Sheila Mwanyigha was shaken after fan wished she died in terror attack 

Former TV presenter Sheila Mwanyiga has revealed how a fan left her depressed after wishing she was dead.

In an interview with BBC, the sassy presenter confessed how rumors have made her life difficult, saying a lot of stuff is always said online about her.

“You go for meetings and people are looking at you thinking you have what you have because you are having a relationship with this person,” she said. 


Sheila Mwanyigha

Mwanyigah added that she once broke down to tears after a fan wished death on her. This is after there was a terror attack in Egypt and the fan said that she should have been among those killed.

“There was a time there was an attack in Egypt and I sent my condolences and one person attacked me saying that I should have been among those who died. Adding that people like me did not deserve to live. It does get terrifying when some random individual tells you to your face, you should be dead. I felt so vulnerable. I met my friends after that and I was just thinking the person who had said that might be in the place we were at.” she said. 


“I still want you back!” Prezzo’s special message to Sheila Mwanyigha

Prezzo is not over his first love and he is not shy to admit this. Well, a few years ago the Kenyan rapper was romantically involved with Sheila Mwanyigha but just like most of his relationships…they really didn’t go anywhere.

Sheila Mwanyigha went her separate way and so did Prezzo but we got to see the rapper date a couple of women in the entertainment industry after his relationship with Sheila failed to work out.

His current ex, Michelle Yola seemed to have been the only woman who stood by Prezzo until she also decided to walk out on him for reasons best to the two.

After chasing her for months looks like Prezzo has given up and now back to his first love, Sheila Mwanyigha. He revealed that he still wants to get back with her as reported by a popular news outlet. Apparently he claims to still love her and is now trying to get back with her.

Speaking during an interview Prezzo said,

“Yule ex wangu sijarudiana na yeye, kusema ukweli my first lady ndioo kazi yangu. Nilijaribu haikufanikiwa so maisha inaendelea. First lady ni hustle yangu na nikishaa tengeneza mkwanja freshi nitaenda kwake  Nikki niombe msamaha, turudishe ule uhusiano tuliokuwa nao. Bado nina hisia na yeye. Bado nina hisia na Nikki, Sheila Mwanyigha.”