Size 8 reflects back on her wild past: ‘I don’t deserve this’

Size 8 has come from far and we all know this. After clearing High school from State House girls, the lass ventured into music and this how we got to know her.

Back in 2011 she released her one and only hit song Shamba Boy that saw make money like never before. But with such a hyped personality who wouldn’t have loved her?

Singer Size 8 back in the day

However with time she slowly started changing and after meeting husband Sammy Muraya aka DJ Mo she decided to quit the secular music industry.

Change is inevitable

Theough her IG page, Size 8 shared a photo from her past to which she captioned;

I look at this picture and I see the LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST!! THE RECKLESS LOVE OF GOD!! I dont deserve His love neither did I earn it He just forgave me yet I was one of the chief of sinners.

Now that she is a Christian and a minister of the word; Size 8 says that she is grateful for the changes she made not forgetting the mistakes that drew her closer to her maker. She went on to say;

Size 8 reborn

“No wall God wont tear down lie He wont bring down coming after me. No mountain He wont bring down , shadow He wont light up coming after me.” My God loved me even before I love Him. What manner of grace is this??? I am just in tears that He loves me this much. Whatever I did in my past I confessed and He has forgotten and forgiven me. And now God lifts me up to sing for Him.

In conclusion, Mrs Muraya went on to write saying;


4 young Kenyan celebrity power couples that have proven matching outfits can still be funky

The tradition of couples stepping out in matching outfits has for a long time been considered an old way of doing things especially among the new generation. But not any more after young celebrity couples proved it can still be done and look fashionable.

Well, just when many thought the tradition would get washed away with the generation of our parents, it might just be here to stay for good. Embrace it!

Lets get right into it…

1. The Bahatis

Diana Marua and Bahati are out on baecation as the weekend kicks in amidst the daring chilly weather and do I say, the two stepped out looking like twins before you realize they are actually two adults, drowned in the sea of love. It was an all white-yellow affair.

The Bahatis looking like twins

2. The Murayas

Gospel power couple Size 8 and DJ Mo have decided to tie the loose ends in their troubled marriage with matchy-matchy outfits, stepping out in a bright, all-blue affair that can easily blind your eyes.

The Murayas keeping it chic

3. The Dufandas

This is a couple that has set the bar high enough for young celebrity couples, already now popular for their ever matchy yet fashionable outfits, with each embracing a unique style for the suitable occasion.

The Dufanda couple leads the crowd

4. The WaJesus

Milly and Kabi WaJesus, each has their own specific taste of fashion, but they have not been left out when it comes to matching couple outfits. Not once, not twice, have the WaJesus been spotted complementing each others dressing especially when in the mood for some Ankara.

The WaJesus beautifully embracing the African fashion

5. The Tony Kwalandas

We cannot call it a day without a bonus and this time, the newest celebrity couple in town gets to crown the show. Tony Kwalanda and Joyce Maina are the latest young couple to embrace the matching outfits challenge, which I must say, they nailed!

The Tony Kwalanda lovebirds step out in matching outfits

There you have it! Any other YOUNG couple we missed?

DJ Mo’s unfiltered reaction after Size 8 warns him against impregnating her a 4th time (Video)

DJ Mo broke the bank to celebrate his breathtaking wife on their 7th wedding anniversary, until the topic of having a third child came up and the two could not agree.

The parents to two adorable children have been divided whenever the topic of a third child comes up, having lost their baby in a miscarriage that tested their love for each other.

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During their staycation at the Kenyan coast, DJ Mo revealed to fans his intentions to get his wife pregnant again, for a third child.

Size 8 fires back

Word has since reached Size 8, who has come out to forewarn her hubby against impregnating her, because she is just not ready for the journey.

Size 8 and DJ Mo beautifully mark 7th wedding anniversary

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During their recent vlog, the gospel songbird narrated how both her deliveries traumatized her, having to deliver her babies through a CS, after developing complications.

Sadly, she lost her mother, barely hours after delivering her first child Ladashabelle Wambo, never to attend her mom’s burial because of her high blood pressure and her fresh wound, after the CS.

Then was baby number 2, who she miscarried in 2018, that nearly broke her marriage with husband, DJ Mo.

The Murayas

Finally, the pair was blessed with baby number 3, Muraya Junior in November 2019 whose delivery nearly cost the mother her life. With her newborn having to spend days in the ICU, who she calls her ‘miracle baby’.

So now, anything to do with child birth is a no-go zone for the mother of 2 who has gone through so much when it comes to pregnancies.

Size 8 with kids Ladashabelle and Muraya Junior

As the pair beautifully marked their 7th anniversary with a romantic staycation in Nanyuki, DJ Mo sweetly asked his wife for baby number 3, who warned;

“Apana! Wacha tukae pamoja lakini watoto wametosha. Usijaribu kunipea mtoto mwingine.”

Leaving a desperate-looking DJ Mo speechless. Watch and tell us what you think;

The Murayas hint on baby number 3 (Video)

Whatever is going on between DJ Mo and Size 8 reborn keeps getting juicer by the day.

The couple that was hit by a heavy storm barely weeks ago that nearly saw their marriage split, is only bonding the more, with a marriage that seems too strong to break, after recent developments.

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The romantic yacht ride

Still in their 7th wedding anniversary mood, the gospel DJ treated his light skin babe and mother to his 2 children to an exclusive yacht ride by the coast, in a romantic-filled event.

The couple, fully dressed in all-white attire, looks like young lovebirds still in their honeymoon stage, spoiling each other with love and laughter.

The Murayas

For DJ Mo, the cheating scandals had only strengthened their marriage and with such a supportive and strong-willed woman by his side, it is only fair that he gives her the best life has to offer.

And for sure, Size 8 could not get enough of it.

The inside covered up in comfy leather seats, complete with a bedroom for the two and a sitting area.

Lovebirds, Size 8 and DJ Mo

Baby number 3?

The fascinating bit of it is when the cheeky DJ leads his wife into the bedroom area before declaring to the camera, that it is high time they had baby number 3. “Lazima tutafute mtoto wa tatu,” he announced.

Meanwhile, an excited Size 8 reborn who was busy surveying the yacht, was not aware of what had just gone down.

The Murayas on baecation

It was all love confessions between the two, making promises to forever remain faithful, respect, love and cherish each other. So will Size 8 agree to have baby number 3?

Listen in and tell me what you think:

DJ Mo and Size 8 treated to a beautiful family vacation days after infidelity scandal (Videos)

The Muraya couple continues to confuse fans and critics on their marital situation after recently being spotted having a time of their life with their two children, at Kenyas coast.

It has been barely a month since the couple’s marriage was speculated to be on the verge of a break-up, surrounded with infidelity scandals and fights, a scene that turned ugly.

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Then days later, the two came out, seemingly having ironed out their differences. Making apologies and clarifying on what exactly had been going on with the fights and scandals.

The Muraya family on vacation

According to the gospel singer, her husbands infidelity is to be blamed on the devil, shielding him from external attacks.

The Muraya family vacation

Well, in recent developments, the lovebirds went on a beautiful family vacation down at Mombasa, as they marked their 7th wedding anniversary.

The young family was hosted at the luxurious PrideInn Paradise Beach Resort. Courtesy of a popular tour company, coupled with fun activities and short trips around the coastal hub.

It is hard to differentiate the children from the parents because of their playful nature. For DJ Mo, hii ni uchokozi imeomoka ????????.

The couple freely interacted with individuals present at the beach-side, and they quite had a time of their life.

Because for Size 8, “the peace of God that surpasses all understanding”.

Well, there you have it!

“My Queen, my one and only,” DJ Mo sweetly adores wife on their 7th wedding anniversary

It marks 7 years since gospel celebrity couple Size 8 and DJ Mo said I Do” to each other and amidst the infidelity claims, the DJ has come out to shower his Queen with unconditional love.

The father of two, took the opportunity to formally introduced Size 8 reborn to fans as ‘his wife’. Declaring that that will never change until he breathes his last.

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DJ Mos heartfelt letter to Size 8

“The mother of my children and the foundation of my family ❤️,” continued his heartfelt letter. Admitting there is so much he can say but this was not a matter or running or hiding from his mistakes.

DJ Mo and Size 8 reborn

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Acknowledging he has wronged his wife and that even though he is human and bound to make mistakes, there is no better time to apologize to her, than now.

“I’m sorry and I love you ❤️,” affirmed the NTV gospel show host. 

DJ Mo sweetly adores wife on 7th anniversary

“I know I drive you crazy at times, but you know nothing good comes without its share of problems…” added DJ Mo’s emotional message to his wife.

But for the 7 years they have been in marriage, never did he let his guard down however challenging the situation became. So recent events were not going to be his exception.

I am blessed to call you MY QUEEN no matter how big the distraction seems, he sweetly penned.

Size 8 and DJ Mo 7th wedding anniversary

Wrapping up by promising his Queen and mother to his children: Together forever babe, LET the world know you my one and only …YOU COMPLETE ME ❤️… HAPPY 7th Anniversary.

“It is battle time!” Size 8 declares war following husband’s multiple infidelity claims

Size 8 reborn has for the first time responded to controversies surrounding her marriage with DJ Mo.

The mother of two came out to admit she was hurting following claims backed with evidence that her saved husband, had been having sexual affairs outside their marriage, unknown to her.

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“I’ve been angry and sad handling things physically but that stage is over,” painfully penned the gospel artist and minister.

Size 8 reborn

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War time?

Quoting the Bible, she declared that it was not in her place to fight the human battles before her, but the evil spirits that had taken over her marriage.

Because it was not in human power to cheat in this manner, but that an evil force was behind it.

Mother of two, Size 8

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Blaming her husband’s infidelity on the devil, while sparing the curvy lass who came out to claim she had been bedding DJ Mo for over 6 years now.

Announcing she is going on a 3-day fast, to ask God for peace and restoration of her marriage and family, openly declaring: “It is time to put the full armor of God. It is battle time on my knees!”

Urging all married couples, facing hard times and fighting battles that are beyond human understanding, to call on God to fix their relationships and allow him to defend their homes.

DJ Mo and Size 8

“Marriage is a very great covenant! A covenant created by God. Let the marriage prayer movement begin!” she declared.

Well, looks like the singer, mother and wife has just had enough of the scandals.

Drama after Size 8 and DJ Mo embroiled in a fight at city hotel (Video)

The drama in gospel celebrity couple, DJ Mo and Size 8s marriage, continues and only gets juicier by the day.

Days after throwing the father to her 2 children out of their matrimonial home, the two were spotted angrily throwing words at each other in broad daylight at a local city hotel.

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Over the weekend, during a casual outing, the two were having a one-on-one discussion before it turned into a heated argument that saw the singer nearly walk out on her husband.

DJ Mo and Size 8 in a heated argument

The war of words

An annoyed Size 8 reborn, quickly stood up, whipped her hair to the back, grabbed a bottle of drink but as she wanted to walk out of her conversation with her husband, he quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

“…kenye unaniambia ata, sikai chini! Wachana na mimi!” Size 8 was heard shouting.

Gospel celebrity couple, Size 8 and DJ Mo

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In the process, the gospel disk jockey quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her back to his seat and the rest was but history.

Whatever the couple was going through from the scene, clearly irritated Size 8 who could not stand her husbands presence or whatever conversation they were having.

Celebrity couple Size 8 and DJ Mo

The short clip, captured by a local publication however could not give fine details or broadly explain what was going on but it was sure not a fun scene to watch. Have a look;

Videos of DJ Mo cutely bonding with his two children proves haters wrong

Days after making controversial headlines, gospel DJ Mo born Samuel Muraya has stylishly hit back at critics who were on a mission to destroy his marriage to singer, Size 8 reborn.

This time round, ready to prove to critics that his marriage will stand the test of time even amidst rumored cheating scandals with Switch TV presenter, Joyce Maina that painted a dark picture of his values.

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The father of two young adorable children, decided to parade his fatherhood journey during their recent family vacation where he was spotted beautifully bonding with son and daughter.

NTV gospel show DJ Mo aka Samuel Muraya

The comeback

In one video, Muraya senior savored some outdoor fun moments with daughter Ladashabelle Wambo whom he carried up high before adorably landing on his chest and from a distance, the baby girl could be heard beautifully giggling at the irreplaceable moment.

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Then next, came daddy-son moments with Muraya Junior enjoying the afternoon sun at the balcony where the gospel DJ had to playfully entertain his months-old baby boy while similarly bonding.

A cute video that has attracted lots of love and cheer from his comment section, as fans enviously admired the charming moment.

No more trouble in paradise?

The disk jockey’s online updates come days after the couple was rumored to be having a troubled marriage. With Size 8 allegedly kicking out her husband from their matrimonial home and left behind with their two children.

This was after speculations that what was once a fun-filled, romantic marriage, turned into total disrespect and numerous cheating scandals from the family man.

The Muraya couple

But probably after proving to haters that his marriage with Size 8 is still intact, we can only hope that the two are seeing eye-to-eye.

6 popular Kenyan female celebrities who recently got trolled for their choice of dressing 

Being in the public eye has almost meant living to certain standards, especially when it comes to dressing regardless of whichever day of the month or season it is.

Several female Kenyan celebrities have not been spared the trolls of late, be it for skimpy dressing, over-sized clothes or something fans feel has either been overdone or edited for the public space.

Some of these personalities clapped back with massive comebacks, others ignored that people were even talking while others made fun of the situation and eventually the dust settled. Let’s kick off;

1. Nadia Mukami

The Tesa singer recently decided to get a little skimpy with juicy swimming pool photos of her that turned heads online. Before a section of critics called her out for allegedly photo-shopping her body.

Nadia Mukami publicly parades her goodies

2. Nana Owiti

The mother of two who doubles up as Switch TV’s Chatspot show host, leveled up after bagging the TV role in February 2020, completely switching her wardrobe for a better taste. But she once decided to turn over her fashion sense with in a long, loose shirt dress that did her injustice.

Nana Owiti trolled

3. Betty Kyallo

Betty has been trolled on several occasions recently. One time was her swim wear that had her literally dressed by fans. A second time being when she stepped out in a skimpy dress when rumors were rife she was in an entanglement with a Somali bae.

Betty Mutei Kyallo

4. Mammito

This stands as the most recent cases, after the comedienne stepped out in a funny-looking shouting dress during birthday baecation with Eddie Butita down in Mombasa, that left her looking totally off. Only to savagely clap back at haters.

Eunice Mammito

5. Size 8

Linet Munyali attracted massive backlash with her swimsuit that fans believed showed too much skin for a mother of two, wife and gospel artist like her.

Size 8 looking like the yummiest mum on social media

6. Lilian Muli

The Citizen TV journalist got into a battle with a fan who claimed she used mattress to cushion her chest that seemed strangely too heavy. But had her comeback ready.

Mama boys aka Lilian Muli

“I don’t like lightskin men,” DJ Mo’s alleged side chick claps back in angry rant (Video)

Switch TV presenter, Joyce Maina, recently romantically linked to married gospel DJ Mo has come clean on claims she has been bedding the gospel disk jockey.

This was in an angry rant during their Chatspot Live show yesterday, first clarifying she is not and will never be into married men. Second, that she loves the shade darker, so DJ Mo was a no!

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Thirdly, categorically stating she does not know the gospel disk jockey, never met him and does not even follow him on social media in the first place.

Switch TV’s Joyce Maina

Joyce sets the record straight

She went ahead to call out her ‘sad, pathetic losers’ who just went on her bio to make all sorts of assumptions and spread lies, that she would pray for them because they are sick.

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Interestingly, the chocolate-skinned babe was shocked at how petty trolls went to her page, unearthed her alleged man’s photo and all of a sudden, their compass directed them to Samuel Muraya. “DJ Mo has hair and is light skin. Mine is a beautiful chocolate man, just how I like them!” she slammed.

Joyce Maina claps back at DJ Mo cheating scandal

Her Chatspot co-hosts, Mwikali Mary and Kush Tracey confirmed her claims but failed to go into finer details about the fine man who has entangled the beauty in love and sparked controversies online.

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For Joyce, having been blessed to have been brought up by two parents, she was not about to destroy other peoples marriages especially where children are involved. “Why would I break someones home when I am trying to build my own? Use your brains guys! I will never, have never and will never date a married man!” stated Joyce.

Joyce Maina

Her response comes barely days after a photo of her with an unknown man went viral online and quick conclusions pointed in DJ Mo’s direction after undisclosed sources leaked the info through blogger, Edgar Obare.

Have a listen;

Petite lass romantically linked to DJ Mo responds to dating speculations

Switch TV presenter and Kenyan actress, Joyce Maina has come out to address allegations she has been warming DJ Mo’s bed behind his wife’s back, Size 8 reborn.

Late last week, fans were quick to link the petite lass to DJ Mo after sharing photos with her mystery man and quick glances directed fans at DJ Mo.

Switch TV presenter, Joyce Maina

Over the weekend, Joyce  who had been exposed by undisclosed identities through blogger, Edgar Obare pitied fans for snooping too much into her private business to zero success, instead linking her to married men out here.

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Joyce Maina’s comeback

She bashed the news as “fake”, slamming trolls for impersonating a man they had struggled to identify, with DJ Mo just to quench their thirsts.

Joyce Maina trashes dating speculations with DJ Mo

The sassy Chatspot show host made it clear to the public that she isn’t as dumb to go after married men and not even with the audacity to put up the man on her social media in that manner. 

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Taking to the gram this morning, the beauty posted a photo enjoying the morning sun in the pool savagely clapping back “This is how I mind my own business. It’s really good for your skin. Some of you should try it.”

Switch TV’s Joyce Maina

Her sentiments seemed to settle the dust regards her dating the gospel disk jockey who is married to gospel artist, Size 8 with whom he has two children. The babe however, has sure learnt her lesson and might just never give fans any more updates regards her love life after the ruthless incident.

Meanwhile, Joyce is set to ‘address the nation’ today, during her session on Chatspot with the girls at 5:50pm. Keep watch!

Joyce Maina responds to dating allegations
The TV host dating DJ Mo?
Joyce Maina’s man unmasked