Tanasha Donna ready to release new songs that she’s been secretly recording

Diamond Platnumz wife to be Tanasha Donna has hinted that she’ll be releasing a new song soon.

Donna, who is a presenter at NRG Radio, started out as a singer. She made her first debut in a song featuring Nviiri The Storyteller called ‘Ex Anaiva’ several years ago but since then hasn’t released any project.

Donna took to Instagram to share that she has been in studio several times and has recorded at least six songs now.

“Been quiet, I’m plotting in silence. Stacked 6+ songs #timingiseverythinq.” she posted on Instagram. 

Blow up

Tanasha and Diamond have been making headlines ever since they came to the limelight that they are in a serious relationship.

Now that the two are together, her music career is set to blow up because of Diamond Platnumz once she releases her new song.

Tanasha hoping to meet Zari and iron things out soon: Social media creates unnecessary drama but one day we shall meet and talk

Diamond Platnumz’ bae Tanasha Donna knows that before her, several women were in her place and some had children with the popular singer.

Of the two women Diamond Platnumz has dated and fathered a baby with, Tanasha get’s compared mostly to Zari Hassan. On social media, it also seems the two have fallen to the pressure and have been going at each other.

In an interview with Kiss 100, Tanasha said that she hopes she gets a chance to meet Zari and they can iron things out.

“No, I haven’t.” said Tanasha when asked whether she has spoken to her. 

“I hope that one day we will come to a place of mutual understanding because of the kids. I know this social media and stuff creates unnecessary drama to create a rift between us by comparing is but one day God willing, we shall meet and talk.”

Meeting his mum

Tanasha also confessed she hasn’t talked to Diamond’s kid Princess Tifah?

“No, I have not yet talked to the sweet little girl.” she said.

On meeting the singer’s mum, Tanasha said she was scared.

“I was sooo scared . Oh my goodness. I almost pissed myself. She is very sweet and the interesting thing is that we share a birth date, we were both born on the same day.” she said. 

Tanasha forced to deny she’s editing photos look curvy like Diamond’s other ex lovers 

Singer Diamond Platnumz’ ex-lovers have all had one thing in common, a curvy body.

From Wema Sepetu, Hamisa Mobetto to Zari Hassan, all the ladies Diamond dated have all been blessed by huge derriere and a small waist. His new lover Tanasha Donna, however, isn’t that packing.

The petite radio presenter has also been trolled severally because of her “saggy” boobs. Fans put her on spot yet again after claiming that she’s editing her photos to look curvy.

New figure

“Hii shape Tanasha ametoa wapi? Yani unajua tunakujua,” a fan asked in one of her photos.

Tanasha, sensing another storm was coming, told the follower that it was the dress she was wearing that magnified her curves.

 “They are called well-fitting clothes my friend. I do not edit,” she sarcastically replied. 



Tanasha ako wapi? Zari continues to hint Diamond has neglected his kids and not supporting them financially 

Singer Diamond Platnumz has several kids with different baby mamas, who, once in a while, have all accused him of the neglecting them.

Diamond’s ex-wife Zari Hassan has yet again hinted that the he has neglected his two kids and hasn’t been supporting them financially. The two have a daughter and one son, Tiffah and Nilan respectively.


On social media, Zari, who has been sending subliminal shots to Diamond’s new catch Tanasha Donna, posted a photo and said that she’s the one providing for her kids.

“when your the only financial provider for your kids, you need to work not hard but wayyyyyyharder#momprenuer,” she captioned. 

It’s not the first time Zari has claimed that Diamond has neglected his kids. Zari once revealed that diamond has never visited his kids down in South Africa yet he has time for other women.

“Diamond has not visited nor talked to his children since the break-up. If he wants to support his children he can do that but if he doesn’t want to its still okay. I can manage on my own.” she said. 

Hamisa Mobetto has also claimed that Diamond has neglected his kid and hasn’t been supporting her financially.


I didn’t say Nick Mutuma has a toothpick and Diamond has a huge Cassava – Tanasha Donna clears the air after nasty tweets 

Diamond Platnumz’ wife to be Tanasha Donna Oketch has come out to deny that she posted several tweets claiming Kenyan men are poor in bed and can’t satisfy her, a reason why she’s dating a foreigner.

Kenyans were recently left speechless after tweets from an account purporting to be her’s claimed that her ex lover Nick Mutuma was poor in bed and had a very small mjulubeng.

Fake account

The NRG presenter explained that the Twitter account sharing details about her love life is fake and Kenyans on Twitter should stop entertaining it.

“My Only social media handles are @tanashadonna on Instagram and Twitter. Donna with a double N. All the other pages are FAKE. Kindly do not entertain any nonsense posted that is not from my authentic page, the two I have mentioned above. I shall be requesting verification for my Twitter handle as much as i’m not active on it to avoid further confusion. Do not entertain clout chasers” wrote Tanasha.

In the tweets, the account trashed Mutuma’s sex game and praised Diamond, a thing that angered many.

“Y’all talking about My Ex Nick Mutuma. He was A Fraud. He never fulfilled me. He had a Kijulubeng. Kama toothpick” reads a Tweet from the account.

Adding: “Diamond has big dick. He satisfies me more than whole Kenyans combined. Haters Calm Down. My Diamond Loves It When Am On Top . No Kenyan Men can do That, Thats why they are mad at me Lambeni lolo. Kenyan Men With Small Dicks Are Mad At Me. I stick with my man. You can come and kiss my ass. Diamond Will Marry Me. Am unique. Not like his other baby Mamas. I tamed him and he planned wedding in 3 Months. So y’all Kenyans with Small toothpicks STFU. Pambeneni na Otile.” Reads Tweets from the account.


I spend Ksh 40,000 a week on cloths- Diamond’s new catch Tanasha Donna 

Radio presenter Tanasha Donna has become a trending force ever since she became Diamond Platnumz’ girlfriend.

The NRG Radio presenter has been in numerous topic of discussions since the two announced their love. She even got a promotion at her work place whereby she’s now hosting two shows.

With that said, Tanasha’s life has changed a lot and she recently left many impressed, if not surprised, after announcing that she spends a clean Ksh 40,000 on cloths only in a week.

On social media, the young lady complained that different shopping stores have exposed her spending despite her plea not to.


The beauty said the fact she coughs up around KSh 160,000 per month on clothing, she deserves some privacy.

“Imagine buying clothes from a store and spending over KSh 30,000-KSh 40,000 weekly but you ask them not to post your picture without your permission. You are then told not to buy from them because they have dressed way more celebrities than you,” Tanasha ranted. 

Kenyans didn’t buy her comments, most asking where her cloths are because all they see is her recycling her cloths.

After bitter break up, Nick Mutuma’s ex lover moves on with a Mr Perfect!

Popular actor Nick Mutuma is said to have dumped his long term girlfriend Bridget Shighadi for Tanasha. However even after calling off his relationship with Bridget, things didn’t really last for long between him and Tanasha.

The former couple is said to have had a nasty fall out that almost got or did get physical. So far Nick Mutuma has been keeping his private life off social media and we haven’t seem him parade any new lady as his lover.

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Tanasha on the other hand seems to have moved on from the actor and is now seeing someone new. She hinted this through a new post where she mentioned how protective her new bae is. Judging from how she put it, the lady is definitely enjoying all the attention and affection she is getting from her boyfriend. She wrote;


Tanasha and Kabogo junior

A while back Alvin Kabogo shared a video pecking Tanasha leaving many wondering whether they were an item.

Knowing very well that Alvin is the typen of man who enjoys everything nice, well it wouldn’t be a surprise that they are romantically involved.

Anyway for now we shall have to wait until Tanasha aka Zahara Zaire introduces her man.

Nick Mutuma replaces his ex Tanasha Oketch with new secret girl (Photos)

The handsome ones don’t stay single for long; TV hunk Nick Mutuma has already found a replacement for his beautiful ex girlfriend Tanasha Oketch.

Early this year Nick Mutuma stated that he was single and happy after his relationship with the gorgeous model hit rock bottom. The reason for their breakup was not disclosed to the public.

Nick has dated several pretty ladies in the past but all of his relationships ended in breakups; the reason why he has decided to take apt measures to protect his current relationship.

Tanasha Oketch

The actor alludes his breakups to media interference, he claims that public scrutiny had something to do with his relationships ending in disarray.

It’s because of this reason that Nick has decided to keep his current girlfriend away from the glaring cameras, he is hesitant to unmask his sweetheart even though he has admitted that he’s dating.

“I used to be one of those guys, like if I was dating someone, I didn’t see any problem putting them on social media, because that’s my woman and I want to show her off to the world. But then I realized that it’s important to protect the people that you care about from the limelight and the negative things that come with it,” Nick said in a recent interview with ‘Let’s Talk’.

Nick Mutuma