Meet the hot lady giving Saumu Mbuvi sleepless nights after snatching hubby, Senator Anwar Loitiptip

Saumu Mbuvi is having a tough time accepting that husband aka baby’s daddy Senator Lamu senator Anwar Loitiptip is now dating another woman identified as, Aeedah Bambi.

Saumu with her baby daddy

Judging from the posts shared by blogger Edgar Obare – it’s evident that Saumu Mbuvi is currently going through the bitter phase after a break up; but good thing is that this too shall pass.

However what seems to hurt her most is the fact that her baby daddy, Anwar chose to move on with one of her friends. And clearly the backstabbing has left Saumu in a compromising position – where she is washing her dirty linen on social media.

Saumu with daughter and ex boyfriend

Aeedah Bambi

Like Bensol, Sauti Sol and Mejja said – Nairobi is one big bedroom where partners are exchanged between friends; and the sad part is that it happens right under your nose.

Well, the perfect example is between Aeedah and Saumu Mbuvi who were once close; but now Aeedah has not only snatched the Senator from Ms Saumu but has asked her former friend to move on!

Anyway for those who still don’t know who Aeedah Bambi is; then meet the hot lady below!

Senator Anwar sends a message to all his foes after assuring the public he is back on his two feet

Youthful Lamu Senator receives heartwarming messages from Kenyans after assuring the public he is recovering positively and back on his feet.

This is following an attack in Kasarani by goons, that saw him admitted in Aga Khan hospital for 2 weeks.

It has been three weeks since the brutal attack on the legislator and his girlfriend, Governor Mike Sonko´s daugther, Saumu Mbuvi.

A security guard, David Kombo has since then appeared in court facing charges of assault on the Senator and Saumu Mbuvi.

He has however denied charges and has been set free on a Ksh 30,000 bail.


Sharing it to all friends and foes, the Senator expresses:

ALHAMDHULILAH!! Am Back to my Feet’s Another Monday and Another Day that one should be Grateful To..

To All my Enemies I Love you All, to my Friends and Family thanks for Standing with Me.


Kenyans flood his social media pages to express their heartwarming messages expressing their relief to know that the youthful legislator is back on his feet.


I advise you brother that from now on make your security a priority since it seems kuna watu hawakutaki mazuri (there are people planning evil against you) always be extra vigil brother. ..may Allah watches over you. .Our next GOVERNOR


Welcome back mhesh. God bless you and protect you all time

However, some expressed their concerns concerning his performance in the Senate following a recent report tabled on MP´s and Senator´s performance.

Mungu ni mwema (God is good). However, am concerned my brother that you were ranked amongst the worst performing Legislators.