Inspiration strikes you in the weirdest of places

It’s funny how sometimes, you can just be chilling, minding your own business when all of a sudden, a conversation with a complete stranger gives you quite some inspiration. I had one of those situations this past weekend.

I was at the kinyozi getting my hair done. I happen to be going bald at the tender age of my small twenties. So getting a haircut that suits the situation is quite a tricky affair. I only ever go to the same barber, Kariz, who knows the contours of my head rather intimately.

Anyway, as usual, I had waited patiently in line for him to finish up the clients he had had of me before I sat down in his chair and we got started. Our conversation ranged from the usual, football. My mentor’s team, Liverpool, seems to have completely capitulated. But from there we went on to discuss something I would never have thought he would have ever been interested in: Black History Month.

For those of you not in the know, this is what February, the shortest month of the year is about in American culture; celebrating black excellence and achievements. Actually, we started on the topic because he asked me about a certain show that he seemed genuinely interested to catch: Fargo.

I told him I don’t own a television set so I rarely watch TV shows. But he was excited for me to catch the latest season because it would be starring Chris Rock. According to Kariz, he only ever watches shows that have strong black characters and this one fits the billing.

From what he told me, each season tells a different story. This new instalment of Fargo has Chris Rock’s character, Loy Cannon is the leader of a black American gang. Basically, this gang is made up of guys running away from America’s then racist south and the Jim Crow laws. Once they have fled the racist law code states, they try to set up shop in another gang’s turf, Kansas City Mafia. From here, we are treated to watching Chris Rock and his guys try to outwit and outmanoeuvre the other gang.

I was shocked how excited Kariz seemed from all this. He was forming at the mouth explaining to me that he was tired of watching movies in which the black gangstas were all meatheads and bullet sponges. Movies that actually show a different aspect of blacks, a more cerebral side nearly made him piss his pants in excitement.

I had to keep reminding him to cut my hair and define the cut just right because he kept trying to explain the point at which he has reached on the show. As I said earlier, I do not have a telly but he was quick to tell me he had the hook up: he could help me get to watch the show without me having to shell out several tens of thousands for a new telly.

That was the inspirational part of my haircut. He put me up on game by introducing me to Showmax’s 3-for-1 offer. So apparently, Showmax, has an online movie and series library that hosts over 20,000 movies, series and documentaries. And you get all-you-can-eat buffet style access to the entire library for only KSH 380 per month. And to make that offer worth my time, Showmax has a “pay for one month and get two more months extra” offer running.

And how can I get to watch the show when I do not have a trv? Well, Showmax has an offering for me to be able to watch Fargo on a wide range of devices like my smartphone or tablet. Yes, even my Ulefone. And I can download the shows using the school’s WiFi and then go watch the shows in my dorm.

Trust that by the time I had gotten my hair done, I knew my new mission: I’m catching up to where Kariz is at on Fargo season 4 and we are going to compare notes.

It’s Derby Day as struggling Liverpool host Everton and Showmax has the heat

There is nothing as exciting as a derby and when Liverpool and Everton meet, fireworks fly! And what makes this meeting even more interesting is the fact that Liverpool has been having a dreadful run in the English Premier League.

The once impregnable fortress of Anfield is a source of confidence for their opponents seeing as how they have been on a streak of loses and draws. The two teams which are virtual neighbours are also close to each other on the standings table but Everton has two games in hand.

This is an exciting one because it is an opportunity for Liverpool to turn the tide of its recent fortunes but Everton will be looking to twist the knife even deeper into the hearts of Liverpool fans as they fight to try and get into the top four for a Champions League berth.

Catch all the action on Showmax which is bringing you all the EPL action right to the convenience of your home and various devices. Even if you are on the go, you can still catch your favourite show on a wide range of devices like your smartphone or tablet. And it’s not just the English Premier League that you can catch as they boast a bouquet of sporting action:

• Football: English Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, Premier Soccer League and more
• Athletics: Diamond League, World Challenge League and more
• Running: Berlin, Boston, London, NYC, Soweto Marathons and more
• Boxing: Selected IBF, WBA, WBO, WBC and African Boxing events
• Other: Swimming, Extreme Sports, eSports, Basketball, Triathlon, Horse Racing, EFC, Netball, Hockey, and much more
This list is subject to change based on rights limitations from sporting bodies and events availability may vary from country to country. And Showmax is constantly adding new, exciting events to their catalogue and will keep you updated.

This offer actually works wonders given we still are under curfew and the match is airing at 8:30 PM meaning it will run into well after 10 PM so rather than risk getting caught out on the wrong side of the law, you can catch this game from your digs.

Pay for one month of Showmax, get two months extra
Showmax recently introduced a new 3-for-1 deal. When subscribers pay for one month of Showmax access, they’ll receive an additional two months of access for no cost. That’s three months of Showmax for the price of one.

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Add Showmax to your DStv bill from your desktop

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5 Kenyan beauties who could play Mary Jane

Whether it’s freezing her ex’s sperm without consent or highlighting social injustices on air, Mary Jane Paul’s life is anything but tranquil. It is laden with drama, rants, a few booty calls and a couple of failed relationships. Not that we are counting or anything.

Being Mary Jane is the gift that keeps giving. If it’s not the eye-candy men it keeps throwing our way (Michael Ealy, you are doing great, sweetie), then it’s Mary Jane’s flawless fashion statements that exude both beauty and power for her to be taken seriously in her career. Watch now »

Watch Being Mary Jane (S1-3) which is currently available on Showmax.

Which Kenyan celebrities could pull off the role of Mary Jane if given a chance?

Maya Hayakawa


Maya Hayakawa is more than just a TV beauty we admire on our screens every day as she anchors on K24, she also holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology. You know who else is a beauty with brains? Yep, Mary Jane.
Currently, Maya is caught in a love quadrangle as Julia in riveting Kenyan romance thriller-drama New Beginnings, also featuring Joed Kariuki (How to Find a Husband), Mugambi Nthiga (writer, Groove Theory) and singer Habida.

Janet Mbugua


I can’t think of anyone more suited to play Mary Jane than Janet Mbugua. In Rush, she played Pendo, a career woman who’s determined to make a name for herself in the magazine publishing industry while also dealing with the ups and downs of the relationships in her life.
Bonus point for Janet, she was one of the most celebrated news anchors on TV before she disappeared from our screens. I wonder why there’s never been a hashtag #BringBackJanetMbugua. Aah, well, KOT have better things to do with their time. Don’t mind me, just wishful thinking.

Serah Ndanu


The African Caramel. Make up @felicitynganga Hair @phoinahaircollection ? by @njeriphotography ???

A post shared by ?The African Caramel ? (@serahteshna) on Jul 5, 2017 at 6:12am PDT

Serah Ndanu had three good years as the sexy and classy go-getter Mariam in Sumu la Penzi alongside Joyce Maina (Wrath), Neomi Ng’ang’a and Avril. Serah Ndanu will definitely bring her sensuality to Mary Jane’s character as she did to the character of Mariam.

Currently, she plays Billy in Twisted, a show that is centred on three women as they try to climb the ladder in a cut-throat business world.

Mumbi Maina


At the Africa Movie Awards wearing @agathamoreno #amaa2017 makeup by @nenebelle_

A post shared by Mumbi Maina (@mumbi_maina) on Jul 15, 2017 at 12:26pm PDT

It seems rather bold on my part to admit it but Mumbi Maina would pull off any role she takes on. Whether it’s the dismissive non-committal heartbreaker in How to Find a Husband or a soul stuck in the afterlife in Mbithi Masya’s Kati Kati.

An actress of her calibre (and with many high profile shows/movies to her name) would definitely do justice to the character of Mary Jane, right down to her smouldering pout.


Joey Muthengi


Mornin! ? #PowerBreakfast o’clock on @citizentvkenya Styling by @ojwastyling

A post shared by Joey Muthengi (@joeymuthengi) on May 29, 2017 at 10:42pm PDT

While she’s mostly known for her thriving career as a radio and TV host, Joey Muthengi is also an actress who starred in the 2010 drama Changing Times alongside Brenda Wairimu (Kona) and also had a major role in Prem. She hasn’t been on anything new since, but that doesn’t kick her out of the running to play Mary Jane.

Here How you can comfortably watch the Biggest Boxing Fight in History. (DETAILS)

As the hectic month of August ends, and the nation gets to wait for the Supreme Court decision, one thing is for sure: there seems to have suddenly been a decline of activity from our TV screens as the political heat has died down and the political losers have long accepted defeat.

But Kenyans have to always find reasons to be entertained and kept active on social media – by whatever means necessary.

Well, we may no longer have political debates to watch on TV, but there are still plenty of reasons that you won’t be able to tear yourself away from your screen this weekend.

And one of the biggest is the upcoming bout between American champion Floyd Mayweather and Irish braggart, MMA star Conor McGregor.

It has been dubbed as the BIGGEST NIGHT of the decade and we can’t agree more!

Two of the biggest egos from across the oceans will be facing off in one of the biggest fights of all time.

Both are obnoxious, wild, ferocious, cocky, showy and tremendously gifted in their respective disciplines.

And they are going to be facing off in a massive fight that will be available to watch on Showmax on Sunday, 27 August! While the live fight goes down at 4am, there’s no need to stay up all night as you can watch the entire fight on Showmax by 11am the same morning. Plus, get in the mood for the fight with the awesome behind-the-scenes documentary series available right now. Go claim your free voucher at and start watching.

And we all know that staying out as late as 4am is not exactly a very smart move, especially when you are trying to save money and, ummm, your marriage…

Worry not.

Showmax will be beaming the historic bout right into your living room at the very respectable time of 11am on Sunday morning, so you can curl up next to your loved one and watch the gloves come off and the taunts fly free.

It’s gonna be one spectacular TV special.

Do a test drive of the Showmax experience and sign up for a no-charge 14-day trial here. All you need to do is submit your phone number, sign up using your email address, and then sit back and enjoy the experience. No bank details or other payment details are necessary!

But you’ve gotta make sure you’ve paid your electricity bill first. Please.

My Githeri Man Moment This Election Period

The Election holiday has been long and crazy …Also, to peeps like me, a godsend period to indulge and escape, briefly, from the hassles of the city as we wait for the Election madness to settle.

And while some of my boys turned the mini holiday into some binge-up honeymoon, tottering from pub to pub on a Wednesday afternoon, I didn’t have the privilege. Because some of us have real things we actually want to do with our salaries. Haha.

Between paying my mama wa Kufua and buying wifey some new Fenty shoes I saw online ( I still suspect I bought knockoffs), I had to squeeze my budget a little and fit in some  actual entertainment that didn’t involve waking up drunk in a trench – Showmax.

Showmax wide array of movies and series

And boy, has this been one helluva ride!

For only Ksh 330, I have been binge-watching some of the most spectacular stuff from pretty much all spheres of filmhood.

From Hollywood to Nollywood, and, thank God, endless episodes of The Churchill Show and tens of other local programmes, Showmax has kept me wishing our Election lasted as long as India’s – Those fellas vote for three months!

What’s more? Potato couches like me don’t have to leave the couch to pay for the endless stream of movies – Because there’s MPESA for that, People! Because Showmax is all about convenience, you have the option to pay for your monthly subscriptions via M-Pesa. 

So, what’s not to love about an online movie library with over 20,000 movies and flicks and series from all genres that I can watch all night till the Form Thare Four Bees have all been found?

Watch up to 25 of your favourite shows for a maximum of 30 days on your device (smartphone or tablet) anywhere offline for free when you download them over Wi-Fi.

Plus, the data consumption is just great, and if I am running a couple errands away from the house,  I can still download stuff and check it out later.

And in the spirit if the Githeri Man, I will gladly share the Showmax goodies with you…

Do a test drive of the Showmax experience and sign up for a no-charge 14-day trial here. All you need to do is submit your phone number, sign up using your email address, and then sit back and enjoy the experience. No bank details or other payment details are necessary.

Now, can someone please turn The Githeri Man into a movie? And release it by next week?

You obviously know where I will watch the flick. Cheers to being Kenyan!

And no, ladies. You cannot download ChiloBae from Showmax, but there sure is other stuff that can keep you drooling for months. A lot, actually.


7 reasons smart Nairobians are getting Showmax

In our city’s hustle and bustle, you’re not only trying to beat the rush and the madness, you’re also trying to outrun deadlines, deal with traffic gridlocks and face a boss who probably doesn’t think very highly of you.

At the end of a draining day, the last thing you want to deal with is another queue, after standing in line at the food joint, the elevator, the matatu terminus and the public toilets around Kenya Archives.

All you want to do is slump onto your couch, and you wonder if the movie guy, who sells bootlegged DVDs around your neighbourhood, could be convinced to deliver …

But then in comes a saviour … Right in your house, heck, right in your hands!

It’s Showmax – the online movie and series library that hosts over 20 000 movies, series, documentaries and kids’ shows, with everything from horror and drama to romance and chick-flicks. And you get all-you-can-eat access to the entire library for only KSH 880 per month.

As if that low fee isn’t enough to convince you, here are 7 other reasons Showmax is the answer to your weekend and weeknight prayers.

Tools to limit data usage

Don’t worry if you spent all your last coins paying for groceries at Mama Boi’s. With Showmax, you can keep your data consumption down with their bandwidth capping feature, which lets you use the smallest amount of data you can afford when you watch shows on your own preferred resolution (the lower the resolution, the less data you use). This will leave you with more coins left to grab a couple maandazi at work tomorrow. Click here for more information!

Option to pay using M-Pesa

Because Showmax is all about convenience, you have the option to pay for your monthly subscriptions via M-Pesa. That means no hassle of having to input your credit/debit card information online, and you don’t even need a credit card to subscribe.

Download up to 25 shows at a time or stream live

Watch up to 25 of your favourite shows for a maximum of 30 days on your device (smartphone or tablet) anywhere offline for free when you download them over Wi-Fi. This means you can catch up on series while you’re travelling or, yup, standing in a queue. Check out this link to find out how.

But if you’re one of the lucky ones with a reliable internet connection or Wi-Fi, stream movies and series live without having to wait for them to download.

Watch on a range of devices

Even if you are on the go, you can still catch your favourite show on a wide range of devices like your smartphone or tablet.

Large catalogue of local series and movies

From Nollywood to our homegrown film industry, Showmax has a huge library of African series and movies for you to binge on, from Fundimentals to Sumu La Penzi.

The best selection of international shows

After a tiresome commute to and from town, and having to deal with matatu touts who yank you off their bus as it moves, with Showmax, you can settle in after work for one hell of an uninterrupted entertainment ride that has everything you ever asked for. And more. Showmax offers boxsets of Friends and Sopranos; the latest-but-one seasons of Big Bang Theory and Suits, and, of course, six seasons of the epic Game of Thrones.

Free 14-day trial voucher SMSed to your phone

Do a test drive of the Showmax experience and sign up for a no-charge 14-day trial here. All you need to do is submit your phone number, sign up using your email address, and then sit back and enjoy the experience. No bank details or other payment details are necessary!

Another reason to yell “Thank God It’s Friday!”. No, not so that you can go dance on tables till 4am, but so that you can call some friends over,  prepare some nyama, grab that remote and launch into a spectacular movie marathon that lasts till Monday morning.

Good luck not getting sacked at work. Gotta get me some Showmax … And say goodbye to the World.