We did a church wedding, not come we stay – DJ Mo defends himself

Gospel DJ Mo and his wife Size 8 have been in the headlines for years now as blogs and papers continue reporting about their life.

All the same, the two recently revealed that Kenyans don’t know them as much as they think they do just because they keep reading about them.

The gospel DJ had to defend his marriage saying that it’s not a come we stay but he married Size 8 in a proper church wedding. DJ Mo even said he has photos to prove the two had a happy, fruitful church ceremony but he will share the snaps when he is ready.

“Like I said, people purport to know us but they do not. They just know 5% of the Murayas,” he said. 


The two have shown almost everything about their life other than the wedding. Fans insisted they are lying because by now they would have at least celebrated an anniversary already.

Mo however, insisted that he has even pictures to prove the wedding happened.

“I can assure you we got married in a church wedding and someday we will release the photos,” he added. 

Size 8: My husband has never cheated on me

Singer Size 8 has come out deny that her hubby DJ Mo has been in other several cookie jars even after the two exchanged vows.

Speaking on Radio Jambo, Size 8 shot down swirling rumors that DJ MO has been a serial cheater since they became a couple 6 years ago.

Size 8 said that Mo cheating on her are just petty rumours being pushed around by idle Kenyans.

“It’s not true. my husband has never stepped out of our marriage. those are just rumors from people,” she said. 


Size 8 was among artists who vehemently defended gospel singers Hopekid and DK Kwenye Beat after their threesome saga. Though DJ Mo chose to stay away, Size 8 was forced to also take back her support after Kenyans attacked her.

In the interview, the singer also confessed that switching to gospel was a huge risk for her but she decided to do it anyway.

“Getting saved was a danger to my job as an artiste because my fans were not used to my gospel songs. i locked myself up in the house for at least two weeks because i thought i was the queen of sin,” she posted. 

DJ Mo explains why he recently had to visit the hospital and get several painful injections

A video of DJ Mo in hospital fearing an injection has been doing rounds on social media for several days.

The video, which was posted by Size 8, shows the DJ getting an injection from a doctor but the two never detailed why he was in hospital.

“Ona huyu ako tooooo scared of shindano ya hosi ??????????????? thanks to the great nurse well done he only tried once and it worked……. I know God has already healed you dear ???????” she posted. 


DJ Mo has come out to explain why he was in hospital saying that it was just an allergy and nothing much.

“It was just an allergy that was caused by eating too many proteins,” he said. 


Size 8 and DJ Mo mark 5 years of marriage with sweet message

Power couple DJ Mo and Size 8 have come a long way since they started dating. The two lovers recently took to social media to share how their love has made them grow stronger and closer.

“Wow, what can I say to you father Lord but publicly praise you thank you glorify your holy name for such blessings in my life am celebrating 5 years of marriage just because of you. It is not the work of flesh but by your excess love through your son Jesus Christ and your mighty power I’ve such amazing memories. I can testify of such a miracle.

“To you ohh Lord be all the glory. Thank you for blessing me with the best husband heaven can produce for me @djmokenya. May this our marriage be your instrument to encourage others who have lost hope in marriage that you are still able to perform miracles and that they should believe against all that you can rescue their marriages…To you my husband @djmokenya I soooo love you and thank you for loving me back #5thanniversary #themurayas #Godisstillworkingmiracles,” she posted on Instagram.


Size 8 went on to say that people warned her from dating DJ Mo but she took her chances and did anyway. Five years later, she doesn’t regret a thing.

“When I started this marriage journey with my husband, many people told me, ‘How can a star like me, just get married to an ordinary deejay?  Some made jokes that other ladies are getting cars as gifts from their husbands but I got a mixtape. Well, this guy who was called an ordinary deejay is doing exploits now in Christ Jesus.

 “This is to show you God can use anyone and raise anyone just have faith and Trust God. And I know God is not yet finished with him, he is about to do even more through him. To every deejay out here, God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above your imagination. And to everyone else don’t let anybody discourage you.” She disclosed.


Size 8 was afraid of leaving the hospital after giving birth to her first child

Singer Size 8 was paralyzed with fear after delivering her first daughter. On social media, Size 8 shared her experience after undergoing CS delivery, saying that was afraid because she was clueless about taking care of her baby.

Size 8 delivered her daughter Ladasha Belle Muraya on 19 November 2015. She posted the message to encourage new mums that might be in the same situation.

“To all the new mothers out there wondering if the child will ever grow coz of the work involved in raising a very little one especially fresh from childbirth they grow up fast take courage I remember the first day I was given @ladashabelle after CS I was clueless wondering how and what am I supposed to do with a little tiny baby. I was afraid to leave the hospital and go home by God’s grace she is almost 3years now wow to God be the glory,” read part of her post.


In the past, the singer also narrated how delivering the baby became a life threatening situation.

“I wanted a natural birth but I had so many complications in my pregnancy. Pressure ilikuja na pregnancy, ikapanda mtoto karibu atoke. Nikaenda kupimwa it was 178 ndio they told me they can’t let me go because after 160 it’s dangerous,” she said.

“They induced me because I was insisting I wanted a natural birth. So ikakataa kabisa. I was feeling pain but sina hata nguvu. Hiyo pressure ilikuwa imenimaliza nguvu. Niko in pain but si dilate. Heartbeat ya mtoto inateremka chini. I was forced to go for a CS and cried as I didn’t want a CS.” Size 8 revealed and so she tried to see whether the baby would come but no avail. “I tried but my husband went and talked with the gynaecologist and I was wheeled into the theater crying.”




Did Size 8 and DJ Mo finally listened to Jalang’o? Size 8’s new song might make you think so 

Singer Size 8 and comedian Jalang’o recently locked horns as each tried to prove how a “proper” gospel song should sound. While Jalang’o was very much against the new funny funny titled songs we are are seeing of late, “Mateke” singer Size 8 believed the songs were just fine and Jalang’o was just hating.


Judging from her new music, maybe she finally agreed with Jalas and decided to record a song that doesn’t fall in the Jigi Jigi and KDF categories that many have been bashing lately.

The singer has released a worship song called “Arise” which fans are totally loving. The song has been produced by DJ Mo and video done by TrueD Pictures.

Watch the song below:



DJ Mo: Be careful of the monster called BITTERNESS, on your way down be careful of DESPAIR 

DJ Mo has been in the entertainment business for long enough and has seen a lot. The veteran DJ has been sharing some educative information that can help his fans become better human beings in general through his social media account.

Be humble

The gospel DJ recently was on Instagram to share how pride has killed many career when people start rising and enjoying success. Many people forget their humble past when they get money but once the money goes, despair finishes them off.

DJ Mo at TenderHub offices

Here’s what he said:

“When you are at the top, be careful of the monster called PRIDE. Pride will make you look down on the people who haven’t attained your level of success.  When you are at the bottom, be careful of the monster called BITTERNESS. Bitterness will make you jealous and think that other people are the reason you haven’t made it.”

He went on:

“When you are on the way to the top, watch out for GREED. Greed will make you impatient and make you steal or seek shortcuts.  When you are on your way down, be careful of the monster called DESPAIR. Despair will make you think it’s all over yet there is still hope.” 

Gold diggers to bite the dust after court declares no 50-50 wealth share after divorce 

Lazy Kenyan women who have always used marriages as away to enrich themselves are now in trouble after The High Court of Kenya on Monday, May 14, threw out a petition seeking to have spouses share matrimonial property on a 50/50 basis in the event of a divorce.

Only what a spouse has contributed to the marriage – be it the wife or the husband – will walk away with upon divorce after the High Court ruling.

Gold diggers nightmare

Women have been accused of using men for personal gains whereby they marry them and later divorce them, walking away with half their property.

“The beneficial share of each spouse as the law on the division of matrimonial property stands in Kenya ultimately depends on the parties’ proven respective proportions of the financial contributions either direct or indirect towards the acquisition of the property,” said judge Justice John Mativo. 

The Federation of Women lawyer (Fida) is not happy with the ruling and has promised to challenge it calling it unfair discrimination against women.

“Many times a spouse who is not contributing financially is normally the spouse who is contributing indirectly in form of taking care of children, estates, properties and love.” said John Chigiti.  

DJ Mo lands yet another lucrative deal, Size 8 cannot hide her happiness 

DJ Mo and his wife Size 8 keep rising no matter what some Kenyans try to say about their family and life. It’s not a secret the two entertainers have a number of endorsements which have seen them double their yearly earnings.

It seems DJ Mo has another reason to smile yet again after landing another lucrative deal, this time with Jamii Bora’s ‘Tender Hub’ which is set to help start ups and new business owners to access government and private tenders.

On Instagram the DJ posted a rather long message when announcing the partnership:

“Watu wangu, kama kawa me hupenda kuwachanua haswaa mavijana. We all want to make it in life, we have great ideas but are always scared of implementing them. This time tunawaletea #TenderHub from @jamiiborabank . For only 5k you get a 2 day course on the tendering process, they notify you about the tenders, they help you bid for them and when your bid goes through, they even finance your tender ?, pia wanakuchanua na sector you are strong in among other very important tendering matters.” he said. 

DJ Mo at TenderHub offices


“Isn’t that a big deal. So do hivi, do not be left out on this one. visit Tender Hub located at Jamii Bora Headquarters in Kilimani and get to learn more about this great ideas au sio. Lets make the next generation of great entrepreneurs.” 

Family excitement

Just as the man of the house sounded excited, Size 8 was just as thankful after his hubby sealed the deal and couldn’t hide her joy.

“Swity congrats @djmokenya love you….to God be the glory and swity never change the heart God has given you.’’ She wrote.

Size 8 reveals how her mother wanted to abort her

Size 8 wouldn’t have been in this world if it weren’t for a random doctor her mother met while planning for an abortion. The singer has left her fans shocked after sharing how her mother wanted to her abort her after her dad ditched her mother.

“My mother had gone to the hospital to remove me from her womb because life was so tough at that time with my dad,” Size 8 said during her show on which she co-hosts with DJ Ruff every Sunday.

Doctor changed her mother’s decision

She went on:

“So my mother went to the hospital and luckily she met a doctor who told her of the consequences of abortion. The doctor told her that she would die if she went ahead to abort me and looking at the fact that she had other 5 children she decided not to do it. She told the doctor that better she stays alive, so that she can take care of my other siblings at home.”

Size 8 and her family

She added:

“On her death bed before she left us my mom confessed to me that she wanted to let me go before i was born. She looked back and couldn’t imagine that the same baby that she wanted to remove from her womb was the same one who was paying her hospital bills.”

“I am praying against forces wishing DJ Mo and I a break up” Size 8 finally addresses ‘separation’ rumors

Size 8 has had it tough since she got saved 4 years ago. She has been dragged into a couple of scandals but seeing how much faith she has, the mother of one always let’s it roll over without talking about it.

However, after rumor had it that she had separated with DJ Mo… the gospel singer felt the need of addressing these statements released by a certain tabloid that wrote to say,

“It is alleged that Size 8 moved out of their matrimonial home during Easter after she allegedly found incriminating evidence that her husband, DJ Mo, was cheating on her.”

Size 8 with DJ Mo
Size 8 with DJ Mo

This caught many by surprise as DJ Mo and Size 8 always seem like the perfect couple. The thought of the gospel DJ Mo cheating on his wife was also new but speaking to eDaily Size 8 set the record straight as she denied the allegations  by saying,

“My marriage to DJ Mo is steadfast. I do not know the genesis of the reports claiming that Mo and I have separated. We still live in the same house, we still love each other. I am used to gossip being created around my life. When I got saved four years ago, I trended for a whole week on social media, with some quotas claiming, then, that my salvation was not genuine. I proved them wrong over time. Currently, I am an ambassador of an initiative known as Pima Pressure, and today (May 13), I posted a video on Instagram about the campaign; and toward the end of the video, if you watch it, you’d hear my husband, DJ Mo, speaking to me. That is enough evidence to counter allegations that we are not together as had been reported.”

Size 8 went on to add that her marriage is based on true love and nothing ‘not even’ fake stories can break them up.

“I am praying against forces wishing DJ Mo and I a break up. But again, my marriage is based on love and faith. My heart, nonetheless, won’t break when I read reports about us that are not true. I am used to people talking.”