“You kiss your son with that filthy mouth?” Fans defend Frasha after Bridget Achieng calls him out for ‘clout chasing’

Bridget Achieng held a live session last evening Thursday, 3 December; where she allegedly spoke her truth after being accused of the murder of young 17 year old Shanty. Most believe that she is responsible since was the event organizer; and the security responsible for Shanty’s murder were also hired by her.

Former socialite Bridget Achieng

But since the police are currently investigating the security hired for the event; all fans and family can do is hold on for DCI’s report. However the likes of Black Cinderella, Shanty’s parents and Frasha among others continue to seek for justice for Shanty; and his bestfriend who recently committed suicide.

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Frasha has not only been mobilizing the youths to get on board but publicly blames the Naifest organizer for not being keen. With Shanty’s story getting too much exposure; Bridget Achieng held a live session where she explained herself.

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Who advices Bridget Achieng?

Well, apart from distancing herself from the boy’s death; Bridget claims that her team is also working extra hard to get justice for the young soul.

However when it came to weighing in on Frasha mobilizing the youths ‘against her’ that is where she offended her fans. According to the lady, Frasha has been clout chasing with Shanty’s death now that no one remembers him in the industry. She said;

Stephen Mungau

“Is it because I did not give you a platform to perform at Naifest 2? When last did you even chuck a new song? Do people even remember you as an artist? Why are you leveraging on clout on a baby’s name?”

Bridget Achieng went on to add that it may also be payback for not giving him a platform to perform during Naifest 2. Fans on the other hand feel that the live session was useless and unnecessary; since all she did was bad mouth people.

Fans on the other hand responded by saying;

pickie.e; How does a soul that was killed in such a manner rest in peace ????surely #justiceforshanty

lis_delique; This woman should just stop talking about this issue and let the law take its course

wanjiruleah76: Whatever the difference or what frasha needed or wanted but a precious life was lost????so the poor 17 year old boy deserved to be beaten by all those mean looking bouncers? a young life was lost and people must be answerable.

geradsim: Why is this b*** still free as air with murder allegations wakati wengine wetu tunashikwa sababu ya kukosa bra ya mdomo na pua????

samuelchampezz; hoping it was brother …staff ka io ingempata hop ungeongea hivo…itakufikoa tu…even ur own son anaeza kua kwa such a sittuation…tables turn…????

ealrhouz; So…this hefer will make video clips addressing every other thing but the death of that child?????‍♀️ na vile anakaa miwa..

New footage showing how bouncers roughed the late shanty moments before he died at Naifest emerges! (Video)

Many continue to insist that the late 17 year old Shanty died after receiving some serious beatings from bouncers at the Naifest. However the organizers of the event also insist that this is not true; as they claim that he died while at the hospital where they rushed him after a fight.

Bridget Achieng who also happens to be a mum has been on the front line throwing threats at those accusing her of the death of late Shanty. This is because she was behind the event; and being an organizer her first mistake was allowing minors like the late Shanty attend the ceremony.

Shanty laid to rest

Those close to Shanty continue asking for justice; where else Bridget Achieng and her team work tirelessly to see this case thrown out of court (we all saw the screenshot.)

New evidence

However unluckily for Bridget this will not be disappearing anytime soon as new footage showing bouncers rough up Shanty has emerged online. As seen on the video, a couple of bouncers (like 3) are seen approaching a boy believed to be Shanty. In less that 30 seconds bouncers with well built bodies pounce on the young; and one can see the crowd disperse to make room for the fight between Shanty and bouncers.

Unfortunately it did not take the men a minute to put down the small boy who was later found lying lifeless. Well, lets just say that what seemed like a joke to Bridget Achieng now just got serious! Watch the video below!


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Shine on your way! The late 17 year old Shanty laid to rest (Video + Photos)

The death of young Shanty broke not only those who knew him but many who came to learn how he lost his life at the Naifest. According to reports, word has it that he was seriously beaten by bouncers at the Naifest; however Bridget Achieng insists that he died while receiving treatment.

A disgusting screenshot showing how the socialite was bragging about paying off the case in court somehow confirmed that the Naifest team was trying to cover up something. However since the case is already being investigated by the DCI; many hope that justice shall be served for this young man and his family.

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Shanty laid to rest

Although many are trying to cover up the story from receiving enough media coverage; a few Instagram gossip tabloids have made sure to follow up and this is how we have learnt that the late Shanty was earlier laid to rest today Friday, 20 November.

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Shanty laid to rest

From the video shared by one Kitengela gossip club we understand that Shanty is finally at his resting place. The low funeral consisted of Shanty’s family and friends who have known him for the longest time.

Although details of the funeral remain unknown for now, below are a few screenshots and a video taken from the ceremony.

Shanty laid to rest