King Kaka is back with ‘Show Kitu’ need to check it out

King Kaka is back with a new jam dubbed Show Kitu. He has featured a couple of musicians. They include; Kristoff, Jegede and Ilogos. Show Kitu is in line with what the new generation is singing. The trio has done a good job in this jam. Their voices compliment each other.

King Kaka is known for his great work in music. Before the release of this song, he did a menstrual walk all the way from Nairobi to Nakuru within six days. He is a great artist who is giving out the world. Also, he is the owner of Kaka Empire a record label that is doing well so far.

His collaboration with Kristoff and Ilogos is a great thing. The trio should in fact give us more of their work together. To add on, Kristoff has been featured in a lot of jams by local artists. It seems like he is in demand. He is always doing well in collaborations than solo projects.

King Kaka is back with 'Show Kitu' need to check it out

What is ‘Show Kitu’ all about?

To start with, lets focus and find out what Show Kitu is all about; From Eastlando ni mkidi wa  Ile mtaa ya kina kiriwa Na mi huchapa inasinzia Ukinisaka niko bizy ma. King Kaka associates himself with Nairobi Eastlands region and thus calls himself a child of Eastlands.

King Kaka is back with 'Show Kitu' need to check it out

Wananirank, wananirank zaidi ya shaba Niko juu juu zaidi ya jaba Vile hiyo burst inakaa poa kwa waist line Ata ka singekuwa msanii bado singe wasye line Na all eyes ziko kwa huyu dem All night niko ma bubu game. In this stanza they praise themselves on how they are respected. Also talk about a girl who all men are eyeing.

In conclusion, Show Kitu is a good jam. The trio has delivered it so well. King Kaka does not disappoint but much should have been done in this jam.  Last but not least King Kaka gets a rating of 6/10 in Show Kitu.

Video Below.