Teenagee socialite Shakilla slightly upgrades from tacky look to that of a classy woman (Photos)

Shakilla was born with a face of a beauty queen but her character especially on social media; ruined almost everything she could have achieved easily by just flashing a smile.

So far we know about the Tembo story revealed by Willy Paul; not forgetting the fact that she used a remote while on a live session with Xtian Dela. Not quite sure why she chose to brand herself as a socialite media sex object (for lack of a better word) on social media; but in another life Shakilla would have made it really big.

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Anyway although the reputation is ruined, it appears that Shakilla or the people managing her finally got the memo; and are now upgrading the young girl by dressing her up

Away with slutty look

As seen on some of her new photos, Shakilla is seen looking like a shnack and we love it! In one of the photos; the young lady is seen rocking a black body suit with a plunging neck and a black hat with a pair of blue heels.

Shakilla upgrading her style

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On the second photo is seen with a curly wig which she paired with a short jumpsuit showing off her humongous ass.

Shakilla upgrading

Judging from these two looks, one can clearly see how stunning Shakilla appears; but if only she could stick to not wearing sluty fits  – but we all know, she can’t!