Senator Anwar angrily responds to deadbeat dad rumors sparked by baby mama, Saumu Mbuvi

Senator Anwar is pretty much upset with blogs writing stories about his personal life and judging from his latest interview – looks like he is blaming all this on bloggers.

Saumu exposes Senator Anwar

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Well, we have learnt that the Senator recently threatened a reporter from The Star after she reached out trying to find out whether the rumors painting as a deadbeat dad were true.

However to their surprise the senator resulted to threats and insults – as he told off the reporter for meddling in his private life. According to the news outlet, the Senator said;

Senator Anwar accused of neglecting daughter

  I want to put you on record like you always do, Mimi kunipigia simu uwache kunipigia simu with that stupid question. I will have to report you to your boss. All the time…now this is the third time you are asking me, this is 2022, a different year. Let us be focused on the agenda that we have. Usiwe unanipigia na mambo ya sijui being a deadbeat. Stop asking me stupid questions please, Umesikia? Have you heard me? I will report you to your boss, nitampigia directly.

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Senator blames blogger of tarnishing his image

Well, one would expect the senator to blame his baby mama, Saumu Mbuvi for ‘tarnishing’ his name; but no – looks like the senator preferred the easy target which is the reporter.

In addition Anwar pointed out that those spreading the rumor have been paid to ruin his reputation – since 2022 is a political year. He went on to rant saying;

This is my political career, why do you have to write something that is not important? Wacha nikuulize, ni watu wangapi huko nje wamekosana or have issues with their relationships. Waheshimiwa wangapi? Do you ask them? Do you go on poking people’s relationships and marriages? Get a life, because you will write and then it will tarnish my name, so what will you do? At this time of the year, with politics. Why can’t you ask me political questions?


Is the Star following people’s private lives? If you write…even me I am doing it on record…I have warned you and I will tell your boss any legal directions I will take, usinilaumu. Umetumwa, unataka kuniharibia jina.

“He was beating up his girlfriend” Woman reveals Senator Anwar shot her for helping Aeedah Bambi

It’s funny how Senator Anwar behavior hasn’t spooked Aeedah Bambi yet despite the many times we have heard he beats her like a drum.

For some reason I’m starting to believe that she actually enjoys the abuse; probably because he makes it up in ways, that only favor her i.e Trip to Zanzibar and the shopping sprees.

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Anwar shows off injured shoulder

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However a few days ago the Senator was once again making headlines for shooting a woman in Nanyuki. From the reports, the incident occurred at Kanu grounds and him being a politician – many assumed the senator; and the lady have had some political differences hence the shooting; but turns out it’s a whole different story.

Right place wrong time

Speakimg during a recent interview, the lady shot by Senator opened up to reveal that she stepped in to help Bambi who was on the ground being beaten by husband; only for her and husband accompanied by another friend to be attacked by the Senator.

According to the lady, she heard a woman’s voice (Aeedah) calling for help and when they got there; they found the Senator with a mopping stick which he may have been hitting his girlfriend with.

Lady shot by Anwar speaks

However after intervening the Senator ran to his car where he got his pistol and shot the lady on her foot; a move that left the other the two guys running for their lives.

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Wants to settle out of court

Anwar’s police statement however states that the Senator and his girlfriend, Aeedah were attacked by a woman and three guys and chose to defend themselves using the gun.

Anwar’s doctor report

With the story airing on blogs and mainstream media, Aeedah through her Instagram addressed the issue in a post where she wrote;

iris what iris

Well it’s obvious Aeedah doesn’t feel unsafe around her dangerous man; but one this is clear – the Senator needs to work on his anger issues or should slow down on whatever he uses to make himself feel untouchable. No?

Watch the interview below. Video courtesy.


Trouble in paradise already? Aeedah Bambi shares sad cryptic message months after snatching Senator Anwar from Saumu Mbuvi

Rumor has it that Aeedah Bambi May not be as happy as we earlier thought. Why? I mean, didn’t she bag the man at the end of the day and worse laugh off at Saumu Mbuvi for not being able to keep a man?

Well, just a few days ago Aeedah Bambi who is currently on a vacation in Zanzibar shared a message talking about the importance of knowing someone’s background before getting involved with them.

Aeedah, Saumu and Senator Anwar


The post shared on her Instagram stories read;

The worst prison in the world is a home without peace. Be careful of who you marry or fall in love with

Aeedah’s post

If Saumu had not revealed that ex husband was abusive; then Aeedah’s latest post would have been taken lightly but somethings are abit too obvious to see!

Well, the post must have been shared to pass across a message; and judging from how Aeedah bashed Saumu Mbuvi a few months ago following her breakup with Senator Anwar; mmmmh maybe she did not know how to announce that Karma hit her home?

Alleged fight

Thus comes weeks after rumor had it that Aeedah Bambi was physically abused by the Senator during Bahati’s album launch.

Although the tea served by the tea master did not have any receipts to back up the alleged beating; it now appears that Bambi is itching to share her story just like Saumu publicly did.

But again, we cannot confirm anything for now – but the motivational posts seem to confirm that there is fire on the mountain.

Karma? Aeedah Bambi allegedly beaten black and blue by Senator Anwar Loitiptip, she responds

The beautiful Aeedah Bambi who snatched Senator Anwar Loitiptip from Saumu Mbuvi; is said to be going through a tough time following an incident that occurred during Bahati’s album launch this past weekend.

Aeedah Bambi
Aeedah Bambi with Anwar Loitiptip

According to reports, the Senator apparently decided to put his hands on Ms Aeedah Bambi; after he caught her red handed flirting with another brother during the said event.

Although there is no way to prove that the lady was beaten – sources close to the couple have confirmed that all has not been well.

Aeedah speaks

Seeing how the story spread like wild fire on social media; the fine mother of one has finally decided to address this issue – but as expected she did not confirm the rumors.

Instead, Ms Aeedah shared a lovey Dovy post where she paraded a photo from Bahati’s event; and from the caption – this was indeed meant to throw shade at haters as she wrote;

Nobody is you and that is your power

Well, it’s not clear as to why Aeedah would  try to protect her alleged abusive man; but truth is – just like Saumu exposed him after their breakup….this too may just end up taking the same script!

But again – she also looks quite happy with the Senator.


Saumu Mbuvi discloses heartbreaking details about the birth of youngest daughter with ex, Senator Anwar Loitiptip

Mothers experience some of the worst moments when their own children are ill. It’s heartbreaking, scary and above all it leaves a person worried about their young one; and no one knows this best than Saumu Mbuvi and gospel singer Size 8.

Size 8 before welcoming,  Muraya junior

This is because they have both watched their newborns get admitted at the NICU barely hours after giving birth. So far we all know how Size 8 fought for her son to stay alive; and thanks to a new post by Saumu Mbuvi we understand that they both went through the same experience.

Mike Sonko with granddaughter

Well, as Saumu daughter turns one – the young mum opened up revealing one of the scariest experience she had with her baby gorl. According to the lady – back when baby was born, she was forced to be admitted at the NICU since she couldn’t breath on her own.

Saumu’s daughter turns one

Through her IG page, Saumu narrated this heartbreaking experience in a detailed post where she wrote;

I remember when I have birth to this angel, she went direct to NICU since she couldn’t breathe well and I was just out of theatre…it really drained me emotionally seeing my baby survive on oxygen, she couldn’t even breastfeed.

Saumu and ex, Senator Anwar

Although most newborns tend to have complications, Saumu says her baby girl was real fighter as she was discharged from NICU after 4 days. She went on to add;

But she was a fighter four days later she was out of NICU and I was given my baby back. She is such a fighter like mummy. I thank God for you. Love you baby girl. Happy birthday love.