Size 8 thriving in ‘God Business’ with fake miracles

Have you ever witnessed a blind man get his sight back after prayers? Or seen a cripple walk again after miracle prayers? Can’t say i have but don’t get me wrong I have seen miracles in breakthroughs, prayers answered maybe because of my small faith – but honestly – I am yet to see a pastor raise the dead or perform some of these said stunts we are now seeing with pastors.

Preacher Size 8

Okay having said that, we all know that preachor Size 8 is currently trending following the miracles she has been perfoimg at her church. Before i get into the story, I want you to know that I understand what 1st Chronicles 16:22 says and that is;

“Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm”.

A scripture that has been misused by many preachers claiming God forbids us from critizing men of God. From my understanding after reading the whole scripture is that it applies where the anointed are in the pursuit of their inheritance within the covenant of God; and are opressed because they are few and weaker than those around them.

Preacher Size 8
Preacher Size 8 casting out demons

But in Size 8’s case…were talking about miracles….blind men seeing, cripples walking etc….you know them all. And not her being forbidden to spread the gospel.

Biashara ni Biashara

Well having started her only ministry that has attracted a huge following – we now hear Size 8 is casting demons and healing the sick. Okay okay…she is a Christian, woman of God and all – but a miracle worker?

I am in no position to say she performs or she does not perform these miracles….but after pastors started preaching about panda mbegu, annoiting oil, stickers, candles – and other things, i really find it hard to believe that the church is the only place these “miracles” are happening.

Again, I dont want to suggest that actors are getting paid to play such roles….but we all want something solid (Even Thomas doubted Jesus for a minute, right?) like how about visit the sick at KNH or other hospitals and perform these miracles?

Size 8 reborn

Remember, even Jesus had to cross the sea of Galilee to go see Jairus’ daughter on her death bed – where raised her from the dead.

So why must it be that these preachers only perform miracles at their churches? Is that where faith is fully connected to God?

Size 8 responds to netizens mocking her for casting out demons, Claims God authorized her to!

It all started with a photo of Size 8 casting out demons, before the actual footage dropped on social media – catching fans by surprise.

From the clip, the preacher is seen commanding demons to leave the body of the man she was praying for, something netizens felt was kinda forced if not fake. Probably because of Size 8’s past and or like others put it Ka Ching! Another smart hustle for more money.

Well, seeing how much she has changed over the years and has invested in church ministries through her gospel music – it’s isn’t really fair to judge her with from her past mistakes right? She was young – naive and probably was doing it for the fame and money before her calling to serve as a minister, right?

But unfortunately her past is something Kenyans on social media have refused to let go of and continue to judge her with – despite having reformer her ways.

Preacher Size 8

Size 8 ministering with God’s authority

With her video making rounds on social media, Preacher Size 8 must have definitely come across it which explains a caption used on her latest post shared earlier today.

As seen on the post, Size 8 captioned it saying;

God has been teaching me to use my authority in Christ Jesus by faith I call into existance that which is not……..

And I’m assuming this is her hitting back at everyone who might have mocked her for believing her faith can cast out demons or work miracles. To her, everything is possible as long as God has authorized it to happen.

Well – I know this is just the beginning for her and incase she wants a successful ministry…maybe it’s time to learn a thing or two from the likes of Pastor Ng’ang’a, cause these streets are not favoring anyone!

Size 8 talks about near death experiences as she celebrates 34th birthday

Size 8 who started off as a secular singer somehow found herself in the gospel industry; and in less than a year, she was married to one DJ Mo who was also in the same industry – and the two became couple goals.

However life for size 8 changed after her first child; an experience that she says almost left her dad due to high blood pressure during C-Section birth.

Size 8 graduates as a pastor

With such an experience the gospel singer got so spiritual and even enrolled in Bible school; where she graduated or rather – was ordained as a pastor in 2018.

Another complication

For the second birth, things were not so different from the time she had her first born Ladashabelle; and if you remember well – Size 8 for the second time almost lost her life due to high blood pressure complications during another CS.

For most mums who have faced such complications during birth will tell you that this is one of the most challenging experiences; and unlike many would know – this brings a person so close to death that it changes a person.

Anyway, having overcome death twice the gospel singer recently celebrated her 34th birthday with special message where she wrote;

Size 8 celebrates 34th birthday

I’ve started a brand new year and am so greatful to God for life! Many of you take life for granted and never value it as a precious gift from God!! But if you have faced many near death experiences like me your attitude will change.

On the same post Size 8 went on to celebrate her 34 year journey adding;

@djmokenya thank you for a wonderful day!!