Stevo Simple Boy Regains Social Media Accounts, Chooses Family For Management

Kenyan artist Stevo Simple Boy is celebrating after his former manager, Chingi Boy, returned control of his social media accounts. This follows a previous disagreement between the two.

Chingi Boy explained that difficulties arose due to issues with Stevo’s family, not with the artist himself. He ultimately chose to honor his commitment and return the accounts.

“Mimi Stevo ni boy wangu…tumeishi na yeye vizuri issue yangu ni mandugu zake na hiyo ni ya kitambo tulisort.”

Stevo Simple Boy has opted for a new management approach, entrusting his family and close friends with the role. He believes their close relationship makes them best suited for the job.

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Looking ahead, Stevo emphasizes consulting his family on financial decisions related to his music career. This new strategy aims to prevent past financial losses.

“Familia ndio inanijua zaidi kuliko watu wengi.So nikachukua jukumu kwamba wanimanage pia marafiki na mashabiki na wanahabari kila mtu saa hii hakuna kufungia mtu kama kuna kitu unaniambia.” Stevo shared.

While Stevo’s path has had its challenges, here’s to hoping this decision brings success for both him and his family.

Pritty Vishy talks to Stevo Simple Boy about his proposed marriage

Rapper Stevo Simple Boy has captured attention with accusations aimed at his former partner, Pritty Vishy. Their relationship spanned several years, predating Stevo’s rise to fame.

However, they parted ways in early 2022, and since then, Stevo has moved on and married another woman, with whom he hasn’t been publicly seen for some time.


To marry his former partner Pritty Vishy, Stevo Simple Boy is demanding Sh 2 million.

Vishy’s relationship status remains unclear, although she has hinted at being involved with someone on multiple occasions.

In a recent interview with Kenya Online Media, Stevo made a statement that caught attention:

“If she wants us to reconcile, she should bring half a million. If she wants me to father her child, she should bring 1 million. And if she wants us to marry again, 2 million,” the rapper stated, seemingly earnest.


Pritty Vishy discusses the difficulties of having a sibling with special needs

Pritty Vishy, however, responded to Stevo’s comments, suggesting that he should communicate with her directly.

“As soon as I wake up, I’m going to see that artist to say those words he’s blurting out to my face. I see trouble brewing,” she wrote.

Previously, Pritty disclosed that she initiated the breakup with Stevo. The socialite also asserted that she wouldn’t consider reconciling with him, even if he were to ask for another chance.

However, it was alleged that the two never shared a romantic relationship because Stevo Simple Boy purportedly wanted to abstain from intimacy until marriage with the 21-year-old entertainer.

Pritty Vishy Responds To Stevo’s Demands He Wanted To Be Met For Their Re-Union

Former couple Stevo Simple Boy and Pritty Vishy are back in the news after Stevo’s recent interview with Kenya Online Media. The two dated for several years before Stevo’s rise to fame, but their relationship ended in early 2022. Stevo has since married someone else, while Pritty’s relationship status remains unclear.

In the interview, Stevo made headlines with his controversial remarks about Pritty. He stated that getting back together, having a child with him, or marrying him would come at a price – ranging from Ksh 500,000 to Ksh 2 million.

Pritty responded negatively, suggesting Stevo should have spoken directly to her instead of making these comments publicly. She reiterated that she ended the relationship and has no interest in reuniting with him.

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Adding another layer of complexity, there were previous claims that their relationship wasn’t even romantic, with Stevo allegedly wanting to wait for marriage before intimacy.

This back-and-forth highlights the ongoing drama between Stevo Simple Boy and Pritty Vishy. While the exact nature of their past relationship remains debated, their recent exchange indicates there’s no chance of a romantic rekindling.

Stevo Simple Boy Says He’d Rather Be Broke Than Date A Sugar Mummy-‘Wacha nikae vile Nilivyo’

Kenyan artist Stevo Simpleboy, known for his hit “Tuache Mihadarati,” has spoken out against the trend of men relying on “sugar mummies” for financial support.

Stevo argues that these relationships are exploitative, hindering men from achieving their full potential.

“Wamama wanatumia vijana vibaya… Mumama akishakubuyia gari na akishakufanyia hizo taka taka zote hawezi kupea uhuru wa kutoka ufanye vile unataka. (Sugar mommies take advantage of young men,” Stevo said. “Once they buy you a car and take care of your expenses, they take away your freedom to pursue your goals),” he shared.

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The Sugar Mummy ‘Effect’

Stevo’s statement comes after a conversation with a friend who revealed his car and studio rent were financed by a sugar momma. The friend encouraged Stevo to follow suit and enjoy the benefits.

Stevo adamantly refused, stating he’d rather struggle financially and maintain his independence than be controlled by a sugar momma.

Wacha nuikae vile mimi nilivyo(I’d rather stay broke the way I am),” Stevo declared. “I’m happy with who I have around me.”

This highlights Stevo’s stance on self-reliance and pursuing success on his own terms, even if it means facing challenges.

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The singer has had a tumultuous musical career, especially after his managers started frustrating hi. Despite all this, he remains optimistic in his endeavours.

Nyota Ndogo Explains Why She Would Take Stevo Simple Boy To School Amidst His Downfall

Nyota Ndogo has offered to sponsor Stevo Simple Boy’s education. Stevo, another Kenyan artist, has faced difficulties despite previous assistance.

The singer took to her social media to explain why it’s important for Stevo to get an education, highlighting Stevo’s illiteracy as a major hurdle.

“If I had my way with Stevo Simple Boy, I’d prioritize sending him to school,” Nyota Ndogo said. “He should at least learn to read and write a bit. I wouldn’t even need a fundraiser. I’d use my own means, limited as they may be, to educate him. It would be a big help.”

Nyota Ndogo explained her reasoning for focusing on education over music.

“Many people say he can’t read or write,” she said. “That means he can’t even manage his own social media accounts. Let’s educate him before giving him back control. Even with limited education, like mine, being able to read and write makes a big difference.”

Stevo’s Downfall

The singer has recently been on the limelight after reports that he relocated to his Kibra home; where he initially lived before fame.

His manager confirmed the reports, citing that many people took advantage of his illiteracy to make money without neccessarily enriching him.

Stevo has exchanged managers to try and enrich himself, but he ends up in a cul de sac everytime he tries. However, he has been receiving proposals from netizens to try and figure out how he would better himself.

Stevo Simple Boy’s Manager Clarifies Why He Collaped On Live TV

Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy, known for his hit “Vijana tuwache Mihadarti,” caused a stir on Citizen TV’s 10over10 show. Fans were excited to see him, but the interview took a worrying turn when Stevo appeared unwell.

Midway through, he was seen struggling and eventually collapsed on live television.

Manager Dismisses Rumors

Following the incident, rumors flew about why Stevo fainted. Some speculated it was due to hunger, but his manager, Chingi Boy, quickly refuted those claims. In a recent interview, he clarified that Stevo was simply exhausted and needed rest.

“Stevo did not collapse because of hunger,” Chingi Boy stated, urging people to stop spreading misinformation.

Stress and Exhaustion Cited by Stevo

Stevo himself later revealed he was feeling the strain of a demanding schedule. He also acknowledged a rift with his manager, Chingi Boy.

In a message, Stevo expressed regret for the tension and pleaded with Chingi Boy to reconcile, emphasizing the importance of working together.

Stevo Simple Boy Blames His Manager After Fainting On Stage

Kenyan musician Stevo Simple Boy caused a stir on Friday night (March 16th, 2024) when he fainted during a live interview on Citizen TV’s “10 Over 10” show.

While initial concerns arose about his health, Simple Boy later downplayed the incident, attributing it to stress caused by his manager’s recent departure. He even took the opportunity to publicly urge his manager, Chingiboy Mstado, to reconcile for the sake of their work together.

The incident unfolded as Simple Boy recounted his experiences growing up in Kibera. He reportedly stumbled mid-sentence before collapsing on stage. The show was temporarily halted while medical personnel attended to him.

He commented on his Manager via his Instagram, asking him to come back so that they can work together.

Thankfully, fans received positive news later in the program. Host Azeezah Hashim connected with Simple Boy via phone, putting him on speaker to assure everyone he was doing well. “Nko sawa” (I’m okay), he confirmed.

Music industry figures also offered their well wishes. Ezekiel Mutua, CEO of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), expressed relief upon learning of Simple Boy’s recovery.

“Glad to hear that Stivo Simple Boy is fine,” Mutua wrote on social media. “Watching him collapse was scary… Good to hear he’s ok now. God loves you my friend. You have more music to make!”

Stivo is now taking time to rest as he contemplates on his next move.

Stevo Simple Boy’s Wife Denies Siring Baby With Another Man, Claims Stevo Left Him In Hospital With Pending Bill

Musician Stevo Simple Boy’s wife Atieno is now in denial after she was accused of siring a baby with another man despite being in a relationship with him.

Stevo claimed that he was told about the baby not being his.

“Aliniambia, mtoto sio wako ni wa mwanaume mwengine (They told me her child was fathered by another man),” he said. Stivo claimed Atieno got mad and packed and left his house recently after she allegedly asked her baby daddy for a name to give their kid. “Nilishangaa nimeishi na yeye mbona hakuniambia nipee mtoto jina. Hapo ndio mambo ikaenda mrama (I was surprised that I lived with her and she didn’t tell me to give the baby a name. That’s when things went wrong),”

The mother of one refuted Stivo’s accusations, claiming that he’s the one who actually left her in hospital with a pending bill.

“He took me to hospital and only paid half of the bill. Aliniambia hana pesa (he told me he did not have money) and my family settled the rest. He never called back to know how the baby and I were fairing on,” she said.

She continued to claim that Stevo doesn’t know about her upkeep

“Since nifanyiwe CS Pumwani on January 27, hawajawahi jua vile nakaa na kula. Hajawahi tumanisha jina ya mtoto (Since I underwent a Caesarean Section at Pumwani on January 27, he doesn’t know how I live and eat. He has never given me a name for the baby),” she said.

Atieno also said she was ready to do a DNA test to prove that the child is Stevo’s.

Stevo Simple Boy Set To End 10-Month Celibacy Only If Betty Kyallo Becomes His Girlfriend

Rapper Stevo Simple Boy recently went on a date with media personality Betty Kyallo, following his public declaration of interest in her.

In a YouTube interview with Ali, Simple Boy revealed he has been celibate for ten months after his previous relationship ended. He expressed his belief in engaging in intimacy only within committed relationships and his hope that Betty would become his girlfriend and eventually, wife.

When asked how long he has been single, Stevo claimed it’s almost an year now.

“Sahi ni miezi kumi,” Simple Boy responded.

Stevo recently took Betty Kyallo for a date after she agreed when asked out.

The date, reportedly costing around Ksh200,000, included a fancy restaurant and new clothes for the occasion. While Betty hasn’t given a definitive answer, Simple Boy awaits her response.

After the date, Betty made a seperate post on her Instagram claiming that she’s a proud single mum. It’s not clear whether she’s willing to date Simple Boy; who has promised to give her a perrenial love that she’s never experienced.

Stivo Simple Boy Says He Wishes To Have Children With Betty Kyallo

Reiterating his romantic interest in media personality Betty Kyallo is Kenyan music sensation Stevo Simple Boy.

The hitmaker of “Mihadarati,” who posted on Instagram, freely expressed his desires and said he would settle if Betty gave him a chance.

”Lakini .. Wanaume mna hurt break Betty kyalo hua mnafikiriaje.. shida yenu Nini..ona mtoto milk maziwa, mtoto welo welo, mtoto fine thank you.. Betty kyalo Mimi Niko singoli na ukinipa fursa sitakuweka njaa kama pastor makenzi..nitakutunza kama Siri ya dunia na bingu..najua mambo itakuwa LOMBO LOMBO bila Sinza Sinza au sio?! Mwaaaaaaaaa

Stevo said that he hoped the celebrity would produce him three kids at the very least. He also added that he would settle if Betty Kyallo accepted his proposal;

“Me, when I get Betty Kyallo and settle down… and she gives me three children, two boys, and one girl. God bless 🙏🏼🥰 God, you created all this yourself 😊. Now I ask you to bless me with it,” Stevo wrote.

Simple Boy has previously been in a relationship with Pritty Vishy; whom they shared love while still living in Kibera slums. They however, broke up shortly after fame. Stivo’s love for ‘thick’ women is now evident. But Betty Kyallo is yet to respond to Stivo’s request.

Stevo Extends Foodie Invite to Jalang’o: Chicken Chips and Big Respect

Rapper Stevo Simple Boy has made a public invitation to Kenyan MP Jalang’o, hoping to celebrate their shared love of music and, well, delicious food. This comes shortly after Jalang’o expressed admiration for Stevo’s talent, declaring him the current top dog in the rap game.

In a conversation with YouTuber Trudy Kitui, Stevo expressed his gratitude for Jalang’o’s recognition. He then extended a humble invitation: “Sir, can you make a day for us to meet, let’s eat chicken chips, or hamburgers or something like this, find a day to meet.”

This request follows Jalang’o’s recent praise for Stevo, acknowledging his fan status since the rapper’s 2019 drug awareness song. Jalang’o even revealed a phone call during Stevo’s controversial encounter with ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy, offering advice on greeting people regardless of past relationships.

Stevo’s invitation appears genuine and heartfelt, a chance for two high-profile figures to connect over mutual respect and a good meal. Whether it’s chicken chips or ugali, the proposed meeting could foster further understanding and strengthen their already positive relationship.

Drama in Kibera: Pritty Vishy Wades into Stevo Simple Boy’s Relationship Woes

The Kenyan entertainment scene is buzzing with speculation surrounding Stevo Simple Boy’s relationship with his fiance, Grace Atieno. Rumors of infidelity and a possible pregnancy from another man have cast a shadow over their engagement.

Adding fuel to the fire, Pritty Vishy, Stevo’s ex-girlfriend, took to social media with cryptic posts hinting at insider knowledge of the situation. Through veiled Instagram stories and comments, she seemingly mocked Stevo and Grace, suggesting the situation is worse than what the public perceives.

Pritty’s posts allude to a complex history involving accusations of infidelity from both Stevo and Pritty herself. She further insinuates that Grace initially pursued Stevo for financial reasons, only to be disappointed by his management and perceived lack of wealth.

While Pritty’s claims remain unconfirmed, they add another layer to the already intricate narrative surrounding Stevo and Grace’s relationship. It’s important to note that these are just allegations, and both Stevo and Grace have the right to address them in their own time.

It’s also crucial to approach this situation with sensitivity and avoid perpetuating harmful gossip. The complexities of relationships and personal struggles should be respected, regardless of the individuals involved.

Instead of focusing on speculation and negativity, perhaps we can turn our attention to the music and artistry that brought Stevo Simple Boy and Grace Atieno together in the first place. Ultimately, the strength of their bond will be determined by how they navigate this challenging phase, not by the rumors swirling around them.

Pritty Vishy Throws Shade At Stevo Simple Boy’s Marriage

Following recent challenges in her own life, content creator Pritty Vishy has shared her thoughts on Stevo Simple Boy’s situation. While her comments haven’t directly addressed the specifics of the musician’s personal life, they provide a glimpse into her perspective on navigating through difficult times.

“Just funny how y’all think I didn’t know whatever you’re tagging me 🤣 bruu shawrry of bitterness knew buana 🤣 not that am following my ex’s life but because he is close to my friend…yooh things are worse si vile mnadhani….so lemme gist you my ngais.

Before breaking up with Pritty Vishy, Stevo had accused Vishy of being a serial cheater; leading to their fall-out. He accused her of sleeping with over 50 men while they were in a relationship. Vishy has now thrown shade at Simple Boy over the latter.

“From ‘pritty ananicheat na 50 men to ma-ex wakae kando then..mimba si yangu alinicheat 🤣🤣🤣🤣 eiii hamuoni budesko akona ngori mara management mara tudem amedate wote walicheat,” she said.

The singer is reportedly depressed now after learning that his wife was pregnant for another man. He has been criticized by some, while others have sympathized with him over the same.

Stevo Simple Boy ‘Cries’ After Being Betrayed By His Wife

Kenyan musician Stephen Otieno, known as Stevo Simple Boy, sparked public speculation on Monday, December 18th, with a cryptic post on his Instagram. The “Mihadarati” hitmaker shared a picture of a crying emoji surrounded by broken hearts, leaving fans wondering about the reason behind his emotional message.

 “VICHUNA !!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭 Eeeeeish.”

This comes amidst unconfirmed reports claiming a possible strain in his marriage with Grace Atieno. Online sources suggest that Atieno may be expecting a child, though details remain unverified.

Several outlets cite unnamed sources close to the couple, claiming Stevo has been deeply affected by the rumors. However, both Stevo and Atieno have remained publicly silent on the matter. Stevo’s cryptic post is the only communication either has offered so far.

Atieno, while not directly addressing the rumors, recently acknowledged that her relationship with Stevo is not in the same state as before. She promised to clarify the situation early next year.

The couple’s public introduction happened in January 2023 during Stevo’s father’s funeral in Homa Bay County. Since then, details about their marriage have been kept relatively private.

With both parties opting for silence and unconfirmed reports swirling, the true nature of the situation remains unclear. Fans and media alike wait for further information from Stevo and Atieno themselves to understand the story behind the cryptic post and the speculation surrounding their marriage.

Stevo Simple Boy Expresses Interest In Harmonize’s Ex-Girlfriend Kajala Frida

Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy has expressed interest in Kajala Frida, the ex-girlfriend of Tanzanian singer Harmonize.

Stevo Simple Boy took to Instagram to share a post revealing that he was ready to buy Kajala a piece of land in Kenya. He accompanied the post with a snippet of his song where he is publicly asking for Kajala’s number.

“I’ve gotten something small, I want to buy @kajalafrida a piece of land @kombanihomes,” he wrote.

“You love a woman, you buy her Maya, the next day she’s the one who kills you. I’m tired, give me Kajala’s number.”

Fans took to the comment section to call Stevo out for chasing clout, while others encouraged him to pursue the actress.

This comes days after Stevo Simple Boy introduced Kenyan rapper and comedian Wanja Kihii as his girlfriend. Stevo introduced his new girlfriend days after Kaveve Kazoze declined his proposal.

Speaking to the media, Stevo said Wanja Kihii is his sweetheart. He went ahead to serenade her with sweet words as he confessed his love for her on camera.

Wanja Kihii said Stevo Simple Boy is the love of her life and she is ready to settle down with him. She added that one day they will tie the knot and live as husband and wife.

Stevo Simple Boy declined to comment on his wife Grace Atieno’s reaction concerning his crush on other women.

It remains to be seen whether Stevo Simple Boy will be able to win Kajala Frida’s heart. However, one thing is for sure, he is definitely making headlines with his latest moves.

Stevo Simple Boy Declares Himself & Khaligraph Jones The Kings Of Hip-Hop

Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy has declared himself the king of hip-hop alongside rapper Khaligraph Jones.

In an interview with the press, Stevo said that Tanzanian rappers are not a big deal and should not challenge him or Khaligraph.

“Khaligraph and I are the Kings of Hip Hop. So I am asking people to let their kids come to us because we are the Kings of lyrics. Tanzanian Hip Hop rappers are still young,” he said.

Stevo claimed that the only Tanzanian rapper who is above him is Professor Jay.

He also said that he will “rain blows” on Tanzanian artists who challenge him or Khaligraph.

“I will give them a run for their money. They should go through me first before they attack Khaligraph Jones,” he said.

Stevo’s comments have sparked a debate on social media, with some people supporting him and others criticizing him.

Some people believe that Stevo is arrogant and that he is not the best rapper in Kenya. Others believe that he is right to defend himself and Khaligraph against Tanzanian rappers.

It remains to be seen whether Stevo will be able to back up his claims. However, one thing is for sure: he is not afraid to speak his mind.

Stevo Simple Boy says Tanzanian women are in his DMs begging for a taste

Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Biy has said that his DM is full of messages from Tanzanian women who are interested in him.

The rapper, who is known for his hit songs “Baby Love” and “Butterfly,” told Mungai Eve in an interview that he is flattered by the attention, but he is already married to a Tanzanian woman.

“My wife is a Tanzanian,” he said. “She also approached me via the DM.”

Stevo introduced his wife during the burial of his father in 2022. The couple has been together for several years and they have one child together.

In a video shared on social media, Stevo can be heard speaking about his wife fondly.

“She is my everything,” he says. “She is the most beautiful woman I have ever met.”

Stevo’s wife has not been publicly identified, but she is said to be a businesswoman. The couple is reportedly very happy together and they are planning to have more children in the future.

Stevo Simple Boy Returns to YouTube After Resolving Conflicts with Former Management

Kibera-based artiste Stephen Otieno Adera, popularly known as Stevo Simple Boy, has returned to his digital platforms, including YouTube, after resolving conflicts with his former management.

In a recent press statement, the singer expressed his gratitude that the issues between him and his previous management have been successfully resolved. He said that he is relieved to have regained control over his online presence.

Stevo Simple Boy also thanked his former manager, Chingiboy Mstado, for facilitating the process. He said that he is excited to start fresh and reconnect with his audience through his digital platforms.

The artiste’s relationship with his former record label, MIB (Men In Business), came under scrutiny when the label terminated his music contract in June. The move was attributed to unresolved disagreements between the parties.

The fallout was brought to public attention when Stevo’s wife, Grace Atieno, disclosed his financial struggles in an interview with YouTuber Vincent Mboya. She revealed that many people mistakenly assumed Stevo managed his own TikTok and Instagram accounts. She also highlighted the challenges of reaching out to him and the misconceptions surrounding his financial situation.

MIB officially announced the termination of Stevo Simple Boy’s music contract on July 31, citing irreconcilable differences. The label asserted its commitment to a legal and orderly termination process.

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, MIB addressed the allegations made by Stevo Simple Boy’s wife. The label clarified that its decision was not solely prompted by these allegations, emphasizing its desire to provide the artiste with the freedom to shape a prosperous future.

Despite the controversies surrounding the termination, MIB remained focused on granting Stevo Simple Boy the autonomy he needed.

Stevo Simple Boy Looks Forward to Renewed Success

Stevo Simple Boy is now looking forward to a renewed success on his digital platforms. He has announced that he will be meeting his fans on YouTube tomorrow at 10am.

The singer is confident that he can regain his popularity and continue to make music that people love. He is grateful for the support of his fans and is excited to start this new chapter in his career.

Pritty Vishy Criticizes Women Using Stivo Simple Boy for Clout, But Supports Wanja Kihii

Pritty Vishy has criticized women who use her ex-boyfriend Stivo Simple Boy as leverage to advance their causes. However, she also supported Wanja Kihii, a new musician, in using Stevo’s name to promote her brand.

Vishy said that it is “funny how women are using person X for clout and to push their project while he’s just there.” However, she also said that she is proud of Wanja Kihii for “using him properly.”

A few weeks ago, Ngesh Wa Vasha, also known as Kazoze Kaveve, turned down Stevo’s advances. Stevo said that he still views Ngesh as unique and special, despite the rejection.

It is unclear why Vishy was critical of some women using Stevo’s name for clout, but supportive of Wanja Kihii doing the same. It is possible that she simply feels that Wanja Kihii is using Stevo’s name in a more legitimate way.

Whatever the reason, Vishy’s comments have sparked a debate about the ethics of using someone else’s name for personal gain. Some people believe that it is wrong to use someone else’s name without their permission, while others believe that it is fair game if the person is benefiting from the association.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what they believe is right or wrong. However, Vishy’s comments have certainly raised awareness of the issue and started a conversation about it.

Stevo Simple Boy Explains Why He Wants To Marry Gengetone Artist Ngesh As His Second Wife

Kenyan singer Stevo Simple Boy has expressed his desire to marry Gengetone artist Ngesh as his second wife. This is despite the fact that Ngesh has made it clear that she is not interested in him.

In an interview with local media houses on August 14, Stevo Simple Boy praised Ngesh’s beauty and said that he would like to spend time with her to see if they connect. He also said that he prefers “low-maintenance” women, like Ngesh, who respect marriage and their partners.

“Sahi kuna wanaume wengi wanamtaka lakini kuna wale pia wanakuja kudandia umaarufu wake kisha wamuachilie,” he said.

Ngesh has not responded to Stevo Simple Boy’s proposal, but she has previously said that she is not interested in getting married. She has also said that she is not attracted to Stevo Simple Boy.

“Mimi sijapenda madem wa Nairobi, wa ushago – vienyeji. Unajua vienyeji wanajua kuheshimu ndoa.Wanajua kuheshimu mwanaume.

It remains to be seen whether Stevo Simple Boy will be able to win over Ngesh, but his proposal has certainly generated a lot of interest.

Pritty Vishy back to begging Stevo Simple Bopy for attention

Fans were astounded by Pritty Vishy and Stivo Simple Boy’s antics when they flirted on Instagram live on Sunday night.

Grace Atieno, whom Simple Boy first revealed during his father’s funeral a few months ago, is his wife.

Audiences were treated to their flirtation when Vishy called her ex-boyfriend and put the call on speakerphone.

She seemed to be asking him when they could get together again.

“Nikupigie lini, nione mafikirio yako imefikia wapi.
Nitakwambia. Ngoja kile kitu, unaona vile maisha imekuwa kwa mtandao? …nataka nimalizie nikujulie”

Pritty Vishy typically keeps up with his life and can’t resist giving his opinion on any story written about him.

Usually, she’s expressing her worry and reminds him of all the advice she’s ever given him about not letting people take advantage of him, whether it be for professional or social situations.

Pritty looks eager for Stivo to respond, but Stivo is unsure as they carry on their flirtatious banter.

“Wah okay ni sawa, so nikupee miezi ngapi?”

She argues that he must provide her with a clear schedule so that she may plan her life around his request even if he is unable to give her a direct response.

“Hapana si uniambie tuu nikupee miezi ngapi ”

”Nishapata Mke Mwenye Ananipenda”-Stevo Simple Boy Praises Wife As He Slams Ex-Girlfriend Pritty Vishy

Stevo Simple Boy has revealed that he has ended his contract with his former managers, including Pritty Vishy. The singer made the announcement during a meeting with YouTuber Mungai Eve, who was present when MP Peter Mwathi Salasya handed over a house to the struggling artiste.

Stevo said that he had decided to end the contract because he was not happy with the way Vishy was handling his career. He also said that he was now being managed by his wife, Grace.

“I have ended my contract with Pritty Vishy,” Stevo said. “I am not happy with the way she was handling my career. I am now being managed by my wife, Grace.”

Stevo’s ex-girlfriend, Pritty Vishy, has been very vocal about his tribulations. She has accused him of being irresponsible and of not taking care of his children.

The singer has responded to Vishy’s comments, saying that she should move on with her life. He said that his wife is now handling his issues and that Vishy should not interfere.

“Pritty Vishy should move on with her life,” Stevo said. “My wife is now handling my issues and she should not interfere.”

Stevo’s decision to end his contract with Vishy and to have his wife manage his career is a significant change. It will be interesting to see how this affects his career in the future.

Stevo Simple Boy Receives Boost From MCSK And MP Salasya

Rising rapper Stevo Simple Boy has received a significant boost to his career, after being appointed as an ambassador by the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) and being provided with a new house by Member of Parliament Peter Salasya.

The MCSK appointment came after a meeting between Stevo and MCSK CEO Ezekiel Mutua, who expressed his admiration for the rapper and his talent. Mutua also acknowledged the financial difficulties that Stevo had been facing, and said that the MCSK appointment would help to provide Stevo with some much-needed support.

As part of his ambassadorial role, Stevo will be focusing on the campaign against drug abuse. Mutua said that Stevo is a “great guy” who is “a role model for many young people”, and that he is confident that Stevo will be able to use his influence to help raise awareness about the dangers of drug abuse.

The new house from Salasya comes as a further boost to Stevo’s career. Salasya said that he was “inspired” by Stevo’s music and his “positive message”, and that he wanted to help Stevo to “continue to reach his full potential”.

The MCSK appointment and the new house from Salasya are a significant boost to Stevo’s career, and they are likely to open doors to new opportunities and collaborations. Stevo is a talented rapper with a positive message, and he is now well-placed to make a real impact on the music industry and on society as a whole.

Stevo Simple Boy Claims He Will Manage Himself After Being Ditched By MIB Company

Stevo Simple Boy has chosen to be his own supervisor and not get into an arrangement with any record name. Addressing humorist Mulamwah, Straightforward Kid said his previous administration was not working really hard.

“Niko fiti lakini si sana contemptible. Supervisor hafanyi kazi mzuri. Ukiangalia Instagram, badala apost msanii wake, anapost msanii mwingine. Kuanzia January, sijapiga show. Siitaji pesa mingi, kitu kama 20, 30k inajaza kibaba,” said Stevo.

Mulamwah then found out if he had any desire to be overseen after two bombed endeavors.

“Nataka kujimanage kivyangu pamoja na marafiki wangu.”

The joke artist prompted the ‘Tuheshimu Ndoa’ hitmaker that he ought to run himself.

“That is the means by which we get by, pesa ni pesa, haikataliwi. Rudisha socila mediaza watu. Watu wako prepared kukusupport sana Mtu asikufunge . Anza upywa, wakenya watakuspport na uko exceptionally upheld,” said Mulamwah

Lang’ata MP Phelix ‘Jalang’o’ Odiwuor additionally told Mulamwah in the remark area that he will uphold.

“Mulamwa you are a sibling! Generously stand with Stevo if conceivable! Everything happening are harming him! Only a tad of direction will head quite far! Compassionately let me in on what we can do!”

This comes a day after Men In Business (MIB), the previous Stevo Straightforward Kid the board ended his agreement.

“End of the agreement will be viable as of 31st July thus we host 35 days of postponing both get-togethers’ advantage for a smooth change. During the cycle, all gatherings will be stopped and a legal course of occasions will be continued in understanding,” read an explanation from the administration.

Stevo Simple Boy management team panics after they are exposed, dump him

Men In Business (MIB), the management company of Kenyan singer Stevo Simple Boy, has announced the termination of their contract with the artist.

In a statement, MIB said that they “no longer wish to proceed with our musical contract with [Stevo Simple Boy].” The company did not give a reason for the termination, but they said that it would be effective as of July 31st.

MIB said that they would be “tapping both parties’ interest for a smooth transition” during the termination process. They also thanked Stevo Simple Boy for his cooperation during his contract.

The termination of Stevo Simple Boy’s contract comes amid reports that the singer is broke and wallowing in poverty. In a recent interview, Stevo Simple Boy said that he was struggling to make ends meet and that he was “not sure how to move forward.”

It is unclear what the termination of Stevo Simple Boy’s contract will mean for his career. However, it is clear that the singer is facing some difficult challenges.

Pretty Vishy once again talks about her ex’s poverty

Kenyan socialite Pritty Vishy has once again found herself in the spotlight, this time for her comments about her ex-boyfriend, Stevo Simple Boy.

In a recent Instagram story, Pritty expressed her belief that infidelity is a universal trait among men. She also stated that even ugly men cheat, which is a provocative statement considering the criticisms she herself has faced regarding her appearance.

Pritty’s comments have drawn mixed reactions from the public. Some people have praised her for her honesty, while others have criticized her for being insensitive.

This is not the first time Pritty has made headlines for her controversial statements. In the past, she has been open about her struggles with weight loss and her experiences with marriage. She has also been vocal about her opinions on a variety of topics, including politics and religion.

Pritty’s bold and sometimes controversial statements have made her a polarizing figure. However, she remains unapologetically herself, and she continues to captivate the public’s attention.