Kenyan Kindness: Shining Stars of 2023

2023 witnessed inspiring acts of generosity and humanitarianism from Kenyans across various walks of life. These individuals stepped up to help those in need, showcasing the strength and compassion that define their communities. Here are a few stories that illuminate the power of giving:

Eric Omondi: The Comic Champion of Kindness

Renowned comedian Eric Omondi has earned the title of “President of Comedy” not just for his humor, but also for his tireless efforts in aiding Kenyans battling challenges. From fundraising for a young hawker whose livelihood was threatened to assisting those struggling with the rising cost of living, Omondi has continuously demonstrated his unwavering commitment to helping others.

Nyako: A Voice for the Voiceless

Content creator Pilot Nyako utilized his platform to amplify the struggles of vulnerable individuals. His fundraising efforts for Kimani Mbugua, a former TV presenter battling mental health issues, and Brian Chira, a TikToker facing legal troubles, showcase Nyako’s dedication to empowering those silenced by circumstance.

Akothee: Building Better Futures

Singer and businesswoman Akothee’s philanthropic spirit extends far beyond entertainment. Through her organization and personal initiatives, she supports women in underprivileged regions like Turkana and Migori. Her commitment to education and empowerment shines through scholarships like the one she awarded a struggling medical student.

Simon Kabu: Celebrating Selfless Acts

Bonfire CEO Simon Kabu demonstrates a unique brand of generosity, recognizing and rewarding those who make selfless contributions to their communities. From surprising a Bomet groom who faced heartbreak shortly before his wedding to sponsoring trips for a deserving student and a cancer-stricken father, Kabu champions the kindness of others.

Mike Sonko: Reaching Out in Every Way

Politician Mike Sonko has earned a reputation for extending a helping hand in numerous ways. From heartwarming gestures like buying cookies for a struggling child vendor to clearing hospital bills for a woman in need, Sonko actively seeks opportunities to help those facing hardship. His responsiveness to online calls from Kenyans seeking assistance further underlines his dedication to community needs.

These are just a few examples of the remarkable individuals who have left their mark on Kenya in 2023 through their acts of philanthropy. Their stories remind us of the profound impact of compassion and generosity, and inspire us all to contribute to a brighter future for others.

Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu Treats Himself To A New Range Rover

Simon Kabu, the CEO of Bonfire Adventures, has treated himself to a new Range Rover. The luxury SUV is valued at approximately KSh 16 million (USD 150,000).

Kabu shared a video of his new car on Instagram, and he also wrote a heartwarming message about his journey to success.

“I used to be a matatu tout in Nairobi,” he wrote. “I would wake up at 4am every day and work until late at night. I was tired and I was broke, but I never gave up on my dreams.”

Simon Kabu buys Range Rover for Father's Day gift

Kabu said that he started Bonfire Adventures with just KSh 50,000 (USD 500). He said that he worked hard and he never took any shortcuts.

“I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished,” he wrote. “I want to inspire others to never give up on their dreams.”

Kabu’s story is an inspiration to many. He is proof that it is possible to achieve success, no matter where you come from.

The new Range Rover is a beautiful car. It is sure to turn heads wherever Kabu goes. However, the car is just a symbol of Kabu’s success. The real success is in the fact that he has achieved his dreams and he has inspired others to do the same.

Sarah Kabu demands apology from Simon Kabu’s 24 year old daughter

Bonfire Adventures CEO Sarah Kabu has come out to reveal that there are still some unresolved issues between her and hubby Simon Kabu. Well, this is after their online ‘breakup’ that saw Sarah Kabu spill unknown details about her family’s private life.

We learnt about Simon Kabu having kids with other baby mamas on the side and of course about his first born daughter – Maureen from his first relationship.

The same Maureen Kabu has however become a thorn in Sarah’s flesh – which brings us to Mrs Kabu’s latest statements about her step daughter. Speaking to Mpasho, Sarah revealed her reason for exposing hubby, Simon Kabu is because he took the kids without her consent; a move that left her feeling like a crazy woman. She said;

I was trending because I was defending my children I feel they are very precious and nobody should pull such a string just because you have some rights.


I had never imagined that someone can come pick my kids and go with them without my permission. When it happened I became like that chicken who defends her chicks.

Sarah Kabu still beefing with step daughter

On the same interview – the mother of 2 went on to add that the issue between her, Simon Kabu and his step daughter are yet to resolved.

Simon Kabu’s eldest daughter

This is because she still awaits for Simon Kabu’s daughter to issue an apology for taking part in ‘kidnapping’ of her kids back in March.

Everything has not been ironed out since I have not received an apology from the lady and there are still other dramas happening.

Well – I guess each family has a share of its own drama and the Kabu’s are still figuring there’s out.

Sarah Kabu entertains husband by shaking what her mama gave her & he loved it! (video)

Sarah Kabu doesn’t look like the type that clubs or rather – the type that knows how to have fun without limits. Judging from her appearance – let’s just say she looks like the perfect wife material and a good mum to her kids.

Don’t get me wrong – these qualities are perfect – perfect in that she has cards everyman (even those with slay queen wives) admire and secretly wish their wives had.

Sarah with Simon Kabu

However after her online ‘breakup’ with husband Simon Kabu – the mum of two seems to have changed in a way. Lately she’s been parading her ‘wild side’ on social media trying to prove home much she and husband, love each other.

Grinds on husbae

Well, if you think we’re just story telling – wait until you watch her latest video where she grinds and bumps on her husband, Simon Kabu while dancing.

Tbt: Simon Kabu with wife, Sarah Kabu

As seen on the video the mother of two goes on to entertain a few of their friends by dancing with husband, Simon who also seemed to  enjoy his wife’s new side.

Fans on the other hand could not keep calm as they praised the two for making their marriage work- even after the whole online breakup. Some fans however feel that they can no longer trust these two since they still have unresolved family issues – and sooner or later – blogs hell might just break loose.

Anyway watch the viral entertaining video below.

Ouch! Sarah Kabu responds to Ben 10’s offering Love&Affection in her DM

Sarah Kabu is currently working on her peaceful separation with hubby, Simon Kabu – which means she’s single or about to become a single woman.

Not what we expected after years of portraying what a perfect looks like, but now that we know it wasn’t – it’s only fair to say not all that glitters is gold. We gerrit now.

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Sarah with Simon Kabu

Anyway with news of her separation confirmed during an interview with Christina Lewis The Voice Of East Africa, there are a few men shooting their shot at Sarah hoping to replace Mr Simon Kabu.

The Bonfire adventures CEO mentioned this during her interview, as she laughed off at how young men are throwing themselves at her in the DM.

Not gonna happen

However unlike your usual mama wa Harrier babes, Sarah Kabu is the type that lowers herself to raising other women’s sons. According to her, it wouldn’t make sense giving a man-boy pocket money just because she needs love.

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Ms Sarah Kabu

Actually from what she said is that her late mum raised her not to depend on a man but on her hard earned money; and looking back – this advice helped shape the woman she is today.

My inbox is flooding and I’m like OMG! Why would I start raising a grown man, by giving him pocket money and my card to use? I thank God my mum didn’t raise me to rely on a man…she taught me how to work hard

Sarah Kabu admits slay queens gave her sleepless nights

A lot has been said about the Kabu’s and their alleged failed marriage – but through it all Simon Kabu has tried maintains his cool, insisting all is well. His wife, Sarah Kabu on the other hand seems to have a different tale about her Union to Kabu and insists it’s time to part ways.

Actually, she’s been wanting out since January 2022 – but claims Simon wasn’t having it.

Sarah Kabu reveals she is done with her marriage

The Bonfire adventures owner opened up about this during recent interview with Tina Lewis of Voice of East Africa; revealing that their marital woes began in 2003 but after 10 years of giving the marriage her best years, the solution is to put it all to an end.

Judging from the interview and what was said – I really don’t think there was any new information offered, that hasn’t been reported by bloggers yet.

However, we also can’t forget this is a personal issue between man and wife – meaning there are things, the public still don’t know about two.

Sarah hints possibility of hubby involved with Slay Queens

Some of the things fans may not be aware of include Simon Kabu’s two baby mamas who Sarah says have tried interfering with her family.

The bonfire adventures CEO even mentioned how one of the dramatic baby mamas tried forcing her child to move into Sarah home; simply because she wanted him to benefit like the two younger kids.

Sarah&Simon Kabu

The other issue includes slay queens (which she didn’t really say much about) but judging from her statement;

I would like to love in a country without slay queens, they can give you sleepless nights.

Well – like I said Sarah Kabu didn’t say much about this young slay queens; but the fact that she knows that they can give you sleepless nights proves she’s speaking from experience. But what’s done is done, let’s move on!

Also, from the video – it’s evident to tell that Sarah Kabu isn’t okay. Her struggle with mental health is clearly shouting with the facial expressions.


Simon Kabu allegedly dodging wife to avoid divorce, here’s why

With Simon and Sarah Kabu’s private affairs making rounds on social media – there are new allegations claiming Simon Kabu is avoiding his wife, Sarah who allegedly wants to divorce him.

This was revealed by a certain Facebook user identified as Wangari Ngugi who claims Simon Kabu is afraid of losing everything once divorced by Sarah Kabu. Apparently this is because Sarah is the brains behind Bonfire adventures – meaning she owns the company and Simon may end up walking empty handed after the divorce.

The lass revealed this in a post where she wrote:

Im sorry. I am choosing vayolens. Shared as received. Apparently, this is the real saga behind the Kabu’s drama. Bonfire is Sarah’s brainchild. The lady can run this business 100%.


Simon knows he’s nothing without her….hence the Range Rover handouts.

Screenshots from private conversations

And to make things even worse, a family member spilled more two on the breakup saying Simon Kabu apparently hid the fact that he has a 24 year old daughter from an old relationship.

With this new information (including the time he allegedly cheated) Sarah apparently wants nothing to do with her husband; but the fella is willing to fight for his marriage only because of ‘their’ successful business.

Well, not quite sure how true this is – but judging from how the couple has been moving on social media chances are that things may get ugly if not dealt with early.

Balling! Sarah Kabu surprises husband Simon with multi-million mansion on his birthday (Video)

Simon and Sarah Kabu, the couple that owns popular travel company Bonfire Adventures, has made yet another milestone in their lives.

A video that was posted on their YouTube page shows them unveiling a posh mansion whose location is yet to be disclosed.

The Kabus enjoying life.

Apparently, Simon was turning a year older and his wife saw it fit to  gift him with the two-storey house that has an elegant and modern design.

As the clip begins, Sarah, Simon can be seen being ushered into the house by a violin player who was standing right outside the house. Meanwhile, their son is seen playing a guitar.

A group that was on the second floor of the house sing gladly as the Kabus are handed glasses of juice before they go to admire the rest of the house.


The couple has been doing well since they established the company a few years ago. Interestingly, Simon had even worked as a tout before starting Bonfire Adventures.

In 2017, the couple made headlines after Simon surprised his wife with a brand new Range Rover as she turned a year older. Life has definitely been kind to them.

Watch the video below.


Where Bonfire Adventures was born! The Kabus share throwback photo of old, dusty cybercafe where they started their multi-million company

Many have been told the story of how Bonfire Adventures started with just KSh 20,000 in hand but what many have not seen, is exactly where the couples dream was birthed.

As the world throws it back to the past, Simon and Sarah Kabu decided to inspire fans with a throwback photo of themselves in a dusty, old, crowded cybercafe somewhere back in 2008 when they officially started Bonfire Adventures.

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In the photo seen by Ghafla, that traces back to around October 20, 2008, Kabu is seen sitted working on a computer with his then young, excited wife, Sarah standing behind his seat in the cafe.

Bonfire Adventures couple, The Kabus TBT

The two at the time, were but young individuals who had a dream and a vision of the future, but could not afford an office so they had to rely on cybers.

Eventually, Kabu managed to share a desk with two other people in a small office at Koinange street, ditching the cybercafes.

Power couple, Sarah and Simon Kabu

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That was the 2000s, and today, Bonfire Adventures, roughly 12 years of age, stands as Kenya’s finest and Africa’s leading tour company. Having grown to over 13 local branches, employing more than 200 staff and standing at an annual turnover of well above KSh 1Billion.

The Kabus story

Simon and wife Sarah Kabu, launched the idea of Bonfire Adventures while around a bonfire at the Maasai Mara Game Reserve in 2008. According to Simon, it has been a lot of years of hard work, effort, prayers, challenges and most importantly the hand of God.

The Kabus

The inspiring yet disbelieving story of a matatu tout turned into the CEO of a now very well known multi-million tours and travel company within a decade. Just dare to dream!

His post was received with shock and awe from fans. Who could not help but wonder at how gracious and faithful God has been to the couple whose persistent hard work, sweat and patience has inspired many.

A look inside the spectacular retirement home Sarah Kabu gifted her husband on his birthday (Photos)

Kenya’s Bonfire adventures MD, Sarah Kabu did the unimaginable for her husband over the weekend, after making a multi-million purchase of a retirement home for her husband, a dream come true on his birthday.

The famous Jabo Jabo couple gave fans a look into their simple yet rich retirement home during the celebrations that went down in Olpajeta, Nanyuki.

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Inside Kabus retirement home

The pair gave us a look of the home’s exterior, fitted with large glass windows as walls of the different rooms upstairs, each well furnished with rare exotic African furniture.

The Kabus on baecation

Surrounded with bushes and trees at a distance, the couple did not think much of having a fence around their home, open to all who would pay a visit, with a sign board at the entrance with the words “Welcome to The Kabus retirement home.”

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The front yard graced the parking lot while the backyard would be where the couple hosted their social events. With long dining tables and outdoor canvas seats setting the mood for a communal feel, allowing us a view of the large projecting balcony the duo had to enjoy the priceless views of the wild.

Sarah gifts Simon Kabu dream retirement home

In the presence of close friends and family, Mr Kabu was treated to a magnificent birthday event by his wife, Sarah who made his dreams come true with the surprise of his dream retirement home in the wild.

For Simon, as they drove through bushes and thickets, he first thought they were having a bush lunch only to his surprise to discover that his wife had brought to reality, his plans to own a private getaway in the wild when he needed to unwind from the city’s hustling.

The Kabus

Every time the couple would visit the Olpajeta conservancy, Simon would always wishfully admire “ningetaka kuretire hii place” but after Corona happened, his plans stalled. Hardly did he know that his wife was busy taking huge bank loans to give him his dream retirement home. What a love!

Have a look at the Kabu’s rich retirement home.

The Kabus
Sarah &Simon Kabu
The Kabus getaway
Simon Kabu birthday
Mr Kabu birthday
Inside The Kabus retirement home
Kabus’ retirement home

From a matatu tout to CEO! Bonfire Adventures owner recounts seducing his wife in makanga sheng

For those who didn’t know, Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu used to do all sorts of menial jobs including working as a tout before his big break in the travel industry.

Simon Kabu while he was still loading and off-loading milk at Tuzo and Brookside companies.
Simon Kabu while he was still loading and off-loading milk at Tuzo and Brookside companies.

Simon meet his wife Sarah way back in 2007. He opened up about his first encounter with his wife during a team building event in Lukenya.

“Let me tell you about this Day. It was Dec 1st 2007. 1st Day I met Sarah Kabu. We are in a google group that used to discuss about anything and everything. We had not met before but this time people requested we meet for a team building. And coz of the way we used to contribute soberly online Sarah and I were chosen to be among the organizers of Teambuilding to Lukenya. I wanted so much to see her and when we boarded the bus I stretched my hand to greet her and songead for her to sit with me. Shock on me she lengad me and went to sit with another Jamaa hapo nyuma,” wrote Simon in part.

Simon Kabu (in a black cap) with Sarah during the team building event in Lukenya in 2007
Simon Kabu (in a black cap) with Sarah during the team building event in Lukenya in 2007

Simon reveals that he was intimidated by another man who Sarah chose to sit with while heading to Lukenya. He reveals that the guy was speaking in fluent British accent while he could only manage to speak in sheng.

“The guy was conversing in some British accent while I could only manage some makanga sheng. I could see them excitedly discussing and laughing. I over heard him say he’s just clearing his MBA. Sema kiwaru….But God was always on this Boy shaud side. When we arrived Lukenya and started teambuilding I put myself in the same group as Sarah and made sure my competitor was in another group. I started throwing some ‘ newly learned poetic words’ without any compe.”


“The birthday was not meant to be a publicity stunt” Simon Kabu after spending 30 million on his wife’s birthday

Sarah Kabu’s birthday was the talk of the nation in July 2017. Sarah’s husband Simon Kabu spent a whopping Kes 30 million to spoil his wife on her birthday.

Mr. Kabu is the CEO and founder of Bonfire Adventures – a tour company. He bought his wife a brand new Range Rover and spent Kes 120,000 on a cake which was transported on a pickup during his wife’s birthday.

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Simon Kabu (second on left) and his wife Sarah Kabu during her birthday in  July 2017
Simon Kabu (second on left) and his wife Sarah Kabu during her birthday in July 2017
Publicity stunt

Simon Kabu has come out to deny claims his wife birthday celebration was a publicity stunt meant to promote their company Bonfire Adventures.

Speaking during an interview with the Nairobian, Simon revealed that he always spoiled his wife and children without attracting media attention.

“The birthday was not meant to be a publicity stunt. I settled on the car because I wanted to surprise her. She was not at home at the time. She was at work and that was the best choice. If she was at home, I would definitely have taken the gifts there. We always do it big. In 2015, we went on a cruise in Europe. In 2016, we went to Seychelles and in 2017, we were to go to London, but our six-month-old daughter did not have a passport, hence I settled for the Range Rover,” said Simon.


Kenyans blown away by interior view of mega mansion owned by Bonfire Adventures CEO (Video) 

Bonfire Adventures CEO and founder Simon Kabu is living in a palace. Interior view of Simon’s mega mansion left netizens in awe.

Simon Kabu loves flamboyance, in July 2017 he made tongues wag after he spent a whopping Kes 30 million to spoil his wife Sarah Kabu on her birthday.

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Mega mansion

Simon offered to show his fans the interior view of his palatial home. He showed viewers his living room and children’s playing area which were decorated with spectacular opulence.

Watch the clip below:





Bonfire Adventures CEO brings Nairobi to a standstill as he surprises wife with 30 million birthday package (Photos)

A brand new Ranger Rover wrapped as a gift and a giant Kes 120,000 cake transported on a pickup in the CBD… that’s how city tycoon Simon Kabu surprised his wife on her birthday yesterday.

Simon Kabu – the CEO and founder of Bonfire Adventures (tour company) spent 30 million to spoil his wife Sarah Kabu on her birthday.

The tycoon walked into his wife’s work place in the CBD escorted by cameramen to surprise her, he brought along the expensive gift he bought her.

Simon bought a brand new Range Rover which had a special message for his wife on its number plate, the message read “HBD Sarah”.

The expensive gift was accompanied with a giant Kes 120,000 cake which was transported on a pickup and guarded by bouncers and motorbike outriders.

After the surprise in the CBD, the couple went to a top city club for the real birthday party, Simon and Sarah are expected to leave for holiday in Seychelles.