MIB Management Company Explain Why They Ended Contract with Stevo Simple Boy

Men in Business Management Company (MIB) has ended its contract with singer Stephen Otieno Adera alias Stevo Simple Boy. The termination of the contract comes after a two-day meeting by the members of MIB.

MIB said that the decision to terminate the contract was made following “unrightful and unlawful allegations” made against the company by Stevo Simple Boy. The company also said that Stevo Simple Boy had made “a lot of lies” that had “destroyed the company’s reputation.”

MIB said that it will follow “lawful processes” during the 35-day transition period with Stevo Simple Boy. The company said that it will take all necessary steps to protect its interests during this time.

Stevo Simple Boy has not yet commented on the termination of his contract with MIB. However, he has previously accused the company of mismanagement and exploitation.

The termination of the contract between Stevo Simple Boy and MIB is a significant development in the singer’s career. Stevo Simple Boy is one of Kenya’s most popular musicians, and his music has been streamed millions of times on streaming platforms. The termination of his contract with MIB could have a significant impact on his career.

It remains to be seen what will happen to Stevo Simple Boy’s career after the termination of his contract with MIB. However, the singer has said that he is “not worried” about the future and that he is “looking forward to new challenges.”

Pritty Vishy is delusional thinking she made herself a star

Pritty Vishy is pretty delusional about a variety of things but the one we are going to focus on today is the fact that she is a star by her own right. This is a fact she stated on her social media in response to a fan who asked her to stop dissing Stevo Simple Boy.

She is a simple case of modern Nairobi girls; people chock-full of delusions of grandeur who overestimate their worth. According to her, she is a star based on her own power but the truth is, she is the flavour of the month and will fade away because she has no talents to boast about nor monetize.

Pritty Vishy was a none entity before we knew about her as Stevo’s girlfriend. If it weren’t for our obsession with Stevo Simple Boy and his interesting… Uhm… Music, then we would never have bothered with her.

Stivo Simple Boy’s Ex-Girlfriend Pritty Vishy Reveals She Doesn’t Regret Cheating On Him (Video)

And yet, how does she show her gratitude to him for elevating her from ignominy? She constantly dunks on him. Yup, she shows her gratitude by constantly taking a dump on the man and his relationship and then acts like we are meant to ignore the slights she sent his way because she is a victim of constant cyberbullying.

Stevo na waresh

It’s almost like this fact excuses all her crappy behaviour towards the man who made her. And the fans are hip to the fact! And they will not allow Pritty Vishy to forget the man who made her nor the fact that we all know.

Disrespectful child? Pritty Vishy takes a swipe at her dad, refers to him as a N*gga

But that is the nature of the entertainment business. People are made simply due to their proximity to stars and when that happens, other parasites come to feed off their instant fame and success. That is why we are even discussing the relationship between her and Madini Classic.

Tis but the cycle of life for Kenyan celebrities. But I do hope that Pritty Vishy is making hay while the sun is out on her skin because she shan’t be sunkissed for too long.

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We were right about Pritty Vishy and Madini Classic

It was a farce all along! Pritty Vishy and Madini Classic were lying to their fans that they were an item but since you read Ghafla, you weren’t fooled. Right? Right?!

Madini Classic Addresses Break-Up With Ex-Girlfriend Pritty Vishy On Her 21st Birthday

I should probably be able to end on that important mic-drop moment but I will go on to call out everyone who thought that they were an actual couple because by this point we should be able to tell the difference between manufactured and real couples.

Pritty Vishy with younger sister

Pritty Vishy wanted us to believe that a man of Madini Classics level of status and looks was really into her for more than either a slump-buster or for clout? I hope she didn’t drink her own koolaid.

Why Pritty Vishy will never move on from Stevo Simple Boy

Why does he need to ride her clout? Well, he needed to surf that wave because she was the flavour of the week. She was what everyone was discussing and he figured he needed to revive his career.

Stevo with fiance, Gee

It truly is a pity he hasn’t put out any music while we were still discussing their relationship. As for Pritty Vishy, she’s back to discussing her ex, Stevo Simple Boy and we have to wonder why… Actually, we don’t. It’s envy.

Pritty Vishy is delusional thinking she made herself a star

She wants what Stevo Simple Boy is also pretending to be giving his beau. She has never really gotten over her ex and it shows every time she discusses him and we know it.

And there is simply no helping her unless she gets into a relationship with a man she feels is truly above Stevo Simple Boy’s status or has more money than he does. Until that happens, she will continue taking potshots at him and pretend she’s done nothing wrong.

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Kenyan celebs need to evolve beyond simple stunts to launch songs

Aren’t you getting tired of seeing Kenyan celebs like Willy Paul, Madini Classic, Stivo Simple Boy, Ringtone and the rest get involved in pointless drama for the sake of a silly music video that they are releasing? I know I’m over it.

Madini Classic & Girlfriend Pritty Vishy Conduct ‘Ruracio’ Ceremony

I get it, before we truly had a fandom for Kenyan artists, they needed to do whatever they needed to inorder to get attention on their projects. That was why you had the likes of Brown Mauzo faking relationships with Amber Ray etc.

However, right now, Kenyan celebs have cultivated not just a general fandom for their art but personal fandoms; People who are genuinely fans of their craft and want to support them.

‘Nikikupata Nakukula Kama Ugali’-Willy Paul Thirsts Over Musician Jovial, She Responds (Screenshot)

However, evolution and adaptation has never been a strength of Kenyan celebs so we are stuck in a rather infuriating loop of Kenyan celebs going silent when they have nothing to offer and then reasserting their presence on the collective psyche of their fans by coming through with outrageous theatrics and antics.

And these often follow the same pattern. They are either involved in a feud with some other artist only for them to make peace and release a collabo or they are dating some other celebrity and are involved in a rather unlikely relationship.

It’s A Yes! Stivo Simple Boy Proposes To Girlfriend Gee (video)

These stunts get tired pretty fast and these days whenever there is any entertainment news about Kenyan celebs, it is often met with skepticism. All we can think of or see is the fact that they are useless because the fans can see right through them.

Willy paul is harassing Jovial? Well, they must have a love song coming out soon. Madini Classic is dating Prity Vishy? Yeah right. He is literally using her to cling onto relevance. It gets even more played out when they predictably release a new project only for it to be mediocre at best.

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Pretty Vishi is everything wrong with Nairobi girls

Pretty Vishi’s ex, Stivo Simple Boy has apparently gotten engaged (I use the term apparently because I am not sure it wasn’t all just a publicity stunt for a new project he’s working on) and the one person who is busy dunking on the whole engagement is his ex who is currently apparently with Madini Classic.

‘Hio Proposal Haikupangwa Vizuri’- Pritty Vishy Denigrates Stivo Simple Boy’s Proposal To New Girlfriend (Video)

Make all this nonsense make sense because I do not understand why a woman who dumped her ex and moved on is still trying to make sense of his engagement whether fake or otherwise.

Pretty Vishi is busy giving interviews about her ex rather than focusing on her new man and their relationship and this is a sign that perhaps all’s not well on her end because she should be basking and glowing in the new relationship energy.

Madini Classic & Girlfriend Pritty Vishy Conduct ‘Ruracio’ Ceremony

Her mental disposition should be that he can do whatever he wants because it doesn’t affect her. Hell, she shouldn’t even be contemplating what he is doing with his own existence. And yet we find ourselves here discussing her statements about her ex.

Stivo Simple Boy’s girlfriend: Pritty

“What I can advise the lady is when it comes to bedroom matters, she should be the one to push for it. She should also teach him how to be a man, how to be romantic. I wish them a happy relationship.

Lakini mahali alinigonga alini replace na mtu mrefu. Heri angeni replace na kafupi. Anyway, I’m happy for them by the way coz me hadi nime move on. You see? Kila mtu ame move on. Ikiflow ina flow tu…”

Stivo Simple Boy Sends Message To Pritty Vishy On Her New Relationship With Madini Classic

Why does she care? She needs to hanker down and try to earn a ring from her man. Let Stivo live his life and steer his relationship as he sees fit. Afterall, he is the only one between the two of them who’ll reap the rewards of his relationship if things go well for them.

Pretty Vishy’s utterances reminded me of the video that was doing the rounds on social media last year of the guy who was giving an interview about some issue and another man told him to focus on his own business and asking the government to give him a job, not mouthing off about things he did not fully comprehend.

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Stivo Simple Boy needs to start protecting his brand

Stivo Simple Boy is everywhere and while this can often be a great thing for any celebrity, it puts him at risk of brand erosion for two reasons; the audience might experience fatigue about his brand and secondly, this level of publicity only makes sense when you have projects coming out.

Stivo Simple Boy Set To Wed His New Lover (Video)

What he has managed to do with regards to generating a buzz around himself is actually pretty impressive. No one would have thought he would have become one of the biggest stars in Kenya, let alone Nairobi.

Stivo Simple Boy was meant to be a joke, someone who blows up with one hit and eventually becomes the subject of “Whatever happened to…” but he has somehow managed to do is to make himself not only a legit musician but also a bonafide star.

Pritty Vishy Claps Back At Stivo Simple Boy For Claiming She Slept With Over 50 Men (Video)

And the media is eating it all up! Why else do you think they all are falling over themselves for an interview with him? He literally found a way to hack the system. He is the very cheat code that most stars have failed to acquire.

His first songs went viral but not because they were smash hits but because it was comic relief. But he kept grinding and for some reason only known to the lords of the cosmos, Kenyans fell in love with him. But Stivo Simple Boy wanted more than just to be the butt of the joke.

I Was Once A Watchman Being Paid Ksh 7,000 A Month- Stivo Simple Boy

He came up with a rather ludicrous statement that quickly found its way into the Kenyan lexicon with the whole “Freshi Barida” statement and then he teamed up with a super producer and that phrase became a runaway hit.

Stivo Simple boy

That said, he needs to slow down on the interviews. And my advice is informed by simple laws of business and economics; demand and supply. And Stivo Simple Boy needs to be more discerning of who gets to lean in on his star. He needs to stop giving everyone a piece of the pie.

Pritty Vishy Admits Using Stivo Simple Boy To Gain Fame (Video)

Actually, if he is going to do so, he needs to do it on his own platform and start creating captivating content. Well, there’s that but there’s also him simply releasing a bunch of songs that are well done so that he rides this wave into a couple of concerts and club performances. And maybe that is the move to make for Stivo Simple Boy. But he needs a whole buncha songs so he can have a full set to perform.

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Inauma But Itabidi Uzoee! Stivo Simple Boy Furious After His Instagram Gets Hacked (Video)

Hacking of celebrities’ accounts has become more pronounced recently; and gospel musician Stivo Simple Boy has found himself on the receiving end.

Weeks ago, legendary musician Nameless also got his Instagram account hacked; which had over 1 Million followers. It was only a matter of days before he got the account back. Additionally, KRG the Don also got his YouTube account hacked by a Tanzanian recently. This time round, gospel musician Simple Boy has taken to Facebook to announce the sad news and warn the hacker.

”Vipi watu wangu? Ni Stivo Simple Boy. Kuna jambo flani nataka niwaambia manze. Instagram yangu ime hackiwa manze lakini sijakufa moyo. Bado nazidi kuwafuatilia. ”


Stivo Simple Boy has now opened another account; immediately after the incident;

”Lakini in the meantime, nimefungua ingine apo. Link iko pale Facebook. Mni follow tuendelee ku communicate. Ama vipi? Na ule mwenye amechukua hio Instagram yangu, your days are numbers. Au sio? Ndio maanake.”

Celebrities are becoming more vulnerable to hacking. It’s time for others to be more careful.

Below is Stivo Simple Boy’s video;

Jegede is back with a new tune dubbed ‘Wakilisha’

Kenyan singer Jegede is back with a new tune dubbed Wakilisha. Jegede in the musical film “Wakilisha” featuring The Allstars: Nameless, Jerry Ogalo, Big Pin, Daddy Andre, Stivo Simple Boy, Fundi Frank and Vdj Jones. Directed by Deska Torres.

The jam is introduced by one Djshiti and it is a very sweet hit.  The comeback of the music Nameless is just one worth ones time.

To add on, this collaboration is just amazing on how the coordination is well done and the message of the song. The Wakilisha is a swahili word that simply means represent.

Also, the vibe and the energy in the song is just awesome. Wakilisha lyrics are brought out so well by the group as each person delivers well.

To add on, Stivo simple boy the mihadarati hit maker is part of the all star in this jam.

Kenyan singer Jegede is back with a new tune dubbed Wakilisha. Jegede in the musical film "Wakilisha" featuring The Allstars: Nameless, Jerry Ogalo, Big Pin, Daddy Andre, Stivo Simple Boy, Fundi Frank and Vdj Jones. Directed by Deska Torres.

What is Wakilisha all about?

To start with the guys are talking about playing Kenyan music. This is a battle that Kenyan artists have been trying to fight for.

“Me and my friends over here tunawakilisha. Good music, good vibes”. Further into the song, Jegede and his counterparts are also talking about a woman.

Tuko kwenye party, kama kuna joto toa shati. This is a line that the celebrated singer Stevo Simple boy has performed. Ndio manake  his famous phrase is also felt into the song.

Kenyan singer Jegede is back with a new tune dubbed Wakilisha. Jegede in the musical film "Wakilisha" featuring The Allstars: Nameless, Jerry Ogalo, Big Pin, Daddy Andre, Stivo Simple Boy, Fundi Frank and Vdj Jones. Directed by Deska Torres.

Actually, we must agree that Jegede and his Allstars team have done a great job in Wakilisha. The audio is well mastered and produced. It doe not clash with the beats and thumbs up to this.

Wakilisha has been directed by Deska Torres, and the audio was produced by Jegede. In addition to the good production, you also realise that Jegede’s lyrical prowess is unmatched and the presentation is also great.

In conclusion, the jam gets a rating of 6/10.

Video Below.