Diamond Platinumz has no originality in his work

Diamond Platinumz has been branded the best artiste in East Africa. However, his creativity has now become a topic of discussion.

One might think it is a coincidence that he gets to have worked similar to other celebrities globally. Actually, it is no longer the case. This man is just a copycat who can no longer come up with original work.

A couple of times the singer has been lashed for copying other artistes in the video. One thing to note about Diamond Platinumz’s video is that they have always been copied.

Diamond Platinumz has no originality in his work

With his latest two songs Gere and Jeje, a lot has come out and it is clear he is no longer good. We cannot blame his director because he as Diamond Platinumz is the boss. He got to decided what is been done.

First, look at Gere, two brains, Diamond Platinumz and Tanasha Donna had to copy all video scenes from Iza’s Brisa songs. Dude needs to be creative! I mean if you have to copy, do it in a twisted way.

In addition, on Jeje he has openly stolen creativity from Burna and Wizkid. Dude this leaves us with questions like does he even write his works or he translates?

Again where does he even get the energy to copy all this and keep repeating it again and again? Also, it is not the second that Diamond Platinumz has been accused of plagiarism.  There are a lot of videos online showing how he has copied costumes of big hits.

Diamond Platinumz has no originality in his work

I know you will still argue with me that he is still the biggest in East Africa but please keep your stones. Also, this is how people slowly lose their audience and fan base.

To add on, am left wondering where did the old Diamond Platinumz go to. I’d rather watch the original work than this copied low budget scenes.

Diamond Platinumz has fooled his fans for long but Gere exposed him to the world. Lol, it is funny how he even can’t perform his work in concerts but only does the ones he has done remixes from other singers.

Diamond Platinumz improve on your work. The world will soon run away from your copied work.

Tanasha’s collaboration with Bongo’s finest is a boost for her music

Tanasha has for the first time proved that she is on a mission to better in the music scene. The mother of one has taken the internet by surprise after releasing a hit in which she has collaborated with Wasafi’s finest, Mbosso.

One thing we must look at in Tanasha’s music, it is evident that she has always struggled to hit the numbers. I know most will say that it is because she is not talented, but again, where did the talent come from this time around?

Tanasha's collaboration with Bongo's finest is a boost for her music

In a game of wits, Tanasha has done a great job to use the Wasafi crew to her advantage. First, her dating Diamond is one great step to win in her music career.

In addition, Diamond is a big name in the region and most people knowing that he has a thing with Tanasha they will definitely rush to listen to her work.

Sometime back we talked of her being an armature and this time she seems to have mastered the game and polished her work.

Also, I am sure Tanasha has a couple of collaborations expected to drop within the week. It will not be a wonder that they will come from Tanzania.

Tanasha's collaboration with Bongo's finest is a boost for her music

In addition, Tanasha has proved that to sell one needs to be smart. Don’t just go to a foreign land and be dumb. This young mama is already benefiting from Tanzania and the bongo world at large.

Seems like, in 2020, this will be her breakthrough in the music world. I know you have all had the opportunity to listen to her previous work.  It is nothing close to what she has under producer Lizer.

Actually, Tanasha will be the biggest name in Kenya and in East Africa. If she keeps on collaborating with the Tanzanian singers. For this reason, you’ll notice that her name is at the top and on the trending list. We need to promote our own and more so Tanasha.

The lass is already selling the Kenyan name in Tanzania and in places, Diamond Platinumz steps foot.

Diamond’s Tanasha: There was nothing between me and Ali Kiba. Just work

There has been a lot said between Diamond Platnumz and his bae Tanasha Donna. The NRG radio presenter has been rumored to date several guys including Ali Kiba.

In a recent interview, she clarified that she has never had any romantic relationship with the star but only appeared in his music video as a vixen.

“When we did that video we never had a thing. We never even exchanged numbers it was very professional. We never had a thing, matter of fact, back then I was in a relationship and my ex was at the video shoot the entire time tulikuwa tunashoot hio video.” she said. 


The radio host, who dated Nick Mutuma, also denied she slept with Wizkid who, was captured in a video showing her leaving with him after a show.

“Diamond has never asked me about wizkid and he knows the situation. We were just friends. We never dated. Let me make things clear.” she said.

“Two idiots!” Zari Hassan calls out Diamond Platnumz and his new girlfriend after cheating allegations

Zari Hassan could not hold back from calling out her baby daddy last night following an interview released by Wasafi TV.

According to an interview done by Diamond, we understand that he accused Zari Hassan of cheating on him with her personal trainer and Peter from Psquare.

Also read:Zari Hassan goes on a long rant after Diamond revealed she was cheating with multiple men before he walked away

Diamond Platnumz for the very first time accused his ex of cheating as he went on to add that he once found an sms that confirmed she was seeing other people on the side.

This is apparently why he started roaming around with different women which later forced Zari to walk out on him.

You are idiots

In response to the accusations Zari went on to deny everything saying Diamond Platnumz was out to promote his new song using her name.

She went on to call out Diamond Platnumz and his new woman stating that they were both idiots for believing

Zari’s post

7 photos of the smoking hot vixen said to have spent a night on Diamond’s bed and help him cheat

Diamond Platnumz has denied it, Tanasha has also said it’s not true. But fans believe Tanzanian video vixen Irene Louis might have enjoyed a passionate night with Diamond recently.

This comes after the vixen posted a photo on social media on a bed that looks exactly like Diamond’s. Tanasha has also posted several photos while on the bed.

Irene shared the picture on Snapchat on a weekday, accompanied by an emoji of a monkey covering eyes.

Tanasha, took to social media to explain that people should not always believe what they see while Diamond later had to expose the model saying she has been bothering him.


Still, Irene is one hot babe and sure looks almost like Tanasha. Ghafla collected some of her photos for your eyes because we value you as a customer and understand you depend on us to know these things.

Well, feast your eyes.