Tedd Josiah’s advice to people moving from one relationship to another ‘just to sample & bounce’

Tedd Josiah says the birth of his youngest daughter changed him forever and this is only because he had to raise her alone following the untimely demise of his young wife. Tragic but also a blessing in disguise judging from how the experience changed him.

Lately he has become a an expert in advising his followers on important matters concerning life. Well, on his latest post the social media influencer dedicates a special message to unstable people moving from one relationship to another – just for fun.

The single dad went on to address an important issue of why people in this generation can’t simply settle down saying;

A lot of people reach out to me about love and why people in this generation can’t settle. With the advent of social media and swipe for the next man/ woman came the culture of “sample and bounce” so people find it hard to plant roots in a human, in a place, be grounded and build with one person day in day out.

Misplaced priorities in life

From his detailed post, we can simply say Tedd Josiah feels this generation has lost its priorities in life. This is because unlike before, nowadays couples break up because ‘one is broke’ or is bored in the relationship – petty excuses not knowing life is a roller coaster… today you’re up, tomorrow down.

People find routine boring yet routine and consistency are the only things that can build a co. Empire or couple and home.
People also leave at the 1st sight of poverty or change of fortunes… yet life is a rollercoaster ???? of some days u got and some days not…..

Having been brought up in a different generation where couples valued love/affection over material things; Tedd Josiah feels it’s time people unlearned the new culture of things and maybe take up on things that matter.

It’s a culture that needs to be unlearned cause this generation has become like flags in the wind… blow any which way with no purpose. Have purpose direction and commitment

His latest post comes months after he addressed the issue of people approaching single parents just to taste waters; not knowing the effect they have on the single parent and the child involved.