forward to getting married?

To which Saumu responded by saying;

Of course yes, I even know whom it’ll be already


This girl likes to get married but hopefully this time around her relationship won’t end up in tears after having another baby; cause honestly this has happened twice already; and with 2 kids, Saumu Mbuvi might need to recheck her priorities!

Anwar’s new girlfriend engages senator’s ex wife in bitter war of words

For a while now both Saumu; and Aeedah have proven that their friendship will never be the same all because of Anwar; but such is life and a good lesson to most ladies who admire the two.

Anyway with the ‘husband’ snatching situation, the two ladies have lately been throwing shade at each other; and the latest fight has now proven that neither of two these two will be rainsig the white flag anytime soon.

Saumu and Senator Anwar expecting first child together

This is after Saumu went on an Instagram live to bash a certain ‘stalker;’ who she claims has been trying to make moves on her rich exes/friends. Judging from how Saumu put it, it was obvious that this message was aimed at Aeedah.

Clap back

Like I said, these two will continue with the back and forth until Anwar has his house in order; but as for now, Aeedah has decided to clap back following the accusations in a post that read;

And in another post, Aeedah went on to add;

Sometimes I wanna reciprocate people’s disrespect but when I look at their lifestyle and how life treats them…that is enough punishment.


With this, clearly….the war might just get nastier or the senator might end up not seeing his daughter due to the bitterness involved between his two women.