That Hood love: Gengetone artist Swat pours out his heart to hot baby mama

Gengetone artist from Ethic – Swat Mtoto wa Eunice has been giving fans a reason to talk thanks to his family photos. So far we have met his baby mama and months old son who he continues to parade through his social media pages.

Well, it has been 5 months since he shared his family photos on social media; but it appears that he recently had another family photo shoot that has left many on his page congratulating him for being an amazing despite his young.

If you remember well, many on social media were quick to judge him for rushing into fatherhood while he still appears to be quite young. Others were sure that he would walk out of his family in less than 3 months; but hey, Oolisikia wapi?

Father and husband

Apart from being a good dad to his son, Swat has proven that he also loves his baby mama cum girlfriend. The young singer proved this in a two separate posts where he wrote;

Swat with family


About his hot and yummy baby mama the young singer went on to say;

Swat with baby mama, Muin

My QUEEN ???? @muin.dree

Swat with his hot baby mama and son

Ethic just keeps getting better and better

When Ethic released their latest single dubbed Figa about a week ago, their fans couldn’t help but admire how much they had grown.

While some remarked that they had ‘taken a shower’, others joked that the group was no longer Ethic but Ethique because of the massive transformation that they had undergone.

The group that is made of Rekless, Zilla, Seska and Swat has improved in so many ways since they made their debut in the local entertinment industy in 2018 with the mega hit Lamba Lolo.


Just like wine, Ethic keeps getting better with each new day. Sometimes I feel like they are out to win the hearts of the people who couldn’t stand them when they joined the industry.

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t but their lyrics in Figa were well-thought out. They weren’t just throwing words arounds as was the case with Lamba Lolo.

Their sense of style has also improved significantly. Their outfits in their latest single were really on point so much so that it became a topic of discussion on social media.

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The song was also above par i.e. the audio an video quality. It probably set them back a couple thousands of shillings but let’s be honest, who wants to listen to a whack audio or watch a low quality video in this day and age?

Lastly, their marketing was also on point. They made some their fans to set alarms just so that we could be among the first to watch the song and when it finally dropped, it was a topic of discussion on social media for the next few days.

It’s really interesting to see Ethic grow from amateurs to professional. I hope can only hope that they will keep at it!

Watch Ethic’s latest release dubbed Figa below.

Jua cali fans need to give him a break!!

Jua cali is obviously among the  veteran and most celebrated music artist in Kenya. With a successful track record of amazing music for most of us who grew up listening to this chap.We should at least give him that credit for making our teen days worthwhile.

He stands out  as one of the biggest genge music artist with a unique style  when it comes to his rap game. Whether he teams up with gengetone musicians or not should not be a question to his music legacy

After being in the industry for the longest time it is just normal that his relevance would wear out. Ok not, like entirely but a certain age of fans will not easily relate to his  back then music. But hey a man has to do what he got to do! Music.

However, as some people would say that he no longer fits in the now over hyped gengetone kind of music , Jua cali has to reach out these young crop of fans.

Wale Mang’aa

Yes , we will say ohh the music done now is too vulgar for someone like Juacali to feature in , oooh he can do better and all that holier than thou attitude we Kenyans carry around.

I mean he is also embracing new age music.Well he was bashed for working with Swat of Ethic Odi wa Muranga  and Vdj_jones  in new jam dubbed “Wale Mang’aa.”

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We should give the guy a break .We were the same people who wanted these veteran artists to work with the the gengetone music makers.This to help boost creativity for the better of our secular music.

Well it is obvious that these new age musician have slowly but smoothly washed away the Nigerian music that had swamped our Kenyan airwaves.

So if Jua cali or any other Kenyan artist wants to collaborate with the Gengetone kids, boss , sistee usijuziee !!Go for it.

In the meantime Kenyans should give Juacali a break and that is just about it.

Swat Vs Rekless: Who’s the baddest lyricist in Ethic?

For a long time, there has been a debate about who is the best lyricist in Ethic – the group that became household name after releasing the mega hit Lamba Lolo in 2018.

Admittedly, all the group members namely; Seska, Zilla, Swat and Rekless are gifted. However, most people can’t seem to decide who is the supremo between the last two since their verses are always lit.

It is for this reason that we decided to pit them against each other. We want to know who you are willing to put your money on and why i.e. what makes them stand out from the other members of Ethic?


Swat Mtoto Wa Eunice
Swat Mtoto Wa Eunice

His verse on their debut hit dubbed Lamba Lolo was really dope and this made him a favorite among many people.

He has continued to wow his fans in the group’s subsequent releases particularly a song titled Instagram where he really brought his A-game.



Unlike Swat, his lyrics are more thoughtful and mature but this does not really come as a surprise since he is the eldest member of the group.

You also can’t fail to appreciate his wordplay. It’s really on point. He got many people talking after showcasing his skill on the group’s latest release dubbed Figa.

That said, who, according to you is the baddest lyricist in Ethic? Tell us below!

Otile Brown and Ethic have finally dropped their collabo ‘Dala Dala’ and it’s a massive hit (Video)

What a time to be alive, like really! Who thought we’d one day see Otile Brown and Ethic on one track? I bet none of you did.

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Well, that day is finally here. A few hours ago, the two Kenyan music powerhouses dropped a jam dubbed Dala Dala and as expected, it slaps really hard!

The little Swahili I know tells me that dala dala is mini bus or a matatu if you like.

However, in the context of this song, it signifies that life is a journey i.e, you need to travel but it can cost you, hence dala dala. You get it?

Ethic Entertainment

Of course we are used to Otile Brown singing along to a Bongo beat but do you know what’s better that? It’s Swat and Seska vibing to it.

My best part of course was by Seska! in my opinion, he really killed it! He outdid himself on this track.

There’s a part where he says, “Nikikupea silver goro ntapea Kamene, ju mimi ni girimba kuwashia kama meme.”

If this is not greatness then I really don’t know what is! I honestly don’t know ladies and gentlemen.


Side note: We really missed Rekless and Zilla on this jam. I could not help but imagine how they would have aced this beats.

Everything about this song is on point, from the scene transitions to the beat which was produced by Magix Enga.

Actually, if I was to rate it I would confidently give it an 11 (eleven) out of 10, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Watch Dala Dala below and tell us what you think.