Ringtone is desperate to find love: ‘I am hoping I will get someone to love me’

Ringtone is one of those artists we have had in the game for the longest time…and although his music career hasn’t hit that much, he continues to fight for his spot in the entertainment scene and yea – he ain’t stopping anytime soon.

Ringtone with bestie, Ezra

The singer recently revealed he’d quit making gospel music and was now part of the secular music industry as he plans on releasing love songs…keep in mind…not gengetone. Songs that can be played at a wedding ceremony or something like that.

Well with his embarking on this journey, Ringtone recently revealed his latest stage name….and waah enyewe people are hustling out here but back to the singer’s new stage name which is Ringtone Blington KE adding;

My expensive pieces of jewellery will be my identity. I am an expensive artiste and Kenyans want to see me perform for them.


Just research and see where I have performed before. I used to perform in church and crusade concerts, but I have not performed in clubs


Desperate to find love?

With the new stage name already revealed, Ringtone says he will also be dropping his first secular song this week; a song he hopes will help him bag a woman who will finally love him for who he is.

The song is called ‘Mpenzi pamoja’. I wrote the song and I am hoping I will get someone to love me since I am now singing love songs.

And come to think of it, how comes Ringtone rarely gets linked to scandals concerning girls; I mean, apart from the alleged baby mamas he’s said to have – have you ever heard of him linked to any ladies around? Mmmh….slate too clean to be true?