34 GVNG releases new banger tagged ‘Njugu’ (Video)

34 GVNG (Good Vibes No Guns) has done it again. The group that brought us hits like Wabebe, Olunga, Poko.T has dropped a new jam dubbed Njugu and it is getting a lot of love from their fans.

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The song was inspired by an undated clip of some boys fighting before one of them runs off and says that he is going to chew groundnuts. I know, this sounds boring until you watch the actual clip.

However, as you can already tell kumumunya njugu in this context could mean something entirely different and it’s not what you think.


This jam is really dope. Actually, as you listen to it you can’t help but wonder why 34 GVNG is not big like Ochunglo Family, Rico Gang, Ethic, Boondocks Gang etc. Anyway, that is a story for another day.

I like the sheer creativity of these youngsters and if I have to be specific then I will tell you that I was wowed by Vuva because of his effortless rhymes. Trust me, he is one guy you can listen to all day.

His ability to match random words and make them sound pleasant to the ears is worth talking about until kingdom come. Shagwah also did a good job on this jam, his verse is sick.

34 GVNG's Vuva
34 GVNG’s Vuva

B Razor could as well be the king of punchlines and this is evidenced by his stellar performance on Njugu. Hitman Kaht, who is easily the baddest producer around, also came through with a sick verse.

I love the hook on Njugu. It’s so catchy and this does not really come as a surprise seeing as it was done by Vuva. As you would expect, the beat by Hitman Kaht is also impeccable. This song is really dope.

Listen to Njugu below and tell us what you think.


Ex Ray teams up with 34 GVNG’s Shagwah and Hitman Kaht on ‘Taniua’ (Video)

Ex Ray, who is one third of Rieng hitmakers Boondocks Gang has released a new track with 34 GVNG’s Hitman Kaht and Shagwah and it’s a big tune.

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The song dubbed Taniua, a catchphrase that is commonly associated with Ex Ray, has been ruling the airwaves since it came out a few days ago.

The first time I heard this track, it made me wonder what they were thinking but after listening to it twice or thrice, I came to love it and now I can’t stop hitting the replay button.


Like I always say, if you chose to ignore the raunchiness of the lyrics and focus on the wordplay and rhymes, you will realize that some of these Gengetone are amazing lyricists. I am dead serious.

All the three artists who were featured on Taniua did a good job and to be honest, it’s so hard to choose whose verse I loved the most so we’ll just talk about each of them briefly.

For starters, I was totally impressed by Hitman Kaht. I’ve never know that he can sing let alone rap since we are used to him producing songs not knowing that he is even a better artist.

Hitman Kaht
Hitman Kaht

If you ask me, his flow on Taniua is quite impressive. His verse is on point because he has a way with words to make some dope rhymes that keep you hooked.

Shagwah also aced it. He is also a talented chap. He’s one of the two members of 34 GVNG that I hold in high esteem, the other of course is Vuva. Anyway, his verse on this jam is sick because he has great punchlines.

As for Ex Ray, he does not really have a verse on this jam. The two artists just borrowed  his Taniua catchphrase and incorporated it in the song.

As expected, the beat is also on point seeing as it was produced by Hitman Kaht. Seriously though, when has he ever disappointed us?

Listen to Taniua below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

34 GVNG comes through on ‘Miti Ni Dawa’ alongside Jegede and Manio (Video)

34 GVNG (Good Vibes No Guns), the group that is behind big hits such as Olunga, Poko.T and Wabebe, has dropped a new jam alongside Jegede and Manio and it’s a big tune.

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The track dubbed Miti Ni Dawa has been getting a lot of airplay since it was released a few days ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it or else we would not be reviewing it, would we? Okay, maybe we would but you get my point.


For starters, let me state that I am a huge fan of 34 GVNG. In as much as they are talented, sometimes I feel like they are so underrated because they don’t get a lot of attention like say Boondocks Gang, Sailors or Ethic.

Anyway, that is a story for another day. Let us get back to our review. The two members of the group who are on this track really did a good job.

34 GVNG's Vuva
34 GVNG’s Vuva

For some weird reason I can’t tell with certainty who the two are but it’s likely that it is Vuva and B.Razor and I think the former did a good job. His ability to play around with words is impeccable and so is his flow.

Jegede also aced it.  I mean, it is his song after all. He had some witty rhymes and to add to that his flow was not that bad and he also made a sick beat for this jam.

Listen to Miti Ni Dawa below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Gwaash links up with Ex Ray, G Rock and Shagwah on ‘Mtaro’ and it’s a big tune (Video)

Celebrated Kenyan singer Martin Wagura, better known as Fatboy Gwaash or Gwaash, has dropped a new track with Ex Ray (Boondocks Gang), G Rock and Shagwah (34 GVNG) and we are really feeling it.

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The track titled Mtaro has been topping local music charts since it came out a few days ago and it’s not really hard to understand why. Ladies and gentlemen, this song is really dope. I’m not exaggerating.

Ex Ray
Ex Ray

Like I always say, if you chose to ignore the raunchiness of the lyrics and focus on the wordplay and rhymes, you will realize that some of these Gengetone are amazing lyricists.

I’ve been listening to this jam on repeat over the last few days and one things is for sure, it’s really infectious. I don’t know if it’s just me but this is one of the best Gengetone jams that I’ve listened to since the year began.


The verses on Mtaro are so sick. For instance, you have to admit that Ex Ray did a good job. This chap has a unique ability to play around with words and you just want to keep listening to him.

As expected, Fatboy Gwaash also nailed it. Apart from his unique voice, his flow is so good that you would think that he wrote the lyrics while asleep. I don’t know if this makes any sense because it sounded okay in my head.

Shagwah, who is a member of 34 GVNG, did not disappoint either. He has a knack for telling stories and believe you me, you’ll be hooked to his verse as soon as he starts rapping.

Boy Bleezy and Tratic of G Rock Music

The trio that make up G Rock Music i.e Madra, Boy Bleezy and Tratic also have some impeccable rhymes. Actually, I am disappointed that I discovered them late but as they say, better late than never.

The beat is catchy and it gets you in a party mood the moment you hit the play button and that is not a bad thing or is it? The video is simple but I feel it works for this song since they shot it in a stream and they’re singing about mtaro.

Watch Mtaro below and tell us what you think.

Kenya’s best new-age musicians have teamed up for ‘Nare Nare’ and it’s a massive hit (Video)

Some of the biggest and baddest new-age musicians in Kenya have dropped a new jam dubbed Nare Nare and even before you listen to it, you know it’s a massive hit.

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The song features Dmore (Ochunglo Family), Vuva (34 GVNG), The Boybleezy (G-Rock), Shagwah (Wanati), Jose and Mastar VK.

If this is not a perfect combination then I honestly don’t know what is ladies and gentlemen. I really don’t.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

In as much all the artists really came through on this jam, I really felt like Vuva, who is known for the Wabebe hit, outshone the others.

There’s just something about his verse that makes you want to listen to it again and again.

It goes like, “Who dea, who dea, huita bae fat body, uite gute gute go down low mummy, cheza gude gude, mi ni guze guze mpaka ustuke tu ee,  niku kune kune, underwater chini ya maji nikukumbe kumbe, we mtamu supu tamu ka ya kunde kunde, kitandani mtihani twende shule shule, now you know,  ni mashash na kibenga.”

Can someone please call the fire department? No, like seriously!

The song was produced by Hitman Kaht and directed by Kuria. In my opinion, they both did a commendable job.

Watch Nare Nare below and tell us what you think.

Addi Chokoch, talented street kid who is way better than your favourite musician (Video)

There’s a street kid who is causing ripples in the local entertainment industry. His name is Addi Chokoch and I believe that it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a household name.

He caught the attention of music fans after a clip that showed him rapping for a matatu passenger, perhaps to get some coins in return, went viral on social media.


Our creator works in mysterious ways, as they say. Somehow, this clip was also seen by Dmore of Ochunglo Family and he decided to reach out to Addi Chokoch to see if they could work on a song together.

The two got into studio alongside Shagwah, Dark C and Bofa and came up with a banger titled Get A Tako which was released roughly three weeks ago.

The song was inspired by a game that I’m sure most of you played when you were in nursery or the lower primary classes.

Addi Chokoch with Dmore, Dark C and Bofa

It goes like, “One two make a circle, three four a big circle…” The corrupted version goes like “One two get a tako, three four a big tako…

You must be thinking, “This is just another vulgar song, why should I listen to it?” If you are keen enough, you’ll notice Addi Chokoch’s music prowess.

From his choice of words to his rhymes to his flow, everything is superb. You instantly feel like he has been doing this for a while which is not the case.


From the look of things, it’s only a matter of time before he edges out your favourite artist. I honestly can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.

Watch Get A Tako here and tell us what you think.