Therapy: Bien speaks on how Sauti Sol has survived 20 years together

Sauti Sol is an outfit that has stood the test of time. They started off as a group of friends singing together long before they became the megalithic group of stars they are known as today.

Signs are pointing to Bien going solo sooner or later

That was 20-odd years ago and now they are a huge deal not just in Kenya nor in East Africa but to Africa and the world. But how have they lasted so long as a team of unique individuals each with their own idiosyncrasies and broken in their own way?

Bien on why he doesn’t wear his wedding ring

Bien was recently put to task to explain the secret to their longevity and he explained that it was down to them valuing their friendship so much, they proactively seek ways to keep it alive even as their talent has turned into hard work.

Chiki Kuruka wasnt wrong in defending her husband Bien

So they all go for therapy “like married couples do”. That is a powerful statement because it also shows that men too can benefit from therapy and group therapy is especially essential for a group of friends and business partners.

Sauti Sol

This also works to allay fears that the group were seeking to breakup after each has embarked on a solo career and is currently engaged on their own projects.

Bien defending wife is an act of damage control

Bien has by far been the most successful out of the Sauti Sol collective but he is not thinking of going solo and ditching his friends. Mudigi Savara too has tasted success as have Fancy Fingers and Chimano but they will eventually reunite and give us a new album.

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Is Chimano falling off? Here’s why we think so

Chimani is one of the members of the biggest group Kenya has ever produced; a gift from East Africa to the world. It would seem that after they signed an international record deal, they ran afoul of the rules of engagement and as such, were unable to produce albums and music.

“It’s a big deal” Sauti Sol’s Chimano weighs in on possibility of having kids in future

A compromise they arrived at was to make solo projects and when they started, there was a lot of gusto to their wind. They really took the internet by storm as well as entertainment scene with each of them releasing certified bangers.

Princess Chimano turning heads

Chimano’s particular foray into solo artistry was the song Friday Feeling which was a rather outstanding submission. It truly did set him head and shoulders above his Sauti Sol peers as it showcased his amazing vocal range and allowed him to create art that he loves.

Don’t Judge Him- Sauti Sol’s Savara Defends Chimano Against Online H@te After Coming Out As A Member Of LGBTQ

He got to do an 80s disco sort of sound which was far removed from what we were accustomed to hearing from Sauti Sol. We loved to watch him do him. However, there seems to have a huge disconnect because, after this song, his subsequent views on YouTube plummeted.

His first single has garnered close to a million views (928K as of the writing of this post). 11 months ago he released Hallelujah which has 145K views. 10 months ago he released Freedom which has 131K views. 8 months ago he released Beautiful Day which has 36K views. Somethings up.

Chimano explains why he decided to come out as LGBTQ

So what might that be? Well, I am here to make the case that his affiliation with the LGBTQ is the issue. Kenyans are very good at don’t ask, don’t tell being their guiding philosophy. We don’t really care what you do in the confines of your house as long as it sticks there.

Can your boyfriend even? Chimano slaying!

Chimano decided to come out of the closet and while that’s his right, it cast a tall shadow on his career. It has gotten to a point where people get mocked for playing his music. You will never hear his music play in most clubs despite those of his bandmates playing because no one will stand to dance to it -at least not straight men (and a lot of their ladies).

Lil NasX parallels: Looking forward to the storm Chimano will kick up

Kenya is not entirely comfortable with the idea of embracing the LGBTQ and right now the banter is at an all-time high. So whenever you’re in the car, get the aux or connect to the Bluetooth to play Chimano’s music, guys will troll you for being “elugibitikiu“.


Believe to or not, for your m, music to do well, it must cut across a wide audience. Sure you can have your niche but you will not have a long and fruitful career unless they are as ardent and committed as Just A Band’s. Chimano needs to now start creating concerts for his fans who can come out as they are and do so every Friday of the month because your average morio hadai kuskiza ngoma za  elugibitikiu. But even then, he has a Herculean task ahead of him as a solo artist and the proof is in the pudding. It isn’t normal for the first single to hit 1 million views and for the next subsequent singles to struggle to get to a quarter of that.

In Kenya, politics and entertainment are about more than just substance, its all about perception and now that he is seen as a homosexual, his fans are automatically tagged as such. So not alot of men want to endure that banter.

It sucks, it truly does because he is such a talented soul but thems the brakes.

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Sauti Sol were proven right for not taking sides

Sauti Sol have been vindicated for refusing to side with any party or declare any political affiliation. This is actually a smart decision they made but were vilified by Kenyans who felt slighted either because their political affiliation was assumed due to their ethnicity or because they had refused to support the person they felt was the clear choice.

Sauti Sol Threaten To Sue Raila Odinga Over Copyright Of Their Music (Statement)

At the time, a lot of Kenyans took to Twitter to express how disgruntled they were by the fact the boy band was refusing to sing a tune for their party. This was made even worse by the fact that Azimio had indeed taken their song without their expressed permission and was using it in their campaigns.

Sauti Sol aren’t fools. They no doubt knew there was quick money to make from licensing their music out to either presidential aspirant. Think about it, they would have been paid to perform and “sway their fans to vote a specific way”.

ODM Respond To Sauti Sol Over Song Copyright Claim (Screenshot)

And that doesn’t count the royalties they would have been collecting from every cycle of play they received from the trucks that were driving around.

But no, they stick to the vision of the future and that wouldn’t be aided by them being partisan. Sauti Sol knows that there is life after politics and they have music and they knew they needed to walk the fine line between the divide because they have fans who supported either side of the political divide.

Sauti Sol Loses Thousands Of YouTube Subscribers As Copyright Tiff With Azimio Continues

It was clearly a big brain play. And now they are going to walk away without the stain of having endorsed anyone unlike a lot of Kenyan artists. You can imagine the supporters of the side that failed to clinch the presidency, Azimio, will hold a grudge against artists who supported Kenya Kwanza but that will not spill over to anyone who was neutral.

Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol will still get to perform regardless of who wins. Hell, they might even be invited to perform at the inauguration ceremony. And no one wi butt an eye lid. That is why theirs was a smart move. They aren’t held captive by any politician’s legacy.

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Sauti Sol prove international record labels cannot work in Africa

Sauti Sol are the latest victim of international record labels and greed. Greed on their part and the simple, observable fact that international record labels just do not work well for African artists. What do you mean? I can almost hear you asking so let’s explore that statement.

Naiboi is a life lesson for Kenyans looking for international record labels

Unlike with most other acts that opt to sign with an international record label, our favourite boy band had it all. They already have the status (they are literal superstars) and they have the money. However, for some reason, they convinced themselves that international record labels had the silver bullet they seem so desperate for.

Perhaps we can chalk this down to some level of fatigue having hit them: they have been doing the work for so long, yet they have not achieved the level of success they truly crave. That Burna Boy and Wizkid level of success and fame. Yet, Lord can attest to the fact they have the talent!

“Don’t be blinded by politics” Ezekiel Mutua speaks after Sauti Sol loses 2k YouTube subscribers

So they were approached by a record label that boasts an international roster of talents and some rather established megastars and they decided that this particular company had what it takes to get them to the next level. So they parted ways with they douchebag manager Marek and decided to sign with the company.

Sauti Sol

Problem is, they have discovered just as Wizkid did, just as Naiboi did, that they aren’t too big to be shelved by the company. Sauti Sol also discovered, much to their chagrin that the company now dictates how they put out music and projects.

Sauti Sol Threaten To Sue Raila Odinga Over Copyright Of Their Music (Statement)

I will concede that this wasn’t entirely a bad thing as they wound up managing to push out some solo projects but that is probably because they were signed on as a group and not individuals -smart business on their part. But the main vehicle is Sauti Sol as a group so they needed to feed their fans a steady supply of music.

Sauti Sol

But I would say to Sauti Sol the same thing I did when I discussed this very topic with regard to Naiboi which is:

Don’t Judge Him- Sauti Sol’s Savara Defends Chimano Against Online H@te After Coming Out As A Member Of LGBTQ

“In this day and age, any Kenyan artist should know that they are entirely capable of doing more for themselves than these record companies can. Naiboi was at the top of his game. He could call on his Kenyan peers and even if he wanted a continental collaboration, nothing stopped him from reaching out. He was in charge of his branding aswell as how he marketed himself. He is in charge of how he distributes his music and he will own all his masters. While that seems like Greek for today’s artists, it will become a huge deal in years to come as our entertainment scene blows up even more.”

The record labels, unless negotiated otherwise often own your masters into perpetuity. And that is a steep price to pay for the few millions they put into your pocket directly. I would rather have seen the boys continue to invest in themselves and keep working with the same squad that made them the stars they are. Yes, even with their manager.

Sure it would have taken a lot more effort but they would have finally gotten to the level of success they are destined for a lot sooner than taking the detour that is an international record label that doesn’t know what to do with African artists beyond shelving them and introducing an American entertainment business model for a market that is already thriving with it’s own market rules and economy at play.

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Why Bien is the most likely to have a Will Smith moment

Bien is one celebrity whom I believe is on that Will Smith type of time. For those of you who somehow still do not know what happened, he (Will Simp) slapped Chris Rock purportedly over a flacid joke he made about G.I Jane and Jada Pinkett being right for that role.

Bien needs to stop preaching to his followers

If you have the two brain-cells required to rub together to spark a thought, you know that Will Simp’s reaction was not about the joke that was made. What we saw was a broken man, one whose mind has been done harm by his own wife trying to show the world that he is still a man. And he did so in the way weak men do, he lashed out at the one man he felt was smaller and weaker than he and he slapped him.

Bien’s self righteous feminist drivel

However, for woke SJWs such as Bien and his inner circle, this was a brilliant display of chivalry. This is what a man must do to show his woman that she is protected by him. What Bwana Simp did was something worth emulating and while we saw clowns like KRG da Don claim he would do that to whomever disrespected his new woman, I think we all know this type of energy is actually more a Bien thing.

The fact Bien thought of divorcing Chiki Kuruka says alot

And indeed, watching him evolve into the neo-male archetype (read: simp) over the past few months as he has also increasingly championed useless social topics rather than hard hitting issues that affect the less “cool” members of society. And we already got a taste of this when we saw the “beef” between himself and Eric Omondi.

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime speaks after testing positive for Coronavirus

Incase you’ve forgotten what I am referring to, think back to the incident at Carnivore when the Sauti Sol member was robbed. Also, I should probably add at this point that it will probably not be a comedian on the receiving end of Bien’s simp-rage, it will be some scrawny blogger who might, say, report on an impending divorce or cheating allegation (God forbid ofcourse).

Bien Accuses Eric Omondi Of Stealing His Valuables At Carnivore Concert

That is because men like him do not know how to channel their rage and disappointment at their wives. And men who marry feminists (Chiki Kuruka is the screeching feminist type) are often henpecked and emasculated. And yeah, I know you’re probably thinking, “Well, we haven’t heard a peep about any instability in their marriage” but I would counter and say, we didn’t know Bien had contemplated divorce just 8 months after marrying Chiki until he opened up and revealed it.

“To say I love you is not enough,” Chiki Kuruka’s open letter to renowned photographer who hooked her up with Bien

So at this point, it isn’t so much about suspending disbelief over the matter as it is engaging abstract thought and picturing an alternative reality where a split has occurred. Also, most relationships between feminists and men take one or another extreme end of the spectrum with the man either becoming hen-pecked or the couple divorcing. And we saw, that just like Will Simp, he too would be forgiving of his wife should she decide to sleep with her celebrity crush later in life.

Chiki Kuruka addresses rumors linking her to Makena Njeri

Can you see the parallels? And should that day come when some blogger has to break the news that the relationship is in turmoil, Bien’s rage will be visited upon him (here’s looking at you Edgar Obare) and you will be the target of his emasculation. Then we will be treated to some woke regurtitation about how it is a man’s responsibility to defend his woman and marriage.

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Bien needs to stop preaching to his followers

What has made Bien start thinking Kenyans appreciate his pontificating to us about how virtuous a male feminist he is? Ever since he started dating his now-wife, he has become the bastion of everything good and progressive about masculinity and he is preaching to us that we as Kenyan men must copy who he has become.

The fact Bien thought of divorcing Chiki Kuruka says alot

No, seriously, we miss the days when he was a more chill and reserved celebrity who would use the silence from his part to feed the mystery that surrounded him. These days we actually miss the silence -when it is about things that do not matter because he was very silent when the nation was discussing important issues such as #UnlockOurCountry.

But that is not even what makes his constant preaching offensive to the senses of anyone who has theirs intact… The biggest issue with what he says is that he is always virtue signalling. We get it, Bien is married to a feminist, that doesn’t mean he has pass on the angst he deals with to the rest of us.

Bien Pens Sweet Message To Wife Chiki Kuruka As They Celebrate 2nd Marriage Anniversary

He recently took to his social media account to give us our best example to date of why I say he is so tone-deaf and misinformed that he is better off maintaining his silence. He posted the following:

And I have to wonder why he thinks dealing with criminals is a gendercentric issue. Why does he think that preaching to us to show us how much of a “strong ally” he is would make sensible people change their tune.

Bien Speaks Out On Billy Gates And Melinda Divorce- Some People Are Tagging Them In My Song

We get it, the most recent video shared of bodaboda criminals is appalling but we all suffer at the hands of these gangs. So it is in our best interest to deal with them collectively. When we make the fight about how women should be “respected and protected” we invalidate the suffering that other Kenyans have suffered simply because they are men.

Keep in mind that it was only last year when a group of young men were lynched and then burned alive by bodaboda criminals and back then absolutely no one made it a gender based fight. That is because people like Bien chose to maintain sharap.

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime speaks after testing positive for COVID-19

Or so I thought until I had an epiphany of sorts… Bien is a member of Sauti Sol. His core audience is female. I mean, they are a great band that makes great music but his main fanbase is made up of women. So this is all a grift!

Bien Alusa Baraza

He is simply saying and doing things that would endear him to a huge chunk of his fanbase. That is why when there are times when speaking up would seem like the civic duty of any aware and plugged in Kenyan citizen, he is silent. It is because his core audience doesn’t care.

The untold story of how Sauti Sol was conned Ksh 1 million in Congo, Bien opens up!

Tht is why when Kenyans are discussing things like the rising cost of living, when Kenyans are complaining about being overburdened by taxes or when we are discussing rampant corruption, he is silent as a church mouse. That is because like any good grifter, his outbursts are calculated. I doubt he believes in the things he lends his voice to, it is all manufactured indignation.

Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist, Bien Aime Baraza

You see, Bien knows to speak up when he will get the support of his core audience. He knows that he needs to be a feminist inorder for him and his group to continue enjoying all the sponsorship deals he gets from corporate sponsors. Because make no mistake about it, the advertising world is run by women.

Be that as it may be, I am a simple man with simple pleasures and pet peeves. One of them is seeing him climb atop his soap box and start lecturing us about what he thinks we should care about. We are Kenyans dealing with runaway crime and an angry populace who cannot direct their anger at the government or politicians. And when a crime occurs, only a grifter tries to sell it as a crime unique to one gender. Criminals are opportunists who target people they think they can get away with victimizing. So Bien needs to stop distracting us from this fact with his feminist pandering.


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Why Masauti and Nadia Mukami were mishandled in Mombasa

Nadia Mukami and Masauti are finding out just how on the money I was when, a couple of weeks ago, I told you all about just how Sauti Sol had fudged up the event organisation and promotion business right?

Sauti Sol have disrupted the concert and events business

In the article shared above, I argued that now, as a result of event organisers being shown that they will have to pay a pretty penny to book Kenyan performers, they would in turn become a lot more mercenarial about how they deal with them.

Think about it, if I have to cough up more money for your services, I am now going to ensure I get a bang for my buck. Additionally, as the prices rise, so too should the level of professionalism.

Nadia Mukami Reacts After Being Chased Off Stage While Performing Alongside Masauti

That means that you start with the soundcheck. With your entire band and if that means a live rehearsal, then so be it. From there, you have to have already sorted out the transport situation well in advance. I am not sure how Nadia Mukami and Masauti thought they would do things but had they done the utmost to be professional, then some of the petty issues that were raised later would have arisen -like why tf did Masauti start complaining about transport to the venue later?!

Issa problem when you have to actually deliver in an industry that barely any standards of professionalism but thems the brakes. This would have also done two things for Masauti and Nadia Mukami, it would have shown the promoters how to treat them (as professionals) as well as ensured word got around that they aren’t to be messed with.

Masauti Shares His Side Of The Story On Being Chased Off Stage While Performing

As for the Mbosso part of the equation, he is the top-billed artist at the performance. He doubtless cost more. He might have either been on some primadonna type of time or the promoters wanted to milk him for all the money they had paid him.

This is not to excuse the promoter for the manner in which he dealt with Masauti and Nadia Mukami but rather to say that with the increased ask for monetary compensation, the ask placed upon them has increased and they have to start carrying themselves professionally so even promoters relearn the rules of engagement. The onus is upon them to renegotiate those terms, not upon the promoters.

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Lil NasX parallels: Looking forward to the storm Chimano will kick up

Chimano has released a brand new song that is very interesting. The guy has released a brand new song that does what he enjoys doing: teasing Lil Nas X vibes and I have to say that I really enjoy it when he does this because of two reasons -the first being that he seems to be having a lot of fun and the second that he gives me content to talk about.

So if you don’t know what I am talking about, allow me to elucidate. The baritone voiced singer released a song called Friday Feeling that is an electro slash disco jam with a very bright and colourful music video that has his entire cast (which includes a lot of very rainbow flaunting cameos) dancing and gyrating in -let’s just say- suggestive ways.

Another hint from Chimano

I can already imagine the furore the video has raised in certain circles that aren’t too familiar with the rather loud whispers about Chimano’s orientation. Guys like former Kenya Film Board CEO, Ezekiel Mutua, must have been rendered apoplectic when they saw the video (if he has). And indeed, some of the comments with regards to the video have been right in the vein of what you would expect from a country as conservative as Kenya.

Although he also had supporters of his art:

And this is why I am so excited about the song, its video and the album for which it is the lead single. Chimano is going to force Nairobians to have a very uncomfortable debate that is very necessary. I say Nairobians because anyone who has spent a significant amount of time outside the expat and pretentious quasi-intelligentsia circles of Nairobi knows that Kenya is still firmly conservative.

However, homosexuals are human beings and like everyone on God’s green earth, they deserve respect and dignity. They deserve their rights to be maintained and upheld. So this tees off a fight between the more conservative religious circles in Nairobi and the LGBTQ cohort that is demanding to be seen and respected. And this is a very powerful rallying call for them that Chimano has inadvertently begun to not only champion but captain their cause.

Sauti Sol’s Chimano introduces curvaceous sister that will leave many drooling (Photos)

He, however, has not come out to claim the flag. He is still very coy and playful about making a stand and saying whether or not he is gay. That is up to him and until he comes out of the proverbial closet (if indeed he is in one), no one should ever try to put him in a box and claim him to be one way or another.

Chimano in the garden of Eden giving Eve a run for her money!

Still, the nuance of his latest music submission is that he has taken a side and that is that. See how duality works? He is now the face for the LGBTQ community. And I get it, the rumours had already firmly put him into the bracket but now he is their face. So now people will use his behaviour as a barometer for homosexuality. His face will be the one anti-homosexual factions target.

Whatever the case may be and wherever he stands, one thing is certain, we are in for some very interesting conversations.

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Sauti Sol have disrupted the concert and events business

Sauti Sol have revealed the cost of their long-awaited concert tickets which go for the eye-watering price of Ksh 2,500 for early bird tickets. This fact alone had them trending as a lot of their fans took to the interwebs to complain about the fact.

Watch It From Jail!’- Bien Hits Back At Eric Omondi After A Repost On Sauti Sol’s Concert

Unfazed, they later went online to announce the resounding success of the sale of the early bird tickets, claiming that their servers collapsed due to the demand for the tickets which, though slated to be on sale for only 2 days, had already sold out hours after the sale went live.

This is unprecedented territory as Kenyan artists… Hell, not even international acts charge such steep ticket prices in Kenya. This has got me wondering what the repercussion will be to the event promotion business.

Like father, like son: Sauti Sol’s Fancy Fingers reveals son’s adorable face for the first time

You see, one of the biggest complaints artists have had for the longest time it would be that they get shafted by fans and promoters alike when it comes to payment and ticket prices. They often argue that when international acts come, they get to charge top dollar but when Kenyan artists are performing, they get undercut. And Sauti Sol has introduced an entirely new dynamic that shouldn’t be difficult to understand if you believe in letting market forces determine how a market should be run.

Kenyan artists need to be on the look out for Sauti Sol's forthcoming reality show
Sauti Sol

What the boy band has done is that they have introduced the dynamic of “willing seller, willing buyer”. And unfortunately, it is the fans that will suffer. It is we who are being shafted in this ego flex Sauti Sol are engaged in and the subsequent greed it will elicit in event organizers. And it will create a bubble that will eventually become unsustainable.

Alone Together: Sauti Sol members take a break from each other

Abroad, one of the ways artists have tried to bridge the gap between their needs and fan service. What guys like Travis Scott have done is to create their own festivals (too soon?) and they are a resounding success. Instead of engaging in an arm-wrestling match with event organizers, artists can come together and organize their own concerts. Who else has floated this idea? Eric Omondi.

If the early bird tickets for the Sauti Sol concert are Ksh 2,500 then one has to wonder how much tickets will retail for at the venue. Ksh 4,000? Or maybe up to 5K? Nah. That really punishes the vast majority of their fans… Or perhaps their thing is focusing on the “right” type of fans? The type that have disposable income at every turn of the month -enough to take advantage of such sales? And if that is the case, then we should really dispense with all pretences.

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Kenyan celebs are growing bold in their complaining about GoK

Kenyan celebs seem to be growing cojones by the day as they are now complaining more vocally about the government-mandated Covid 19 measures which have been so poorly instituted as they failed to take into account the lack of social welfare programs to help Kenyans affected by the loss of their sources of income.

Kenyan celebs only get political when their stomachs are threatened and that is not wrong

It is rather refreshing to see the likes of Jua Cali and King Kaka actually begin to join former Capital FM producer Joe W. Muchiri in protesting the results of the lockdown which have been more punitive than preventative that a lot of businesses have gone out of business.

Joe W. Muchiri
Joe Muchiri has been a vocal critic of the Uhuru Kenyatta led GoK

To make things worse, the GoK is currently set to increase the price of fuel which will have a negative effect on the cost of living as the resultant outcome of the historical hike in fuel prices will result in an increase in the price of food and other basic commodities. And  Kenyan celebs are at the forefront of complaining… But not all of them.

From Omosh to Alvan and David Major: Kenyan celebs cannot keep lying that we do not support them

As can be expected from Kenyans, they are embracing the fact that their celebrities are speaking to their realities. The recently announced fuel hike is something that would make them suffer and while they have been speaking up on the matter, it is nice to see celebs ditch the pretences and admit that they too are suffering.

king kaka
King Kaka recently complained about the intended fuel price increase

We have seen entertainment spots shut down and while ordinary Kenyans have lost their sources of income either because they had invested in the entertainment venues or because they worked at these venues as waiters, bartenders, chefs or bouncers and often we forget that a lot of Kenyan celebs depended on these venues too like celebrity DJs and entertainers who would perform at these venues.

Learning from female celebs: Don’t date her if she’s heavily active on social media

But we have to evolve beyond just complaining and actually ask what next. Where will the suffering Kenyans are enduring lead us to? Will we now see Kenyan celebs lead the charge for change like we have seen in Uganda with Bobi Wine?

Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine is a celeb who took an interest in what is happening around him

And if we get there, what happens to celebrities like Sauti Sol who are huge but have opted to be silent about the underlying political influence that is behind our economic suffering? Only time will tell.

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Get to know Sauti Sol with the second season of their reality show starts

Sol Family is the reality show that brings you an unfiltered and uncensored look into the lives of the members of Kenya’s most successful group, Sauti Sol, as well as the members of their record label, Sol Generation, and the spouses of each member of the group.

The show, Sol Family, airs on Showmax and is such an exciting one as it doesn’t have contrived drama but still manages to capture the excitement of being Bien, Savara, Chimano and Polycarp.

Sol family

You get to see how Bien and his wife and the in-laws live and relate, the way Mudigi Savara and his girlfriend Endo, Chimano’s antics and Polycarp and his wife as they take care of their young family.

If you have ever wanted to get an in-depth glimpse at the lives of your favourite stars, how they relate with their peers, if you want to see the type of toll their success takes on their personal lives, this is it. Sol Family on Showmax should be that plan for you. And you can be sure you will get a lot of exclusive information about the boys of Sauti Sol. Like When Polycarp rolled up on his friends in a brand new Mercedes 4×4. Or when Bien and Chiki went to get matching tattoos in place of wedding rings!

The show airs every Monday at 8 PM and you can only catch it on Showmax. Which would only cost you 380/- per month. And for that price you get way more than you’d bargained for as you get access to the entire bouquet of shows including sports events and HBO shows.



Sauti Sol: Failed concert, cancel culture and no refunds

Over the month of December, Sauti Sol were meant to host a Christmas concert at The Waterfront in Karen. The concert dubbed Sol Christmas was supposed to have been one of the biggest concerts to go down since the Covid19 lockdown measures by the government had come into effect and a lot of Nairobians were excited for it.

Have Sauti Sol members let fame go into their heads?

Sauti Sol had been pushing the concert through their social media account as well as their individual accounts and had promised the concert was going to adhere to strict Covid19 regulations chief of which is keeping and maintaining social distancing.

So it came to many as a surprise when Sauti Sol declared they were cancelling the concert a mere day before it was due to be held and they blamed a lack of adherence to Covid19 guidelines as the reason why they were cancelling the entire thing. This ofcourse, caused a lot of furore from their fans who were not just excited about the Sol Christmas but had already purchased tickets.

“Turudishieni pesa zetu kwanza” Bitter fans react after Sauti Sol announces new Christmas gig dubbed ‘A Sol Christmas’

To make matters worse, a scandal erupted with the vendors and suppliers crying foul over the losses they faced. To make matters worse, one particular vendor came forth to reveal that Sauti Sol had lied about the real reason why they had opted for the cancellation. It was interesting to watch the entire debacle unfold and soon enough, Kenyans on Twitter and other mouthy netizens decided it was time to cancel Sauti Sol who had shown a callous disregard for their Kenyan audience.

Kenyan artists need to be on the look out for Sauti Sol's forthcoming reality show
Sauti Sol need to refund their fans as promised

To counter all this, Sauti Sol declared they would be refunding the monies that their fans had paid for the tickets. Therein lies the crux of today’s lecture. They still haven’t communicated further on just how this is going to happen nor have they contacted the individuals who paid for the tickets.

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime speaks after testing positive for COVID-19

Perhaps this is down to the fact that as the headline act, they were not in control of the monies collected from paying clients but the fact still remains that cries such as this from their fans are still largely ignored:

valyne.angela Turudishieni pesa basi Tununue bundles

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

So what happens now? Well, Sauti Sol should probably get back on their social media account and clarify how the refunds are going to take place and also explain to their fans why there is a delay. Perhaps there is a legal situation that hampers the refund process or perhaps it is a sensitive matter related to getting the actual event organizers to release the funds.

Whatever the case may be, the fact still remains that Sauti Sol need to become more proactive with the question of refunding their fans for their abortive Sol Christmas concert.

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Sauti Sol are clearly the best musicians of all time in Africa

Sauti Sol has proven that music is not just an idea that you think will trend and go by it. These lads have proven that music is a touch of hard work and research.

Currently the boy band is working on releases for their album “Midnight train” to be launched on 5th June. Can’t wait!!

Anyway, I can proudly say without hesitation that Sauti Sol are the best musicians of all time. What do I mean? Their latest release “Insecure” brings out loads of revelations.  Our insecurities hold us back from the real truths about ourselves.The things we consequently hide just to fit in an entirely judgmental society.

Also read: Sauti Sol’s Fancy Fingers opens up about his insecurities for the first time

When we ponder about that remember we had not had enough of  “Senje’s antics in  “Suzzanna”.

Sauti Sol

I mean do we have to talk about how easily Sauti Sol make us feel “vulnerable” that we start talking?

It is obvious they have a good researcher for their content. Not forgetting its just the other day they gave us “Brighter days” a reason to appreciate their craft.

Further,  a look at the video gives you the goosebumps. They bring back memories of past days with context and content that is rather easy to relate to today.

On the other hand the group has dorminated most of the music charts lets just say for the longest time gaining respect internationally.Well they even got Obama’s love for their  song “Sura Yako”. I mean do i still have to explain how much good they have done? At home people of all ages are aware of the kind of music these group does.


Since they started of they are the only group that has stuck together all through. Musically, fans have not had to wait for months ending before they drop amazing music.

I really don’t know what we did to deserve this group but whatever it is we should appreciate them more even as we deal with our insecurities.

In conclusion, as we anticipate for the complete album we must admit that Sauti Sol are clearly the East African Sound.  In addition, the guys are authentic  and true to the African culture in their music. This is with reference to the theme of their albums.

Watch their latest jam below and tell us what you think.

Sauti Sol release Brighter Days, third single off their upcoming album

Sauti Sol has just released the third single off their upcoming album, Midnight Train and the track, Brighter Days. The track features some of the members of the boy band playing roles we are unaccustomed to seeing them play with Savara on the drums.

sauti sol
 Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol has paired up with a South African choir to give the song an old-time choral feel as they sing about brighter days set to come. This is an especially powerful song given the unprecedented times we live in having to deal with a global pandemic.

sauti sol

Sauti Sol were in South Africa for an extended period and it would seem they were working on their album which -given the three lead singles off said album, will be heavily South African influenced.

Anyway, check out the melodious effort below:


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Also, if you want to sing along, the lyrics are as follows:

Cos I’m certain brighter days are yet to come
Ain’t no question that tomorrow there’ll be good times (good times)
I believe with every beat of my heart

Cos I’m certain brighter days are yet to come
Ain’t no question that tomorrow there’ll be good times (good times)
I believe with every beat of my heart

I’m on a one way train
Tenda mema nenda zangu do my best
Saa zingine huwaga ni noma (huwaga ni noma)
Imani yangu inanichoma I pray I pray for better daysI’m living on the edge, sijui nitashukia kwa gani stage
Life inanisunda kwa corner
Emotionally niko kwa border I pray I pray for better days

Cos I’m certain brighter days are yet to come
Ain’t no question that tomorrow there’ll be good times (good times)
I believe with every beat of my heart

Siku zikizidi Nazidi makinika zaidi
I’m holding on a little bit longer
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger I see I see a better day (Ngiyabona)
Visions of love, from up above, the sun is not too far away
Nawasha taa, naona far, I know I will be ok
Reach for the stars with everything in my heart
I know I know I know I know

Cos I’m certain brighter days are yet to come
Ain’t no question that tomorrow there’ll be good times (Ngiyakholwa) (good times)
I believe with every beat of my heart (Yebo Ngiyakholwa)
There’s gonna be days like this (kulezi zinsuku)
We need to be stronger (Qina) Misukosuko na mahangaiko
Ni hali ya dunia mungu yupo
And on days like this We need to rise up
Wakijaribu kutuzika tutagerminate Our lives will never be the same

Ngiyakholwa, Ngiyakholwa Yebo Ngiyakholwa

Ngiyakholwa, Ngiyakholwa
I believe with every beat of my heart

Sho Madjozi taking over East Africa music scene redifining Swahili rap

When she first went viral , South Africa’s Sho Madjozi was just another African musician.

Known for rapping in a combination of her first language, Xitsonga, as well as English and Swahili.

With an obviously distinct pairing the traditional xibelani skirt with Air Force Ones, Madjozi has unabashedly embraced her Tsonga heritage.

With prior record of trying out rap though her Instagram, her stardom broke in 2019 when she did a song dubbed “John Cena”.

Sho Madjozi

For one the song got the attention of many African netizens especially East Africa’s Kenya and Tanzania. Sho Madjozi has clearly become a sensation given that she even got the chance to meet her muse John Cena himself.

This happened  when Sho Madjozi opened up on The Kelly Clarkson show about what it was like growing up in her rural South African village.


A place where there was only one television and how she first started watching John Cena in wrestling matches.

Sho revealed how she took his “You Can’t See Me” catchphrase to heart when dealing with some real life struggles.

Having had the chance to tour the world gave her the publicity she needed.

East African take over?

As her star keeps shinning and people keep talking about her musical success, Madjozi is clearly here to stay. On the other  hand this year seems to be her East Africa take over.

Thanks to her understanding of the Swahili language this has made her a hotcake for collabos. I mean she does better Swahili rap that many of the copy cat English rappers I know. Ok, that is besides the point.

Recently she did a collaboration with Tanzania’s super rapper Darassa in a song dubbed I like it.  A song that has been well received by their fans.

Queen Sono Soundtrack deal


Furthermore, she also joined Kenya’s  Sauti Sol in another banger dubbed Disco matanga(Yambakhana). A song that happens to be one of the Sound tracks for an all African Series featured on Netflix Queen Sono.

Madjozi’s vibe in blending to every beat is incredible and whether she is on a spree to take over East African music scene or not she clearly is a force to reckon. And yes we love her!

Enjoy their performance on South Africa’s Expresso show and tell us what you think.

4 Kenyan music groups to watch out for in 2020

For the longest time, Kenyans have struggled in appreciating their own music. However, we cannot dismiss the fact that there are several artistes that outdo themselves to stay relevant.

In 2020, my focus goes to music groups that are so far doing so well. This as a benchmark for other musicians on what good music entails.

Well here are groups to watch out for in 2020 in the music scene:

Sauti Sol

The biggest boy band in Kenya seems to be the only team that understands music and its impact. Sauti Sol has been on the scene for a while now. They also run a  label Sol Generation that has seen the invention of Kaskazini Boy band, Nviiri the storyteller, Crystal Asige and Bensol.

Their musical prowess has seen them grow internationally that has seen them sign a deal with Universal Music Africa (UMA).

This is a division of one of the world’s largest music labels Universal Music Group. As we anticipate their new album that has the latest release Suzanna, clearly Sauti Sol is band to watch out for this year.

 Kaskazini Band

This is one of the latest band in the Kenyan music scene. They are signed under the Sol Generation label that has seen them propel their music a notch higher.

Kaskazini Band

With the guidance from Sauti Sol they are the most promising group to watch out for. Having featured in Sol Generations Exrvanganza the boys possess powerful vocals. We hope 2020 will be a good year for them.


This is another group that is slowly taking over the RnB scene in Kenya. The Kaka empire signed band boasts of having one of the best rappers in Kenya as a mentor. Well, whether they going to venture into rap or not they are a band you don’t want to miss out on this year. So far they have done several tours in the country and have 2 songs released with the latest being Baadae. These boys can serenade a woman weeehh!!

Sailors Gang

We conclude with these because if there is any team in gengetone that understands consistency then this just about it. They excited the nation with their music for the better part of last year and well this is a team you’d want to keep dancing to. Daring enough they took gengetone to church with Jesu ni Mwathani.

When you thought you had seen it all with the Wamlambez team they also boast of collabos with several other artists something that propelled them a notch higher.

Wakiritho was a jam they did with Octopizzo and it did well. Recently they partnered with Nadia Mukami and dropped an exciting love song Tekenye.

Clearly they are here to stay.

Khaligraph Jones finally drops anticipated jam “Yes Bana” featuring Bien and its fire

Days after declaring himself the best rapper in Nigeria, Khalighraph Jones has finally dropped the much anticipated dope jam “Yes bana.”

In what seems like a year for all power declaration this year the OG is setting the record straight that he ain’t going anywhere.

Musically speaking he is one of the biggest musicians in Kenya, East Africa or better yet East Africa. Well, he said it himself and in Nigeria during the Sound city awards.

Yes bana

A term famously used by Ethic’s Reckless now becomes the OG’s and Sauti Sol’s Bien Barasa new jam.

Yes Bana loosely translates  “Yes Man” basically an acceptance of power in this context.

As the chap excites the world with his lyrical prowess in this jam, many have questioned why he did not feature Reckless.

According to the fans taking to twitter with questions why Reckless was not recognized by the OG in the song.

OG and Bien

Kapuka Facts on twitter wrote as follows:

“Yes Bana by Khaligraph and Bien is lit. But many will wonder why they had to make a song with a phrase that is already popularised by another musician (Rekless).

Rob tweeted, “Khaligraph Jones has done “Yes Bana” without Rekless bana.

Among those others questioned how the song can be named  “Yes Bana” without Reckless in it.

As the noise about the creativity question, we still have to accept that the lyrics are on fire.


Khalighraph is known for hitting the point home with less effort. His lyrics talk about taking over in every aspect of life,

He even goes ahead to encourage Arsenal fans by saying, “Niaje watu wangu wa Arsenali season ni yetu msiworry.”

Laughable! I mean this Arsenal.

Further, he clears the air by saying that he has no beef with Octopizzo and even asks for a collabo for them to top the charts.

Something that we’ll keep an eye on to see if it happens.

Basically Khaligraph and Bien have laid out his possible plans for this year musically.


The song was recorded and produced at Blu Ink studios by producer Motif. The  Video Directed by Ricky Becko x Khaligraph Jones.

For rating will give them 8/10. Your thoughts?

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

Kenyan music has for a long time been neglected in the African music table.  First Kenyan artistes are producing good music better than what their competitors are doing in Africa continent.

With the likes of Sauti Sol, Khaligraph Jones, Nyashinski and the Gengetone groups, Kenya is far much better. It is sad that Kenyan music is not respected on the continent.

Failed Event Organisers

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

To start with, even Kenyan event organisers have helped the world in trashing our own talents. I do not understand how a Kenyan born event organiser shamelessly goes to the neighbouring country to source for artistes to perform in Kenya. This is pure BS.

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

I know that most of these people will walk on into national TV interviews claiming how Kenyan music is underdeveloped. Do you wanna know why? You are the reason why there is less of music growth in Kenya. How on earth will you explain inviting Mbosso to come and perform in Kenya in a coastal cultural event? Does he even understand that culture? Are there no local artistes in that culture?

It is high time this nonsense stopped. Start promoting what is ours. How many times have you heard those Tanzanians invite Kenyan artistes in their mega-events? If there is any proof table it.

Mean African artistes who only think of their Growth

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

Recently, Diamond whose music is played in Kenya shamelessly organised a mega event and had no guts to invite even Akothee a close friend.

The Bongo star took his legs and fame all the way to Nigeria to please them whereas here they are saying let’s support East Africa.

I fail to understand who this East Africa is. To add on, these Tanzanian artistes are very mean and only want to succeed alone. If the Tetema had good intentions, it would not have hurt with Sauti Sol being part of the Wasafi Festival.

Failed media in Kenya who want fame globally but not at home

In addition, there are big media houses in Kenya who will go miles and miles to pay tickets for foreign artistes to fly in Kenya. Common dummies, how many local artistes would you have paid to grace your events? Who said imported content is better? Just know you are ones who have signed a death sentence for Kenyan Music.

The other day Khaligraph Jones was nominated for an award, I am sure none of the so-called event organisers have taken their time to vote.

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

Actually, 2019 should have served as an eye-opener to the majority of Kenyans and see that stand all alone in the game. They need to know that Kenya has good music than even Nigeria and Tanzania.

Also, imagine the rate at which Sailors Gang and Ethic Entertainment have received recognition abroad. Why don’t we do the same for other local artistes?

We will only rise if we market our music. Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda have done it. Why not us? We are better than they are.

In conclusion, if you have stones to throw, then this is the right time to do because I will use them to build better grounds in the fight for KENYAN MUSIC.

Sol Generation closes 2019 with Sauti Sol on Ukiwa Mbali

As we approach the end of 2019, Sol Generation in collaboration with Sauti Sol are ending it in style. The duo has teamed for a new super jam Ukiwa Mabli.

According to them, the song is a thank you note to their fans. Sol Generation are all trying to recall the events of 2019 and what they did.

Sol Generation closes 2019 with Sauti Sol on Ukiwa Mbali

Ukiwa Mbali brings onboard Crystal Asige and Nviiri The Storyteller who were among the Extravaganza team. This is a Christmas song where the duo is praising God for going this far.

Ukiwa mbali(Mbali mama) Umoja natamani(Natamani) Sijui nitafanyeje  Christmass nile na wewe. To start with, the beauty in this chorus will blow your mind.

It is well written and there are questions on what one should to celebrate with the other.

Sol Generation closes 2019 with Sauti Sol on Ukiwa Mbali

Sol Generation wishes all well during Christmas

Sol Generation and the Sauti Sol team are in a party as it appears in the video. There is actually a stanza in which they ask people to have fun.

To add on; Siku hizi kuwa na sherehe bila wewe Mpenzi harakisha usichelewe Nilizaliwa Disemba kama wewe Njoo njoo unibembeleze.

There is the spirit of sharing in the above stanza. Being a festive season, the duo wants all to be happy. There is that line that talks of others going to the church and others in the club.

Also in this stanza ; Moyoni ni mengi ninatarajiaga Na — mbinguni na dunia Ili niwe na wewe muda unawadia Njoo nile rhumba na wewe.

Sol Generation closes 2019 with Sauti Sol on Ukiwa Mbali

Without dwelling more into the song, Sol Generation and Sauti Sol have done a great thing. Ukiwa Mbali is a song that has no restricted audience.

There is that stanza performed by Crystal Asige and it is just fire. One would think Ukiwa Mbali is their last album but it is only for 2019.

In conclusion, the coming together os Sauti Sol and Sol Generation was a great idea. Ukiwa Mbali gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.

We had to grow! Sauti Sol reveal why they ditched their manager for a new one from South Africa

Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol have a new manager from South Africa who will be handling their brand after parting ways their former mzungu manager Marek Fuchs.

Fuchs has managed them for almost a decade now and the band has done so well but Sauti sol believes it’s time to grow even bigger.

“It is only that we have also grown because we now have Sol Generation, but we will still be working with him, although he will not be managing our day-to-day work anymore. We are currently managed by a South African manager,” Said Bien. 

Good terms

Bien further added that Marek will have been a good manager to them and going for a new management team was tough on them but there was no hard feeling.

“After we signed a new record deal, it came with new rules, which is why Marek is currently not our manager.

Adding: “He is a hardworking person and we will still have him as a brother. Life is about growth and so we have to keep growing.”


What Sauti Sol have said about the killings in South Africa

Boy Band Sauti Sol has also decided to speak out against the xenophobic attacks currently happening in South Africa.

Foreigners in South Africans have been attacked by locals yet again and are being forced out of the country. This has led to several deaths and destruction of property as thousands have trooped the streets to protest and loot.


Sauti Sol, given that they really travel to SA a lot, took to social media to react to the violence saying it shouldn’t be there.

Here’s what they had to say over the attacks

“Black on black violence is the worst kind of violence.#XenophobiaInSouthAfrica ????????

They later added:

“Black on black violence is the worst kind of violence.#XenophobiaInSouthAfrica ????????”

Sauti Sol singer Bien defends Beyonce for snubbing Kenyan artists 

Sauti Sol singer Bien Baraza is totally okay with the direction Beyonce took in her new album The Gift and is urging fellow artists to stop complaining.

Bien said that Beyonce was looking for Afrobeat sound a reason why he chose West African artists instead of East African.

Worker harder

He urged Kenyans to focus on their hustle to appoint they can’t be ignored instead of complaining.

“As Kenya artist, we should stop that victim mentality that tunaonewa( we are being marginalized).” Said the singer.

“Guys should just sing and make hits. It will eventually get to Beyonce but you need to work as an industry. Sauti Sol should not be the only group worthy of being in such an album we need to be many. We need to step up as an industry with structure and we will make it.”

The movie Lion King has been shot in East Africa and many people expected to hear EA artists.

H_art the band suffers poor treatment at Choma na Ngoma event

Popular boy band H_art the band this past weekend found themselves at an awkward position thanks to the Choma na Ngoma event organizers.

Word making rounds on social media is that the well known boy band was forced to perform last during the much hyped second edition Choma na Ngoma festival at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre.

Apparently songstress Alicios started off the performance then was followed by Nandy and Willy Paul who swept many off their feet. Sauti Sol then came later to take H_art the Bands place since one of them had an early morning flight.

Mistreated at home

However one would expect that H_art the Band to perform next – but seems that the event organizers had someone else in mind.

Well, Nigeria’s Patoranking got to perform next which put H_art the band last. This is however not the first time the boy band is facing poor treatment at an event.

H_art the band

In 2017 during the BBQ Live headlined by Wizkid; H_art the band was mistreated by the organizers of the event after being hurriedly informed to step on the stage despite having had part of their team frozen at the enterance.

Through their Instagram page, H_art the band shared the post below hinting about the lesson learnt during the Choma na Ngoma festival.

Sauti Sol is back with a Rhumba vibe banger Dubbed ‘Extravanganza'(video)

Sauti Sol is an award-winning afro pop group in Kenya that has hoisted the Kenyan flag high when it comes to great music.Today, they have released a huge banger dubbed Extravanganza.

In the song they feature big artists including Ben Soul, Sauti Sol, Nvrii the storyteller, Crystal Asige and Kaskazini.

Basically a sol generation production.


The jam has the Rhumba vibe in it not forgetting the lesson filled lines that give you every reason to put it on repeat.

From the release the song sends the taunt of being the best song this year.

Clearly it is a feel good song despite having scenes that seem too crowded.But still the message about confidence is rather clear.

The lyrics in the song are well put trying to emphasize on how being at the top is an uphill task thus have to work extra harder to maintain the kings title.

The lyrical prowess depicted in Extravaganza  tells you the effort put in making of this jam.

Largely  it is influenced by Afro, Soul and  a bit of Funk.

Further the song calls out several vices like theft, which the say has its consequences and very brutal.

Another is calling out on married couples to be faithful to each other.

‘……bibi ya wenyewe is a no go zone, kabla ukute vitu piga protection…..” You have been warned.

Extravaganza is all about fun.

Star fetched artists

The Sol Generation  label has been on the good side of helping other artists grow.

With the  likes of Bensol, Nviiri the storyteller and Crystal Asige  you would not want to miss this jam.

Bensol is known to be a good writer and do not forget his musical mastery of art you will surely love his lines in the song.

Nviiri the story teller in his part he did justice to his verse.He is said to have written some songs for this big boy band Sauti Sol.

It was about time that he joined the team and put his vocals to use too.

Crystal Asige’s involvement in this project gives you the excitement.

Being a creative art lover you’d think she was the creator of this whole project .In whatever way you just got to love her.

Kaskazini is an urban trio that clearly vibe to jam and putting in their verse also pushes the Extravaganza love.

 Musical Chemistry

As you watch the video you realize that the chemistry in the song is what makes it worth your time and effort.

For that the Sol generation production has proven that music is all about team work.

Further, we can  not miss  Fancy Fingers’ dance with the instruments.Classical!

Just as they quoted on Youtube,

“Ladies and gentlemen of the world, we’re live! Please share with all your friends, bosses, uncles, aunties, exes, suga mamas and suga daddies. Rhumba imetamba kila corner”

For rating I go for a 9/10.It deserves the attention.Tell us what you think.