ONE ON ONE: “Wimbo na page ya Shakilla inasaidia bachelors waeze kunyonga!” Miracle Baby responds to Shakilla’s latest song

We all live in a time and age where negative news sell more than the positive ones. People will want to know how much debt you are drowning in, which celebrity is cheating on their wives, who dumped who etcetra.

Just to sum it all up, we all enjoy the drama that we get to see everyday from the internet. Just recently, an upcoming female socialite, Shakilla has been hitting headlines, claiming to have slept with Ringtone, Victor Wanyama, Willy Paul, Masauti, Brown Mauzo, Khaligraph and Mombasa County Governor, Hassan Joho.


She however had to apologize to Khaligraph only and emphasized that that is as far as the apologies went. The 19 year old is not in the best of terms with Wilson Abubakar Radido, popularly known as Willy Paul. The two seem to be at loggerheads since the Ndovu artist claimed to have warmed his bed.

We have witnessed the Prakata hitmaker claiming that he was behind Shakilla’s arrest for trespassing his residence but she refuted the claims and said that she was set up. At this point, we do not know who is telling the truth.

Shakilla makes comeback at Willy Paul

The teen socialite clapped back at ‘Bwana Mkunaji’ who had recently compared her goodies to that of an elephant. “Bwana Mkunaji better listen, this thing is hotter than your pants. I’m the baddest elephant out here… ndovu…”

She also said that her song is hotter than Pozee’s tool. During an interview conducted by Caroline Mukami, Peter Mwangi, popularly known as Miracle Baby, gave us his views about the Shakilla’s new song.

“At least bachelors wakiangalia page ama wimbo ya Shakilla wanaeza nyonga nazo.” He also told us that he does not mind the song and he thinks that it is nice.

Peter Miracle Baby

Is Willy Paul going to talk about the new diss track? Is he going to also release a song in response to Shakilla’s? In all honesty, I am also curious to see what will happen next.

For now all we can do is sit back and see how the drama will unfold.

Watch the full interview below.

Shakilla responds after Willy Paul accuses her of breaking into his home

Teenage socialite Shakilla has finally shared her side of the story after being arrested yesterday night at Willy Paul’s house. According to Shakilla, the controversial singer lied about her showing up at her house announced yet he personally invited her.

Through her IG stories, Shakilla revealed that Willy Paul set her up and of course she fell for it. Judging by the situation, this was probably to hit back for revealing they had something going on the low. She wrote;

I’ve been set up not cool and i’ll be the bigger person here

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In another post Shakilla went on to add that her lawyers managed to get her out on cash bail; and since Willy Paul played her dirty – she will be spilling more tea pretty soon. The lass added;

Ive been released on bail and I have a story to tell….. A really interesting one that is lemme eat and spill the bitter tea…

Shakilla vs Willy Paul


According to Shakilla, singer Willy Paul wasted and cheated on her by pulling such a stunt that landed her in jail. She went on to disclose,
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Never felt wasted and cheated on like yesterday someone calling you comfortably in their premises which is so familiar to me and both of us know then boom set me up for trespassing. Like wtf????

I have so much to say just wait nun buh the truth.

Socilaite Shakills spills the tea