Size 8 calls hubby DJ Mo a narcissist, saying she’s “tired of pretenders.”

Gospel singer turned pastor Linet Munyali, commonly known as Size 8, has opened up about her husband DJ Mo’s behavior, revealing instances where she felt harassed.

During a candid discussion on their new reality show broadcast on TV 47, the couple engaged in an open conversation with their pastors, sharing their perspectives on recent events.

One incident highlighted by DJ Mo accused Size 8 of leaving him at a petrol station, forcing him to use a motorbike to reach their destination.

Expressing her frustration during the discussion, Size 8 referred to her husband as a narcissist and questioned his reactions to her actions, stating:

“Let me ask you one question. When you pinch someone, what do you expect? Or if I slap you, how will you react? Here, I do not understand this person. I am telling you he is a narcissist. A person who presses you, but when you react, you’re the bad one.”

Size 8 continued to address issues of communication and respect in their marriage, emphasizing that many marital problems stem from men’s egos and their failure to listen to their wives.

She recalled counseling sessions where DJ Mo was advised to return home early, only for him to revert to his previous habits shortly after.

Expressing her exhaustion with maintaining appearances, Size 8 stated, “I asked him if I was his cow to take all his rubbish and nonsense, and then when we are in front of people, he is like ‘baby cheza kama wewe’, smile. I am tired of this smiling. I am tired of this pretending. When we are taking pictures, I have to stand like this oh, couple goals. Couple goals for what, and someone is harassing me in the house.”

In a previous episode, Size 8 also talked about a challenging period when she contemplated divorce and even consulted a lawyer to initiate proceedings.

She discussed the profound challenges she faced, leading her to consider ending her marriage, saying, “I reached a place where I felt hopeless, where I saw a point of no return, and I think depression kind of kicked in. So I wasn’t thinking straight. I didn’t see a way out, so I decided to call a divorce lawyer and told him I want to divorce, I want to take the children, so I asked him to start considering the paperwork.”

Size 8 shares information on her legal consultation for a divorce

Gospel singer Lilian Munyali recently shared details about her marriage with DJ Mo, recounting a time when she sought a lawyer to initiate divorce proceedings. In a candid conversation with Raych and her husband on their show “Love in the Wild,” Size 8 disclosed the challenges she faced and the moment she considered divorce.

“I reached a place where I saw hopelessness, and I was experiencing a point of no return. I think depression kicked in, so I was not thinking straight. I didn’t see a way out. I decided to call a divorce lawyer and told him I want a divorce, and I want to take the children. I asked him to start thinking about the paperwork,” revealed Size 8.

DJ Mo explained that he learned about Size 8’s decision to consult a divorce lawyer through a WhatsApp text and expressed confusion about what he might have done to trigger such a reaction from his wife.

“When I found out she had called a lawyer, it was through one thing. She sent me a WhatsApp message, saying, ‘I have gone to a lawyer, and I have written this and this.’ I told her, ‘Okay, we will talk about it.’ I was wondering, ‘What had I done?'” disclosed DJ Moh.

Size 8, a mother of two, elaborated on what prevented her from following through with the divorce decision, attributing her change of heart to conversations with her mother-in-law and a church retreat.

“What made me not do it, first, I talked to his mother, and she told me, ‘You’re very angry; don’t rush.’ Then there was the church retreat. So I said, ‘I’m going to give my marriage one more chance and see if he’s willing to work on this marriage.'”

The ‘Mateke’ hitmaker added that men often don’t realize their mistakes, responding to her husband’s remark about not exactly knowing what he had done wrong. She explained that she had numerous reasons prompting her initial consideration of divorce.

“And men, you know, even now, ask a man what his mistakes are, and he won’t know, and I was supposed to leave him for many things,” she said.

DJ Mo discusses his marital difficulties following the deaths of two children

DJ Mo, the well-known gospel mix master and husband to gospel artist Size 8, has opened up about the challenges they faced in their marriage following the heartbreaking loss of two children.

In 2018, the couple’s journey took a somber turn when Size 8 experienced a complicated pregnancy, ultimately leading to the loss of their unborn baby.

Reflecting on this difficult period during their reality show on TV 47, DJ Mo shared the toll it took on their relationship, admitting that they reached the brink of separation amid misunderstandings and blame.

“We have two children, but we’ve also lost two children. These two losses hit me very hard. We disagreed with my wife, and it was bad. Blaming each other about the loss, I realised that if you’re not strong, you might end up separating,” revealed DJ Mo.

Despite the turmoil, DJ Mo explained how they navigated through their marital challenges, stressing the importance of open communication and mutual support.

“We decided to put things on the table and stopped blaming each other. She has always had high blood pressure, and even having our two children is by the Grace of God. We have mentors who help us in those scenarios. We have always known how to solve our issues, and every day is a learning session,” he added.

DJ Krowbar, joined by his wife Wanjiru, also contributed to the discussion, sharing their approach to handling marital challenges and highlighting the role of therapy in fostering healing and understanding.

“Therapies have helped us to go through the physical healing and the inside healing. Like right now, taking care of my sick wife, my life is scheduled in a way that two days are for my wife,” revealed DJ Krowbar.

Size 8 has previously talked about how severe preeclampsia has prevented her from becoming a mother for the third time. Severe preeclampsia is a pregnancy disorder characterized by high blood pressure.

Size 8 Celebrates DJ Mo’s Birthday With A Heartfelt Message & Adorable Photos

Gospel singer Size 8 has poured her heart out in a loving tribute to her husband, DJ Mo, on his 37th birthday. Taking to Instagram, Size 8 shared a series of photos showcasing their beautiful family and penned a heartfelt message filled with admiration and appreciation.

The post opens with a playful greeting,

“Happy birthday @djmokenya ❤️… Heee hi ni Mali ni safi sana ……. Asante Yesu….. Happy birthday sweety @djmokenya .” Size 8 then affectionately compares DJ Mo to “Abraham full of wisdom” and declares him her “lord yani most wangu,” a Swahili expression of deep love and respect.

Admiring His Achievements

Size 8 goes on to express her admiration for DJ Mo’s accomplishments, praising his perseverance and resilience: “I admire the fact that you don’t easily give up and you press forward no matter the obstacles.” She also acknowledges his unwavering support for her career, saying, “thank you for always being behind the scenes to push my brand and ministry God bless you…… You are an exemplary dad to our children.”

A Birthday Wish Filled with Hope

The message concludes with a heartfelt birthday wish: “We wish you a Happy birthday to you my gift from God @djmokenya ❤️…….May the favour of the Lord our God thru Jesus Christ follow you this new year,” Size 8 writes.

A Love Story for the Ages

Size 8 and DJ Mo’s love story has captured the hearts of many in Kenya. In a past interview, DJ Mo revealed that he paid Ksh150,000 as dowry for the songbird, solidifying their commitment and love for each other.

This birthday tribute serves as a beautiful testament to their strong bond and Size 8’s unwavering support for her husband. Their love story continues to inspire and their family’s happiness brings joy to their fans across the nation.

Size 8 discloses issues with severe loneliness, alcoholism, and celebrity

Prominent gospel artist Linet Munyali, widely known as Size 8, has openly discussed the trials she encountered with money, fame, and health at the pinnacle of her music career.

In a recent interview with Citizen TV, the mother of two unveiled the profound impact her success had on her personal life and relationships.

Size 8 disclosed that in just three years, she ascended to the zenith of her career, unleashing chart-topping hits that propelled her into the limelight. However, the newfound fame exacted a toll as she realized that money wasn’t everything.

“I was very depressed, and I realized that money is not everything because when I got money and fame, I lost true love, I lost peace. People didn’t love me for me. I got stressed, and I’d drink a certain brand of alcohol,” Size 8 shared.

The gospel singer revealed the emotional strain of losing genuine friendships, with jealousy permeating her inner circle.

She admitted grappling with alcohol consumption and finding herself alone in clubs in the early hours of the morning.

Size 8 acknowledged that, without a change in her lifestyle, she might have descended into a perilous path of addiction or faced life-threatening situations.

“That world is very lonely. Many people liked me, but how many loved me?” she questioned.

Despite her success, Size 8 harbored doubts about her future in the gospel music industry and even initiated a business as a contingency plan.

Her journey took a somber turn as health challenges surfaced, including migraines and high blood pressure. She revealed having lost two babies due to complications related to high blood pressure.

“I’ve lost two babies from that high blood pressure,” she disclosed, recounting the struggles that compelled her to seek medical attention frequently between 2015 and 2023.

However, Size 8 has undergone a transformative journey, discovering healing and a renewed perspective.

She underscored the significance of right thinking leading to right confession, expressing her unwavering faith and love for God.

The artist shared that she had been saved even during her secular music career but momentarily lost her way, thinking that the secular world offered greater financial prospects.

“I am not yet a bishop, but I am somewhere, and I love God so much. I was still saved when I was a secular artist. I left God because I thought in the secular world there was money,” she reflected.

Aluta parties nearly ruined Size 8’s life

Gospel singer Size 8, also known as Mama Wambo, has opened up about her challenging journey as a student, revealing how her party lifestyle nearly jeopardized her scholarship to a prestigious international school.

In a recent interview with Oga Obinna, Size 8 reflected on her school days, beginning with her time at Statehouse Girls, which led to a life-changing scholarship opportunity at Hillcrest.

Coming from a humble background, her initial excitement at receiving the scholarship was soon met with a harsh reality check. The affluent environment of Hillcrest exposed her to a world of privilege far removed from her own, filled with students arriving in luxury cars and helicopters.

While holding onto her faith, Size 8 admitted to succumbing to the allure of the party scene, neglecting her studies and jeopardizing her academic standing. This wake-up call served as a turning point, prompting her to reprioritize and focus on her education.

However, her struggles didn’t end there. Unable to afford a scholarship opportunity to study in England due to financial constraints, Size 8 experienced a period of spiritual crisis, temporarily abandoning her faith.

Size 8’s story offers a powerful message of resilience and self-discovery. Despite facing numerous obstacles and temptations, she ultimately found her way back to her faith and embarked on a journey of self-improvement. Her experiences serve as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges, demonstrating the importance of faith, hard work, and staying true to one’s values.

Never trust your spouse 100% – Size 8 reveals she has never forgiven DJ Mo

Size 8 pastor Pastor Linet Munyali has shared her thoughts on commitment and trust in marriage. During a discussion with a local radio station, the accomplished gospel musician and mother of two gave her opinions on the mechanics of trust between spouses.

Size 8 stressed that neither men nor women can be guaranteed to be faithful, acknowledging the difficulties of having complete trust in partnerships.

She provided a unique viewpoint, advising couples to put their faith in God to make any unseen facets of their marriage clear.

She laughed and said, “You can’t be DCI. Anyone who wants to do something will just go ahead and do it. My friend, if someone wants to do something, he will. He will keep one phone at his place of business.”

Size 8 also emphasized the individuality of each person in a partnership by emphasizing that spouses have their own viewpoints and ideas.

She warned that attempting to control their behavior might prove fruitless.

“One thing I learned about people is that when you marry someone, he was already in his life before you were. They each have their own opinions and perspectives on the world. If someone wants to drink water, he will do so whether you encourage him to or not. All married couples should seek heavenly direction for their marriages and their partners”.

She emphasized that it can be difficult to have complete faith in a spouse and suggested putting your complete faith in God.

“Neither your husband nor your wife are completely trustworthy. God is someone you can believe in,” she remarked.

In September, they commemorated their tenth wedding anniversary.
According to DJ Mo, their ten-year journey has been filled with both happy and turbulant moments.

DJ Mo talked openly about a particularly tough time when their union almost ended.

We once got into a heated dispute, and it got to the point where she chose to move out and rent an apartment for two months, he admitted.

Size 8 Thanks Bahati for Prophetic Words That Helped Her Have Children

Gospel singer and pastor Size 8 has thanked fellow musician Bahati for his prophetic words that helped her have children.

In a post on Instagram, Size 8 said that Bahati told her in 2013 that the devil had planned for her to have a series of miscarriages so that she would not have children.

“God spoke to you concerning the devil’s agenda to make sure I don’t have kids thru miscarriages and you told me, ‘Size 8 REBORN omba omba sana,'” Size 8 said.

She said that she took Bahati’s words to heart and prayed fervently, and that she is now blessed with two children.

“I bless God I now have 2kids,” she said.

Size 8 also said that she believes Bahati still has a lot to offer in the gospel industry and that she will always recognize him as a prophet.

“I will always call you PROPHET BAHATI, SERVANT OF THE MOST HIGH GOD,” she said.

Size 8’s revelation comes after she and her husband, DJ Mo, lost what would have been their third child in 2021. Size 8 was five months pregnant when she had a miscarriage.

She said that she had completely lost hope of ever being pregnant again after the miscarriage, but that she is now grateful for her two children.

“I am so grateful for my two children,” she said. “They are a blessing from God.”

Size 8’s story is a reminder that God can use even the most difficult circumstances to bring about good. She is an inspiration to many women who are struggling with infertility.

Size 8 reveals her mother wanted to abort her

Gospel singer and pastor Linet Munyali, better known by her stage name Size 8, recently opened up about her deeply personal story of resilience. She shared how she faced adversity even before she was born, when her mother almost aborted her.

“From my mother’s womb, the devil wanted to kill me; my mother almost aborted me, but the doctor told her if she does it, she might die; that’s how I survived,” Size 8 revealed.

She said that her mother told her this information when she was sick and in the hospital. Size 8 was paying her mother’s hospital bills at the time.

“I was paying her hospital bill. She looked me directly in the eyes and shook her head. She looked back and couldn’t imagine that the same baby that she wanted to terminate from her womb was the same one who was paying her hospital bills,” Size 8 shared.

Size 8’s story is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope for a better future. She is an inspiration to anyone who has ever felt lost or hopeless. She shows us that it is possible to overcome any challenge and achieve our dreams.

Size 8 is now a successful gospel singer and pastor. She is married and has two children. She is a role model for many people, and her story is a testament to the power of resilience.

Size 8 speaks about how she fought Satan and nearly lost her life

Size 8, a gospel singer and preacher, has emotionally recalled her battle with a life-threatening disease.

In a post on Instagram, she shared a video of photos taken while she was hospitalized. In the caption, she thanked God for saving her life and said that the devil had wanted to kill her.

The photos show Size 8 in the hospital, looking unwell. It is clear that she was going through a lot of pain during this time.

To show how God has healed her, Size 8 also shared photos of herself now, looking healthy and preaching the word of God.

“My life is yours, Jesus Christ, I follow your way,” she said.

Last year, Size 8 revealed that she has been struggling with high blood pressure for the past five years. She was diagnosed with the disease in January 2015 after she fainted in the street.

The disease has caused her to be hospitalized several times and has made her feel depressed and hopeless. However, she said that she is now doing better thanks to God and the support of her husband, DJ Moh.

“DJ Moh has been a very important pillar in my struggle with high blood pressure,” she said. “He has encouraged me and urged me not to give up.”

Size 8’s story is a reminder that even when we are faced with difficult challenges, God is always with us and He can help us through anything.

Comedian Oga Obinna Reveals How A Photo With Size 8 Cost Him His Relationship

Kenyan comedian Oga Obinna has revealed that a seemingly innocent photo with gospel singer Size 8 led to the demise of his relationship.

Obinna, who was an intern at Q FM at the time, said that he took the photo with Size 8 as a joke, but his girlfriend at the time did not see it that way.

“At the time I was a comedian and I have to be dramatic, so we took a photo of me carrying size 8,” Obinna said. “But my girlfriend at the time was not happy about it. She thought I was cheating on her.”

Obinna said that his girlfriend became so angry that she started breaking things in the house. He eventually had to leave the house and stay with a friend.

The next day, Obinna had a show to perform, but he had to go with cuts on his face from the fight with his girlfriend.

Obinna said that the incident taught him a valuable lesson about the importance of communication in relationships. He said that he should have talked to his girlfriend about the photo before he posted it on social media.

“I should have communicated with her and explained that it was just a joke,” Obinna said. “But I didn’t, and that’s what cost me my relationship.”

Obinna’s story is a reminder that even seemingly innocent photos can have serious consequences. It is important to be mindful of the people around us and to think about how our actions might affect them.

DJ Mo Professes His Love For Size 8 With Throwback Photo

DJ Mo took to social media to share a throwback photo of himself and his wife, Size 8, from their early days of marriage. In the caption, he professed his love for her and joked that he would kill anyone who played with her.

The photo shows the couple looking young and in love. They are both smiling and gazing into each other’s eyes. DJ Mo captioned the photo,

“Throwback to when we first fell in love. I love you so much, Size 8. If anyone plays with you, I will kill them.”

This is not the first time that DJ Mo has publicly declared his love for Size 8. In the past, he has said that she is the love of his life and that he would do anything for her. The couple has been married for over 10 years and have two children together.

Their relationship has not always been smooth sailing. They have had their ups and downs, but they have always managed to work through their problems. They are a strong couple who are deeply in love.

The photo that DJ Mo shared has been met with a positive response from fans. Many people commented on the photo, expressing their love for the couple. Some people even said that they were inspired by their love story.

DJ Mo and Size 8 are a true inspiration to many people. They show that love can conquer all. They are a reminder that even when things get tough, true love can always prevail.

Size 8 Berates Kabi WaJesus For Accusing Her of Clout Chasing

Gospel singer and pastor Size 8 has berated her co-star and YouTuber Kabi Wa Jesus for falsely accusing her of chasing clout. In the latest episode of their reality show Oh Sisters, Size 8, while addressing Kabi during a dinner setting with the other stars, asked him to shut up and listen without interrupting her.

The argument started when Kabi accused Size 8 of faking her disagreement with DJ Mo during a previous episode of the show. Size 8 denied the accusation, saying that she was genuinely upset with DJ Mo. Kabi then continued to accuse Size 8 of chasing clout, saying that she was only pretending to be upset in order to get attention.

Size 8 became increasingly frustrated with Kabi’s accusations, and eventually told him to shut up and listen. She said that she was tired of being accused of things that she was not doing, and that she was not going to let Kabi continue to disrespect her.

The other stars at the dinner table were shocked by Size 8’s outburst, but they did not intervene. After a few minutes, Size 8 calmed down and apologized for her outburst. However, she made it clear that she was not going to tolerate Kabi’s accusations any longer.

The argument between Size 8 and Kabi is a reminder of the challenges that come with being a public figure. When you are in the public eye, your every move is scrutinized, and you are always at risk of being accused of something that you did not do. It is important to remember that you do not have to tolerate disrespect, and that you have the right to stand up for yourself.

Size 8 Opens Up About Her Desire for a Third Child

Celebrated gospel singer-turned-preacher Linet Masiro Munyali, popularly known as Size 8, has revealed her heartfelt desire to expand her family and have a third child.

In an interview with Nairobi News, she spoke candidly about her determination to embrace the blessings of motherhood once again, despite the challenges she has faced in the past.

“I would love to have a third child,” Size 8 said. “I love being a mother, and I would love to give my children a sibling.”

Size 8 and her husband, DJ Mo, are already parents to two children: daughter Ladasha and son Mzee Jalango. However, Size 8’s journey to motherhood has been far from easy. She has suffered two miscarriages in the past, and she also developed preeclampsia during her pregnancy with Ladasha. Preeclampsia is a serious condition that can cause high blood pressure, seizures, and even death in both mother and child.

Despite the challenges she has faced, Size 8 remains hopeful that she will one day be able to add to her family. “I know that God has a plan for me,” she said. “And I know that when the time is right, he will bless me with another child.”

Size 8’s story is a reminder that motherhood is a beautiful but often challenging journey. It is a journey that is filled with joy, love, and laughter, but it is also a journey that is marked by tears, pain, and loss. Size 8 is an inspiration to all mothers who have faced challenges on their journey to motherhood. She is a reminder that no matter what challenges we face, we can always find hope and strength in God.

We wish Size 8 all the best as she continues her journey to motherhood.

Why Size 8 decided to fight for her privacy

Gospel singer Size 8 has opened up about her decision to step back from social media. In an interview with Nairobi News, the mother of two said that she is no longer interested in showcasing her lifestyle on social media.

“I have come to realize that there are many counterfeit personalities within the industry,” Size 8 said. “Not everyone is genuine. God has transformed my desires, and they are no longer aligned with the aspirations I had when I initially joined the industry.”

Size 8, who was ordained as a pastor in 2021, emphasized that she is no longer chasing after the hype that once captivated her. Her priorities have shifted, and she no longer feels the need to seek attention and validation through social media platforms.

“The more I impact people’s lives, the more God blesses me,” she said. “There is a fame that has come with my ministry without me forcing it.”

Size 8, who was previously a secular artiste, underwent a significant transformation in 2013 when she devoted her life to God and transitioned into the gospel music. However, she acknowledges that her past continues to have an impact on her present life, as people frequently remind her of the worldly lifestyle she once lived.

“I am not perfect,” she said. “I am still learning and growing. But I am committed to living a life that is pleasing to God.”

Size 8’s decision to step back from social media is a bold one, but it is one that is likely to resonate with many people. In a world where social media is increasingly becoming a breeding ground for toxicity and negativity, Size 8’s decision to focus on her ministry and her family is a refreshing change of pace.

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Size 8 talks about her desire for more children

Size 8, a former gospel singer who is now a pastor, has expressed her desire to have a third kid. The mother of two stated in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News that she plans to add to her family in the near future by having another child.

“For the time being, we shall wait obediently for the Lord’s timing. It’s not the ideal time right now, but maybe in the upcoming years,” Size 8 stated.

The performer has had four close calls with death while pregnant, unfortunately losing two of her children before they could develop to full term.

The mother of two also disclosed that she would soon be making a comeback in the music business.

“My husband, (DJ MO) is pressuring me to go back to music and so, soon I will be releasing a new soon.

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Size 8 rocks revolutionary swim wear

Normally when celebrities decide to rock swimwear, they go for something scandalous but Size 8 has decided to revolutionize Kenyan swimwear when she went swimming in a rather modest outfit that was designed to protect her dignity as a woman of God.


And DJ Mo was not happy because he wanted her to show off some skin and she was adamant that she wasn’t going to because she would have to answer to her congregants on Sunday who wouldn’t want to be ministered to by an immodest woman.

Check out the exchange below:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Size 8 Reborn (@size8reborn)

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‘I Was Almost Losing My Life’- Size 8 Emotionally Narrates Near Death Experience After Suffering Miscarriage

Controversial pastor Size 8 has reminisced her near death experience from 2021, which was 5 months after she had a miscarriage.

The mother of two took to her Instagram to narrate the gruesome experience;

 ”Looking back at this day, 2 October 2021….I had just lost a 5 months pregnancy, also lost all hope of any future pregnancies and I was battling for my life, almost loosing my life due to extremely high blood pressures…. am sitting here looking at this picture and am wondering how did I get thru all that? For sure only the hand of God brought me out of all that and also God graced me with a heart to press on and go on with life……….”
Size 8 continued with a message of encouragement to her fans, calibrating why she switched to gospel music;
”This is one of the many reasons I preach the gospel of Jesus Christ for only by God’s grace am alive this day fully healthy and strong…… THANK YOU JESUS CHRIST…… Don’t take life so causally, life is a gift from God, live your life to glorify the God who gave you that life to live…..”

Size 8 reveals she gave DJ Mo an ultimatum about his friends

In a recent interview Size 8 spoke about her marriage in rather intimate fashion. At some point she spoke about the fact that she praying for God to give her the energy to keep up with her husband libido.

But today we are going to be focusing on the fact that she and started chasing away some of his friends whom she felt were not supporters of their marriage.

Andrew Kibe is right about Size 8 and her miracles

She spoke about how she was in her feelings and took offence and the fact that she saw these guys as more of his friends than relationships friends but the Spirit of God guided her into prayer and she was able to rain in her nagging.

What is also of note is the fact that she did 90% of the talking during the discussion while she was on the interview as a husband that down like a limp ineffectual member… Of their marriage.

It seems clear to us that Size 8 is the one that wears the palms in their marriage and DJ more is now along for the Ride having lost most of his gigs and endorsement deals after he was exposed for having an affair with a random Dubai-based woman.

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Size 8 speaks about her and DJ Mo’s sex life

Gospel singer cum evangelist Size 8 for some inexplicable reason has decided to open up with the world about her and her husband, DJ Mo’s sex life much to the amusement of their internet in-laws who cannot understand why this is a topic for conversation.

Size 8 launches her own church, Christ Revealed Ministries in Nairobi’s busy city

“People think pastors don’t get intimate but we do. As women, we
‘sometimes are not in the mood. When | see he is in the mood and I’m
not | pray and ask the holy spirit to get my mood to his level. | also

pray for him | ask God to give him strength as | want to enjoy.”

Size 8 pregnant?

The reason why this is a rather ironic topic to discuss is due to the couple’s history with DJ Mo having stepped out on their marriage once before and he cheated on Size 8 with a lady living and working in Dubai.

Size 8 has every right to deny services from an LGBTQ member

But on the flipside, its great to see the pastor has an understanding of just how important sex is to men and moreso men in relationships who often complain about being sexually starved by their partners.

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Size 8’s Message To Married Couples Is Shrewd

Size 8 and her heartthrob husband DJ MO are among the celebrity couples that netizens look up to. The two lovebirds have been together for over 10 years; an achievement which not many people are able to clinch.

But in their several years of marriage, they’ve had ups and downs that almost devoured their marriage. At one time, Pastor Linet Munyali alias Size 8 walked away from DJ MO and went back to living alone. She thought she had enough of the marriage.

Eventually, they settled their predicaments and re-kindled their love. Ever since her transition to a pastor, DJ Mo has been one of her biggest supporters even though she has been criticized a lot of times.

Preacher Size 8

Bedroom Talks

Anyway, Size 8 has adviced married couples not to forget each other’s conjugal rights after the arrival of their baby. She claims it’s an important aspect when it comes to marriage. She shared her story in tandem with DJ MO;

“By the way, mimi concentration yangu kwa hiyo ni better kushinda ya Mo. Mimi husema, my body is not wood, if I don’t get service from this one, my body will take me to another person,” she added.

Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo will be celebrating their 10th marriage anniversary in October this year.

Size 8 has every right to deny services from an LGBTQ member

Jony the hairdresser must be tripping judging from an expose he did on Size 8 where he claims the preacher is a judgemental person….and although she preaches the word of God, she doesnt practice it at all.

This was after Size 8 turned down his services and from Jony The Hairdressers view, this happened because – Size 8 believes he is gay. Well, being one who cross dresses and wears full makeup – i mean what else would the preacher assume?

Anyway sharing his experience with his followers, Jony through his social media pages wrote;

True story loves , the so called “gospel ladies “ apparently canceled on me based on the fact that I’m “gay” from the things I post here . I’m a believer of Christ and one thing I know ,God is just and loving . He has sustained and elevated me all my life , so if anyone doesn’t want to associate themselves with sinners they might as well leave their adulterous partners. Real question though,how do y’all get to judge based on someone’s sexuality?This is an “A class hypocrisy “.And y’all should be ashamed .I understand we all have preferences but let it be work related , my delivery of the work ! . Kwanza who said I’m gay ?

Entitlement much?

Okay Okay….I know Jony the hairdresser just tried to pull the gay card by asking who even said he is gay…..but darling – your page says it all.

Jony the hair designer


But then again, were not here to point fingers – but show Jony the hairdresser why his rant was irrelevant and unnecessary to share online; yet – this is something he would have addressed in private – keeping in mind that everyone is entitled to their opinions…and whether LGBTQ or not – Size 8 is allowed to say no.

Also, what are the chances that Size 8 is the first and only client that has ever refused services from the stylist? I mean….these things are never that serious to a point they end up online, right? You can easily walk into a store and they refuse to serve you, will you through tantrums or cause drama? It’s there right to do that….and if unhappy, sue them and see how far the case will go. Sigh.

Unless there is proof of name calling or insults ….Jony needs to hold his horses next time.

Why Size 8 Should Stick To Secular Music

It’s not peculiar to compare Gospel music with the secular ones. In fact, in some countries like Ireland and United States, gospel is blooming.

In the local context, gospel music has not been performing in the recent past. And that’s why artists like Willy Paul & Bahati switched to secular in the nick of time. For some like Size 8, she saw it as a shrewd move to move to gospel music. But the singer is on the verge of losing her musical career. If you ask me why, take a look at how  A significant number of people would rather listen to Gengetone music, or Mugithi, or even Amapiano. 

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Talent Gone To Waste

Singer Size 8 back in the day

Size 8 had defied the status quo and dethroned big names that had held the top stop in the industry for more than eight years while doing secular. She kept on releasing new hits that won her accolades across the region, making her a household name besides commanding dominance in big concerts as she laughed her way to the bank — after signing deals worth millions.

But her transition to gospel is heading to a cul de sac. The most probable reason for her quitting secular was to get married to DJ Mo and start a family. But what’s the use? Your spouse should love you the way you are. Now that she’s in gospel, her music is not getting recognized as it used to be.

In conclusion, it was an impetuous decision for Size 8 to transition to gospel music and she should actually go back to secular.

Size 8 thriving in ‘God Business’ with fake miracles

Have you ever witnessed a blind man get his sight back after prayers? Or seen a cripple walk again after miracle prayers? Can’t say i have but don’t get me wrong I have seen miracles in breakthroughs, prayers answered maybe because of my small faith – but honestly – I am yet to see a pastor raise the dead or perform some of these said stunts we are now seeing with pastors.

Preacher Size 8

Okay having said that, we all know that preachor Size 8 is currently trending following the miracles she has been perfoimg at her church. Before i get into the story, I want you to know that I understand what 1st Chronicles 16:22 says and that is;

“Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm”.

A scripture that has been misused by many preachers claiming God forbids us from critizing men of God. From my understanding after reading the whole scripture is that it applies where the anointed are in the pursuit of their inheritance within the covenant of God; and are opressed because they are few and weaker than those around them.

Preacher Size 8
Preacher Size 8 casting out demons

But in Size 8’s case…were talking about miracles….blind men seeing, cripples walking etc….you know them all. And not her being forbidden to spread the gospel.

Biashara ni Biashara

Well having started her only ministry that has attracted a huge following – we now hear Size 8 is casting demons and healing the sick. Okay okay…she is a Christian, woman of God and all – but a miracle worker?

I am in no position to say she performs or she does not perform these miracles….but after pastors started preaching about panda mbegu, annoiting oil, stickers, candles – and other things, i really find it hard to believe that the church is the only place these “miracles” are happening.

Again, I dont want to suggest that actors are getting paid to play such roles….but we all want something solid (Even Thomas doubted Jesus for a minute, right?) like how about visit the sick at KNH or other hospitals and perform these miracles?

Size 8 reborn

Remember, even Jesus had to cross the sea of Galilee to go see Jairus’ daughter on her death bed – where raised her from the dead.

So why must it be that these preachers only perform miracles at their churches? Is that where faith is fully connected to God?

“She’s a liar and a fraud” Ringtone reacts to video clip of Size 8 performing ‘miracles’

Ringtone might not be releasing any new music but believe me – when it comes to giving interviews – this guy spills it all.

Just a few days ago, Ringtone opened up about Size 8’s viral video where she was seen casting demons, and according to Ringtone – that was fake. From what he says is that Size 8 may have aimed at creating attention towards herself with the help of the viral video.

Ringtone Apoko- Photo Credits- Google

Although the video shared on Presenter Ali’s YouTube channel doesn’t focus much on Ringtone blasting Size 8 – at least we got to hear him say;

Size 8 anatafuta attention.

A Fraud

According to Ringtone, all he knows is that there is nothing like driving out demons exorcism. Maybe because he understands the level of fake ness most of these popular pastors have and being in the same industry – Ringtone might just know what he is talking about.

Speaking about preacher Size 8 reborn – the controversial singer went on;

Preacher Size 8

Hakuna mtu anaweza ombea pepo litoke, Size 8 nimuongo.

Well – not quite sure whether Ringtone spoke his truth about Size Reborn or he let his angry side do the talking on his behalf….but truth is –  he just lost a friend in the Murayas family!

DJ Mo smitten as he shares personal new photos of wife, Pastor Size 8 Reborn

The Muraya’s have not been having an easy time following Size 8’s video where she is performing exorcism of demons during a church service, something many have turned into a joke.

Judging from most comments, fans feel that Size 8 reborn may have exaggerated the exorcism stunt – maybe because they’ve seen the likes of Pastor Ng’ang’a, Kanyari and others do the same. But again – who are we to judge?

Why Size 8 is receiving backlash for exorcising demons

DJ Mo sweetly adores wife

Anyway with that going on social media, DJ Mo has come out to prove that despite everything said about his wife – he remains in love with her and is supportive of her ministry.

He did this by unveiling new photos ogling his wife and admiring her – just like the first time he set his eyes on her.

DJ Mo standing with wife

On the photos, DJ Mo is seen starring back at his wife ‘big assets’ which he refers to as his password… and yea – fans loved it!

Checking out my PASSWAORD ????…#TheMurayas

Size 8 responds to netizens mocking her for casting out demons, Claims God authorized her to!

Playful DJ Mo with wifeMaybe because they’ve seen the couple go through tough times together and even at some point were the talk of town following DJ Mo expose done by side chick through Edgar Obare’s page.

The Murayas

The scandal convinced many that Size 8 would walk out of her marital home following husband’s betrayal, but to our surprise the pastor stood strong with hubby and was willing to work through their issues.

Size 8 sticks by husband’s side despite cheating scandal

Since then, the two have tried to keep their marriage off social media – and so far, they look quite happy and supportive of each other.