SportPesa’s parent company drags businessman Paul Wanderi Ndung’u to court for defamation

Controversial businessman Paul Wanderi Ndung’u has been sued by a company he formerly chaired – Pevans East Africa – which cites defamatory and malicious attacks that are damaging the reputation of the business.

In court papers filed yesterday, Pevans East Africa accuses Ndung’u of making several defamatory statements and unsavory remarks about the company which used to trade in Kenya under the brand name SportPesa.

“The 1st defendant on the 1st November 2020 publicly released what he christened a press statement in which he made several defamatory and unsavory remarks about the plaintiff {Pevans},” said the company in court documents.

In the statement mentioned, the ousted former chairman of the giant betting brand accused some of his fellow directors of running the company without reference to the board. Ndung’u further allegedly claimed that the company had transferred over 250 million dollars to various offshore accounts without showing proof of the beneficiary.

However in a witness statement presented to court by Pevans East Africa’s Corporation Secretary Robert Macharia who is also a director at the company, Ndung’u, the witness said, was aware of the transfer of these monies which went into various partnerships with sports entities as well as some overseas payments for shared services.

Pevans explained in court papers that overseas payments by the company are done into two instances: payments for software to SportSoft at 2.4% of total stakes and shared services which caters for global sponsorships and services – transfers that were subject to control and regulation by the Central Bank of Kenya and those belonging to the receiving countries. The company said no payments went through without regulatory approvals.

“The 1st defendant was well aware of these partnerships and sponsorships and in some instances attended and participated in the launches and activities with the partnering clubs,” stated Macharia in the papers filed in court.

“The company never sent any $500,000 to South Africa as alleged by the 1ST defendant in his impugned statement.”

In the alleged statement by Ndung’u, he had supposedly claimed that Pevans further transferred $17.5 million within two years to SportPesa Tanzania.

Pevans EA claims in the court documents that the monies sent to Tanzania was a loan to capitalize and start and support SportPesa Tanzania business and was payable once the business was able to refund.

“This was a board sanctioned investment and the same was even approved by the Tanzania Central Bank,” Macharia stated in court.

Pevans argues that Ndungu was chairman of the company when these transactions took place and had access to fiduciary information relating to the company and also had a priviledged platform to seek any clarifications or further information if he so wished.

Ndungu was SportPesa chairman until last year. He has since fallen out with fellow directors prompting the accusations playing out in the public domain.

Pevans has sued him also seeking payout of the damages caused to the business. The company’s business operations have been halted since July 2019.

Nation Media Group which prominently covered the alleged statement by Ndung’u and has consistently used his supposed remarks on some of its headlines has also been enjoined in the suit.

SportPesa is back!

The sports and gaming scene is teeming with excitement as new developments tell of a return of one of the industry’s biggest players – SportPesa.

A new bookmaker, Milestones Games Ltd has acquired the rights to use the brand name – SportPesa – in Kenya.

In a press statement, robust SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri made the confirmation, and adds:

“As market leaders, SportPesa will focus on upholding the highest standards of service and responsible gaming. We look forward to working closely with BCLB and all other stakeholders…”

An announcement on the firm’s official media pages.

Besides an aggressive corporate market imprint, SportPesa has endeared itself by driving social and community empowerment, investing in local sports leagues, teams and tournaments. The gaming firm has a symbiotic partnership with The Kenya Premier League, the domestic top tier club competition, and a key sponsor of the national teams – the Harambee Stars and the Harambee Starlets.

Other than soccer, SportPesa has made agreements and partnerships in other sports as well – rugby, boxing, motorsports, athletics and golf.

The firm enjoys a massive gaming fan base, and has indeed set precedence in the region with massive payouts.

A poster announcing a past Jackpot winner

The most famous being the KSh 221M jackpot win by Edwin Abisai, in May 2017.

Gaming enthusiasts are already checking out the site, and it seems to be an exciting comeback!

Sportpesa boss forced to come clean after news that he just bought a plane 

With now his beloved Range Rover Overfinch reduced to a matatu plying Bomet-Nairobi route, Kenyans were hit by news that Sportpesa CEO Rondal Karauri is not too concerned because he has just bought a plane.

He has not bought anything close to that, however.

Fake news

Speaking in an interview, the ceo who owns six percent of SportsPesa came out to share that he has not acquired a private plane contrary to what media are reporting.

“Some people have simply picked photos I took, while travelling, and added theirs to say I have a private jet,” explained Karauri who is a former pilot. “It’s not true.”

On March, 14 2018,he shared the first photo while posing beside the jet, but nobody could a certain that he was the owner.


51 year old lab technologist from Londiani wins Kes 31 million SportPesa bonus

Fred Benson Tonui is the newest millionaire in Kenya. The 51-year-old won a whopping Kes 31,736,374/= after correctly predicting the outcome of 16 games.

Tonui placed his bet on SportPesa mega jackpot, he would have won Kes 156 million if he had predicted all games correctly. He won the Kes 31 million for predicting 16 out of 17 games correctly.

“I can’t believe that I have won this money. I placed 2 bets on the MJP which is usual for me. I was following the games keenly as I always do & was pleasantly surprised when 1 of the bets was doing extremely well,” said Fred Tonui after winning the bonus.

Fred Benson Tonui
Fred Benson Tonui

The father of five who is a medical lab technologist at Londiani Sub-County Hospital doesn’t not want to retire just yet despite winning the millions.

Other lucky winners

Other gamers who made 15 correct predictions got sh. 380,052/= each; 14 correct predictions won sh. 45,606/= each while those with 13 and 12 correct predictions got sh. 10,456/= and sh. 3,268/= respectively.

Bonus payouts for the 17-game mega jackpot begin from 12 correct predictions while those of the mid-week jackpot which features 13 select games are paid from 10 correct predictions onwards.



Ujaluo gharama kweli! Kes 230 million SportPesa mega jackpot winner admits he has already squandered all the money he won

If you want to prove Kes 230 million is not a lot of money then ask Gordon Ogada. The SportPesa mega jackpot winner claims he doesn’t have a dime.

Four months after he won the biggest jackpot in the history of Kenya, Gordon Ogada is even embarrassed to explain where the millions went.

“After this kind of spending, I honestly feel embarrassed because sometimes I don’t even have a dime. I am no longer able to help my friends and relatives financially. They think I have loads of cash, when, in real sense, I don’t have money floating around,” Ogada said during an interview with the Nairobian.

Where did the money go?

Unlike Kes 221 Sportpesa mega jackpot winner Samuel Abisai who invested his money in businesses, Ogada opted to invest his money in things that make Luo people happy.

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SportPesa Mega Jackpot winners Gordon Ogada and Samuel Abisai
SportPesa Mega Jackpot winners Gordon Ogada and Samuel Abisai

“I bought a house here in the city and a few cars, besides other investments here and there. All these cost millions. I’m literally drained of course. I might have made a few mistakes here and there. But largely, I did fine. I think I would be more responsible,” Gordon Ogada told the Nairobi.

Anyway, you can’t blame Gordon Ogada because being Luo is expensive. He has the typical Luo genes of flamboyance and extravagance.

The SportPesa mega jackpot winner dished out money to cheering crowds in Kibera when he was announced jackpot winner. The father of two threw out notes through the window of his stretch Chrysler limousine much to the excitement of the crowd. Who saw Abisai dishing out even a single coin?






Kes 230 million SportPesa mega jackpot winner explains why he is not ready to stop betting or quit his job

Gordon Ogada Paul is still hesitant to make a radical change in his life despite winning Kes 230 million. The mega jackpot winner is still working and placing bets.

Unlike Samuel Abisai who quit betting after he won Kes 221 million, Gordon Ogada is not about to stop betting just because he won millions.

Samuel Abisai and Gordon Ogada

The father of two still placed bets after the announcement by SportPesa that he had won the Kes 230 million mega jackpot. He won Kes 200,000 from the bet he placed after winning the Kes 230 million.

Millionaire? not me!

Gordon has also not quit his job despite winning SportPesa mega jackpot. He still works as a a community health worker at Kemri CDC.

Gordon Ogada at work

He asserts that the millions he won won’t change his personality or make him quit his work. Gordon says that he won’t close his revenue streams.

“Millionaire kitu gani? This is money just like any other money. I accept phone calls from all my friends. I am not ready to resign. I don’t want to throw away a job that has been sustaining my stay in Nairobi and even paying school fees for my kids. When you get money you have to ensure that your outlets of bringing in more cash are not closed,” wrote Gordon Ogada.


Nakuru eye candy wins Kes 27 million SportPesa jackpot

31-year-old Violet Wandaho from Nakuru is the latest person to win SportPesa jackpot. Her win follows the recent unveiling of Gordon Ogada Paul who won Kes 230 million  – the biggest win in the history of Kenya.

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Violet Wandaho won Kes 27,246,319 jackpot last Saturday. The Nakuru eye candy correctly predicted the outcome of 13 game to win the jackpot.

Violet Wandaho (left) receives a dummy cheque of Kes 27 million from SportPesa official
I’m not a football fan

Violet was totally surprised when she received a call from SportPesa informing her she had won 27 million. She says she is not even a football fan.

“I placed the bet but I am not a football fan. I was therefore shocked to get a congratulatory message in the wee hours of Saturday that I had won the Jackpot,” says Violet Wandaho.

The 31-year-old jackpot winner is a single mother of one. Violet quit her career in banking in 2017 and started a boutique business.


“Send me your number” Materialistic ladies start hitting on SportPesa Kes 230 million mega jackpot winner

SportPesa mega jackpot winner Gordon Ogada has suddenly become the darling of many. Opportunistic women are already begging for a piece of him.

Gordon Ogada is the lucky winner of Kes 230 million SportPesa mega jackpot. He correctly predicted the outcome of 17 games to win the biggest jackpot in the history of Kenya.

Samuel Abisai was in the delegation that went to pick Ogada at his home for his unveiling ceremony. Abisai won Kes 221 million SportPesa jackpot in May 2017.

L-R: Radio Maisha presenter Nick Odhiambo with SportPesa mega jackpot winners Gordon Ogada and Samuel Abisai
Ogada we want you!

Ladies are now hitting on Gordon Ogada. A certain Irene Mulozy asked the Kes 230 SportPesa mega jackpot winner to send her his number.

Real estate companies also want a piece of Gordon Ogada. A property development company congratulated Ogada for his win then asked him to invest in their property.





Photos of Kibera man Gordon Ogada who won SportPesa Kes 230,742,881 million mega jackpot

Gordon Ogada Paul is the newest multi-millionaire after winning the biggest mega jackpot in Kenya. The lucky winner won a whopping Kes 230,742,881 million SportPesa mega jackpot.

Gordon broke Samuel Abisai’s record who won 221 million in May 2017. Just like Abisai, Gordon correctly predicted the outcome of 17 matches to win the Kes 230 million.

Gordon Ogada Paul

The victory followed a live broadcast on Tuesday after game number 11,Troyes vs Dijon,was postponed. The delay however didn’t change the fate of Gordon as the game ended like he predicted.

Gordon to meet Abisai

SportPesa will hold a press conference on Wednesday to officially unveil the mega jackpot winner. Samuel Abisai will be in attendance as Gordon Ogada is given a dummy cheque of Kes 230 million.

Gordon Ogada, the newest multimillionaire in Kenya



Ezekiel Mutua rubs Kenyans the wrong way as he launches scathing attack on SportPesa

Ezekiel Mutua expressed his joy after SportPesa canceled all existing financial agreements with clubs and federations. The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) boss says the cancellation was a good move.

SportPesa cancelled all existing financial agreements with clubs and federations on Tuesday January 2nd. The move followed government’s decision to effect a new tax law requiring all betting, lottery and gaming companies to pay an increased tax of 35% on gross earnings up from 15%.

SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri says the new tax law is punitive and harmful to business. The gaming giant holds the largest market and has been the most active company in terms of allocating sponsorship money to teams, federations, as well as tournaments.

SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri

SportPesa sponsored Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards football clubs to the tune of Kes 60 million and Kes 45 million respectively. The company also sponsored Kenya Premier League and Football Kenya Federation and the Kenya Rugby Union at Kes 100 million, Kes 70 million and Kes 120 million respectively.

SportsPesa can close shop in Kenya for all I care

Ezekiel Mutua angered Kenyans when he celebrated news that SportPesa had stopped all sponsorship in Kenya. The KFCB boss argues that betting has reduced the country to a morally bankrupt nation.

“SportsPesa can close shop in Kenya for all I care. Betting has reduced us to a morally bankrupt nation that teaches it’s youths that there are quick fixes to life. The damage caused by sports betting will in the long run have more devastating effects than the road carnage we are witnessing. The moral decay caused by this demonic craze cannot be compensated through any short term gains brought by SportsPesa sponsorships. Our award winning athletes are not a product of SportsPesa sponsorship. Dennis Oliech, Victor Wanyama and Michael Olunga are not products of betting companies. We must not trade our values for profits. The future of our country is threatened by this addictive craze!” Wrote Ezekiel Mutua.


4 statistical evidence that suggest Fatuma Zarika will make mincemeat of Zambian boxer Catherine Phiri

Kenyan boxer Fatuma Zarika will defend her World Boxing Council (WBC) super bantamweight title against former world champion Catherine Phiri from Zambia.

The much-awaited fight will be held at Carnivore Grounds in Nairobi on December 2nd 2017. Zakira is expected to retain her title because statistics favor her.

Below are 5 reasons why Zarika is favorite to win Saturday December 2nd fight:

Zarika is a more experienced fighter

Fatuma Zarika flaunts her muscles

Fatuma Zarika started professional boxing in 2003. She has fought a total of 43 fights. The Kenyan boxer has won 29 fights, lost 12 and drew 2. Zarika has fought several international boxers from America and Europe in her boxing career.

Zambia’s Catherine Phiri began professional boxing career in 2011 and has only fought a total of 15 fights. She has faced off with less international boxers in her career compared to her opponent Zarika.

Zarika last lost a fight in 2015

Fatuma Zarika during her fight with Puerto Rican boxer Amanda Serrano

Zarika was last defeated in October 9th 2015 when she faced off with Puerto Rican boxer Amanda Serrano at the Space at Westbury, New York City, USA.

Zarika however went on to win World Boxing Council (WBC) super bantamweight title on 1st October 2016 when she defeated American boxer Alicia Ashley.

Catherine Phiri was last defeated on 1st April 2017 by Mexican fighter Mariana Juarez. The Zambian was aiming to reclaim the WBC super bantamweight title (she won the title on January 30th 2016 when she defeated Mexican boxer Yazmin Rivas).

Zarika has NEVER lost a fight on home ground

Fatuma Zarika when she won the World Boxing Council (WBC) Super Bantam weight title.

The closest Fatuma Zarika came to lose a fight in Kenya was on 13th December 2003 when she faced off with veteran boxer Conjestina Achieng. The fight which was held at Nyayo National Stadium ended in a draw.

Catherine Phiri has lost fights both in Zambia and abroad.

SportPesa training camp

Fatuma Zarika during training

Gaming company SportPesa flew Zarika to America in September 2017 for training at a world class boxing training facility.

Zarika trained for two months at Berry’s Boxing Gym in Las Vegas ahead of the December 2nd boxing match with Catherine Phiri.

The Kenyan boxer is well trained for the fight compared to her rival. She has the backing of SportPesa who have been providing all the support that she needs.

Fatuma Zarika preparing for a boxing match

Meanwhile another SportPesa initiate ‘Tujiamini’ is looking for talented young Kenyans to provide them with a platform to nurture their talents.

Are you a talented boxer, or football player, maybe an athlete or swimmer who hasn’t found a platform to launch your career?

If you are talented in any field of sports and your career hasn’t blossomed, then Tujiamini initiative is looking for you.

Nominate or share a story of an upcoming sports talent on Tujiamini platform for a chance for them to be discovered.

Fatuma Zarika with legendary boxer Mike Tyson

By nominating a talent or sharing a story of upcoming sports talent, they will get:


2.Selected talents will get an access to training camps

3.Sportpesa will also facilitate an introduction of selected talents to relevant sports clubs

Click the link below to nominate any talented person you know:

Tujiamini talent


Ghetto youth in Embakasi East brush off politics to play their favorite game in a mud turf

Sports is what brought Kenyans together when divisive politics around October 26th repeat presidential election threatened to tear the country apart.

Kawangware was turned into a war zone on Saturday October 28th as Kenyans turned against each other in a politically motivated violence.

Interestingly on Sunday October 29th Kenyans shunned divisive politics to cheer our athletes who won various marathons across cities in Europe.

There was a sense of a united Kenya when Edith Chelimo won Marseille-Cassis 20km race and when Bernard Rotich won Dublin Marathon. The same Sunday Kenya’s long-distance great Vivian Cheruiyot won Frankfurt marathon, even president Uhuru joined Kenyans in congratulating her.

Vivian Cheruiyot wins the 2017 Frankfurt Marathon

Well, that same Sunday ordinary Kenyans in informal settlement in Embakasi East constituency also shunned divisive politics to play their favorite sport – volleyball.

Politics had taken the center stage since Thursday October 26th but ghetto youth in Tassia slum had no time for politics on Sunday.

Youth drawn from various tribes gathered at their makeshift volleyball court to play their favorite game. Not even heavy downpour could stop them from playing, they kept on enjoying their game even as the turf became muddy.

Tassia youth play volleyball on Sunday when tension were high in the country over repeat presidential election

Volleyball great like Janet Wanja, Jane Wacu, Mercy Moim all started out playing volleyball at tumbledown volleyball courts like the one in Tassia before they made it. Determination is what drove them to greater heights, they believed in themselves and defied all odds.

Sports like volleyball has been neglected by the government and private sector. For instance, SportPesa is the only gaming company that sponsors volleyball in Kenya while all other gaming companies only focus on football.

SportPesa came through when Kenya women’s national volleyball team was locked out of their training facility in Kasarani following wrangles with Sports Kenya – the state corporation that maintains Kasarani Indoor Arena.

SportPesa intervened and made sure Kenya women’s national volleyball trained at Kasarani Indoor Arena before they flew out to Cameroon for African Women Volleyball Championship.

The ghetto youth in Tassia can also make past their muddy volleyball court if we support them. Our voices can be loud enough to make area MP build them a standard volleyball court. We can only achieve this when we came together. Tujiamini tu!

Kenya women’s national volleyball team defied all odds to qualify for World Championship in Japan

Kenya women’s national volleyball team ‘Malaika’ qualified the 2018 FIVB World Championship in Japan against insurmountable odds. Looking back at their campaign so far it is hard not to marvel at the incredible solidarity and professionalism Malkia have shown amid the backdrop of setbacks.

Malaika kick started their qualification campaign with a lot of hiccups including inadequate training. The team was locked out of their training facility in Kasarani following wrangles with Sports Kenya – the state corporation that maintains Kasarani Indoor Arena.

The impasse was finally resolved after SportPesa intervened. SportPesa, which has been on the forefront sponsoring all sporting activities in Kenya, believed in Malkia’s ability to shine in the continental showpiece in Cameroon when everyone turned a blind eye to their plight.

Malkia during African Women Volleyball Championship in Cameroon.
Malkia during African Women Volleyball Championship in Cameroon. Photo/Capital FM

The gaming giant came through and made sure Malkia trained for the few remaining days before they flew to Cameroon for the African Women Volleyball Championship.

The national women volleyball team put up an impressive performance in Cameroon. They qualified for world championship after beating continental giants Egypt in pulsating semifinal.

Impressive performance from Malkia’s strikers Jane Wacu, Mercy Moim and Edith Wisa ensured Kenya booked a place in the 2018 FIVB World Championship in Japan. They hammered Egypt winning 25-23, 25-22 and 25-19.

Malkia in action against Egypt.
Malkia in action against Egypt. Photo/Capital FM

Malkia however failed to win the 2017 African Women Volleyball Championship even though they reached the finals. But they previously won the same competition for a record 9 times. If SportPesa hadn’t intervened to facilitate the training camp perhaps Malkia’s performance would have been worse.

SportPesa alone without the support of Kenyans can’t do much. If only Kenyans could believe in Malkia like the way SportPesa did, then no obstacle is too great to overcome. If we believe in ourselves there is nothing we can’t achieve.

    Malkia celebrate after they secured ticket to the 2018 FIVB World Championship in Japan.
Malkia celebrate after they secured ticket to the 2018 FIVB World Championship in Japan. Photo/Capital Fm

It’s only through our support that we can ensure absurd thing like Malkia being locked out of their training facility never happens again. The national women volleyball team can actually win the 2018 FIVB World Championship in Japan. But first we Kenyans have a role to play, we have to start by believing in our team. Tujiamini.

Living the Good life; SportPesa mega jackpot winner Samuel Abisai spends his weekend in Paris

Samuel Abisai did not just leave many shocked but a bit jealous after emerging the winner of the SportPesa Mega Jackpot this month. He managed to become the winner of Ksh 221 million. the largest amount ever seen in the gaming history.

With that amount of money in his pocket, Huddah the socialite came out to claim that she was now looking for him but seems like Samuel Abisai passed off the offer as he opted to jet off to France on Friday.

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The millionaire was accompanied by Kriss Darlin and Joe Mfalme – and another fella who might be his brother judging from their striking resemblance. This was the first time the designer/tailor jetted off the country just to go pass time in the city of love.

He is however said to have joined the DJ’s on this trip to support Kenyan sevens team in the ongoing HSBC Sevens World Series Paris Sevens tournament.

Checkout the photos below:

Samuel Abisai with Kris Darling
Samuel Abisai with Kris Darling
Samuel Abisai with Kris Darling and Joe Mfalme
Samuel Abisai with Kris Darling and Joe Mfalme

SportPesa mid-week jackpot winner Alfred Madanji apportions part of Kes 81 million he won to his married daughters

The number of ordinary citizens becoming instant millionaires is on the rise in Kenya thanks to SportPesa. Kayole man is the latest millionaire in 254.

Alfred Madanji, a business man from Kayole won SportPesa mid-week jackpot of Kes 81 268 545 after he correctly predicted the outcome of 13 games.

SportPesa mid-week jackpot winner Alfred Madanji

The AFC Leopards fan used 200 bob to make the prediction on SportPesa website, and afterwards he became an instant millionaire.

Alfred Madanji’s win is the first mid-week jackpot payout this year, and the highest mid-week jackpot win so far. The last mid-week jackpot was won in December 2016 by Geoffrey Chepkwony who got Kes 12,646,353.

The Kayole businessman demonstrated his love for his married daughters when he revealed that they would benefit from his win.

SportPesa mid-week jackpot winner Alfred Madanji with his daughters

Mr. Madanji said that he will make sure that his daughters’ names are on the title deed when he purchases a new family house.

Alfred Madanji and his daughters show off the Kes 81 million dummy cheque

“The first thing ntaangalia, kuna kiasi fulani ntaenda kutoa kwa kanisa. The second phase naenda kununua nyumba ya familia. Na hio title itaandikwa watoto wangu wote, mimi, mama yao na dada yangu. I have three daughters, two are married,” Alfred Madanji said during an interview at Sarova Stanley Hotel where he was presented with the dummy cheque of Kes 81 million.

SportPesa Assistant PR and Advertising manager Esther Kang’ethe together with Sportpesa’s brand ambassador Wyre issues the dummy cheque to Mr. Mandaji