Main cause behind Savara’s departure from a vegan diet

Apart from his stunning wardrobe choices, Sauti Sol’s Savara often steals the spotlight with his mesmerizing verses and lyrics that captivate concert attendees.

Even while delivering top-notch performances, he has been adhering to a vegan diet. In a recent interview with the Mic Cheque Podcast, he discussed the health benefits of the regimen and attributed his flawless physique to it, although he no longer follows that lifestyle.


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“I was …ah bro, I lost weight. You know, people…people were used to seeing me muscular, and now I’m like ahhh…” he gestured, indicating his change in physique.

His decision to go vegan?

“It wasn’t for health reasons, but I just wanted to explore myself. It’s like fasting, when you fast, you start to delve deep into yourself. You discover how far you can go. So I just did that just to…” he shrugged.

He maintained the vegan lifestyle for almost a year, but the significant weight loss prompted him to reconsider.


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“Like nine months, almost a year. It was too much,” he admitted.

He chuckled when asked about the sensation of tasting meat again.

Describing his upcoming EP ‘No Overthinking’ as “crazy,” he announced its release date on May 3rd, promising fans an exceptional work of art.

The singer also revealed that he poured a lot of effort into the songwriting process.

“When you’re recording an EP, sometimes you give people something before diving into my album, because I’m an album artist. Expect some craziness.”

Since Sauti Sol announced their music hiatus in early 2023, he has been performing as a solo artist. He will embark on his first solo American tour in May, coinciding with his birthday.

He will be joined by Nyashinski, Eddy Kenzo, Dynamo, and Javan Okelo.

“It’s a new chapter in my journey as a live performer, and I can’t wait for you guys to experience the vibe,” he concluded.

“Don’t make me air your dirty linen” Sauti Sol’s Savara threatens to expose Eric Omondi over unpaid debt

I am not really sure whether the Eric Omondi beef with the Sauti Sol brothers is real; or just another way to capture people’s attention – but one thing for sure is that, the noise they’re all making is getting heard by netizens.

Anyway on 31st, word had it that Eric Omondi and Sauti Sol had a nasty confrontation that led to the two parties exchanging words.

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Okay, according to Eric Omondi, his main aim is wake the Kenyan artists from their slumber; where else artists like Sauti Sol don’t see the need for the unnecessary noise being made by the now retired comedian. Well, for the past few weeks Bien has been the one doing the talking but after New Year’s, Savara also jumped in.

Time to pay up – Savara to Eric Omondi

Having been fed up with the online stunts Eric Omondi has been pulling the past few weeks; Savara decided to shut the comedian using unknown information concerning an unpaid debt.

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According to Savara, the so loud comedian is one to speak about Kenyan artists being inactive; where else he cannot even pay off his own debts. Addressing Mr Omondi, Savara wrote;

Lucky sikupatana na Wewe bro. I can’t have time for your theatrics until unilipe deni yangu. Don’t make me ain’t your dirty linen in public.

Not sure why the pull and push is still ongoing between the two parties, but for some reason – fans can’t help but keep up….but again, si watu wamerudi job?

Vivian’s new collabo with Savara and Naiboi dubbed ‘Cheza Chini’ is so disappointing (Video)

I don’t know what’s worse between Vivian’s new collabo with Savara and Naiboi dubbed Cheza Chini or the terrible publicity stunt that she pulled on her fans days before she released the song.

Give me a chance to explain myself before you brand me a hater. You see, I am a huge fan of Vivian just like you. Without a doubt, she’s one of the most gifted female singers in Kenya. Her gift is her golden voice. She has this rare voice that is so sweet to the ears.

Perhaps this explains why she has a huge following. Well, she is also very beautiful. However, I feel like she is more known for her voice. Anyway, this is a story for another day. Isn’t it?


The point is, Vivian is known for her vocal prowess. She also has a loyal legion of fans who are always looking forward to listing to her latest music. I occasionally see her songs on music TV shows which means she’s getting good airplay.

As such, I don’t understand why she had to do a publicity stunt days before releasing her collabo with Naiboi and Savara dubbed Cheza Chini. To make matters worse, the publicity stunt was so terrible.

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On Friday last week, Vivian shared some screenshots of a WhatsApp group chat on her Facebook page and I believe that they were just stage managed just to hype the new song before it was released.

Apparently, Vivian’s husband, Sam West, was unhappy with how Naiboi was holding his partner in the video so much so that he asked them to re-edit the video before releasing it on April 29.

Sam West and Vivian

After all that drama, you would think that the song would be worth writing home about when it was finally released. It’s really not. It’s so lacklustre. Naiboi and Vivian’s parts just seem off. I was so disappointed when I first heard it.

However, Savara really did a good job on the hook. He almost saved this song. The hook, goes like “Cheza za chini usichome picha…kamejipa, cheza za chini usichome picha…kameshika.


Be that as it may, the song has a decent beat. It was produced by the one and only Cedric Njega, alias Rixx, The video, which was directed by Sammy Dee, is also good. The transitioning from one scene to another is also good.

Incase you are wondering, Naiboi and Vivian are still seen getting close in the video. The 2 in 1 hitmaker occasionally holds her around the waist.

Watch Cheza Chini here and tell us what you think.

“I smashed Savara but the sex was not even worth it” says pregnant Mishi Dorah

Mishi Dorah is not one to kiss and not tell. Ask how?

Well, the Nairobi Diaries star has lately been revealing the names of the guys she has managed to smash and Sauti Sol’s Savara happens to be among these guys. Mishi revealed that she was ‘seeing’ the singer a while back and being the woman in his life the obvious had to go down.

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Speaking to Ghafla during an interview the mother of two said that she met the guy at a club and just like it was meant to be they both hit it off, but relationship did not last for long. She says that Savara was living the celebrity life as he would let ladies through themselves even in her presence.

She however, got bored of this kind of lifestyle and decided to walk away. Mishi went on to add that she could not have forced herself on the guy because ‘even the sex was not worth it’ to convince her to stay attached the fella.

Anyway so far she has admitted to smashing Brian (Risper’s fiance), Rayvanny, Savara and Louie from Nairobi Diaries. Checkout the interview below: