Size 8’s advice to artistes giving up on the gospel industry

Size 8 recently lost another pregnancy due to hypertension related issues, and barely a month after this – the singer is back to chasing the paper through her music.

Size 8 graduates as a pastor

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Well, we would have expected her to take sometime off to heal and mourn her late daughter like most mums would have, but not Size 8. She is already up and about promoting her new song dubbed utawale.

Speaking during a recent IG live, the singer for the first time addressed the issue concerning gospel artistes quitting the gospel industry. According to Size 8 most of these singers/preachers or so often get pressured into quitting the ministry by their peers. She said,

The Bahati’s and Muraya’s

I’m I am talking to gospel artistes and gospel ministers. I know times are hard but man don’t leave yet. Don’t do the wrong thing to please people. Hold on to God and he will lift you at the right time, Don’t allow the temptation to lead you. That is what my new song ‘Utawale’ is talking about.

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Taking back control

Seeing how the likes of Willy Paul, Bahati among other artists made the gospel industry look like a money making business, I guess its the same reason why new artistes  are quick to quit.

Well most join the industry expecting to make good money, but end up realizing that- vitu kwa ground ni different hence calling it quits. However size 8 encouraged them saying;

Gospel artistes, there is a lot of problems right now and things are not working. Don’t give in and step down to God’s work.

Her piece of advice comes weeks after Guardian Angel said that the gospel is alive, however the industry that ‘holds’ is long gone.