“She’s a liar and a fraud” Ringtone reacts to video clip of Size 8 performing ‘miracles’

Ringtone might not be releasing any new music but believe me – when it comes to giving interviews – this guy spills it all.

Just a few days ago, Ringtone opened up about Size 8’s viral video where she was seen casting demons, and according to Ringtone – that was fake. From what he says is that Size 8 may have aimed at creating attention towards herself with the help of the viral video.

Ringtone Apoko- Photo Credits- Google

Although the video shared on Presenter Ali’s YouTube channel doesn’t focus much on Ringtone blasting Size 8 – at least we got to hear him say;

Size 8 anatafuta attention.

A Fraud

According to Ringtone, all he knows is that there is nothing like driving out demons exorcism. Maybe because he understands the level of fake ness most of these popular pastors have and being in the same industry – Ringtone might just know what he is talking about.

Speaking about preacher Size 8 reborn – the controversial singer went on;

Preacher Size 8

Hakuna mtu anaweza ombea pepo litoke, Size 8 nimuongo.

Well – not quite sure whether Ringtone spoke his truth about Size Reborn or he let his angry side do the talking on his behalf….but truth is –  he just lost a friend in the Murayas family!