Someone needs to keep Tedd Josiah off social media

Ted Josiah seems to be Kenya’s social media equivalent of Terry Crews. Everything he is saying is just rubbing people the wrong way -and by people, I mean Me, Myself and I.

Ted Josiah’s revelation on marriage reveals his hypocrisy in attacking Jalang’o

The guy first got under my un-erring gaze when he started talking about Jalang’o, essentially virtue signalling the fact that he is the better man for having his moral convictions and not being caught ever trying to optimize his evolved reproductive urge.

ted josiah

You see, Ted Josiah was among the loudest voices when Jalang’ o was caught out and exposed by Edgar Obare for trying to get laid. the problem with this is the fact that Ted Josiah isn’t exactly a great example of moral authority.

Ted Josiah and the dishonesty of men blaming Jalang’o

You see, Ted Josiah is one of those fathers who had left his wife and children. Yep, back when Ted Josiah ran off to the United Kingdom claiming that he feared for his life, he left his then and apparently still current wife with their children and he left.

ted josiah

Then Ted Josiah came back and he reportedly did so with a white woman. But because this isn’t an autobiography we will simply fast forward and say that he ended up starting a family with another woman who unfortunately died.

My first wife left me because I was a really bad boy and immature – Ted Josiah

And now we are at the point where Ted Josiah just won’t shut up.

He is literally talking his way onto the public radar and as a result, he is attracting the attention of those who know him better than most, his old friends and wife.

Tedd Josiah’s secrets from the past exposed by ex wife

And as a result, he is getting unmasked as a possibly um… socio no! As a flawed man, husband and father. It is unfortunate that He is getting exposed because it seems like he has genuinely turned his life around and he is a much better man.

ted josiah

You see, ted Josiah is not only introspective but he has even come to own the sins of his past but because he doesn’t know when to keep quiet, he keeps being exposed.

At this point, his friends really must get him and his phone separated. get him away from his social media accounts. He is probably a great guy right now but he keeps giving his past a reason to not only get dredged but to dredge itself up.


He is an example of a man who is his own worst enemies. He really needs to learn the meaning of silence being golden.


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Ted Josiah’s revelation on marriage reveals his hypocrisy in attacking Jalang’o

Ted Josiah was one of the more vocal men when it came attacking Jalang’o after he was outed by popular micro-blogger Edgar Obare with him going as far as to say that Jalang’o was a predator who was using his money and fame to lure “innocent pure, angels” into dark, sexual deviance.

Ted Josiah and the dishonesty of men blaming Jalang’o

I kid you not, Ted Josiah who has a storied love life was the guy who felt he could get on his high horse and attack another man for not being as virtuous as he was and the media ate up his bullshit because it served their narrative.

ted josiah

However, having forgotten about Jalang’o for a minute, Ted Josiah has decided to continue along the same vein of revealing a lot of information about himself and this time he has decided to come clean with his rendition of how he abandoned his former wife and two children.

My first wife left me because I was a really bad boy and immature – Ted Josiah

According to Ted Josiah, who was speaking on the NTV show Unscripted,

ted josiah

I was in a space where I wasn’t ready to be a family man. I was breaking people more than I was building them and everything that I had built was false. You know how you grow up and you are told you are supposed to get married and live in a certain way. I was just ticking boxes and then I realized I don’t even love this person.

ted josiah

And this was his explanation of why he fled to the United Kingdom at the height of Kenya’s 2007/2008 post-election violence and left his former wife and their two children. Aye, let that sink in.

Ted Josiah lost his job just months after getting a kid and losing his wife 

The same guy who was shaming Jalang’o for using his celebrity and money to sleep with consenting adults left his wife and two children behind when he fled because he feared for his life…

Ted Josiah on Jalang'o

And that is the guy who is also very public about sharing with us his trials and tribulations as a single father. That is Ted Josiah who is busy showing us his youngest child by his deceased wife and then he argues that he doesn’t share images or videos of himself hanging out and bonding with his older children because he wants to preserve their right to privacy…

“Is your greed for ratings that bad?” a disgusted Tedd Josiah scolds Ethic’s new release ‘soko’

Honestly, sometimes when you see information like this you cannot help but wonder whether the story and narrative have been made up by a bad Indian soap opera for the main antagonist. And then it strikes you that this is Ted Josiah.

The one and same guy who was recently virtue signalling and trying to whitewash the involvement of consenting adults in their nonsense drama with Jalang’o all to show that he is a better man. If that hypocrisy doesn’t smack you across the face, I don’t know what will.

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Ted Josiah and the dishonesty of men blaming Jalang’o

Ted Josiah was among the many celebrities taking shots at Jalang’o for his uncovered hanky pankies that were exposed by Edgar Obare. He decided to absolve the women involved of any and all agency over their actions in effect casting them in the role of children.

Why everyone is blaming Jalang’o for societal truths

Jalang’o was cast into the role of an unwilling role model simply by the fact that he is a celebrity (he is celebrated). And after casting him in the unwanted role, he was judged to have failed. And Ted Josiah could now virtue signal himself to the world as being the quintessential good man.
Never mind that he has his own skeletons in the closet. Never mind that we all have our own issues.

Ted Josiah on Jalang'o

Anyway, to Ted Josiah and his ilk, rather than believe that all human beings are capable of getting up to all sorts of devilry, he subscribes to the school of thought that men are to blame for all the ills that have befallen the world. The type of men who are tough on men and very permissive of bad behaviour from females.

“We will not defend ourselves” Jalang’o confirms viral screenshot chats from ‘The boys club’ are true

And how can you trust such a man? A simp? A man trying to signal to m’lady that aye, all men are trash but him. He is just a bit less trashy. Men like Ted Josiah are incapable of committing to an ideology, a purpose or a goal because the minute an opportunity comes around for them to sell you out for coin or loin, they will take it.

jalang'o sitting on his car
Kenyan comedian, Jalang’o

Jalang’o by no means is blameless. He is guilty of being caught. That is all. What he did is an issue for he and his wife to deal with and by all indications, she has decided not to get at him or leave. They will deal with their situation privately.
Why then would ted Josiah have a problem? It cannot be for moral issues because he was accused by one of his exes of abandoning both her and their children together. That should put things into perspective. Ted Josiah is no saint. So why would he ignore the log in his eye and point out the speck in his brother’s?

My first wife left me because I was a really bad boy and immature – Ted Josiah

It is because he is a simp. A man willing to sacrifice all for the sake of loin. A man willing to damn another to the hell of social media derision simply so he can signal some yet unknown woman that he is different, he is better. Never mind the skeletons in his closet; never mind the abandoned children.

ted josiah
Veteran music producer, Tedd Josiah

And that is the cognitive dissonance that rules the mind of a simp. It is a crab in the bucket mentality. It is a self-righteous mentality. And if he had any sense in his coconut, he would have known to maintain sharp. Yet here we find ourselves. having to endure a deadbeat dad call out a fornicator.

¨Don´t test God!¨ A fed up Tedd Josiah issues stern warning to Jalang´o and his boys

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There are no positive Kenyan celebrity male role models

Kenyan male celebrity Willis Raburu is giving Kenyan men hot takes that are like burning trash. According to the man with a failing marriage, if your wife/ girlfriend isn’t arguing with you, then that relationship is doomed as she sees no point in investing her energy.
Why this hot take is horrible is that on the surface, it seems to make sense. Surely, people only invest energy into relationships they feel are worth salvaging and arguing is a very public exertion of energy. This advice is like having to fart while you have stomach poisoning. You think it’s a good idea until you realize it is a shart/ wet fat.

Tedd Josiah strongly condemns society´s way of mocking men for being emotional in public

And the garbage advice goes on and on. Another Kenyan male celebrity Ted Josiah recently gave his hot take on the entire Jalang’o situation and it effectively blames Jalang’o and his friends for decisions consenting women made for no other rational reason than to virtue signal. Ted Josiah vomited on his phone’s keyboard in an attempt to explain the logic of his thought and only came up with “he is a celebrity taking advantage of adoring adult women”.

Willis Raburu

And this got me thinking, do Kenyan men have an actual role model in the public eye who can young men can model themselves around or are all the men in Kenyan media spineless shills selling a false narrative of gallantry and gentlemanly bullshit.

My first wife left me because I was a really bad boy and immature – Ted Josiah

Rather than prepare young men for the harsh brutalities of the world, men like these would rather reiterate slave morality especially when it comes to their dealings with Kenyan women. The idea is for you not to have yourself as the prize in your head but for your internal dialogue to be one of pedestalizing your partner. Rather than admit to themselves and the world that the world is filled with animals who will kill you or your dreams for no other reason other than boredom, these guys would rather lie to young men that the world is filled with sugar and spice and everything nice.
As a result, we have a generation of young men ill-equipped to handle relationships as they think emotional abuse and thinking women can do no wrong is a healthy model for all relationships. And when in doubt, remember to fall back on the words of your grandstanding Kenyan male celebrity role models.

Willis Raburu reportedly throws wife out, moves in with another woman

Rather than advise young men to seek out healthy relationships which will give them peace of mind, Kenyan male celebrities like Willis Raburu will tell you to stick it out in a clearly unhealthy situation where all you do is fight and argue.
Then the other chap, Ted Josiah is an example of Kenyan male celebrities preaching the martyr complex. Women can do no wrong so when something happens involving women, throw yourself on the fire and absolve them of all responsibilities of situations they create.

Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu reacts to breakup rumors!

But Ozymandias you anonymous asshole, you have only pointed out issues and not pointed out solutions so why not suggest some. Well, for starters, teach your sons not to look to Kenyan male celebrities for male modelling. Most of them come from single-mother households and did not get to model themselves against healthy male mentors. The others that did, prioritize their safe image even if it is a fictitious one. That is why Kenyan celebrities wilt under public scrutiny -no integrity.

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Tedd Josiah: The past couple of weeks have been rough. I looking back with tears

Veteran video producer Tedd Josiah has managed to hold things together since his wife, Reginah Katar, passed on leaving him with their barely three months old child.

Though he has successfully managed to run things back at home, it has not been easy. He recently took to Instagram to share the journey has been tough and sometimes even reduced him to tears.

Missing her

Josiah lost his wife Reginah Katar on the morning of Saturday September 30th 2017. Josiah only learnt about what killed his wife after she passed on.

“The past couple of weeks have been rough looking back with tears of woulda coulda shoulda…. Sometimes those thoughts cloud even the little Joys that i have,” he said on social media.

“But one little person #HRH Her Royal Highness #Empress #GummyBear  has constantly done her best in her own little way to bring sunshine into my life and sometimes hold my face or hand as if to say “Daddy we love her, she’s with us, but we’ve got to keep on living cause i need you, You’re all I’ve got in this world”