Saumu Mbuvi finds love months ex husband, Senator Anwar betrayed her with close friend (Photo)

Looks like Saumu Mbuvi has taken close to 5 months before rushing into another new relationship; something she admitted to be good at – while on an interview with Massawe Jappani a while back.

Saumu Mbuvi on Radio Jambo

At 26 years Saumu Mbuvi already has 2 baby daddies but only coparents with one; that is judging from her stories that paint out Anwar as a deadbeat dad.

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Anyway unlike her break up with Ben Gatu, parting ways with Senator Anwar changed something about Saumu Mbuvi; but I’m guessing only because she got betrayed by a close friend – Aeedah Bambi; who is the current girlfriend to Anwar.

Aeedah, Saumu and Senator Anwar

Hints about new boyfriend

Having learnt her lesson the hard way, Saumu Mbuvi now prefers to keep her private life off social media; but just like most celebrities she can’t help but hint about her new found love.

Addressing her current relationship during a QnA session on her page; Saumu went on to claim that she has a new man who might just end up being her future hubby.

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This is after a fan asked;

Do you look forward to getting married?

To which Saumu responded by saying;

Of course yes, I even know whom it’ll be already


This girl likes to get married but hopefully this time around her relationship won’t end up in tears after having another baby; cause honestly this has happened twice already; and with 2 kids, Saumu Mbuvi might need to recheck her priorities!