Size 8 reveals why she almost gave up on God!

As a mother who struggled with high blood pressure during the birth of her firstborn; Size 8 thought that chapter was close until she got pregnant with baby Muraya Jnr.

Just like her first born, Size 8 struggled with baby Muraya’s pregnancy an at some point the singer felt that her mission on earth had come to an end.

However due to the may complications, baby Muraya had to arrive earlier than expected. Size 8 says her son arrived at 7 months and being fragile, he had to be taken to the ICU.

Singer Size 8 with her adorable son, Muraya Jnr

Aki huyu mtoto ako blessed. Hii room inakaa amazing. Mimi bado siamini. His Journey was not easy, we almost lost him. I almost died so many times, my pressures were high and nikiingia hii room sai am just seeing how God is faithful…

Showing off her son’s nursery bedroom, Size 8 went on to open up about him being a blessing to her life as she added;

this is my best place in the house, hako katoto kamepitia sana… Naflash back akiwa ICU and then amaadaktari wamemzunguka and that was 3am in the morning and when I see this its wow!

Muraya Junior the blessing!

Even after fearing for her own life; Size 8 went on to add that she was more worried about her son and at some point she almost gave up on God.

This was however after learning about how delicate his case was. The mother of two added;

The Murayas

It’s been a journey I thought my boy @muraya.jnr would never make it out of the ICU @rfh_healthcare surrounded by doctors. I almost gave up on God now see God look how beauty His room is. NEVER GIVE UP ON GOD!!!! @littlecribs thank you???????????????? watch full video NOW on the Murayas YouTube channel link on my bio……….cc @djmokenya”

Size 8 opens up about her fear of losing husband to slay queens!

Size 8 might be a preacher and a gospel artist but that does not mean that she never gets jealous when it comes to her husband, DJ Mo.

Speaking recently to Sarah Kabu, the gospel singer opened up about some few things that give her sleepless nights. According to Size there are a few characters on social media who wake up with the thought of ruining other people’s marriages.

Not that she is insecure, but just like most women Size 8 can’t help but overthink when it comes to these ‘devils.’ For the first time she admitted to having no solution to this problem that definitely leaves her looking like a crazy lady. She went to open up saying;

 “I do not know how you deal with these tiny devils, yes let me call them devils, who wake up in the morning with the sole purpose of destroying your marriage,”

DJ Mo’s side of the story

However speaking about these issues, DJ Mo went on to blame his wife’s insecurity; and pettiness considering that he has to explain himself everytime Size 8 spots him in the company of a beautiful lady.

He went on to share his side of the story saying;

Gospel celebrity couple, Size 8 and DJ Mo

Sometimes a client will innocently come in and chat me up or hug me and after that I will have to give explanations. That itself is a big problem.

This comes barely a week after Size 8 publicly revealed that her husband had not serviced her for almost 3 weeks. DJ Mo on the other hand put the blame on his wife for showing up with promo oversized tshirts to bed.

Well, just like most men the gospel DJ finds this unattractive hence leaving him feeling uninterested even when his wife is in the mood.

Size 8 shares unknown details about her almost failed marriage to DJ Mo

Marriages are not easy! And Size 8 will tell you this for free.

After being married to gospel DJ Mo for 7 years, Size 8 has undeniably seen it all; and although she rarely talks about the other side of her marriage, her new reality show has left her sharing personal life stories….aimed at inspiring other women struggling in their marriages.

Back in 2018, Size 8 was rumored to be pregnant, but the gospel artist chose to keep the information off her social media pages.

Probably this was to protect her unborn child from peoples mouths; and also mama Wambo did not want to get too excited when the pregnancy was too young, considering the many complications she suffers while pregnant.

Gospel artiste, Size 8 Reborn

Marriage failing

Speaking just recently, Size 8 opened up about the miscarriage she suffered back in 2018; a dark moment that saw her almost lose her marriage.

Unlike what many know, having suffered the miscarriage left DJ Mo and his wife fighting and arguing to a point of no return.

The miscarriage brought about the blame game – a technique used by some couple to get over a loss.

Size 8 holding son, Muraya Junior

The miscarriage really affected us. We fought a lot and we blamed each other since we did not know how to deal with it. It was very bad; but with our son, we were able to come together and support each other.

Unifying factor

However through it all the two ended up getting closer; as they still had Wambo to raise. Size 8 went on to add;

It has actually brought us closer as a couple, which is something we realized later,

DJ Mo shares his side of the story

Addressing this issue, DJ Mo admitted to having some difficulties as he was also in mourning.

Size 8 looking frail and worn-out on the hospital bed

However with time he realized that his wife and daughter needed him; and for this reason he stood in the gap to ensure his family stays together. But just like any loving father, losing a child for him was however not any easy!

 When you lose a baby, things change. It was very hard on me but I knew I had to be strong for Linet and Wambo. if we let our grieving take over, it would have affected Wambo because we wouldn’t be able to give her attention.


Why DJ Mo blames Size 8 for their inactive bedroom life (Video)

DJ Mo and Size 8’s reality show has started receiving some feed back thanks to the latest episode aired last night on NTV!

Surprisingly this time around the couple decided to discuss their sex life on national TV; a move that has left many talking on social media.

It all started when DJ Mo picked out a paper from their ‘bowl game’ only to find out what was written involved his sex life! Apparently his wife complained about a 3 week dry spell that had left her all cranky and chatty!

Singer Size 8

Failed stunt?

Seeing how the Bahati’s have been doing with their reality show; the Muraya’s must have stepped up their game – but sadly not with a well thought stunt!

The two chose to discuss their bedtime activities and since Size 8 had not been getting any; she decided to complain about it only for Mr Muraya to share his main reason for not getting intimate with her.

According to DJ Mo, the ‘over sized promo T-shirts’ were his main reason for not giving his wife some love. Not that this line has not been used before – DJ Mo failed badly as his body language clearly proved some acting was involved!

KoT bash DJ Mo

Fans bash the Muraya’s

Kenyan on Twitter who tuned in to check whether the show was legit or mediocre – like the previous reality show; ended up trashing the entire station for publicizing fake reality shows.

It’s not like the reality show was that bad; but many couldn’t understand why Size 8 got dramatic when her husband mentioned the promo T-shirt’s she ways to bed! While others saw it as an immature way of solving problems; considering the two have been married for years.

KoT troll the Muraya’s

Check out the popular clip from the dinning with Muraya’s dry spell episode shared on social media.


Why Size 8 getting saved left Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime bitter and disappointed!

Size 8 has to be the only female artist in Kenya who had a successful start at the beginning of her career. Although she had to battle with the likes of Amani and other top female artists; Size 8 managed to bag one of the biggest deals ever seen.

Size 8 got a chance to headline Safaricom Tour event back in the day; and among the people who were working with is boy band, Sauti Sol. Speaking about his relationship with Size 8; Bien who is the lead singer could not hold back from revealing how disappointed he was after Size 8 got saved.

According to Bien, he watched the lass flash down millions of cash after decided to get saved. He went on to add that Size 8 chose the wrong time to make this decision since they were in the middle of the tour. To him, this was literally watching someone walk away from free money.

Also read;

Nilikuwa disappointed hio time, because sijawahi ona mtu akiwalk away from pesa hivyo. Yaani ni kama alichukua milioni kama 50 akaweka kwa choo na akaflash… huyu dem aliokoka in the middle of a tour.

Size 8 gets saved

For those wondering why Size 8 got saved, abandoning her successful career; turns out that behind the screens no one knew what she had been going through so much she couldn’t share with the public.

Speaking during her latest reality TV, Size 8 (Linet Munyali) explained revealing that she was drowning in depression. She went on to open up saying;

Tbt; Size 8

Immediately I got what I wanted, I started slipping into depression I cannot explain it. All that time I was a secular artiste sijawahi kunywa pombe hata siku moja naenda kwa bar nakunywa pekeangu. My relationships were not working, everywhere naonekana, I’m glowing but I am not myself, I’m so under pressure to be better than I used to be.

Size went on to add that those surrounding her were fake as her lifestyle; and to get back her old self, she then needed to change which meant quitting secular music.

I don’t have real friends, I started becoming a person I didn’t like and I remembered that happy girl who was in State House girls who was so happy so bubbly and I missed that born again girl. That Linet Munyali. I just missed being loved for Linet not for Size 8,

Shots fired? Size 8’s reveals what would make her work with a Gengetone artist

Size 8 will not be hitting the studio with any Gengetone artist! And if insists, then they must have a sit down with Size 8 who claims to have conditions to be followed before a collabo with these artists

The mother of two who is not only a minister of the word; but a gospel artist shared her thoughts just recently while on an interview done on Milele FM.

According to Size 8, she has nothing against Genge tone but being a christian for her means following God’s teachings; and that means not compromising her faith for fame. Before recording a song she would first ask the artist to join her in prayer as they seek for inspiration from the lord.

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She went on to add that the song must carry the word of God; even if it means just mentioning God’s name.

Size 8 reborn

Nitawaambia kwanza twende pale madhabau tuombe collabo kwanza, after tumeomba tuingie studio tutoe genge la mziki lakini neno la yesu liwe ndani kabisa kwa sababu as long as kitu iko na neno la Mungu na inabeba yesu sina shida. As long as it carries the word of God, has the word of God and it carries the spirit of God haina shida.

Songs message

The successful singer went on to add that for her to join in a collabo then it means the song must carry an important message. According to Size 8 songs speak to people therefore she has to ensure the message in the song will speak blessings to those listening. The last went on to conclude saying;

‘High bila ndom’ artistes, Size 8 and Masterpiece

Kwa sababu hata kanisani tunaimbanga na hujui mwenye ako next ako aje. Shida tu ni song isikuwe haina neno. The word is the most important not the person who is singing necessarily, si mavazi yake, si outlook, si nini. Sisi Gospel artistes tumeitiwa vitu mbili, one to worship God in spirit and truth, number two, to spread the word of God.

Size 8 has proven many people wrong

When Linet Munyali, popularly known as Size 8, announced that she had seen the light circa 2013 many people, including yours truly, thought it was the biggest joke of the century.

We thought she would not last long before backsliding as it has been the case with most secular artists who decided to get saved.

It was hard to fathom how Size 8, who had been known for seductive dance moves and short outfits, was going to ditch that lifestyle.

Naysayers claimed that her music career would really suffer as a result of the move but we were wrong, the Mateke hitmaker has proven us wrong.

Size 8

6 years later, she’s still strong in the faith. She has never looked back since she made the bold step to get saved.

Size 8 has disabused all stereotypes and changed her lifestyle from what we used to know her as.

T0 add to that, her music career is really flourishing. Today, she’s one of the biggest gospel artists in the country.

Perhaps the fact that she’s married to a saved person, DJ Mo, has played a big part in her journey.

These days, many people look up to her and seek advice from her like DK Kwenye Beat when he was involved in a sex scandal and that’s really laudable.

Listen to her latest release with Wahu dubbed Power.

Why is the Kenyan gospel industry such a mess?

Although I’m not a staunch Christian, I must admit that sometimes I get bothered when I see some of the things that are going on in the Kenyan gospel industry.  I’m sure many of you who are reading this are perturbed s well.

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In the past few months, a new genre of music that many people refer to as gospel gengetone has gained traction and to be honest, it is one of the things that really worries me.

Size 8

I knew things had gotten out of hand when Linet Munyali, alias Size 8, released a song with Masterpiece titled High Bila Ndom. For a woman who is a role model to hundreds of thousands, that was a new low.

The gospel industry is also riddled with many scandals. From Bahati’s dramatic fall outs with artists who are singed to his label to the sex scandal involving DK Kwenye Beat and Hopekid to the countless pregnancy scandals.

I don’t really know what happened but it seems somewhere along the way, gospel artists forgot that their main role is to spread God’s word. It like the fame and money got into their tiny heads.

Alice Kimanzi and Paul Clement treat us to Yuko Mungu
Alice Kimanzi

I wish that the gospel industry could be as it was in the early 2010s. Every secular artists wanted to become a gospel musician because they were good examples to others and the industry was very vibrant.

Outrageous scandals involving gospel musicians – something that has become the norm today – were almost unheard of back then and neither were did they have to pull stunts before releasing new music. It was just good vibes.

I think it is time for the players in the gospel industry re-evaluate themselves.They should go back and see where the rain started beating them before it’s too late.

And no, I did not say that all the gospel artists have lost their ways, the likes of; Mercy Masika, Alice Kimanzi, Pitson, Guardian Angel and Gloria Muliro still make good music and it’s my hope that they will be steadfast in the faith.

Watch Kererembe by Bahati, Mejja and Madtraxx below.

“I am in tears as I write this..” Size 8’s dark past leaves her emotional

From grass to grace is a line that applies to majority of individuals and despite the hardship of that time, we look back and just thank God.

Born-again Christian, Size 8 recently told of days when she could not afford sanitary towels, bus fare and the very basic, food.

Days when making through 24 hours and still able to see the next morning sounded impossible to her.

size 8
size 8

The minister ditched the secular world for gospel back in 2013 with her gospel debut ‘Mateke’ that cleared her path to greatness.

Sharing a montage, of a throwback photo alongside one of her most recent photos, the now mother of 2 could not hold back her tears.

Size 8 before (left) and now (right)

A photo montage that was randomly sent to her, only to touch the soft spot in her being and warrant a long emotional thanksgiving post to God.

Long letter

She started off screaming:

Uuuuuwwwii this is me woi before I met Jesus for real ???????????? @gladyskanyago sent me waaaaa hata mimi an shocked uuuuuuwiiii and me after wards uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuwwiiiii.

For her, her past remains a testimony of God’s transformation in her life, if the present is anything to go by.

Yesu Yuko anatenda my testimony how my life has changed wewe usikatetama ….. ati wanasema hakuna yesu. Manze my life is evidence uuuuuuuuwwwwwwiiiiiiii…. I love you Jesus you have carried me thru it all.

Size 8 with daughter, Ladasha

Describing how ungrateful human beings are, Size 8 felt sorry for ever complaining and never counting her blessings.

Woi forgive me for murmuring and complaining. Forgive me for not seeing just how far you have brought me and how much you have graced me changing my story. Wow I bless you Jesus none like you. I will forever praise you my Lord and saviour. I will forever testify of your love for me. Our might Man of war who be like you!

Recalling the dark days, when affording basic needs was a luxury to her, Mama Ladasha gushed over God’s graces in her life.

From never affording sanitary pads to my face being on a pack of pads. 4rm lacking bus fare to owning my own car. From lack of food to a full tummy. How I bless you Jesus My God of all creation my life belongs to you………

Gospel artiste, Size 8

Piece of advice

Wrapping up, the gospel artiste urged individuals about to despair, to just hold on a little longer for their doors are about to be opened by God.

Well, no one needs to go far because the now-affluent wife and mother, had once hit rock bottom in her life. But now look at her.

What am I trying to communicate to you guys is this manze God anaweza change life yako. Please usi give up. My life is a testimony. It’s just not about the physical body you see only but more so much more in my life. God has done wonders am almost in tears as I write this. Let’s give God glory….

Mama Wambo

Masterpiece brings Size 8 on board for new jam ‘High Bila Ndom’ (Video)

Gospel singer Emmanuel King, popularly known as Masterpiece and famed for his Kofi Yoo mega hit, has released a new track with Size 8 and it is eliciting mixed reactions.

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The jam titled High Bila Ndom, which means getting high without weed, talks about being filled with the Holy Spirit as opposed to, wait for it, getting high using drugs.

Size 8

The song was inspired by Ephesians 5:18. I honestly don’t know what to make of this collabo, part of me feels it’s just whack and at the same time I feel it will grow on me with time.

There is no doubt that both Masterpiece and Size 8 are very talented artists. However, if you ask me, this song could have been executed differently and in a decent manner instead of trying to ride on the Gengetone wave.

Anyway, now that we are here, I’ll say that the only reason that people will listen to High Bila Ndom is because Size 8 is in it. In my opinion, she kind of saved this jam.

Mama Wambo, as she is popularly known, has a melodic voice. She is arguably one of the best female vocalists in the country and she proved that once again in this jam.


To be fair, Masterpiece’s verse wasn’t that bad. He has a dope flow. My only problem with him is that his rhymes are so basic which means you can almost predict what he is going to say next.

As expected, Jegede did a good job on the beat. It’s so catchy and if you are the kind of person that loves to dance you won’t be able to resist the urge to shake a leg to this one.

The video was also awesome. I loved the choreography, styling, props, concept and general execution. Kudos to Steve Mugo for the good job.

Watch High Bila Ndom below and tell us what you think about the new jam by Masterpiece and Size 8.

“I was afraid to sleep, I thought I may not wake up!” Size 8 reveals

Singer Size 8 has been battling what many new  mums terms as postpartum depression that is unavoidable for most mothers!

She has not only been dealing with her high blood pressure; but also sleepless nights as she is afraid of not waking up.

The Murayas and their daughter, Ladasha Belle

The lady revealed this in a detailed post where she confessed a few things many did not know. Size 8 says that her blood pressure recently shot up; to a point where a certain pharmacist got shocked that she was even able to stand up and walk!

Through her Instagram page the mother of 2 wrote;

Mama Ladashabelle

Good morning to whoever is reading this please dont open your mouth and complain; or murmur this morning you have life from God thats enough to give Him praise. Yesterday my blood pressure was over the roof so high that the pharmacist kept on asking me how is it that you are walking with those pressure readings.

You should be hospitalized!

According to Size 8 her BP was too high and normally someone with such readings is expected to be in the ICU or bedridden. She went on to write saying;

Size 8 with her newborn son

you should be hospitalized unable to function or even in the ICU i answered him well i am living because Yaweh decided that i live not because of my body condition!!!! I wouldn’t lie at some point i was afraid to sleep i thought i may not wake up but the holy spirit remained me of Paul the apostle who God told He must go to Rome so even when He was found in a shipwreck or the deadly snake bite him He never was afraid He knew He cant die He must reach Rome because God says he will. His faith remained strong in God for Jesus holds the key to life and death!!!! God the sovereign God has kept us thru the night anything might have gone wrong that may have caused us to die but we are alive let us praise Him and worship Him in spirit and in truth!!!! Some celebrate life in Jesus!!!!!! Keep the faith it will happen just as God told you no matter the obstacles!!!!! Acts 27:25

It’s a baby boy! At last Size 8 introduces her adorable son

Singer Size 8 has finally revealed her newborns gender after keeping him on the low for about 1 month now.

Well, if you didn’t know then now you know that the Muraya family was recently blessed with a bouncing baby boy who they named after DJ Mo, Muraya Junior!

The excites Size 8 and her husband introduced their new bundle of joy through their Instagram pages attracting a number of congratulatory messages.

Muraya Junior

Muraya Junior

For the very first time Size 8 and DJ Mo’s fans have gotten the chance to meet Muraya Junior and just like most celebrity kids, the toddlers face remains hidden until he is old enough for his parents to introduce him to fans on Instagram.

Anyway below are just a few photos shared by the Muraya’s introducing their son to the worl.

Ladasha with her brother
Size 8 with her daughter and son

Yummy mummy! Size 8 steps out with her new born for the first time

Singer Size 8 has every reason to be grateful for the far she has come. Just a few weeks ago the lady was rushed to hospital due to a few complications that almost cost her life and that of her new born.

However, Size 8 and her new born walked out alive and in good shape thanks to the many prayers and support from friends and family.

Anyway after welcoming her baby, Size 8 decided to take sometime off social media to recover from her C Section wound and also nurse her baby.

Back like she never left!

After almost one month of keeping a low profile, singer Size 8 has gone ahead to share a new photo on her Instagram page where she is seen holding her new born baby.

As for now we cannot confirm the baby’s gender since the Muraya’s want to keep it a secret until the baby is ready to be seen by the world.

Check out Size 8’s post baby body and her new baby in the photo below.

Size 8

See God!!!!! Father Lord I take this opportunity to publicly praise you for the victory I’ve seen in my life!!! You have given me life and blessed me with another child I give you glory! In my weakness and imperfections you have showed me with your MERCY and clothed me with your GRACE!! This is all about you JEHOVAH! Never about me!!!! HALLELUJAH GLORY TO THE LIVING GOD!!! May I earnestly seek you with my heart and mind now and forever more!!! IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!!! @djmokenya and @ladashabelle.wambo


“The journey was tough mama, but God carried you” Kambua to Size 8

Pregnancy and child birth is not a joke and if you thought things get better after the 9 months – then you have never walked in a mothers shoes!

Singer Size 8 has every reason to celebrate and thank God for walking out of maternity alive and most of all with her new born baby.

Size 8 becomes a proud mother of 2

Just a few hours ago the mother of 2 opened up about her struggles with child birth for the second time. Just like when she was pregnant with Ladasha Belle, Size 8 battled with hypertension again – something that almost cost the singer her life.

Through her Instagram page Size 8 shared a short clip from her YouTube series ‘The Muraya’s” narrating how hard her pregnancy was for the second time.

Size 8 breaks down during her baby shower

Kambua’s word of encouragement to Size 8

Having been blessed with a handsome baby boy just a few months ago, singer Kambua now understands what it means to be a mother.

For this reason the lady joined the many celebrities and mothers sending Size 8 congratulatory messages, word of encouragement and just prayers to see her through all this.

In a post seen by Ghafla, Kambua went on to write saying;

Size 8

Today I celebrate Mama Wambo @size8reborn for crossing over victoriously! My own journey has taught me that it is nothing short of a miracle to conceive, carry, and birth a child. The journey was tough mama, but God carried you. We welcome your little one kwa shangwe na nderemo!!???????????? Ah! Jehovah did it! You are dearly loved. May He pour more grace on you in this season ????????????.

Size 8 shares sweet birthday tribute to daughter Ladasha Belle for Her 4th Birthday!

On 19th November the Muraya’s always make sure to spend this special day in the best possible as – their first born, Ladasha belle, was welcomed in the world 4 years ago!


To celebrate Ladashabelle’s big day, Size 8 posted a birthday tribute on Instagram, filled with a moving and sweet message where she wrote;

Yeeeeeeepppppyyyy its her 4th birthday what a mighty God I serve!!!!!! Her life is a miracle from Heaven!!!!! @ladashabelle.wambo God is faithful mummy I love you so much so much…………..You are true sign of Gods power!!!!!!!!!
Thank you @nishasurbankitchen , the cake it so beautiful ……. thanks for this it means alot to me!!!!! Cc @djmokenya

Size 8 with daughter Ladashabelle

Size 8’s post received close to 41k views and with comments from close friends and die hard fans all wishing little Ladashabelle a happy birthday as she turned 4 years.

DJ Mo’s message to Ladashabelle

Ladashabelle is certainly turning into a fine young lady and judging from how her daddy pampers her, we can all agree that she is her daddy’s favorite girl!

Through his Instagram page DJ Mo celebrated his daughter’s birthday with a special message where he opened up saying;

It’s been 4 years and God has been faithful – am always proud of you and honestly you make us happy with mummy . I pray to God to always favor you and may you grow to be the most happiest woman ever .
It’s your day sema unataka nini …we ready to spoil you ????
Happy birthday my missy ❤️ @ladashabelle.wambo
Cc @size8reborn

Baby onboard! Size 8 confirms pregnancy as she flaunts her grown baby bump!

Gospel singer Size 8 has confirmed that she is very pregnant with her second child!

The singer and minister of the word of God announced this through her Instagram page with a new photo from her baby bump photo shoot that went down just recently.

Size 8 trying to hide her baby bump

This however does not come as a surprise since there were rumors about her pregnancy – already circulating on social media.

Hard pregnancy phase

Thanks to her well detailed post shared on Instagram; Size 8 went on to reveal that her pregnancy has not been a walk in the park.

Size 8 says she has walked through the shadows of death together with her unborn baby but they will soon make it as she has a few more weeks to go. The singer wrote;

Pregnant Size 8

And to God be the glory!!!!! This far I can testify of His grace ,His faithfulness, His mercy and love for me and my unborn baby……. though we ve walked thru the valley of the shadow of death God has been our protection our cover, thru tears and thru pain God has covered us under His mighty wing!!!! Soon and very soon I will hold my baby in my hands because this far God has fought for us!!!!! The journey this far has not been easy full of hurdles but His grace has been our strength!!! To all believing God for a child please dont give up no matter what medical reports say. HE WHO HAS KEPT ME AND MY BABY THIS FAR IS FAITHFUL even in the darkest hour keep the faith!!!!!!!! Close family and friends know the complications that I’ve gone thru while carrying this baby!!!! Tears of thanks giving run down my chics as I post this knowing that only God has made it possible……….. BEHOLD SEE THE MIGHTY HAND OF YAWEH!!!!!!!!!!!……………….. Dressed by @africanfabricanddesignske
Location @swisslenana
Pic by @infinity_clix
Make up by @crownedbymakeup

DJ Mo and Size 8 finally recover their daughter’s social media page

Back in business like they never left!

Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo have finally announced that their daughter’s Instagram page has finally been recovered.

This is after the account was hacked by unknown persons; something that almost cost the young lady lose her online businesses.

However earlier this morning DJ Mo went on to announce that the account has been recovered and is back to its original owner, Ladasha Belle.

Through his Instagram page the gospel DJ wrote saying;

It’s been a minute and struggle , we thank God ,Ladasha’s official IG account is Back .
@ladashabelle.wambo ❤️


Size 8

Singer Size 8 also went on to share her joy after recovering her daughter’s Instagram weeks after it been hacked.

She wrote saying;

Yeeeeeeepppppyyyy when Jesus is on the throne no devil can win………… my daughters account was hacked but now we got it back. uuuuuuuuwwwwwwiiiiiiii some said its Impossible but look at God the Lord of host the God of impossibilities….. @ladashabelle.wambo thanks swity @djmokenya huja lala uve been working on this Woi swity……

Akothee Vs Size 8 Vs Fena Gitu: Who is the best stage performer? 

A few weeks ago, we had a poll where we asked you to pick whose concert you would attend among Willy Paul, Khaligraph Jones and Timmy Tdat and get value for your money because, let’s face it, we all attend gigs to be entertained.

I later realized that I had not featured any female artist on that poll and that’s why I decided to do a female version of it to see who you think can really own the stage from a list of three of the most sought after Kenyan female artists i.e. Akothee, Fena Gitu and Size 8.

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Having watched performances of all the three, I think they all have it in them. You will definitely have the time of your life if you attend their. events. However, today we’d like to pit them against each other to see who you would settle on if you had to pick only one.



As you would expect, Esther Akoth, alias Akothee, is really energetic when she is on stage. Put simply, she knows how to own it. From the well-choreographed moves with her dances to her ability to improvise to how she engages the crowd, you will be left begging for more.

Fena Gitu

Fena Gitu
Fena Gitu

Unlike the other two, Fena is not jumpy on stage but that does not necessarily mean that she’s boring. Apart from having good crowd control skills, the Steam hit maker also oozes swagger when she’s on stage and maybe, just maybe this is why her fans really love her.

Size 8

Size 8
Size 8

Linet Munyali, alias Size 8, has always been known to be a great performer. In my opinion, that has not changed even after she crossed over to the gospel industry. Apart from being flexible and energetic, the Mateke hit maker also knows how to interact with the crowd.

That being said, who are you willing to put your money on? According to you, who is the best stage performer among the three? Tell us below.

“Unaolewa na DJ ukule mixtape?” Size 8 laughs off at this statement years after many discouraged her not marry DJ Mo

They say he who laughs last, laughs best and it appears that Size 8 has the last laugh after many thought her marriage with DJ Mo wouldn’t head anywhere.

The gospel singer recently revealed that many told her not to marry a DJ since most did not make enough money to sustain themselves.

According to Mama Wambo, she recalls many looking down on her man DJ Mo but she never felt the urge of giving up on him and the little they had.

Blessings on blessings!

Well now that the years have gone, the couple seems to be enjoying the fruits of their efforts. So far we understand that they own a mansion in Nairobi’s Lavington area.

Well now DJ Mo has gone ahead to open a nails parlor for his wife as a birthday gift. Size 8 shared the good news through her Instagram page where she wrote saying;

Size 8 flaunts her grown baby bump as she celebrates her 32nd birthday

On Sunday, August 4th Size 8 celebrated her 32nd birthday together with her husband and daughter at the Great Rift Lodge in Naivasha.

However, for the very first time the lady opened up about her struggle with a certain illness that has seen her battle for her life about 5 times.

The singer went on to express gratitude for the far she has come and for the many blessings that money and fame cannot buy.

Baby bump

Anyway, apart from this the singer for the very first time is seen flaunting her grown baby bump in a video that has left most of their fans congratulating the couple.

This however does not come as a surprise as we had earlier announced that she could be expecting baby number two.

Although the couple has refused to talk about their pregnancy, the video below confirms that indeed their is a second baby on the way!

Size 8 responds to rumors linking her husband to twins who resemble their daughter Ladasha

Gospel singer and preacher Size 8 seems to have already come across a story claiming her husband DJ Mo fathered twins with another woman.

This is after a certain lady by the name of Carol Nduta went on to hint that her baby daddy has been neglecting his daughters; however what caught many peoples attention is the striking resemblance the twins shared with Ladasha.

DJ Mo’s twin daughters?

This automatically left social media users linking DJ Mo to the twins. DJ Mo on the other hand decided to address the issue through his Instagram page where he wrote saying;

You cannot bring this man down , especially with fake stories- try harder coz saa hii #sijajua mengi because ujue simba akiamka ….::::… story for another day … I keep saying Dj Mo is God’s project . Enjoy your day watu wangu . #topadetopdj.

Size 8 siding with her husband

Singer Size 8 has also gone to show her support for her husband in a new photo shared on her Instagram.

Judging from her caption it appears that Size 8 was probably showing that the love she shared with her man is still intact and cannot be affected by rumors making rounds on social media. She wrote saying;

LOVE THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE???????????????????????? ❤️❤️❤️???????????? @djmokenya………..God is love…..

Size 8


Baby number 2 or Size 8 is putting on extra weight?

Singer cum preacher Size 8 has lately been keeping a low profile about her life unlike her old self.

The mother of one who was once quite active on social media seems to have taken a chill pill and is no longer as bubbly as before.

Size 8 then…

These days Size 8 prefers to share Bible quotes and encouraging messages on her gram – and truth be told seems like much changed about her after her miscarriage a while back.

Pregnant or chubby?

Away from that her, fans believe that she has put on extra weight as she happens to appear chubby in her latest selfie shared on Instagram.

A few of her fans went on to mention about the sudden weight gain which could only mean two things…either she is living a comfortable life or there could be another baby on the way.

Size 8 now…

Judging from her photos which only focus on the chest area and upwards… could it be that Size 8 is hiding a baby bump?




Size 8’s latest release ‘Kujeni Twende’ is totally worth your time (Video)

Gospel songstress Linet Munyali, alias Size 8, is back with a new song and I’m are really feeling it. If you ask me, I’ll tell you that it’s totally worth your time.

She has featured upcoming gospel singer Alpha Mwana Mtule in the song dubbed Kujeni Twende which loosely translates to “come, let’s go.”

Alpha Mwana Mtule
Alpha Mwana Mtule

The song asks human beings to turn to Christ for it is in him that they will find happiness and comfort.

The song’s chorus is very simple and easy to remember. It goes like, “Kujeni twende Twende kwa Mola tukae naye Kujeni twende Twende kwa Mola tuseme naye.

Apart from the good lyrical flow, I was also impressed by the Lingala-infused beat. Chances are, you’ll stand up to dance while listening to this song.

Size 8
Size 8

The song was produced by Bern and directed by the super-talented Sammy Dee of True D. Put simply, the video is also impressive.

Size 8 has been doing exceptionally well since she got saved and crossed over to the gospel industry. Initially, most people thought it was a bluff but she has stood the test of time.

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What I love most about her is her versatility.  She makes music that appeals to different audiences or generations. If you are keen you’ll notice how her songs are different.

Take for instance Tam Tam, which she did with Willy Paul, and Send Forth. The former leans on the the praise side while the latter is more of a worship song.

In the same way, her latest single dubbed Kujeni Twende is different. It’s a praise song with a fire Lingala beat.

Perhaps, she relevant to this very date because of her versatility.

Watch Kujeni Twende below and tell us what you think.

Size 8: Don’t believe what you see on social media. Sometimes I cry

Gospel singer Size 8 has come out to reveal that nothing is perfect in this world including her.

The mother of one took to social media to warn her followers to never fall for the hype and perfect photos they normally see online that might make you believe everything is always fine in her life.

“Well let me just say this I am not perfect I don’t have a perfect marriage, I don’t have a perfect child, I don’t have a perfect body. Warning: don’t be fooled by what you see people post on social media. Many people not all people but many only post the good side of their life they post what they want you to see and hide what they think is not pleasant coz may be they want you to assume they are perfect. ” she said.


Size 8 added that like every other normal person, she gets stressed out sometimes but always relies on God for support.

“I don’t have a perfect life sometimes I cry sometimes I laugh out loud, I don’t have a perfect ministry either a perfect career. The only thing I have that is perfect is my savior Jesus Christ, my god and the blessed holy spirit in our imperfections, we find grace and mercy before god. Relax you are already loved by God nothing can make him love you less or more.”

Kenyan gospel musicians who rarely write their songs and what it means

Songwriting is a practice that exists all over the world. It has been around for ages. Some of the greatest musicians of all time, including Michael Jackson, had songwriters. It’s a career as any so there’s nothing wrong with it.

I, however, have some concerns about songwriting in the gospel industry, especially in Kenya. I’m of the opinion that this practice should not exist and I’ll try my best to explain why.

You see, some of the biggest gospel musicians in our country rarely write their songs, they might have the mellowest voices around but they can’t pen down a song or hardly do so.

Mercy Masika’s Mwema and Nikupendeze were written by Mr. Vee, Shule Yako was written by Pitson.


Moji Short Baba was the brains behind most of DK Kwenye Beat’s songs in the last one year, including Kijana Wa Kayole, Kwa Yesu Sawa. He also wrote Kumbe Kumbe by Bahati and Mr. Seed.

A chap known as Godson Jawabu wrote DK Kwenye Beat’s Asusu and Sari Sari.

Pitson also wrote Daddy Owen’s Vanity, Size 8’s Afadhali Yesu and Pale Pale, Makena’s Narudi, Laura Karwirwa’s Ni Neema Yako, among others.

These are just a few examples. They paint a picture of what the local gospel industry has become – a money making venture.

Do you feel a little bit disappointed when you discover that your favourite gospel was not written by the person who sang it? Of course yes.

The notion behind religion is that the man above should use you as a vessel to pass the message of salvation to others. So, what happens when you bought the ‘message’ from another person? Are you a vessel?

On the other hand, assuming the songwriters don’t do it for free, which is pretty obvious, does it mean that they are selling the gospel?

This article was not meant to ridicule any gospel singer, its purpose is to provoke a discussion. What do you think about all this? Leave a comment below.

Size 8 finally distances herself from DK Kwenye Beat’s scandal

Evangelist Size 8 has found herself on the wrong side after coming out to defend her family friend; DK Kwenye Beat who had been accused of sexually abusing a 20 year old fan/video vixen.

According to the statement she had earlier released the singer who is now a preacher urged people not to judge DK Kwenye Beat. However, this was not received well as many fans called her out in the comment section for her ignorance and insensitivity!

DK’s audio leaked

Well, this was before DK Kwenye Beat’s audio recording leaked on social media. Judging from what DK is heard saying; most fans concluded that indeed his apology was another PR stunt to help save his career.

Size 8’s statement

In a new post shared by Size 8 the lady opened up about distancing herself from the sex scandal following the new audio that confirmed DK’s actions. Size 8 wrote saying;