Swag! Tanzanian singer Nandi claims shoes she wore at her album is worth a quarter acre in Makueni

Tanzanian singer Nandi recently had a lovely album launch that attracted several big names in the industry.

The singer hosted the album launch at Kileleshwa in Nairobi where she confessed that she did so because she loves Nairobi and it’s her second home.

“Because, Nairobi ni second home yangu. Nachokitarajia hasa apa ni uwepo wa watu kwa wingi. Sijaingia ndani nikajua lakini naamini watu wa Nairobi, Kenya, wamekuja kunisupport kwa hali ya juu. Kwa sababu naamini tuna mafans wengi sana,” she said then.



The singer has come out to share that on her album launch she wore a pair of shoes worth Ksh 15o,000, a pair of black Versace heels that she bought at an offer.

Speaking in an interview with Tanzanian radio station Times FM, Nandy refuted claims she spent KSh 200,000 but confirmed she parted with KSh 150,000.

”I bought the shoe because it is trending and expensive. So I saved money and bought it for about KSh 150,000,” she said.

Tanzanian singer Aslay forced to cancel show in Kenya after organisers tried conning him 

Tanzanian singer Aslay had to cancel his show in Mombasa last week after the organizers of the event failed to uphold their part of the agreement with his management.

The singer took to social media to inform fans that the show, which was scheduled for Saturday had to be canceled to protect his brand after organisers started dodging him.

Nachukua fursa hii kuwaomba radhi mashabiki zangu wa Mombasa ninaowapenda sana. Nilitamani sana kuwa pamoja nanyi katika burudani siku ya ijumamosi ila kutokana na kutofikia makubaliano na waandazi wa show hiyo hivyo imenilazimu kugoma kufanya show hiyo kwa kulinda msimamo wangu na viongozi wangu kikazi zaidi. Nawapenda sana sana na naamini tutakuwa pamoja atapotukutanisha Mungu kwa mara nyingine. TUKUTANE NEXTDOR MIDA HII MASAKI,” wrote Aslay Isihaka.

Rogue promoters

His post comes just a few weeks after another promoter left Tanzanian singer Harmonize stranded in Eldoret after failing to complete his total performance fee. Harmonize didn’t also perform in the event that later turned out chaotic as fans demanded for their refund.

Nay Wa Mitego denies bewitching fans after pouring water on them during performance

It seems everything these Tanzanian celebs do can be quickly translated to witchcraft.

We have seen several celebs from the country openly accuse each other of witchcraft before.

Diamond and Hamisa Mobetto have accused each other. Wema Sepetu, Ray C and many others have also been accused of using juju to win fans.

Artists Nay Wa Mitego recently had to deny that he used witchcraft on stage while performing after spraying water on his fans.


The singer, who has been also named several times for using juju to make sure he doesn’t grow irrelevant, said that spraying water on his fans has been one of his rituals. He usually practices it to psyche up fans while performing.

“Jamani mimi sio mshirikina na wala siawahi kujihusisha na mambo hayo , yale majin ni ya kawaida tu na wala hayana madhara yoyote kwa mtu yoyote  kwani ninaweza kumpa mtu akanywa, mimi nimekuwa nikiyatumia tu kwa ajili kuwachangamsha mashabiki wangu.” he said


Tanzania government will now mediate escalating beef between Diamond Platnumz and Rich Mavoko

Tanzanian government, through Baraza la Sanaa Tanzania (BASATA), will try and settle the ugly situation between singer Diamond Platnumz and one of his former employees, Rich Mavoke who broke free from Wasafi Records.

Mavoko managed to break free from his contract with Wasafi records after winning a case against WCB he had submitted before Tanzania’s music and arts regulation body (BASATA). Before then, he had accused Diamond of favoring other artists like Harmonize and ignoring him.

Cool down

This heightened the tension between Wasafi Records artists and Mavoko to appoint where the government has now become worried. BASATA has come out to share that it will intervene the situation and try to calm the two parties.

“We have spoken to Wasafi and the label have no issue with Rich Mavoko. The organization will table a meeting between the two because there seems to be no real conflict between the two,” said the CEO Godfrey Mngereza on Tuesday, August 14. 


 I don’t communicate using sign language, I use my English – Shilole after being trolled

After her interview was turned into a meme after she was enable to pronounce the word “subscribe”, Tanzanian singer Shilole has come out to respond to the mocks saying that her English is very much OK.

She also wanted to people to understand that English is not a measure of intelligence.

Use the language

“I don’t care what people say about me because English is not my first language. When I speak English I shouldn’t be insulted or mocked as I am trying. And even during my travels abroad, I change planes and reach where I want through English. I don’t communicate using sign language, I use my English words and they understand me,” She said during an interview on Mkasi TV.

The singer was trolled after struggling with the word for a couple of seconds during the interview.

Tanzanian entertainment industry mourning after top radio presenter loses wife 

Tanzanians are currently mourning after popular Clouds FM presenter Ephraim Kibonde’s wife passed on Tuesday night while undergoing treatment.

Various industry players have united to mourn her death and have sent their condolences message to Ephraim.

Ephraim Kibonde and wife

“Mke wa mtangazaji wa kipindi cha #Jahazi #CloudsFm @ephraimkibondeSara Kibonde amefariki dunia usiku huu wakati akiwa anapatiwa matibabu katika hospital ya Hindu mandal, jijini Dar es salaam. #CMG inatoa pole kwa familia, Ndugu, jamaa na marafiki”said Clouds Media Group on social media.

Undergoing treatment

Sarah died while undergoing treatment at the Hindu Mandal Hospital in Dar es Salaam. Kibonde is known for his popular show “JAHAZI”  which he hosts alongside Gadner G Habash.

Diamond’s special message to Magufuli after Tanzania bought a plane

Singer Diamond Platnumz is currently in the US for tour but is still monitoring everything happening at home. The Tanzanian singer is on his “A Boy From Tandale” album tour but took time to send a special message back home after Tanzanian acquired their first state owned jet.

Thank you

Taking to social media, Diamond sent a message to President John Pombe Magufuli for the big move saying that travelers have been getting a hard time while jetting out the country.

Here’s what he said:

“Super Proud of my President and My Government….Binafsi ilikuwa inaniumiza sana kuona nchi yetu inakosa kuwa na Shirika lake lenyewe la Ndege… Walau Leo hii nasi tumepata cha kujivunia mbele za watu, na naamini huu ni mwanzo tu Mengi yako njiani….Wasiopenda kufanya kazi na Kulipa Kodi ndio watalalamikia Uongozi wako maana wanataka vya Ubwete, au Maisha ya Mkato.. ila mie binafsi nafurahishwa na Uongozi wako maana sio Mtu wa Ahadi, Ni Mtu wa Vitendo, yaani Unalolisema Unatekeleza haswa….Na nchi Haiwezi Kujengwa Bila Kuwa na Pesa, na Naamini moja ya njia kuu ya Nchi Kuingiza pesa ni kupitia Kodi” wrote Diamond.

He added:

Na Naamini pengine WaTanzania wengi mwanzo walikuwa wavivu wa kulipa kodi maana walikuwa wanaona Kodi zinalipwa ila vitu vinacheleweshwa kufanyika nchini, halaf wanaishia kutambiwa na kuletewa Dharau na Watoto wa Viongozi Mtaani…ila kwa Speed Hii Mpya naamini kila Mtanzania atakuwa na Moyo na Furaha ya kulipa kodi kwasababu Sasahivi spidi ya Utekelezaji imeongezeka, na kila mtu anaona waziwazi na Watoto wa Viongozi skuizi Tunaheshimiana, No Kunyanyasana!!!! Wakinyanyasa mtu ama kuleta dharau za vitambo kujifanya wanachezea ela, Wazazi wao fasta Wanatumbuliwa…..Na hii ndio Tanzania tunayoililia siku zote, Yaani Tanzania ya Kwetu Sote….. Shukran sana Mr President Chama na Serikali nzima kwa ujumla, shukran pia hata Vyama pinzani kwani naamini changamoto zenu ni Mchango pia kwa Serikali Kuzidi fanya Kazi Bora…” added Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian MP’s songs banned by government, labeled as an inciter

Mbeya MP Joseph Mbilinyi, popularly know as MC Sugu is currently facing a serious career dilemma after his rap song was banned by Baraza La Sanaa La Taifa (BASATA), a Tanzanian government institution that regulates music, movies and other creative works, for inciting Citizens.

In a press release, BASATA claimed Sugu’s new song dubbed #219 could lead to war among citizens.

“BASATA has officially banned Joseph Mbilinyi’s song #219 because of its violent nature and incitement nature. The institution also blocks the rapper from performing, recording or distributing his music,” the press release reads.

It went on:

”We have received a lot of phone calls and questions from the public, especially music stakeholders with most people complaining about content of the song. The song does not only contain incitement messages but also did not follow the due process of release according to BASATA laws.”


The Tanzanian government has been strict on content released and has been filtering out any “harmful” material released by creatives in the country. Diamond and Nay Wa Mitego are among a string of other artists who have also been banned.

Kenyan Musician who Kenyans begged Uhuru to save now paralyzed

Kenyan musician Maureen Otiu, popularly known as Lady Maureen, has been hospitalized after she was diagnosed with hypotension which has left her paralysed.

Just a few months ago, the singer and a 15 band members were arrested for entering Tanzania without travel documents. They were arraigned in the High Court in Mwanza where they were given a bail of KSh35,000 each. Kenyans then, asked President Uhuru to help the band that was locked down.

Rushed to hospital

News reaching Ghafla indicate that the Lady Maureen underwent a surgery on Saturday but has a growth on her back.

“We rushed her to the nearest hospital in Harambee Sacco estate where she lives, but after examinations, the hospital referred her to St Francis Community in Kasarani,” Maureen’s friend shared.

On Valentines Day, the singer collapsed on stage while preparing to perform during her debut album launch event in Umoja One, Nairobi.