DJ Mo smitten as he shares personal new photos of wife, Pastor Size 8 Reborn

The Muraya’s have not been having an easy time following Size 8’s video where she is performing exorcism of demons during a church service, something many have turned into a joke.

Judging from most comments, fans feel that Size 8 reborn may have exaggerated the exorcism stunt – maybe because they’ve seen the likes of Pastor Ng’ang’a, Kanyari and others do the same. But again – who are we to judge?

Why Size 8 is receiving backlash for exorcising demons

DJ Mo sweetly adores wife

Anyway with that going on social media, DJ Mo has come out to prove that despite everything said about his wife – he remains in love with her and is supportive of her ministry.

He did this by unveiling new photos ogling his wife and admiring her – just like the first time he set his eyes on her.

DJ Mo standing with wife

On the photos, DJ Mo is seen starring back at his wife ‘big assets’ which he refers to as his password… and yea – fans loved it!

Checking out my PASSWAORD ????…#TheMurayas

Size 8 responds to netizens mocking her for casting out demons, Claims God authorized her to!

Playful DJ Mo with wifeMaybe because they’ve seen the couple go through tough times together and even at some point were the talk of town following DJ Mo expose done by side chick through Edgar Obare’s page.

The Murayas

The scandal convinced many that Size 8 would walk out of her marital home following husband’s betrayal, but to our surprise the pastor stood strong with hubby and was willing to work through their issues.

Size 8 sticks by husband’s side despite cheating scandal

Since then, the two have tried to keep their marriage off social media – and so far, they look quite happy and supportive of each other.

I’ve Grown Up A Lot By Living With You- DJ Mo’s Message To Size 8 As She Celebrates Birthday

Gospel singer Size 8 (Linet Munyali) is celebrating her 34th birthday today, August 4. The talented singer’s hubby Dj Mo (Samuel Muraya), couldn’t help himself but pen an ecstatic message to his exquisite wife on her special day.

DJ Mo and Size 8 then and now-IG

He wrote on his Instagram;

”Ni mwezi wa nane na Imekuwa miaka nane ..❤️ na number nane ????…
On this day every year, I celebrate the tu small small steps we’ve shared the year thats past. It’s your birthday babe!!… By you; I become a husband and through you, a father. With it’s ups and down, I’ve grown up alot by living with you and doing life with you.

I’ve learnt that there’s so much more to lead a family like ours and especially in times we live in, more so, who we are out there. Thank you for the laughter, the doors you help open or shut, the encouragement in lows or lowers. Here’s to the future my love… Here’s to aging in grace and knowledge of God and man… May God’s favor be upon you all your days , and may you keep serving Him forever . I love you ulivyo , happy birthday ????????????.”

Size 8 reacted on her hubby’s post stating;

@djmokenya my king my head my gift woi thanks swity woi swity God has brought us this far together we are doing life as 1 flesh am so greatful to have you my love???????????????? lakini tunazeeka???????????????? wewe unazeeka faster than me ????????????????”

The two sweethearts have been together for 8 years now. Together, they have two lovely kids, Ladasha Belle Muraya, and Samuel Muraya Jnr.

Happy Birthday Size 8!

“Sisi hatuachani” Mr Seed laughs off after Bahati is exposed for allegedly cheating on wife with Weezdom’s lady friend

Word making rounds on social media is that Bahati; and wife Diana Marua might be having marriage issues following cheating allegations. So far all we know is that Weezdom and his wife Staecy have also unfollowed each other meaning that there is more to the story.

With the information making rounds on social media, Mr Seed who broke his friendship with Bahati a year ago; joined the many Kenyans weighing in on the alleged break up.

The Bahatis

Through his social media pages Mr Seed went on to share a playful video with his wife; but what caught most peoples attention is the captioned used on the photo. The young singer who was clearly mocking Bahati wrote;

Seed exposed by Weezdom

This comes a year after Seed also found his marriage hanging by a threat after Weezdom exposed him for cheating on Nimo. According to the fella, Mr Seed had not only been sleeping around; but had rented an extra apartment for his extra curriculum activities.


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A post shared by MR.SEED OFFICIAL (@mrseedofficial)

Fortunately for Seed his baby mama did not walk out on him nor did she block; and unfollow him on IG. From how happy they now look, it’s obvious to see that he worked his way back into Nimo’s heart and the two are now raising their son.

As for Bahati’s fate, well only Diana Marua can decided but most probably it’ll end up like Size 8 and DJ Mo.

Size 8 throws a ‘low key’ birthday party to celebrate son’s 1st birthday (Videos)

;Size 8 and husband DJ Mo have been making headlines for the wrong reasons; but just when we thought things were getting out of hand the two ended up proving many wrong.

However what many know is that they are not as perfect as they always portrayed themselves on social media; and thanks to DJ Mo’s cheating scandal, at least their married fans know that each and every marriage faces some challenges here and there.

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In the midst of all the drama, they somehow managed to pull out stronger and judging from their social media pages everything now seems to be back to normal.

Size 8 and hubby, DJ Mo

Son’s 1st birthday

For those who remember well; there is a good reason as to why Size 8 refers to her son, Muraya Junior as her miracle. This is because she went through all sorts of challenges including battling with her blood pressure when she was pregnant with him.

According to Size 8 she wasn’t so sure as to whether her baby would make it; but thanks to her prayers Muraya Junior was born and has been growing up as a healthy baby boy.

Size 8 with son, Muraya Junior and daughter, Ladashabelle

On Thursday, 12 November the Muraya celebrated their son’s first birthday in a low key event: that saw family and friends attend. As seen on Size 8’s page, the couple treated the young ones to a pool party which was later moved to a more private area at the PrideInn hotel.

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Below are a few photos and videos from the low key party.


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A post shared by Size 8 Reborn (@size8reborn)


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A post shared by Size 8 Reborn (@size8reborn)

Size 8 blames husband’s cheating ways on the devil

Singer Size 8 must be going through a hard time especially now that everyone knows that her husband cannot keep it in his pants!

This is after blogger Edgar Obare shared receipts proving that indeed DJ Mo has been in an entanglement with a lady from Bahrain. Well, the exposè not only left DJ Mo looking like the cheating type but confirmed that he is unhappy in his marriage.

Singer Size 8 speaks

Size 8 speaks

Addressing her husbands infidelity through her Instagram page, Size 8 made it known that her marriage is not as perfect as many assumed!

What has been said about my marriage has been said whether it is true or not I dont know only God knows the whole truth and we cannot reverse what has been said.

She however went on to admit that at the moment she remains bitter with what has been happening; but what seems to surprise fans is the fact that she claims the devil used and lied to her husband.

DJ Mo video calling Side chick

I ve been angry and sad handling things physically but that stage is over for the bible says in Ephesians 6:12 we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities rules of darkness mashetani And if any of us fight physically we are bound to fail coz the devil is the main enemy not people. So no point of bitterness anger unforgiveness or fits of rage!!


As for women going through the same pain she is currently facing; Size 8 went on to encourage them by saying;

To all women and men facing hard situations of all kinds in marriage God is able to defend your homes let’s pray in the name of Jesus!!
LET THE MARRIAGE PRAYER MOVEMENT BEGIN FROM TODAY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!!! We meet live on my ig and Facebook on the 3rd day at 8pm that is on Saturday for atleast 30mins of praying together.

in conclusion mama Muraya Junior went on to add;

Look, I am the LORD, the God over every creature. Is anything too difficult for me!!! Jeremiah 32:27 MARRIAGE IS A VERY GREAT COVENANT!!! A COVENANT CREATED BY GOD!!! @djmokenya @ladashabelle.wambo @muraya.jnr #themurayas #DineWithTheMurayas

“Mkono mtupu haulambwi!” Size 8 tells DJ Mo to either measure up or quit (Video)

The Muraya’s marriage drama keeps getting better by the day and this time, Size 8 has dared DJ Mo to either treat her right or give up the union.

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These two have had to involve other couples into their marriage battles after signs of a marriage going south showed up soon as baby Muraya Junior popped in.

The Murayas

The ratings

In the most recent episode of Dine with the Murayas, the gospel artist confronted her husband for failing to match up to her female friends’ standards; some have two house helps, others are treated to some chocolate every evening they come home but in her case, it is as dry as the Sahara.

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The disk jockey quickly clapped back:

Unaweza wajoin uende uhame na ukae nao. Kila wiki unafanya booking kwa kila mmoja wao.

DJ Mo and Size 8 in a heated argument

For Size 8, she had been in enough homes to understand how a wife should be spoilt by her husband and DJ Mo was nowhere close to that.

Juzi kwa chama, kina Beki walinunua Rangerover Sport mypa wacha hii yetu mzee.

Pissed off by his wife’s ridiculous rants, DJ Mo responded:

You see my friend Mike, when he gets home, the first thing, his wife offers him a glass of juice. My friend Jose, when he comes back to work in the evening, his wife massages his feet with warm water.

Celebrated gospel DJ, Samuel Muraya

Well, for Linet Munyali, that is because their husbands come home carrying something valuable not empty-handed like DJ Mo.

My husband, mkono mtupu haulambwi! Give and it shall come back to you.

DJ Mo wanted his wife to welcome him home every evening with a glass of juice and kneel when she serves him dinner and other hand, Size 8 wanted her husband to serenade her with sweet words, have a 6-pack and buy her a new Range Rover Sport.

DJ Mo’s plan to have Size 8 equally foot family bills works to his advantage (Video)

DJ Mo and Size 8 is one couple grappling with marital issues but hardly let it out because the Instagram life just doesnt allow.

Plus, who wants to parade their private business online only to paint themselves in bad light? No one! The more it looks like it works, then the better for them and their followers.

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Unfortunately, the reality will always hit home one way or the other and recent reports confirm it.

Intervention plan

Size 8 recently called her hubby mamas boy and this never sat well with the disk jockey who has decided to clap black by inviting gospel artist Evelyn Wanjiru and her husband Agundabweni Akweyu to help solve their financial issues.

Enyewe, huyu [Size 8] hajakuwa akinichukulia serious, bills zote ni zangu, kila kitu ni mimi hufanya lakini pesa yake ni ya familia yake. Kazi yake ni kuvaa tu.

An irate Size 8 slammed her hubby for suggesting she should stop funding her family back home and concentrate on their marriage instead.

This saw Mr Agunda intervene, giving an example of his scenario where he finances a project together with Evelyne and that way, everyone feels comfortable and contributes to their familys upkeep.

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However, Evelyne manages the finances so that she doesnt feel overpowered.

The Outcomes

Baba Wambo got so impressed he swore he was going to do exactly the same with his wife.

Its going to be hard for her to keep sending money to her family because she has to invest in the business first. Kaproject nitakaforce ata kama tutafungua ya avocado, nitafungua kesho.

Evelyne on the other end, tried urging Size 8 to change her ways because now she is a married woman not the single Linet Munyali who would dish out every penny she got to her family back home.

Tell your husband, discuss with him if you want to send money home but make him feel taken care of as well.

The plan worked, with the Muraya couple admitting that a good project would see them save so much money as well as see the family enjoy positive growth.

I would love to have a project with Mo so that we don´t overspend.

DJ Mo rants about running broke, Size 8 savagely claps back (Video)

Size 8 and DJ Mo is definitely one celebrity couple to be around, because their pettiness is worth couple dollars.

The two fight over the most trivial things, this time its about who is given maximum attention in the house, the next, they are tired of married life and this time round, DJ Mo is tired of always being the home provider.

Unfortunately, the African tradition puts the man in the place of a home provider and complaining about it only lowers the rank of a man in the family.

Size 8 and hubby, DJ Mo

The rant

During their weekly TV show, DJ Mo was heard complaining:

In this house, my money is ours. But pesa yako (Size 8), ni ya familia yako. Size 8 akitaka makeup, mara kanywele, hakuna avocado, hakuna nini…pesa yote ni yangu.

This saw the Yahweh singer swing her lips and give her husband that look, like he should know his place in that family.

The gospel DJ was quickly advised that he can only complain about that to God otherwise, he needs to plan himself as the man of the house.

The comeback

He went on to ask his beloved:

Do you feel that is an issue? Unafeel kama nimekuonea…do you understand where I was coming from?

Who quickly bashed:

Si unajiitanga Topadetop DJ Mo, kuwa topa ata kwa nyumba. Fanya kila kitu. Si unajiweza, mbona unacomplain?

The mother of two was at the least bit impressed by her husbands behavior for calling Evelyne Wanjiru and her hubby to come and listen to nothing but pure revenge.

Ai Mo, enyewe babe haukuwangi serious hii ndio kesi umeita kina Evelyne wakuje wasolve, story haiko ni revenge tu unajaribu kufanya?

Meanwhile, Happy 33rd Birthday to Mama Wambo and Muraya Junior!

Trouble in paradise? Size 8 and DJ Mo rumored to be facing serious marital issues

Size 8 and DJ Mo have been rumored to be facing marital issues; however the two often deny this in public and for some reason their PR manager is also quite careful as none of their scandals has ever made it online!

Rumor has that Baba Wambo changed after the fame and money; and is now said to be eating both life with a big spoon…but always covers his tracks.

Size 8 on the other hand is said to be the money maker with the brains – and being a mum, she now can’t juggle her career, kids and husband.

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Anyway speaking to Radio Maisha’s Billy and Mbaruk who hosted her on their Celebrity Hot Seat show; Mama Wambo aka Size 8 denied any rumors claiming that all was not well at home.

DJ Mo and Size 8’s shaky marriage

DJ Mo cheating on vulnerable Size 8

However according to Billy and Mbaruk, a reliable source had informed them of the ongoing issues between the power couple.

Wanasema kwamba wewe na hubby mko tu pale for the camera lakini behind the scenes ni kubaya mbaya

Size 8 and hubby, DJ Mo

But as usual Size 8 seems to have mastered the art of concealing pain and anything concerning her marriage to a point. Unlike many women out here, Size 8 has proven to hold her tongue when responding to rumors claiming her hubby has other people on the side!

This however comes just a few weeks after Size 8 was caught on camera complaining about dry spell; after 3 weeks of no sex, not forgetting that her husband is always out with the boys.

Babe tumekaa three weeks hatujahave sex kwa hii nyumba; fault ni yako nikikupigia simu sijui uko na maboyz sijui unafanya nini na maboys.

DJ Mo on the other hand revealed that the ‘over sized advertisement T-shirts’ were the main reason sex was off the table; since they turned him off! But come on really?

Size 8 opens up about her fear of losing husband to slay queens!

Size 8 might be a preacher and a gospel artist but that does not mean that she never gets jealous when it comes to her husband, DJ Mo.

Speaking recently to Sarah Kabu, the gospel singer opened up about some few things that give her sleepless nights. According to Size there are a few characters on social media who wake up with the thought of ruining other people’s marriages.

Not that she is insecure, but just like most women Size 8 can’t help but overthink when it comes to these ‘devils.’ For the first time she admitted to having no solution to this problem that definitely leaves her looking like a crazy lady. She went to open up saying;

 “I do not know how you deal with these tiny devils, yes let me call them devils, who wake up in the morning with the sole purpose of destroying your marriage,”

DJ Mo’s side of the story

However speaking about these issues, DJ Mo went on to blame his wife’s insecurity; and pettiness considering that he has to explain himself everytime Size 8 spots him in the company of a beautiful lady.

He went on to share his side of the story saying;

Gospel celebrity couple, Size 8 and DJ Mo

Sometimes a client will innocently come in and chat me up or hug me and after that I will have to give explanations. That itself is a big problem.

This comes barely a week after Size 8 publicly revealed that her husband had not serviced her for almost 3 weeks. DJ Mo on the other hand put the blame on his wife for showing up with promo oversized tshirts to bed.

Well, just like most men the gospel DJ finds this unattractive hence leaving him feeling uninterested even when his wife is in the mood.

Why DJ Mo blames Size 8 for their inactive bedroom life (Video)

DJ Mo and Size 8’s reality show has started receiving some feed back thanks to the latest episode aired last night on NTV!

Surprisingly this time around the couple decided to discuss their sex life on national TV; a move that has left many talking on social media.

It all started when DJ Mo picked out a paper from their ‘bowl game’ only to find out what was written involved his sex life! Apparently his wife complained about a 3 week dry spell that had left her all cranky and chatty!

Singer Size 8

Failed stunt?

Seeing how the Bahati’s have been doing with their reality show; the Muraya’s must have stepped up their game – but sadly not with a well thought stunt!

The two chose to discuss their bedtime activities and since Size 8 had not been getting any; she decided to complain about it only for Mr Muraya to share his main reason for not getting intimate with her.

According to DJ Mo, the ‘over sized promo T-shirts’ were his main reason for not giving his wife some love. Not that this line has not been used before – DJ Mo failed badly as his body language clearly proved some acting was involved!

KoT bash DJ Mo

Fans bash the Muraya’s

Kenyan on Twitter who tuned in to check whether the show was legit or mediocre – like the previous reality show; ended up trashing the entire station for publicizing fake reality shows.

It’s not like the reality show was that bad; but many couldn’t understand why Size 8 got dramatic when her husband mentioned the promo T-shirt’s she ways to bed! While others saw it as an immature way of solving problems; considering the two have been married for years.

KoT troll the Muraya’s

Check out the popular clip from the dinning with Muraya’s dry spell episode shared on social media.


“Unaolewa na DJ ukule mixtape?” Size 8 laughs off at this statement years after many discouraged her not marry DJ Mo

They say he who laughs last, laughs best and it appears that Size 8 has the last laugh after many thought her marriage with DJ Mo wouldn’t head anywhere.

The gospel singer recently revealed that many told her not to marry a DJ since most did not make enough money to sustain themselves.

According to Mama Wambo, she recalls many looking down on her man DJ Mo but she never felt the urge of giving up on him and the little they had.

Blessings on blessings!

Well now that the years have gone, the couple seems to be enjoying the fruits of their efforts. So far we understand that they own a mansion in Nairobi’s Lavington area.

Well now DJ Mo has gone ahead to open a nails parlor for his wife as a birthday gift. Size 8 shared the good news through her Instagram page where she wrote saying;

Size 8 responds to rumors linking her husband to twins who resemble their daughter Ladasha

Gospel singer and preacher Size 8 seems to have already come across a story claiming her husband DJ Mo fathered twins with another woman.

This is after a certain lady by the name of Carol Nduta went on to hint that her baby daddy has been neglecting his daughters; however what caught many peoples attention is the striking resemblance the twins shared with Ladasha.

DJ Mo’s twin daughters?

This automatically left social media users linking DJ Mo to the twins. DJ Mo on the other hand decided to address the issue through his Instagram page where he wrote saying;

You cannot bring this man down , especially with fake stories- try harder coz saa hii #sijajua mengi because ujue simba akiamka ….::::… story for another day … I keep saying Dj Mo is God’s project . Enjoy your day watu wangu . #topadetopdj.

Size 8 siding with her husband

Singer Size 8 has also gone to show her support for her husband in a new photo shared on her Instagram.

Judging from her caption it appears that Size 8 was probably showing that the love she shared with her man is still intact and cannot be affected by rumors making rounds on social media. She wrote saying;

LOVE THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE???????????????????????? ❤️❤️❤️???????????? @djmokenya………..God is love…..

Size 8