Tanasha Donna allegedly confronts mama Dangote after she refuses her to leave with 4 month old son, Naseeb Junior

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz are said to be facing a few infidelity issues and after dating for about one year; the relationship now seems to have hit rock bottom!

This past weekend singer Tanasha Donna went on to confirm break up rumors thanks to her emotional posts on Instagram page. The lady went to school young ladies saying that loving a narcissist is not real love but a confused situation that all women should avoid!


Tanasha fed up

As seen on the post above, we can indeed confirm that Tanasha Donna is fed up with Diamond Platnumz lifestyle; and after maintaining her silence for months, she could not continue living a lie.

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Well, so far we understand that Tanasha Donna is back in the country; while her man Diamond Platnumz is said to be in the states with his latest catch, Video vixen from hit song Jeje.

Word has it that Diamond Platnumz new lady has been driving him crazy; to an extent that he  does not care about Tanasha not their son.

Tanasha’s post

Mama Dangote refuses Naseeb Junior to leave Tz

Anyway after being informed that Diamond Platnumz was in the company of the company of the vixen; Tanasha Donna apparently packed up and decided to jet back to Nairobi!

However, a few Tanzanian tabloids claim that mama Dangote had refused to let go of her grandson, Naseeb Junior. It is reported that it took a while before the superstars mother let Tanasha leave with her baby!

As seen on a screenshot making rounds on social media; Tanasha apparently gave mama Dangote a chance to bid her grandson in peace  since her mind was made up about returning to Nairobi. She commented saying;

Time to say GOODBYE & God bless you all

Time to say goodbye

Why 2020 will be Tanasha Donnah’s year to shine

Having had success in launching her Donatella EP on 31st Jan, we can say Tanasha Donnah did her best or not. Well, we cannot miss the fact that she is here to stay.

The mother of one is a talent that has proven that she has several talents including music. Tanasha started off in radio before coupling up with Wasafi boss Diamond Platinumz. Their controversial relationship propelled Tanasha to the limelight.

Further, a year down the queen quit NRG radio recently.

Recently we’ve seen scandals around her but she is quite adamant on answering back.

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This is a lady that focuses more on building her brand first before the drama. However, truth is many Kenyans were displeased with her performance during the Ep Launch. Why? This is because the reactions from netizens indicate she performed below the expectations of many.

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Despite all the negative shade around her, here is why Tanasha is set to shine this year.

Musical Stardom

In all senses, I feel Tanasha is going to do well in her music. With all the connections she got from Wasafi records, collaborations with those boys are inevitable. Clearly we know what that means.

They all are musical giants in Tanzania and their closeness with Tanasha is something that will be well cultivated if she uses that opportunity well.

I mean look at La Vie that she did with Mbosso, am still in love with the song 3 weeks later.

Apart from that, Tanasha’s vibe with other Kenyan celebrities will be a breeding ground for mega-musical project that will continue building her brand.

The drama around her will also not quiet anytime soon, because of the man she is with. The serial baby daddy is fond of the noise. I mean trolls did not give her peace when Diamond missed her EP launch.

Tanasha and Diamond Platinumz

The rumours of  Diamond having rushed back to Tanzania for family “emergency” interested many netizens who always have a say. I mean online in-laws !!!

But with all said and done Tanasha is set to take over the music scene this year.

They say i’m broke and desperate – Tanasha Donna

There is no greater satisfaction than a lady knowing that a lady can afford to cover her own bills without depending on her man – a trick that Tanasha seems to have perfected in!

In a new post shared by Mama Naseeb Junior we understand that she has been receiving negative comments from her haters who can’t seem to let her be!

Tanasha Donna responds

According to Tanasha, most of her fans tend to think that she is only with Diamond Platnumz for the money and fame. Some have even gone to the extent labeling her as a golddigger as revealed on her post.

Yet they say I’m broke & desperate… I ain’t rich (YET) but financially stable through my OWN HARD WORK and SWEAT I AM, HAVE ALWAYS BEEN & everyone around me knows that. Let me flaunt when I’m making millions of dollars, can’t flaunt when I’m only making tens of thousands. #DONNATELLASEASON,

Tanasha’s post

Well judging from the post above it’s evident to Tanasha definitely has been catching feelings for being referred to a gold digger yet she works hard to make sure all her bills are paid on time.

Anyway, we also can’t blame the fans since most ladies are known to hook up with Diamond Platnumz for his money!

Yummy mummy! Tanasha Donna steps out looking hotter than ever 5 weeks after giving birth

Tanasha Donna must be the hottest mummy on Instagram at the moment.

Unlike most mums who struggle with baby fat, it has taken less than 5 weeks for Miss  Tanasha to bounce back and she definitely looks hotter than ever!

Thanks to a new photo uploaded by the new mummy in town; we can all agree that she definitely looks hotter than ever!

Tanasha Donna new look

In a post shared on her Instagram page a while  Tanasha went on to reveal that she was now going to change her dress code from the ‘collage girl’ look to a sophisticated mum style.

Well, it now looks that she has already embarked on this new journey. Check out the photo below and be the judge.

Tanasha Donna new look

Fans call out Diamond Platnumz mum for sharing fake photo of Tanasha’s son

Diamond Platnumz mum seems to be giving online users something to talk about.

Tanasha’s son

A few hours she went on to share a post showing off her grandson’s hair only for fans to realize the photo belongs to an unknown Caucasian baby.

This has left many calling out the lady for the fake post making people believe that it was actually Diamond and Tanasha’s son.

Mama Dangote’s post

Mama Dangote responds

Anyway even after fans criticized her surprising move, Mama Dangote has now gone ahead to share a new post showing the real ‘young Simba.’

Well, the now grown baby boy seems to be taking after his daddy in terms of color but the hair definitely came from Tanasha Donna.

Check out the photos below.

Tanasha’s son
Tanasha’s son

Tanasha’s first message to her new born baby boy!

Tanasha Donna is now a mother to a beautiful baby boy we are yet to see; however just like all babies he must be an adorable baby.

The new mum in town has however gone ahead to share her birth experience saying that she labored for 17 hours before her baby arrived.

17 hours of labor at 42 weeks, natural birth…but it was all worth it. God is good. I’m now a mom to a healthy beautiful baby boy who shared a bday with my love. Thank you Lord ????????

Message to her son

Through her Instagram page the new mum couldn’t hold back her joy as she wrote a beautiful message to her son. Tanasha described him as the best and most beautiful gift.

Happy birthday to my son. God is good. ❤️????????

Tanasha message to her son

Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz finally welcome their son? (Photo)

Bongo’s top gossip tabloid has announced the arrival of Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz son  who was born at the Aga Khan hospital in Tanzania.

The gossip tabloid (The originaleast) confirmed that a close source to the couple confirmed the arrival of baby Simba on Wednesday morning.

Hongera sana Tanasha !!!!!! Mtoto kazaliwa Leo Alfajiri 11/09/2019 Aghakhan hospital !!!!! .

Usimtangaze Leo !!!! Sie tunamsiba huku Tanzania ????????????????????
Tulivo wanafki hatujawahi kumsupport Martha akiwa hai !!!! Hatukumjua !!!! Ila Leo kila page itaomboleza ????????????

Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz yet to confirm

This comes a few hours after Diamond Platnumz shared a video of Tanasha packing her baby hospital bags.

Well, since the couple has not yet confirmed the news we shall continue to wait and see whether the rumor is true.

Ready for baby Simba! Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha already preparing for the arrival of their son!

It seems that Tanasha Donna is ready to welcome her son anytime from now. This was revealed by her boyfriend, Diamond Platnumz who shared a video of the lady packing her baby hospital bags on Instagram.

Tanasha ready for baby simba

For the past few days the lady has been off her social media pages and unlike before she barely shares any baby updates to keep her fans on the know.

Anyway, thanks to Diamond Platnumz we are now aware that baby Simba will be here anytime from now and this is why Tanasha has to pack up!

Baby Simba almost here

Tanasha and Diamond living together?

A while back Tanasha revealed that she would be moving to Tanzania as she waits to welcome her son.

Tanasha baby bump shoot

Well, it appears that the two have already started living as man and wife….but with rumors linking Diamond Platnumz with Lulu Diva, will these two survive together?

Tanasha Donna’s message to those praying for her down fall!

Tanasha Donna recently shared a post directed to those who have been wishing for her downfall!

According to her, she has been working hard in silence and when her haters least expect it she will then drop the projects she has been working on.

Through her Instagram, she wrote saying;

Pregnant Tanasha

Unlike most pregnant women, Tanasha Donna has been constantly working and judging from her latest moves….seems like she hasn’t yet taken maternity leave.

Anyway with the baby around the corner, let’s wait and see what she has in store for her fans.

Are you invited? Tanasha Donna shares details of her upcoming baby shower!

Tanasha Donna and her boyfriend Diamond Platnumz will be throwing a baby shower this coming Thursday, the 22nd of August.

From the post shared on her Instagram page we understand that this will be an invite only party that will see only close friends and family.

Tanasha baby bump shoot

The mum to be made the announcement through her Instagram page where she wrote;

So there is this boy whom she loved more that she loved anyone, even more than herself…He’s the one who stole her heart and he will call her “Mom”


The hyped party will be going down at Best Western hotel in Tanzania and is scheduled to start from 3pm to 7pm.

Tanasha Donna’s baby shower

Although Diamond Platnumz was absent for Tanasha’s baby bump shoot, their fans are looking forward to seeing whether he will be present at the baby shower.

“You are favored, loved and blessed!” Tanasha’s pours out her heart to her unborn son in new letter

Just a few days after Diamond Platnumz announced that his lover Tanasha was 7 months pregnant; the lass has also shared a few details about her pregnancy on social media.

Tanasha Donna meets Diamond Platnumz dad

On Tuesday afternoon the soon to be mum shared a detailed post revealing a few details about her pregnancy journey many knew nothing about.

Tanasha says that the pregnancy happened a bit too fast as she did not expect it. At one particular time she felt convinced that they had rushed into starting a family; but with time she fell in love with the baby growing inside her.

Tanasha with Diamond Platnumz

We couldn’t hide anymore, but protecting my son I will do with my life. 7 months pregnant, 2 more to go and I must say this happened so fast and all so unexpectedly, at first I was convinced I wasn’t ready, but as time goes I realize I couldn’t have received a better blessing from God

Love letter to unborn baby

Just like most mums waiting to meet their unborn babies… Tanasha could not hold back from pouring out her heart to her handsome baby boy who will be here in 2 months!

She went on to write him a love letter saying;

My handsome son, ( yes I know you’re handsome from those 3D ultrasound pics ???????? ) you are favoured, loved and blessed. God has a big purpose for you, you’re amongst God’s favoured. One day, your father and I will tell you why. ???? I cant wait to meet you and be your mom and I pray to God everyday to protect you from the evil eye. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. ????❤???? I love you son and I will protect you with my life. ❤❤❤


“Marriage is not what keeps a man around!” Tanasha tells off idlers saying Diamond Platnumz should have proposed during the 707 Gatsby party

Radio presenter cum singer Tanasha Donna is tired of people saying that Diamond Platnumz should have proposed to her on the night of her birthday.

This is after a Vblogger from Zumi Kenya went on to laugh off at the fact that Tanasha did not get a ring from her Bongo boyfriend.

The young lady went on to claim that Tanasha should have been wiser and not follow the footsteps of Diamond Platnumz exes who also never got anywhere with the singer.

Tanasha responds

However, Tanasha feels that this is one of the dumbest things she could ever expected a fellow female to grow her way.

Tanasha’s post

Through her Instagram page Tanasha reposted a statement from Bien’s fiancé Chiki Kuruka; who also found the Zumi Vblogger’s statements shallow and irresponsible.

Chiki kuruka


Diamond Platnumz leaves many with wild thoughts after Harambee Stars beat Taifa Stars

Diamond Platnumz is ready to revenge after Taifa stars lost to Harambee stars.

Well, after a heated game last night many Tanzanians seem to have maintained their silence; but for Bongo star Diamond Platnumz.

Through his Instagram page, the singer went on to say that his girlfriend, Tanasha was not giving him any ‘peace’ now that Kenya won yesterday’s match.

He however went on to hint that he would (in a good way) leaving many with wild thoughts. He wrote saying;

Yani Chumba Choote nakiona kama Jela leo… ila haina noma najua ntalipiza wapi

Diamond’s post

Tanasha celebrates

His soon to be ‘wife’ on the other hand could not hold back from celebrating her country’s win.

The lass praised Harambee stars through her Instagram stories saying;

HARAMBEE STARS !!!!!! ???????????????????????? Mwanzoni, nilipanick sana,, but we gat dissssss!!! WA TZ mtaambia nini watu sasa?.

Well, Harambee stars definitely gave many a reason to celebrate especially just after Tanzanians on social media trolled Kenyans online.


“Diamond will wife her too!” Tanasha Donna warned by fans after introducing her hot cousin to her boyfriend

Diamond Platnumz girlfriend Tanasha Donna who is also rumored to be pregnant with the singer’s 4th baby has been warned by fans to keep her cousin away from her man.

This is after Tanasha introduced her hot cousin this weekend leaving many drooling over the lass on Instagram.

Tanasha’s cousin

From the videos shared by Tanasha on her Instagram stories we understand that the two ladies jetted to Tanzania and were staying at Diamond Platnumz home; and later were photographed partying with the singer at an unknown club.

Fans reaction

However judging from posts shared on a few Bongo Instagram gossip sites; a few fans felt that Diamond Platnumz was capable of sneaking around with the hot lady since he is known for such behavior.

Well, not quite sure whether Tanasha’s cousin would entertain such – but judging Diamond Platnumz past….this wouldn’t be a big surprise.

Savage! Tanasha Donna claps back after being accused of bleaching herself

Diamaond Platnumz girlfriend, Tanasha Donna is not one to mess around with. Unlike many who find her quiet, she is actually pretty scary with mean came backs – only if you mess with her.

Having dated Diamond Platnumz for a few months now; the lass seems to have seen it all. So far she has been trolled on social media for her body and legs but thanks to her thick skin – the lady is still standing tall.

Bleaching her face?

Anyway just a few hours ago yet another fan came out screaming that Tanasha is bleaching herself. This is after Tanasha’s face appeared to look a bit lighter on one of her photos wherelse the legs looked dark.

However in response to these allegations, Tanasha schooled the fan about contrast and of course the effects of good make up.

Having one Caucasian parent is proof enough that the NRG presenter needs no bleaching agent to look lighter than she already is.