‘I Can’t Be Replaced’- Pritty Vishy Reacts On Stivo Simple Boy’s Fake Relationship

Stevo Simple Boy has been conglomerated in the Showbiz industry, and we must admit, the singer has done excellent in pulling the clout chasing stunt with his ex-fiancée Jenny Wangui.

Anything For Clout

The ‘Tuheshimu ndoa’ crooner introduced his newly found love 4 months ago, after his nasty break-up with content creator Pritty Vishy. Stivo even went on his knees to propose to her, and even teased a wedding. But all this was just for the clout! After several weeks of dating, Jenny came clean on her relationship with Stivo, revealing that they are not dating and that the whole ‘relationship’ was simply a PR stunt. She added that they’re currently not dating.

“It was just showbiz and it’s over.”

And just like most fans had predicted during their staged proposal, it wasn’t a genuine relationship.

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Stivo Simple Boy’ with his alleged ex-fiancée, Jenny Wangui

Pritty Vishy Reacts- Re-Union?

Stivo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy revealed in a recent phone call interview with Milele FM’s presenter Ankali Ray that she’s still irreplaceable to Stivo.

”Mimi siwezi kuwa replacement my friend.

She continued to calibrate that Jenny couldn’t do what she used to do to Simple Boy.

”No one can take my position and no one can do what I used to do… Nunueni bundles and relax. Tulieni. ‘

In the same interview, Pritty hinted that she’s on the verge of getting back with Stivo Simple Boy, urging fans to prepare for what is coming. We won’t be surprised if they get back together, putting in consideration Pritty broke up with Madini Classic after a few weeks of dating.


Pritty Vishy Explains Why She Won’t Be Attending Stevo Simple Boy’s Wedding (Screenshot)

Stevo Simple Boy is set to get married to the love of his life monikered Gee, after a short period of dating.  The singer has been swept of his feet dearly by the chick, despite being accused of snatching her from some upcoming artist identified as Rapdon.

Marriage Plans

After introducing the new catch publicly, Stevo made haste in proposing to her. He went down on his knees and it turned out to be a huge  YES. You’re probably wondering why he’s hurrying things up. but the singer is in a hurry to hit his target of getting 30-50 children. So, maybe, he will be going for a 2nd or more wives.

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Pritty Vishy On Attending Stivo’s Wedding

There’s always that one ex who is keeping a close eye on you and would even attend your wedding to see your new catch. But Stivo’s ex seems engrossed with the idea of attending the ‘Freshi Barida’ hitmaker’s wedding. Sharing via her Instagram stories, she wrote that she would confuse Stivo with her big bum during his wedding and he would change his mind.

Check the screenshot below;














Alaaar! Stivo Simple boy accuses ex of bedding over 50 men (Video)

Rapper Stivo Simple boy is out here serving tea and the sad part is that – things are getting too personal or rather – getting out of hand.

Well, I don’t know whether you go around telling people about your exes body count – but Stivo does. The freshi baridi hitmaker recently had a candid interview with Oga Obinna where he talked about his life, career and of course – his past relationship.

Stivo with Oga Obinna

As usual we all wanted to hear what he says about Pritty Vishy the woman he had dated for months after years of being single. Yes, Stivo was single for a long time and I know this because after his first hit ‘Mihadarati’ he went on different interviews where he said he was a single man.

However in 2021 we all met Pritty Vishy – the woman that rooted for his success and even exposed his management for using him. Well, despite playing wife….things didn’t end so well for Pritty Vishy. So now I’m assuming she won’t be taking up such roles in future.

Stivo’s management doing the most

Now that he is no longer with the lady, looks like his management has him exposing each and every dirt he has on his ex. Okay, maybe not his management but then again aren’t they the same people who approve what he can and can’t say during interviews?

Anyway speaking about his ex with Oga Obinna – the singer revealed he was aware of how generous Pritty Vishy was when it comes to men. Apparently despite being with her, he already knew that his ex had been involved with over 50 guys. Alaaaar.

Nilikuwa najua hizo mambo zake, si ati sikuwa najua. But what I want ni ashikilie tu mtu mmoja.

When asked by Obinna how men many he knew from her past, Stivo revealed;

Wengi. More than 50. Nilinyamazia tu.