Kenyans can’t believe socialite Vera Sidika lost her virginity just 9 years ago, at age 20

Socialite Vera Sidika recently opened up on her sexual life, shocking many after revealing when she first had sex.

Celebs of late have been opening up on when they first had sex and for Vera, it all happened when she was 20 years. Okay, Vera is 29 years old now. Many have claimed she has been 29 for the past 3 years a thing that has always disturbed fans.


Anyway, according to the socialite, it all happened after taking Amarula, which, was also her first time to take alcohol.

The socialite was speaking in a question and answer session on her instagram page where she revealed several other things such as dating Kabogo’s son(she didn’t) and hoping to be a mother soon.

She also claimed she’s a friend of American superstar Drake and they speak once in a while.

Size 8: My husband has never cheated on me

Singer Size 8 has come out deny that her hubby DJ Mo has been in other several cookie jars even after the two exchanged vows.

Speaking on Radio Jambo, Size 8 shot down swirling rumors that DJ MO has been a serial cheater since they became a couple 6 years ago.

Size 8 said that Mo cheating on her are just petty rumours being pushed around by idle Kenyans.

“It’s not true. my husband has never stepped out of our marriage. those are just rumors from people,” she said. 


Size 8 was among artists who vehemently defended gospel singers Hopekid and DK Kwenye Beat after their threesome saga. Though DJ Mo chose to stay away, Size 8 was forced to also take back her support after Kenyans attacked her.

In the interview, the singer also confessed that switching to gospel was a huge risk for her but she decided to do it anyway.

“Getting saved was a danger to my job as an artiste because my fans were not used to my gospel songs. i locked myself up in the house for at least two weeks because i thought i was the queen of sin,” she posted. 

Cassava game strong! Vera hints that her new West African man is carrying something huge in his pants

Socialite Vera Sidika is in the headlines yet again over some penis-related news.

The socialite a few months ago left Kenyans speechless after claiming ex-lover Otile Brown not only was a one-minute man in bed, but also has a small manhood.

The comments brought about a lot of mixed emotions as Kenyans argued whether it was all necessary. The socialite has yet again returned with almost similar comments, this time praising her new man who is from West Africa, Senegal to be exact, for his manhood.

On Instagram, Vera informed a fan that her new man is everything she has prayed for and also, that he carries a massive mjulubeng unlike Otile.


She praised the unknown man telling the fan that he’s really blessed down there.


Here’s the convo:


Size 8’s beautiful message to DJ Mo as he celebrates his birthday 

Gospel singer Size 8 was on social media recently to celebrate her man’s birthday as he turned 32 years old.

NTV’s Crossover 101 DJ Mo has just celebrated his birthday and his wife was all part of it.

The two might have a party later on today but first, Size 8 wanted to appreciate him on social media.


“Hiyo picha someone can think it’s my little princess @ladashabelle, but that’s not her believe me am the mum. @djmokenya happy birthday all the best in life may you grow on spiritually more than physically that you may fully be who God wants you to be. So that God is pleased this is what’s important” wrote Size 8.

Mo also took to social media to mark the day and thank his fans.

“This is the day I was born , ooooh I dedicate it to you my God. May I continue serving you and always loving you . Thank you Almighty God for the Favor and the gift of life . To all my fans and supporters asanteni for always showing me love regardless .HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me . #TopadetopDj. Guys since jana usiku , my Mpesa imeweka moto .wacha nikule zenu pia and also by the end of this week we bless Bethsaida children’s home … #HappyBirthdayDjMo wrote DJ Mo.

Friends indeed! Vera Sidika collects Akothee’s long overdue international award on her behalf

Even though one is completely dark and petite while the other used to be dark, but is now light and thicker, it’s only fair to say singer Akothee and socialite Vera Sidika can be one.

Vera picked Akothee’s Best Secular Musician award which she won in the fourth edition of America’s Diaspora Entertainment Awards and Recognition (DEAR) 2018 that happened three months ago.

Vera sent a clip to Akothee informing her about picking the award. Akothee later shared the video saying:

“ooh thank you so much for the compliments & the love and picking the Award on my behalf, Be blessed @queenveebosset do you my queen, 2019 BOSS MOVES ONLY GOD BLESS YOUR HUSTLE,” she said. 


Dr Pam Obare Mogaka and Alan Anami, the guys behind the awards, also confirmed that Vera has been tasked to deliver the award to the singer.

“From DEAR we thank you for accepting this award, so many levels work so hard we just want to recognize them every year, let’s go bigger this year – on behalf of Pam, thanks Alan- Dear Organizer,” said Anami. 

“@queenveebosset@akotheekenya at Queen V thank you for taking the award for our Boss lady. I love when women uplift each other. Congrats Akothee and on Behalf of our DEAR awards team. We love and appreciate your hard work. One of our Directors mentioned this earlier. @ahmanih thank you for your great management skills. Have a great new year Dr. Pam CEO DEAR awards.” added Pam.


Mzazi Willy M Tuva forced to defend his radio show after fan claims it’s disappointing lately

Citizen Radio host Willy M Tuva was recently forced to shoot down a fan’s allegation on social media that his show has become boring.

A fan accused Willy M Tuva of taking controversial sides on his show Mambo Mseto and has been adding more fuel to the ongoing artists’ beefs in the local industry.


The fan said that Tuva should focus on playing music and supporting artists rather than banging their heads. These is after the popular radio host asked Willy Paul what he thinks about Vera’s new jam which has pulled in a lot of views.

Fredrickwachira65 Lakini siku hizi uko na disappointments sana achana na interview za kuchochea wasanii… show yako ni ya kizazi sana Lakini unafail kwa maoni yangu Lakini,” wrote the fan.

Mzazi answered:

Mzaziwillytuva @fredrickwachira umepanic brother1 Kazi yangu ni kuuliza maswali siwaambii wasanii cha kujibu. Nauliza maswali kwa niaba ya wasikilizaji wajue wasiojua. Siogopi kuuliza yeyote chochote. Am a professional. Vera is a new artiste and deserves support, what’s wrong with seeking Willy Paul’s advice to Vera as she joins the industry? Kama hili limekuchoma ingia kwa YouTube ya Mseto Utateketea Kabisa ubaki majivu kakangu mpendwa. No pun intended,” wrote Mzazi Willy M. Tuva.



The real reason why DJ Mo and Size 8 ‘killed’ their Vlog and no longer post on YouTube

Last year, Size 8 and DJ Mo announced that they have launched a Vlog dubbed the The Muraya aimed at documenting their life.

The Vlog, which was on YouTube, went on to impress Kenyans as many got to see the life of the two and their daughter.

But after just several months, they stopped posting and never bothered to communicate to fans why.

Changed platform

A curious fan took to social media to ask DJ Mo why they are no longer posting on YouTube.

According to Mo, they moved from YouTube after landing a deal with streaming service Viusasa which has been buying locally produced visual content.

It’s not clear though why Mo and Size 8 haven’t been promoting the show on their social media pages.

Here’s the exchange:

‘A million views and no one cans sing the song’ Sosuun blasts Vera for allegedly buying YouTube views

Kenrazy’s wife Sosuun has blasted Vera Sidika for allegedly buying YouTube views for her new song “Nalia.”

Nalia it’s on it’s way to a million views now on YouTube and Sidika has been doing everything in her power to make sure the song remains a trending topic.


Sosuun claimed that the reason why Vera Sidika started the Nalia challenge was because fans don’t know the song.

The problem with buying views is realizing with all those counts nobody can really sing along to the song then you go back to square one which is ‘sing for money wins’ it’s better true to stay to your art otherwise you are lying to one but yourself.” said Sosuun. 

Vera announced the challenge on Monday but very few have bothered. She later deleted the post after noticing the challenge was a flop.


Otile after Vera claimed he’s poor in bed: No media interviews for me now or in near future 

Just days after Vera Sidika shocked Kenyans after openly confessing that Otile Brown is poor in bed, the singer has spoken for the first time.

Sidika on Monday went on a rant claiming that Otile has a small cassava and is poor in bed, lasting only 10 seconds. She accused him of not satisfying her a thing that left her with masturbation as the only options.

New strategy

Speaking with Edaily, Otile confessed that he’s not ready to do interviews in the near future because he has a new strategy that will better his brand.

“I do not need to be all over. I can’t promise to grant you an interview today or in the near future. As an artiste, I should be very strategic on how I go about media tours and general interviews. I should grant such sessions when I have something to say or introduce into the market. Currently, I have taken a break from such interviews as I strategise on my brand,” said Otile Brown.

When Otile was aked whether he felt the heat after being exposed by the socialite-cum-singer, Otile Brown hanged up.

Vera Sidika: Fans saying I had HIV broke me down to tears 

Socialite Vera Sidika has opened up on a rumour that was started by her enemies because she was doing better than them that almost broke her down.

Speaking on Radio Jambo, the socialite said that she was doing well at the beginning of her career and managed to score a lot of deals but her competitors started spreading a rumours that she’s HIV positive to kill her career.

“Before I did the bleaching, some people trolled me online, saying I was HIV positive.I was famous in my own circles and I used to have many followers on my Facebook page, and also as a cover girl of the Pulse magazine, and so I already had a name. It was my haters and people I was modelling with, because I had a huge following and I became famous before them, Vera told Massawe on Radio Jambo.

Thick Skin

Vera claimed that the rumour broke her down especially after her mum called her but later developed a thick skin and doesn’t care what people say now.

“I cried so much and I even called my mother about it. I mean, it was so tough for me. I nowadays love the trolls because most of the people who troll me are not because they hate me, but because they want to seek attention with my page. I can explain, some of them have few likes on their page, but when they put up something in my post, they get so many likes, and that is what I think excites them,” she said.


How many men will see your nakedness before you settle down? Vera forced to answer

Socialite Vera Sidika was recently forced to give a fan a rather unexpected answer after she took to instagram to announce her trip to the US.

The socialite, who has been in the news for dating several men now and sleeping with others, including older ones, posted a raunchy photo of Gucci man with his girlfriend while posting the announcement but a fan wanted to know when she’ll stop sleeping around and settle down.

“How many men will see your nakedness before you settle down?” asked a fan who goes by the name Frankutt.

Vera Sidika, who seemed not to have taken the comment lightly then sarcastically responded to Frankutt saying that the number may get to one thousand men.

“@Frankuttt maybe 1000,” responded Vera Sidika.

Vera was recently accused of dumping Otile Brown who she dated for less than six months. Before that, she was with a white guy who she dumped because he was too young. In the entertainment industry, the socialite has also been rumored to date several guys.


Vera hits the gym to get her sexy back after being dumped by Otile

Socialite Vera Sidika has really added weight this year, especially after meeting with singer Otile Brown. But now after their bitter break, it seems Vera is looking at getting her fly body back.

She recently shared that she is back to working out and wants to shed a few kgs especially around her thighs and ass which have ballooned in the last few days.

Vera Sidika and her trainer Shiverenje Simani.


Vera told fans that she is currently 76kgs and wants to lose 10 kgs so she will be spending 4 days a week in a gym. She will be making sure she’s at the gym by 8:30 am then leave for work.

“So I made Gym a morning routine 4 times a week & I’m still shook at how disciplined I am. I drive from Kitusuru to Ngong Road & By 8:30am already at the gym, damn!
In love with my flat tummy. Just need to lose 10kgs of thighs & ass. Currently weigh 76kgs, Had to carry forward make up from my photoshoot, it was too good to wash of,”
 shared Vera Sidika.


Vera Sidika need for a baby pushes her to start helping single mums

We have seen Vera Sidika several times wishing she has a baby girl. Vera has posted several times online that she wish she had a baby and now, she had decided to help single mothers who are struggling.

Taking to instagram, Vera announced that she plans to give struggling single mothers a treat at Vera Sidika’s Beauty Parlour every month till December.

“I have been having a noticeably crazy baby fever over the past few weeks & jana during a late night read I thought of something. As much as I have this new found love for kids and all that cuteness they come with, there’s women out there who truly struggle bringing up their children as single moms,” she posted. 

“Some of these women had unplanned pregnancies or were left by their men during the pregnancy, but they still went ahead had their babies, scaled through that challenge & single handedly brought up their kids to be the most successful, confident, humans we have today. That to me is very POWERFUL! One thing I just realized is that single mothers are often neglected when it comes to doing good/charity projects & they too need our help from time to time.

Look good

She went on to add that she will pick five mom in the five months because she believes every woman deserves to look good.

“For this reason, I would like to offer a full makeover for a single mom every month of this year (till December) So I’ll pick 5 single moms for the 5 months left. that includes; pedi, mani, hair @verasidikabeautyparlor Cause I believe every woman deserves to look & feel good once in a while despite what they go through …then have lunch/dinner with me, plus grocery shopping for a month. Kindly nominate or mention a young struggling single mom you truly feel deserves this & tell us their story (they don’t have to be on ig, could be a friend, neighbour, stranger u met one day & felt they needed help) the comment with most likes/interaction will b considered.”


Fans beg Otile Brown to impregnate Vera ASAP after her recent baby posts

Socialite Vera Sidika is seeing babies left right and centre, we are not sure about Otile Brown. Sidika, is having a serious baby fever and has been posting random photos of cute babies almost everyday on her Instagram page.

This has forced fans to put pressure on Otile Brown to make a manly moves and impregnate the socialite with baby number two before another man does.  The two, who were rumoured to have parted ways a while back, confirmed to fans that it was all a stunt after they released their new collabo: Baby Love.

Love babies

Vera has been admiring other people’s babies and sharing their photos on Instagram, something that fans have stated is an indirect message to Otile that she needs a baby. ASAP.

Or, maybe she’s just promoting her new song.

“Oh my God! Cutest thing I’ve seen today. Don’t blame me. Been seeing 1,000 babies daily on explore, elevators, malls. Literally everywhere. Don’t laugh at me,” she posted.

Here’s what fans had to say:


Huddah: Vera is not my enemy but media makes it look like it 

The beef between socialites Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe is media created, media propelled and enjoyed by fans, at least according to Huddah.

While answering fans’ questions using the new Instagram questioning feature, Huddah addressed her so called beef with Sidika and said that the two are not really enemies but media always makes them look like they hate each other.

Blame media

It’s true the two have been considered as enemies for a long time but Huddah said not the way media has always portrayed it.

“Honest to God, she has never been an issue. We are two totally different people. She is doing her and I am doing me. Media will always make everything seem so bad and they create beef where it doesn’t exist. So you end up hating on another for no reason,” she said.

“That’s not who I am. I am generally a very loving person. I regret all the bullshit and all the social media dramas and that’s why I don’t do it anymore. Cheers to positivity, “she said.

Otile Brown: Stop saying i’m using Juju to keep Vera, She’s in love with me

Months after Vera Sidika and Otile Brown announced they are lovers, some Kenyans are still waiting for another announcement from Vera; that it was a joke or Otile Brown has been doing something sinister to keep her.

Sidika and Otile have been facing attacks from Kenyans who argue that they aren’t meant for each other. Otile recently took to social media to share how some Kenyans believe that he used juju to get and keep Vera Sidika, sharing that even some of her friends believe so.

True love

They have been texting Vera telling her that she failed for choosing Otile Brown as a lover.

“So girls have been sending my chic messages saying she has failed miserably for falling in love with me. We just read these texts together (with Vera) and laugh. So one just texted and this one hit me hard because it claimed I was using juju on her and there was no way Vera could love an average guy like me,” his message read in part.

He went on:

“Just because a man does not have the money to buy off your cheap a*s does not mean they are dumb. They are just too clever for you. I don’t have to prove anything to you. If you have to sell yourself to build yourself an empire you can I will never judge you until you start disrespecting people,” his bitter rant went on.

Vera agrees with Akothee: Don’t date for money, success isn’t sexually transmitted. Go for what the heart wants

Socialite Vera Sidika has been blamed several times for being a materialistic chick. The socialite usually takes to Instagram just like her friend Huddah to flaunt her fancy lifestyle, food and clothes. She has now come out to share that all that didn’t make her happy.

Just follow your heart

At least not as much as her new bae Otile Brown is making her feel. She confessed that true love can not be compared with materials and dating a rich man is not a sure bet that you will be rich.

Here is her post:

“Someone to make you giggle. Listening ear. Laughs. Jokes. Someone u can pull pranks on. That ultimate joy & happiness we all know money can’t buy! Coz trust me, I have spent over $50,000 in designer shops in 1 day. And that feeling can never be compared to the things I just described. Heck! I haven’t even unboxed my shopping boxes! Never even worn any of the items yet that’s how useless money is sometimes. But the memories u create with that 1 person you love; PRICELESS. I wish you knew,” shared Vera Sidika.

“Who said dating a billionaire makes you a boss? Nah. It makes you a gold digger if wealth and status is what you value. Success isn’t sexually transmitted. If you’re an independent woman, you’d go for what the heart wants, not the wallet,’’ shared Vera Sidika.


“There’s so many rich, successful single women who r sad as f**k!!!! Sometimes we think money is everything, until we realize it’s nothing. What’s the point of marrying wealth when you still feel empty & sad? Sometimes we deny ourselves real love cause of lust & hunger for material thing. Then when you get the money. You actually realize you missing something the true meaning of life. Happiness. Love. Care. Attention. Someone to rub your back when tired from work, someone to always remind you how beautiful you are. That cute kiss on the forehead every morning….’’


Size 8 lands yet another lucrative job

Gospel singer Size 8 is feeling the true effects of being a devoted Christian. The singer has been blessed with yet another job after landing a top TV job dubbed Pambio Live on Maisha Magic less than 8 months ago.

Size 8 has landed a radio presenter job at local radio station Kubamba Radio and she’ll start working on Friday.

“When God plans our lifes it is full of suprises if you ever told me i will ever be on radio i would have laughed………i have never done radio before wow…….. Glad to announce starting this FRIDAY 18th and every other Friday from 10am to 1pm show is KVIBES916 ON KUBAMBA RADIO #kvibes916.” She took to social media to celebrate 

Joins other celebs

The station also brags of a list of other celebs who host different shows.  Size 8 now joins the likes of DJ Moz Dunco  among others.

Size 8 reveals how people mocked her when she shared she’s marrying DJ Mo

When singer Size 8 finally made up her mind that she’s settling down with DJ Mo and told the world, the world laughed. But Mo is a nobody, they all said.

“When I started this marriage journey with my husband, many people told me, ‘How can a star like me, just get married to an ordinary deejay?’ Said the gospel singer who has been married to the DJ now for almost five years.

Getting mixtapes as presents

“Some made jokes that other ladies are getting cars as gifts from their husbands but I got a mix tape. Well, this guy who was called an ordinary deejay is doing exploits now in Christ Jesus,” She added.

“This is to show you God can use anyone and raise anyone just have faith and Trust God. And I know God is not yet finished with him, he is about to do even more through him. To every deejay out here God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above your imagination. And to everyone else don’t let anybody discourage you.”


DJ Mo flaunts ‘fake’ Nikes on TV and Instagram

Gospel DJ, DJ Mo, is yet again a topic of discussion after fans believed he was on Instagram flaunting a fake pair of shoes.

On Sunday, the NTV DJ was on social media showcasing a pair of Nike shoes that some believed was not original. The shoe, which is basically a remixed version of the ’90s classic, the Nike Zoom Flight 95, costs about Ksh, 20, 000 but were just being sold for less than Ksh 5000.

Others loved the pair

Many believed, at such a price, the shoe must be fake.  The shoe was released last year and once worn, the shoe provides comfort through its breathable Flyknit upper and the super thick and plush insole.

This is why fans are now comparing Size 8 to Vera Sidika

Size 8 and Vera Sidika are two different people but fans seem to have found a similarity between the two. Apart from being famous seems that two ladies share a passion in too much make up.

This was revealed shortly after Size 8 shared new photos looking different thanks to the layers of make up on her face.

Judging from the photos it’s clear to see that the make up had changed the singer’s looks making her look unreal.

Also read: “It was a battle to just keep her alive” Size 8 recalls how delicate her pregnancy was

Fans react to Size 8’s photos

After sharing the photos, a few of her fans went on to express their disappointment in the new look urging her to maintain her natural beauty.

Others went on to say that she was no different to Sidika who had to change her looks to feel accepted by the society.

Read the comments left by fans on the post below and be the judge.