Haiya! Tanasha Donna’s relationship with The late Kevin Omwenga finally explained

With the wash wash Cartel getting exposed, a few Nairobi socialites will find themselves in the mix; because come on – most these guys hang out with pretty petite girls who help boost their self esteem.

Not forgetting the good time…which I hear it’s more of a butter trade kind of relationship.  Money/flashy lifestyle for wild experiences.

Tanasha hanging out with late ‘friend’ Kevin Omwenga

Anwyay so far you might know or have heard of these women in Nairobi; and problem is – they actually don’t hide it as good as Huddah did back in the day! Those of today like parading their lives on Instagram and I can promise since most are jobless but live life like they have millions in their accounts.

Tanasha Donna linked Kevin Omwenga

Well, having been convinced that Tanasha Donna was just friends with the late 28 year old Kevin Omwenga; turns out that the guy might have been financing her lifestyle.

Tbt: Tanasha flaunts new ride

This is after one of Obare’s followers who recently revealed that the blue Mercedez Benz Tanasha has/had been rolling around with; was gifted to the singer by the late Omwenga. Can your friend even?

The lady went on to add that she learnt about this information from the late Omwenga; (talk about men who kiss and tell) who was her (Obare’s fan) boyfriend at the time.

Tbt: Miss Tanasha with the blue Benz

The late Omwenga spending the with Tanasha

Judging by the fact that Tanasha had been spotted hanging out with the Kevin Omwenga a couple of times; chances are that these two may have actually been very…like very good friends; to a point he gifted her a car. Can your friends even?

But knowing how greedy these ‘businessmen’ can get; could it be that Kevin was so kind hearted that he didn’t need anything in return? Ooliskia wapi!

Tbt: Tanasha with alleged wash wash friends

Also the fact that new information claims he might have been killed for his ego; chances are that he might have felt untouchable – and clearly usicheze na pride ya new money.

Anyway whether friends or more – I bet both parties benefited one way or another from their relationship.

Tanasha Donna’s hidden agenda with slain businessman Kevin Omwenga revealed

Tanasha Donna was the most recent beauty closely linked to city businessman Kevin Omwenga after photos of the two leaked online.

As netizens and close allies gave their last goodbyes to the deceased, an interesting photo of the party animal and a dear Tanasha emerged, causing mixed reactions online.

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Kevin Omwenga and Tanasha Donna rumored close business buddies

The question that many asked but never got an answer to is; what would be the light-skin miss be doing hanging around the alleged fake gold scammer whose history with slayqueens, if allegations from his ex-girlfriend are anything to go by, are true.

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The untold deal

A question that might finally get its answer after the beauty’s manager, African Castro came out to mourn the tragic loss of a close friend, one he knew through a supposed business deal that never bore fruit therefore partying ways.

Tanasha with manager, Castro during a shoot

As seen by Ghafla from Castro’s Instastories, a dear Omwenga was intended to do business with Tanasha’s charity campaign ‘Tanasha Donna Community service’ before he sank into gold smuggling that reportedly cost him his life.

A deal that Kevin aka Richy Rich turned down but one that Castro believes would have probably spared him from his killers, had he agreed to it. Either way, he wished him a safe journey;

African Castro gives his last goodbyes to slain businessman, Kevin Omwenga

Details of what exactly T Donna and Omwenga had teamed up for, however, still remains scanty.

Rare photo of Tanasha Donna hanging out with slain businessman Kevin Omwenga sparks wild reactions

Following the controversial death of Kilimani flashy businessman Kevin Omwenga, background checks to his lifestyle and close connections have been brought to light.

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Based on his monied lifestyle, young age and sense of fashion, Omwenga was no lie a ladies’ man, spotted on several occasions hanging out with young sassy ladies in high-end clubs, restaurants and entertainment places. He was rumored to have an ex-lover who has been trending for the better part of the weekend but there are yet more ladies still being unveiled.

Businessman Kevin Omwenga with his rumored ex-girlfriend, Babz Juma

Tanasha Donna is the latest victim, closely associated to the tycoon well known to be a party animal, after a photo of the two together emerged online. Seemingly in an entertainment area, chilling out together, the songstress paraded her juicy thighs and chest, while leaning onto a dear Kevin, then posed for the moment.

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Tanasha Donna with Kevin Omwenga having some good time

The latest development, has had the internet erupt with netizens sharing mixed reactions regards Tanasha alias Aisha’s past high-end life with the who’s and the who’s. According to one fan, Tanasha and Kevin’s friendship started way back in 2014.

Check out more reactions;