Why super gonorrhoea scares Nairobians senseless

Nairobians and selfless of super gonorrhoea and it’s rather hilarious while simultaneously being a sad state of affairs. Ever since the report was released about the disease every Kenyan radio personality and influencer has either been making jokes about it or discussing it.

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And the reason it is hilarious is that one would think that condoms would have entered the conversation but no! It’s almost as if Nairobians don’t know that condoms exist.

What everyone has been talking about has been whether or not they can trust their side piece. Take a second to let that sink in; rather than introducing the use of prophylactics into the conversation Kenyans have been discussing about whether or not they can trust that their sidepiece is loyal to them.

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Super gonorrhoea has exposed just how rotten our morals are as a society and just how impractical it is to be living in Nairobi and thinking that your partner is faithful to you. It explains why the song Nairobi by Bensoul was such a hit: It was relatable.

What is also scary is a fact that it is clear Kenyans do not know how to use antibiotics responsibly. We are responsible for creating a drug-resistant strain of the venereal disease which would otherwise be easily treated and isn’t an issue.

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A quick check on Tanzanian social media pages shows just how much for an hour neighbours are having at our expense. To them, this is proof that Kenyans are truly incapable or fidelity. I can’t imagine what it is like for Kenyans currently at the border trying to gain entry into Tanzania.

It also puts a spotlight on our party and Culture.s a lot of times when Nairobians go out they do so with the intent of landing a one-night stand. And now they have to fear catching super gonorrhoea in the backseat of their car. This also opens up the conversation about sponsors and their slay queens who then get infected and aside from cross-infecting each other take this very disease back to their boyfriends in campus.

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It’s scary when you look at it from this lens because you realise no one is safe from super-gonorrhoea. But it’s pretty much the same thing that happens when it comes to HIV and how it is spread between sponsors there slay queens and how it cascades on.

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