Baby number 2 or Size 8 is putting on extra weight?

Singer cum preacher Size 8 has lately been keeping a low profile about her life unlike her old self.

The mother of one who was once quite active on social media seems to have taken a chill pill and is no longer as bubbly as before.

Size 8 then…

These days Size 8 prefers to share Bible quotes and encouraging messages on her gram – and truth be told seems like much changed about her after her miscarriage a while back.

Pregnant or chubby?

Away from that her, fans believe that she has put on extra weight as she happens to appear chubby in her latest selfie shared on Instagram.

A few of her fans went on to mention about the sudden weight gain which could only mean two things…either she is living a comfortable life or there could be another baby on the way.

Size 8 now…

Judging from her photos which only focus on the chest area and upwards… could it be that Size 8 is hiding a baby bump?