Sauti Sol always pulling the victim card

Sauti Sol is risking the chances of getting cancelled by their own fans thanks to the stunt they pulled this past weekend during Sol Fest.

From what fams are claiming is that Sol Fest was fun not because Sauti Sol stepped on stage and decided to perform their best songs; but because other artists like Nadia and Konde Boy actually gave electrifying performance despite being among the first opening acts of the show.

Sauti Sol on the other allegedly decided to show up at 3AM while most of their fans are worn out, passed out and way to wasted to care who was performing at the time. Most actually felt used by the boy band: who on the other hand are claiming Fans always use them as a punching bag. Actually what Savara wrote in Sauti Sol’s defence is that;


Guilty as charged

Well, seeing that its not Bien who is out to speak for the team also says alot. I mean, he is always the first one to defend his brothers but this time around, Bien amenyamaza kama maji ya mtungi.

Well, the only i believe Bien hataki story mingi is because he knows they were wrong for disappointing the same people giving them views on YT; and whats even worse….Savara pulled the victim card before consulting his mates and now, now everyone is talking about the band being over-rated and not forgetting those who are ready to drag them on social because – they’re big mad!