Content Creator Star Chebet opens up about mental health struggles

Kenyan content creator Esther Chebet has bravely opened up about her recent two-week stay in a mental institution, highlighting her ongoing battle with depression and anxiety. In a candid interview, Chebet revealed her decision to seek professional help after experiencing four consecutive days of debilitating migraines. Concerned about her well-being, her family encouraged her to get checked, leading to her admission to a mental hospital.

Chebet described the facility as a place where individuals can receive the support and care they need to maintain their mental well-being. She acknowledged the challenges she faced during her stay but expressed gratitude for the opportunity to focus on her mental health.

“Right now, I am in a good place,” Chebet affirmed, emphasizing her commitment to her mental health journey.

Despite her celebrity status, Chebet downplayed the significance of her hospitalization, stating, “It was not a big deal; I don’t see myself as a celebrity.” This remark underscores her humility and desire to break down stigmas surrounding mental health, reinforcing the message that seeking help is a universal need.

Chebet’s journey with mental health struggles dates back to her adolescence, with migraines starting as early as Class 7. She also shared how being raised by a stepdad exacerbated her anxiety.

“My mum came with me to her marriage. My relationship with my step-family was not easy. Being an outsider and a misfit was not easy,” she confessed.

The challenges Chebet faced in navigating her role within her step-family contributed to the deterioration of her mental health. She admitted feeling a lack of acceptance from her stepdad, who seemed unprepared to assume a paternal role.

“At some point, my mum became single. I don’t know where my stepdad went to. Depression and anxiety came from that,” she revealed.

The instability and uncertainty surrounding her family situation fueled her mental health struggles, highlighting the complex interplay between personal relationships and one’s mental well-being.

RIP: Former TRHK actress Matilda’s mum laid to rest (Photos)

Actress Star Chebet popularly known as Matilda from TV show TRHK recently announced the demise of her mum through her Instagram page; where she shared a black rose and to caption, Chebet wrote;

Chebet’s mum laid to rest

May your soul Rest well mum…

With that self explanatory post, fans and friends in return sent out messages of condolence to the actress and family now that they just lost their mum.

A while back the actress had made it known that her mum was one of her biggest supporters she has back when acting on the TRHK show. According to her, mummy never missed out on an episode of the show – and if anything…she was always ready to help where she can.

 In anything that I do, even if it’s Instagram, she follows me. If she realizes that I have gone for a long period without posting something, she asks me what’s happening. She tells me ‘we need something even if you’ll sing just post something.

Actress loses mum

Although there are no words we can say to ease her pain, I guess accepting the loss might make the healing process easier for her and her siblings….and again death is part of life’s rite of passage

Star Chebet’s mum laid to rest